5 Tips To Optimize Your Mornings
Hai Truong

Your mornings can set the tone of your entire day. A bad one can put it into a tailspin and leave you with more problems than solutions. To help you increase your productivity, we have prepared some foundational tips to get your day off to the right start.

Say No To The Snooze Button

The allure of a few more minutes of sleep can be tempting--but resist the urge. Studies show that repeated alarms after you first wake up disrupt the REM cycle which is your body's way of regulating your rhythm throughout the day. Whether you use a sleep tracking app, alarm clock, or wrist-based alarm like what comes in a Fitbit, commit to waking up on the first alert--your body will thank you.

Start The Day With Positivity

Call it a gratitude journal, affirmations, or mantras. Whichever system for positivity works best, build a habit of writing them down. With research showing the brain processes roughly 50,000 thoughts a day, be intentional with how you start your morning. If you are not sure where to start, think about one thing you are grateful for each day. During the challenging times of your startup journey, you will be glad to have this body of positivity to reflect back on.

Exercise Early and Regularly

Whether you do yoga, go to the gym, or go for a jog, find something and stick to it. Whenever possible, start your morning with this activity so you can get the oxygen flowing and blood circulating. Studies show certain types of exercise can also help improve mood throughout the day. Whatever stress may accumulate through your week, let exercise be your channel to release it and move forward. Don't look at this activity as something you have to balance with your other work and commitments, but as part of your job and responsibility to yourself.

Eat Right

Though breakfast sandwiches and burritos can be alluring, opt for foods and drinks that set you on a path of energy instead of lethargy. We are not food gurus, but research shows a blend of healthy fats, protein, and complex carbs can take you further and provide more energy than the typical fare at your local fast food joint. A DIY smoothie or breakfast bowl will yield better results than a drive-thru option--and probably cost you less in the long run.

Plan Your Day The Night Before

In a given day, you may end up working on all sorts of things--and still not get to what you were supposed to do. To prevent this from happening, write down three things you will complete the morning you wake up before you tend to anything else. If you think you will have the same clarity of mind when you wake up without planning ahead--prepare for history to repeat itself. Knowing what you need to complete the moment you wake up will also provide an extra incentive to avoid that snooze button and get your day started right away.