Digital Tools for Writing an Excellent Essay with Visuals
Sam Miller

Nowadays, essay writing has become a lot easier with different online tools and services. You can edit your text with the help of grammar checkers and anti-plagiarism programs and enhance it with animations, pictures, and graphics. To help you understand how to do that, we created this list of top digital instruments for creating visual content for your essay. Enjoy your reading and do not forget to share it with your classmates.

Adobe Spark

If you are a beginner essay writer and do not know how to combine text and pictures yet, you need to try Adobe Spark. It is a very easy and intuitive online tool for making stellar content with visuals. On this website, you can create infographics for your social studies classes, posters for any school event, and videos to present your analysis of poems. If you need an art portfolio, you can also do it with the help of Adobe Spark in the form of a web-page. Choosing a font, layout, and style is available for such kind of work.

Before you start working with Adobe Spark, make sure you clicked on the Education version of the tool. Thus, all features will be free for you.


If you want to make a powerful thesis statement or a quotation to start your essay, use Quozio. You only need to enter the author and the quote and press the ‘Go’ button to get the styles of your quotation. This minimalistic tool does all the job on its own. When you have finally chosen the way you want your content to look, click the right button of your mouse to save the picture. One more great thing about the service is that you do not need to sign up or login to use it.


The idea of this tool for online writing services is similar to Quozio but with a few extended features. First, it allows you to choose the size of your final image: digital (images are shaped as posts for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on), printed (this type comes in different sizes of photos, posters, wallpapers, etc.), and custom (to enter your preferred sizes, you will need to join the site). Second, you need to enter the quote or choose it from the collection of QuotesCover. Now, you can change fonts, sizes of text, background shades, and more. Simple as that.


If you want to impress your professor of the Creative Writing class, using Storybird is a must. Here, you can create a great combination of visual and text content to express your ideas most accurately.

If you are eager to become a professional writer and already have a manuscript, you can share it on this platform and get feedback from other writers. Communicating with professional authors and content-makers who work for essay services will help you to become a better writer and even start a fundraising campaign for your book.


Adding infographics to your essay or project makes them more interesting to the audience as they hold attention longer than a plain text. Consequently, the ability to create this kind of content will definitely make your classmates listen to your presentation. Moreover, your professor is likely to ask how you got your infographics done since Visme offers a wide range of fonts, styles, templates, and widgets to choose from. The other benefit of this instrument is that it is easy to use for beginners. However, not all features are available to free users.


If you need interactive tables and maps, Infogram will be of great help. This program is the best for creating reports for math or economics since it provides a lot of templates and graphs to present statistics and other data simply. All you need is to choose the design and paste your text in the fields. Bingo!

Google Slides

Supporting your case study, essay, or mid-year project with slides is a great idea that will improve your final score for the class. However, the less is more: you should not pack your presentation with all your findings to impress your teacher and classmates. Google Slides is a tool that will help you to create a minimalistic presentation. It has numerous templates to choose from and the feature of autosaving. Hence, your presentation will be accessible from any device through your Google account and will never get lost.


The instrument for creating presentations that you have probably already used is Prezi. You can use its templates for any subject and will never fail with your choice since all templates are divided by spheres of study. Also, Prezi can quickly connect to your Google classroom, Microsoft teams, and Zoom to ensure remote communication with your classmates and instructor. Finally, you can create a video of yourself presenting your project, record it, and combine it with figures, graphs, and pictures to support your thoughts. Basic features are available for a free trial and EduPlus access costs $3 per month now.

As you can see, choosing an online essay service with visuals is not a tough task nowadays. A lot of features are available online for little or no money if you are a student. You only need to understand what kind of content you’d like to add to your text and who is your target audience. When you know the answers to these questions, creating a presentation will be an amusing task to do.

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