5 Website Content Planning Mistakes Every Digital Marketer Should Avoid
David Grooms

For any marketing strategy to work, you need to implement it correctly from the word “go.” One of the common marketing strategies is creating content for your website. This is a strategy that some digital marketers make mistakes during implementation.

What are some of these mistakes they make? This article will discuss them; read on for more insight.

The following website content planning mistakes made by digital marketers are:

  1. Not Updating Content
  2. Having outdated content on your site is a common mistake digital marketers make. In most cases, what happens is that during the implementation of marketing strategies, website content is always up to par. However, a year or so later, the content is more or less forgotten.

    What are the repercussions of having outdated content? With outdated content, you more or less lose relevance in your niche since no one is getting valuable information from your site. Your target audience will seek other sites for information, which is bad for business. The audience will also see you as unreliable.

    You have to update your website content regularly; however, don’t do it excessively to avoid overwhelming your audience. It’s also best to keep up with all the trends in your niche such that your audience will be coming to your site to get relevant new information.

    On maintaining relevance, it’s best to do content inventory where you evaluate your current website content and see if it’s still meeting your company goals.

  3. Using The Wrong Fonts
  4. The fonts you use for your website content are essential in how you’ll appear before your visitors. One of the mistakes often made is using fonts that are too large. This is where you open a given page, and all the words are in your face; it more or less seems that the words are shouting at you. This is what your visitors feel when they’re met with large fonts on your content.

    The other mistake is using fonts too small. There’ll be a lot of content on one page with small fonts, which might put the reader off. Some might find it challenging to make out the small writings and abandon the page altogether. You need to find a balance with the font; not too large, not too small. Your site visitor should feel at peace just by looking at your content, even without reading it.

  5. Not Considering SEO
  6. You could have the best website content in your niche, but it’s useless if it isn’t visible to others. Not creating website visibility is a mistake digital marketers should avoid. The best way to avoid this is by factoring in Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) SEO is a marketing strategy that’ll drive traffic to your website.

    The aim is to incorporate relevant keywords in your niche into your website content. A general search of the keywords will direct a visitor to your website. That’ll give your website visibility, and the visitor can learn something from your content; it’s a win-win situation.

  7. Misunderstanding Your Audience
  8. Creating content for your website is for your target audience to resonate with it. This means that you need to understand your target audience. However, marketers are likely to forget this amidst all their planning. Without properly knowing your audience, you’ll write content that doesn’t relate to them. That’ll make them feel that your products and services don’t suit them and they will look for other sites to which they can connect. For example, your target audience might be the aged, yet your content talks about skating or video game playing. These are activities mainly done by millennials; older people can barely keep up with them and might get injured in the process.

    To create the appropriate website content, identify your desired audience from the word go; for whom did you create your products and services? Once you’ve identified the group, study them immensely about your brand and niche. You’ll be better positioned to develop website content that resonates with them.

  9. Writing Content That Is Too Long
  10. As a website owner, you might have a lot to say regarding a given topic, which is desirable. However, the mistake comes when you write endless paragraphs on only one blog on your website. Even if providing a lot of information on a subject is commendable, you might lose your target audience and traffic to your website.

    With very long content, your readers might get bored in the middle and not reach the end of your blog, defeating your purpose of enlightening them. The readers might feel overwhelmed and might also not have time on their hands to read until the end.

    Instead of writing too long content, consider breaking it down into several blogs that you post independently. The aim is to have concise content that your readers won’t find hard to comprehend.


The mistakes that digital marketers make during website content planning are very easy to make. Therefore, you need to be wary of them to ensure you don’t fall into the same trap.
To get it right, let your company goals guide your choice of content. You won’t have to worry about lacking relevance in your niche by doing this.