5 Tools to Help You Grow Your Website
Hazel Pan

Creating a website for your business is indeed an exciting endeavor. No business can make any significant growth and progress nowadays without a good website that accurately represents its values and goals.

However, as exciting as it may be, it is worth noting that a business owner should consider quite a few factors when building and growing a website. In other words, it would be a rookie mistake to launch a business website that is outdated or laggy or create a great website but do nothing to grow it once it goes online.

These are mistakes that need to be avoided at all costs and you can do so with the help of some useful tools. To grow your website, take a look below at the tools that could be game-changing for your business.


As a responsible business owner, one has to keep track of all the figures. Numbers have become essential since SEO has been around, and they are generally very important for online marketing (PPC, social media marketing, etc.).

The numbers a business needs to keep track of are used to derive important statistics and they are meaningless if no one can take a look at them and convert them into a meaningful graph or chart.

And this is where Excel steps into play. Microsoft Excel can be used for many important business operations that fuel overall business growth.

It is extremely important to determine a budget that will be used to grow your website. For example, an Excel spreadsheet will help you keep track of how much you should pay content writers, SEO specialists, and designers. It will also tell you how much money you can allocate to paid advertising (PPC and Google Ads).

Additionally, Excel can be used to track your SEO efforts. With the help of an Excel spreadsheet, you can take the necessary information regarding your website’s performance and transform that into data about reach, ROI, engagement, and so on.

Obviously, this tool shouldn’t be neglected by any ambitious business owner but Excel, as a program, is not so easy to master if you are looking to make full use of it.

Luckily, you can hire a third party to train you or your employees. There are companies that offer Excel on-site training, which is great because it eliminates the need for your crew to fly out somewhere else to attend the Excel program. Instead, an experienced professional comes to your office to train and educate your team members. It doesn’t get better than that.


Similarweb is a comprehensive marketing intelligence software package that allows users to track their rivals’ traffic. This tool can help marketers analyze competitors’ website traffic, referral sources, social traffic, and it can even offer an insight into keywords and their performance (both paid and organic).

Thanks to these functionalities, Similarweb allows users to better build their own marketing strategies and tackle the game of SEO effectively.

For example, traffic and engagement insights allow users to see visit stats for a specific period, unique visits, visit duration, bounce rates, and so on.

The functionality dealing with marketing channels enables the user to see information by the specific traffic channel. This covers the number of users that came to the website from a direct channel, email, referrals, social, organic search, or paid search.

With it, you can also see the specific websites where users come from. This is very important for Google’s algorithms since traffic from untrustworthy websites can harm the rankings.

Finally, Similarweb allows users to see what keywords are working for a specific rival and these can be filtered by paid and organic.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that can be a proper power-house for businesses looking to grow their operations organically.

This tool is no ordinary marketing tool, as it’s not dealing only with the people that visit your website. Although it is important to get as much traffic as possible, you should also learn more about your visitors and target audience. This is essential for successful business growth.

Having Google Analytics in your toolbox can give you the answers to questions such as the ones listed below:

  • How is your social media marketing campaign performing?

  • What keywords are most likely to drive traffic to your website?

  • Where are your visitors from?

  • How long are users staying on your website?

Finding answers to these questions should be a priority, and that is why installing Google Analytics as soon as possible is a good idea.

This is especially true if your business is in its early stages. The data this tool gathers, and then displays can teach you a lot about the people visiting your website, such as how they interact with your business website, which can be very useful.


A good landing page can make all the difference between a secured sale and a lost customer. That’s why it would be wise to have some assistance when determining the quality of your landing pages.

Unbounce is a software tool that provides users with a high-level overview of the landing pages. The tool does this by factoring in mobile-friendliness, speed, security, message match, social tags, SEO, and conversion-centered design.

The best bit, however, is that the tool gives users a list of the things that need to be worked on in order to improve a given landing page. This information is provided for free.

The tool is very intuitive, the dashboard is beautiful, and no one will have a hard time figuring out how to use each feature. The results are provided in percentages — the higher the percentage, the better the landing page.


Finally, a tool that helps business owners better understand their target audience is definitely a tool worth mentioning. In this case, we are talking about Hotjar.

Hotjar enables users to easily set up heatmaps and see where users click the most. It also helps you understand user behavior once they enter the website.

It doesn’t matter what device they are on, it gathers information even when people access a website from their tablets or car entertainment systems.

The best feature, for many, is the one that allows to record visitors once they are on the website and see what they are doing on it. Also, it is possible to set up funnels to analyze the conversion.

Final thoughts

If growth is your main concern, it is important to move fast. Quickly test out and see what works well on your website. Identify problems quickly and do your best to resolve them.

Never forget that having a great website is the cornerstone of every marketing strategy and its main goal is to show that you take your audience and industry seriously.