6 Cool Instagram Hacks You Didn't Know Existed
Kristine Jones

If you want to level up your social media marketing efforts, especially with Instagram, it may be time to optimize the platform. Why not consider a few excellent Instagram hacks?

The majority of social media users, including yourself, may be unaware of these Instagram hacks and features. The best part is that these elements work for personal and professional profiles. These tips could help you get more Instagram followers and make your brand stand out in a crowded market.

Once you're ready to boost your Instagram profile and increase engagement, here are several cool Instagram hacks you should try out.

  1. Use A Private Instagram Viewer

    One way to gain the upper hand and improve your tactics is to know what the competition is doing. Keep in mind that some profiles are private, and you won't be able to see what they have to say unless you follow them.

    If gaining insights into what the competition is doing is one of your objectives, you can achieve this with the help of a private Instagram viewer. Although there are various options, you need to be careful since most are scams. It's important to use a reliable one, ideally one without human verification and without surveys to fill out. This strategy allows you to check out the competition's private Instagram profiles without them knowing.

  2. Optimize Your Brand Name To Boost Your Appearance In Search Results

    A potentially effective way to ensure your Instagram posts reach a wide audience is to be on the Instagram explore page more often.

    The majority of Instagram users aren't aware that the name section in the bio is also a searchable element. You need to optimize your name by choosing the appropriate keywords for your field. When consumers search for certain keywords, they're more likely to appear on the explore page.

    It's one of those Instagram hacks that may appear trivial but can greatly impact how your audience perceives your account and content. For example, if you have an Instagram account for an ice cream shop, you should include a keyword like 'ice cream shop.' Remember that a small change to your profile can go a long way toward increasing your reach.

  3. Download Instagram Videos

    Like checking out the competition’s Instagram content, you might want to download videos of your own for documentation purposes. Although you can bookmark videos you're interested in, there's no option on Instagram that allows you to download the videos you want to save.

    Luckily, several reliable websites can help you download videos from Instagram for whatever purpose you have in mind.

  4. Link To Instagram Videos In Your Instagram Stories

    Although this hack is straightforward, many aren't aware of it. Generally, you can link your videos from your stories to boost views on the platform. Consider this technique because it's a strategic move to maximize your Instagram stories for promotional purposes.

    Your followers can view your Instagram story and then swipe up to view your video.

    The process is relatively easy to do by heading over to Stories and selecting the image you want to use. In most cases, a screenshot from your video is a suitable option. Click on the link icon at the top and choose the video you'll be linking to, and you're good to go.

  5. Conceal Hashtags On Instagram Stories

    You have the option to include several hashtags in your Instagram stories to boost the organic reach of your brand. Consider it a good approach to spreading the word about your Instagram stories to potential followers. The issue that comes to mind is that no one wants their stories covered in hashtags since it exudes a promotional vibe.

    You can make it possible by making your hashtags invisible. Depending on the design of your story, create a hashtag using a solid color. Use the Pen Icon over the image and cover the hashtag using the same color as the image behind it. The process is a simple way to make your hashtags invisible right in the background of your image. You have the option to add more hashtags to ensure a wider reach while keeping your Instagram story clean and neat.

  6. Post At The Appropriate Moment

    Even if you have excellent Instagram content, you may not receive the best results if your audience cannot see it, especially if they're sleeping.

    Once you make an effort to post at the right time, you'll gain more engagement for your brand. It's an important consideration in developing the right algorithm for your content and a critical element to your brand's success.

    In an Instagram Business account, you can access Insights, where you can tap on the Total Followers. You'll see the breakdown of your followers, including the locations they're from. Your job is to determine the time zone based on the audience's location and post in the early morning hours. Remember that material posted in the early morning hours is more likely to do well on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

There’s no better time than now to use a few cool Instagram hacks to ensure your brand gains better exposure. With the help of these straightforward yet effective hacks, your brand will gain an advantage, especially if you're in a highly competitive market. Just sit back and watch as your brand grows to a whole new level in no time.