Become a People-First Company Through Wellness
Heather Waibel

A recent study conducted by the Sequoia Consulting Group highlights the major benefits of shifting your company toward a “people-first” structure. This phrase emerged as companies started to introduce more well-rounded benefits and wellness programs to their employees. Many of these benefits come with the introduction of new employee-friendly technologies like online health and wellness programs.

Why does this work?

Putting your employees first is proven to give employees a sense of motivation and pride in their work. At traditional companies that prioritize the enterprise, employees are typically not offered these same benefits. Humanizing the work environment breaks down traditional work relationship limitations. When an employee feels respected and supported by their employer, they look forward to the workday and will want to contribute toward the greater good of the enterprise, rather than working for the salary.

Putting “shareholders first” does not benefit a company in the long-term – it largely caters to short-term goals. Additionally, promoting a people-centered culture reflects a sense of social responsibility within a company, improving your image, attracting more partners, and ultimately aiding your employees in their career.

Wellness programs are one of the largest initiatives that companies are introducing to create people-centric work environments. Furthermore, healthcare pricing is constantly heightening, so choosing a wellness program for you and your employees is a smart financial decision. Supporting your employees in this way will create trust and strengthen employer-employee bonds.

What makes a good wellness program?

Sequoia’s study found that the #1 priority in constructing a wellness program to cultivate a productive work environment was employee happiness and culture. Prioritizing employees is a sure way to boost morale, expedite growth and improve retention.

Employers should look for a program that offers a variety of options and a variety of ways to interact with the program (omnichannel). At my company, Welnys, we support enterprise wellness programs with a plethora of comprehensive services, workshops, wellness speakers, online resources, and more, offered live, in-person or by video-on-demand.

Finding a well-rounded holistic, wellbeing program has a direct correlation to employee emotional wellbeing.

It’s important to remember that a wellness program is about more than just mindfulness, meditation, or exercise. 70% of employers studied by Sequoia have begun to offer diversity and inclusion programming, putting the needs of their employees first and showing active support for POC employees.

People-First Technology

COVID-19 has forced the world to become even more tech-friendly; we now use video calling services, grocery delivery services, telehealth services, and online wellness services at much higher rates than in our pre-COVID world. We are given the choice to either reject or adapt to this lifestyle – those who have adapted to it have discovered the endless benefits of these services. While they may seem temporary, digital services in combination with in-person services will extend the reach of these services to a much wider audience as we transition back to in-person interaction.

Offering new digital benefits to your employees will increase participation in these programs. As employee participation improves, so will employee relations and motivation. It’s time to give your employees a job that they love, rather than a job they need. Balance out employer/employee relations at your offices as both work to impress the other.

Leadership Must Buy-In

It is the employee connection with leadership that creates loyalty within a company and cultivates benefits for both the company and the employee. Becoming a leader that your employees look up to increases positive employee/employer communication as well as employee/customer communication.

If you are looking to restructure your company from the inside out, consider becoming a people-first company. You are guaranteed to make fewer mistakes, boost productivity, reduce absenteeism, and improve customer satisfaction. This increased engagement with your employees will inspire them to recommend your company to friends, expanding your reach as you search for new employees and often making the hiring process easier. In order to successfully create this structure, ask your employees about their experiences at the office. What are they looking for in terms of benefits? Are there aspects of the company that they feel hold them back from reaching their potential at work? If so, remove these! Be open minded to new perspectives, let your employees work to their strengths, replace restrictive policies, and be flexible.

To learn more about how Welnys can help you become a people-first company, check out our Workshops, Speakers, and Services for your workplace or our digital platform, Welnys TV.