Can email marketing campaigns still make a difference?
Lisa Roberts

Most of today's marketing is done online. Be it with careful SEO management or with social media promotions, companies use various methods to make their websites and their services noticed. Therefore, one might wonder whether email marketing campaigns have a place in modern online marketing. After all, in the age of instant videos and DMs, emails do seem a bit outdated. So, should a company use them in their marketing efforts? Well, our take on the matter, is a definite yes. If used properly, emails can be a cost-effective way to better your online presence and have a much closer connection to your customers.

Why email marketing is still useful

So, what is it about email marketing that keeps it relevant in these modern times? Well, there are a couple of aspects to it that help it stay relevant to any serious marketing camping. Now, can you organize an online marketing campaign without using emails? Yes, you can. But, once you consider all the unique benefits that emails bring, and the cost of implementing them, you'll think twice before you do away with it entirely. So, let's take a look at what emails bring to the table.

The much needed personal touch

One thing that no other online marketing effort brings is the personal touch, even if you send DMs or you create special posts for your Social Media. There is simply no other form of online marketing that comes close to the personal feeling that emails bring. We still consider them to be carefully crafted letters that just happen to be in electronic form. This is why most companies still communicate through emails, even though other options are available.

Not to mention that emails are highly customizable, which allows you to design personal messages for various content. Overall, if you are looking for a cost-effective way to deepen the communication with your customers, email marketing campaigns are a safe bet.

An easy way to market to mobile users

Any serious online marketing manager will tell you that figuring out how to market your company to mobile users is a must. There is hardly a demographic out there where a large percentage of customers are not phone-based. So, you need to orient your marketing efforts so that they are mobile-friendly. Luckily, that is what emails are all about. When you compare various tools for online marketing, emails come as one of the easiest to optimize for phones. Not to mention that most people use their phones to check their emails, which further makes them a great tool for marketing.


Some marketing campaigns can cost a lot of money. If you plan on hiring SEO experts to handle and monitor your online presence for you, you better be ready to pay a pretty penny for them. So, if for instance, you are a moving company, you will need to find someone like Movers Development to help you out. Luckily, with email marketing, this is not the case. With a relatively low cost, you can set up email marketing campaigns and alter them if need be. Once you consider all the potential benefits of running a well-managed email marketing campaign, you will hardly find a reason to not invest in it.

Some email marketing campaigns you can try

Now, does what we've said so far mean that you can deal with online marketing by solely using emails? Well, no. With their personal touch and cheap cost of management, email marketing has a place in modern marketing campaigns. But, by no stretch of the imagination can they pull the entire campaign on their back. Instead, you will need to figure out how to properly integrate them into your marketing efforts so that they help your company grow. And, to make this a bit easier, we are going to go over some of the common email marketing campaigns.

Email promotions

One of the best ways to notify your customers about an ongoing promotion is with emails. A catchy email title like "50% off on your next purchase" is bound to interest your customers to your website. Now, can you do this via social media? Yes, but with social media, your content is in competition with other promotions and commercials. Visit any normal social media page and you will soon see that it is plastered with marketing and promotional content. Emails, on the other hand, tend to be free from such content, which will make yours stand out. All you have to remember is to use it sparingly and only when you feel that your offer is good. The last thing you need is to fully automate your emails and effectively send them to spam.

Follow up after a purchase

Another great way to use emails in your marketing is to talk with your customers after a purchase. The important thing here is not to be too pushy. By being so you will only make them feel as if you were trying to get more money. Instead, you need to be attentive and thankful. But, most of all, you need to be informative and actually have something to say. For instance, you can:

  • Recommend further products from your website.

  • Tell them where they can leave a review.

  • Notify them about your future promotions.

  • Give them related info that they can read up on.

Overall, you want to increase their experience on your website and guide them to visit it again. By doing so you will get a loyal customer that feels appreciated and welcomed. And, as every marketing specialist can tell you, this is one of the main goals for any marketing campaign.