Can Learning Music online Help you in your Music Career?
Carson Reed

We have spent the nearly past two years in a pandemic and during this period people were confined to their houses. Outside motion was limited and socialising with people became non-existent. Conventional sources of entertainment and soothe were gone and people needed some company for them. Music became the essential choice of entertainment for everyone. This led to the development of many new young aspirants that wanted to choose music as a profession. As music gained more and more listening time it enhanced the interest of many people who were very busy before the pandemic to do music with it. Hence creation of music was done on a very large scale.

But music can't be made out of the blue without learning the basics and essential constituents of the music. There are some protocols that professional musicians follow and for you to become a singer or a musician you need to follow them as well. Music composition is one of the most important parts of creating music and very few are aware of proper composition of music. So if you want to create music then you have to learn music composition. But a big question arises: how can you learn music composition?

How can you learn music composition?

For centuries music composition was learnt from the books, music creators and old musicians that considered music as an art and added a lot to it. Beautiful melodies having flawless rhythms were composed which developed a very thorough music learning procedure. But these books and other records are not easy to find and a normal person has to work very hard to get the learning material. With the integration of modern technology this difficult task has been made very easier as you can easily get the best music courses and professionals online on the internet. To learn music composition properly you don't have to visit music schools or colleges, rather enough material is available online to teach you the essentials of music composition.

How can the online modes of learning music composition be useful?

To survive in this world of hassle you can't just survive on the single source of earning. Multi tasking has become inevitable to meet both ends and following your passion has become even more difficult. You can't work and visit teachers or school to learn music composition simultaneously. By making use of the online modes of learning for music composition the need of going to places especially to learn the music composition is avoided. People can easily sit back in their homes and learn music composition on the internet. The students and their parents can make use of technology such as laptops, the Internet, or the new LMS system.

For example, the need to ensure a high-speed Internet connection to watch online and live lectures. Also, students can upload and download the composition courses, material, assignments, and other informative resources. Online study keeps the students interested in learning where you can google about any information related to the course content. It is sometimes boring to be in a standard delivery lecture which often leads to students giving up on the interest.

The students can easily self-organise themselves to learn music composition on their own time. This way, the students can focus their time and effort whenever they want on learning the music composition in online courses and not worry about the on time presence like in a real class.

Challenges in learning the composition online

Online mode of learning of everything has its own challenges that every user faces. Challenges of e-learning are highly diversified and must be mitigated when making the use of online learning to make it effective. If these hurdles persist then the use of e-learning will be fruitless and basically you will be wasting time. There are various challenges that are faced during e-learning and coping with them is the fundamental of online learning.

Strong internet connection

A strong internet connection is required for streaming online courses of music composition. There are live lectures as well as pre-recorded lectures for music composition and it always requires a strong and stable internet connection for streaming these lectures. So if you want to learn music composition online, you'll have to have an internet connection at your home.

Need of good equipment

Streaming the online courses for the learning of music composition requires good equipment such as laptops, computers. Accompanying these microphones and speakers of good quality are a must which everyone might not have at their homes.

Online distractions

The Internet is not only limited to teaching and learning but also contains oceans of entertainment stuff as well. These distractions can easily indulge you and you might be distracted from the real goal. A student definitely needs to take care of these distractions.

Hence there are both pros and cons of online learning of music composition but according to my opinion online learning of music composition can be a very good option and one must at least consider this.