Business After COVID-19: Ensuring Safety Without Impairing Sales
Kylie Jordan

The quarantine is almost over. Some parts of the world are slowly returning to the regular routine. More and more people are leaving their homes and are rushing to work. It seems like the danger has passed. But this is not the time to discard the personal safety habits we have been developing over the last couple of months. In fact, it is time to pay them more attention than ever.

COVID-19 has had a severe negative impact on the world economy. A lot of businesses have felt the backlash of the lockdown. It’s safe to say no one would want a repeat of this experience.

But how does one balance the safety of staff and customers with having a stable and healthy revenue? This is the question that’s on the mind of every businessperson today. We have tried to answer it.

Recovery Effort

The quarantine has thrown off schedules for a lot of people. Countermeasures taken by the government are lifted gradually. Many of those who self-quarantined can feel very hesitant to get out of their homes. A slight encouraging will help them feel more confident about returning to their regular life and start interacting with businesses.

Make sure all your employees and clients are aware that you are open for business. Backing it up with some information from reliable sources is also a good idea. Follow up your announcement with an official statement from the government specifying it’s now safe to go outside. Your clientele may be a little bit slow at the beginning. Warming them up with some sort of promotion will help you get things going.

In order to provide people with solid information, you have to be informed about the subject yourself. Researching the topic in your spare time may prove really useful in your recovery effort. Take into consideration the situation in your region, not just the global stuff. Your local laws, statistics, recommendations - personalized info is key if you want to successfully reach out to your customer base.

And if you’re pressed for time, there are online services like that will be more than happy to provide you with an essay-worth of technical information on the matter while you tend to more pressing matters.

Simple Yet Effective

Maintaining a basic line of defenses against a viral threat is actually not that hard. You don’t need to resort to any complex techniques to limit the spread of infection. In fact, you’ve probably heard about all the things you can do hundreds of times by now.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly;

  • Avoid touching your face;

  • Avoid large groups of people;

  • Wear a mask and gloves in public;

  • See the doctor if you’re sick.

These rules are really easy to follow and they can significantly reduce the risks of spreading the virus. Encouraging and helping your employees to follow these guidelines should not be a problem. These may seem like inconsequential little things but they do make a difference. And they don’t interfere with any of the work. It’s an all-around win for everyone involved.

Don’t Go Overboard

With the whole world going into shutdown many people succumbed to panic and anxiety. And yes, wearing a bio-suit and building a decontamination chamber at your room’s entrance does technically decrease your chances of getting sick. But the benefit from this sort of overreaction is in no way comparable to the actual effort you put into it.

Keep a cool head and know where to draw the line.

Going the extra mile may seem like a good idea. But there are so many miles you can go before it starts negatively affecting sales. A labyrinth of rules is hard to follow to the letter and it can irritate employees, influencing their morale and decreasing their productivity.

Make sure to not go out of your way just to indulge your fears. Most of the time, basic measures are more than enough.

Final Words

The events we have faced in the last few months due to the spread of COVID-19 is something unprecedented in more ways than one. The entire world got shut down in the span of a month. A lot of businesses were disrupted, and for many, it meant facing serious financial losses. While a repeat of an emergency on this scale is unlikely, we have to be ready for another one just in case.

The fact is, a single business can’t prevent a global epidemic. Yet there are lessons to take out of this situation that can help you endure this sort of scenario should you be faced with it again. One of the most important ones is the capabilities of virtual space. Many companies were forced to dip their toes into this new way of working. And for many, it became a saving straw in the apocalypse.