A Millennial's Guide to Attracting Zoomer Tech Talent
Rob Turner

Zoomers are Generation Z members and were born in the late 90s and early 2000s. As unusual as it may seem, zoomers are now finishing high school and college and are eager to join the job market.

Zoomers have grown up with tech as part of their lives, making them very skilled and knowledgeable in all things tech. What's more is that millennials, those born in the 80s and early 90s, are now company owners and managers.

Therefore, it is in the best interest of millennials, whether they work for tech companies or own one, to attract excellent zoomer tech talent.

The following is a guide to how millennials can attract top Zoomer talent:

Make Work Meaningful

Unlike earlier generations, making work meaningful is incredibly important to Gen Z. Earning an income is not good enough; zoomers also need to ensure that they get meaning from their work. Therefore, if you want to attract the best zoomer tech talent, you need to make work meaningful.

Your company should have a clear purpose of how they are bringing value to the world. You hence need to inspire employees with your vision and employ them to help you accomplish it. Meaningful work leads to more engagement, increased productivity, and better results, which will benefit your company.

Job Fairs And Freebies

Sourcing for great talent in any industry is challenging, and it can be even more difficult with tech. Not everyone who is good with tech will put themselves or their creations out there. Therefore, you need to find prime places where you can attract and evaluate the best zoomer tech talent.

Tech job fairs or career expos are a good place to meet tech talent. Make yourself memorable and offer them freebies like flat pouches from StickerYou.

The pouches should have your company label, which the potential employees will remember every time they look at them. When you call and ask them to work for you, it will be easier if you leave an impression.

Opportunities For Growth

As stated above, earning a paycheck is not enough for zoomers; there has to be something more for them to work for you. They need to know that growth opportunities that can make their careers take off are available so that they can sign up with you.

Therefore, you should provide them with opportunities for hands-on experience outside their regular roles, offer training courses that will support their development, and ask employees to contribute to projects which can help them learn.

Offering employees such opportunities is a great way to secure top zoomer tech talent, especially for startups on a budget.

Develop A Talent PipelineSports teams are excellent at developing talent pipelines to ensure that they always have someone on deck to fill a role if one goes vacant. They also can attract the best talent from when they are young and yet to be discovered.

You can do what these sports teams do and develop a talent pipeline that will help you attract the best talent there is.

Start from the lowest level you can go, maybe high school and college, and identify prospects who could become hot properties in tech. You could also have a scouting division whose sole job will be to identify future tech talent.

If you can develop a better tech talent pipeline, you should have no problem attracting the best zoomer tech talent. Considering how young zoomers get started with tech, the earlier you find them, the better for your business.

Zoomers have a lot of talent in tech. The above guide should help you attract the best tech talent zoomers have to offer. There are numerous ideas on securing the best people, and the above guideline is a great starting point. Use it, and you should have the best minds in tech eager to be part of your organization.