Tim Morgun


Many students search for work to help themselves go through their studies. Aside from tuition fees, there are school materials they need to buy and, sometimes, the allowances they receive are not enough for those materials. If you are a student and need extra cash, you can take a lot of part-time jobs where you can still balance your study and work life. This way, you can make a little spending money for the things you need and want without asking your parents. If you are looking for extra income or looking for work experience, here are five valuable tips on searching for jobs.

Create an exceptional CV

The best way to get a job is for you to stand out. For you to be hired, you must be different from the rest of the applicants. The first thing that will set you apart from them is your CV or your resume. Your employers will get to know you first based on your resume and based on your document's content, and they will decide if you get to the next step. So, the first step is to amaze them and tell them you are a good fit for the job with your CV. To help you with that, you can buy essays online for cheap from professional writing services. Aside from writing an essay, these services also offer to make resumes and job application letters. Professional writers make these so you can ensure that your application will stand out from the rest. If you want to secure the position, you must make an impact at the very start of the application. Before crushing those interviews, make sure to give them a bomb job application.

Search online networking websites

There are over 200 legitimate networking websites where you can search for a job on the internet. Using the internet is the easiest way to find a job because almost everybody has access to the web. Take advantage of modern technology. With these many options, you can find a job suitable for your experience and your available time. Don't force yourself into positions that do not fit your schedule, and you don't compromise your studies for extra cash. It will also be helpful to join community discussions to keep track of job openings near you or that interest you. You can also socialize here and find other students you work with and support each other on balancing working and studying.

LinkedIn is the most popular online networking site, but as technology develops, more and more sites allow employers to post job openings, even Facebook already has this feature. Here are some alternative sites to find work on the web.

1. Jobcase
2. Lunchmeet
3. Opportunity
4. Meetup
5. Xing

You can check out these sites or download their applications if you search for available jobs.

Check recruitment agencies

The best way to search for a job is to check recruitment agencies. If you want legitimate jobs and regular updates on job vacancies, this is the way to go. This is also an easy way to find a job. Instead of dropping by the establishment one at a time, you can go to recruitment agencies and ask for job vacancies. They will give several options to choose from and apply for vacancies you are interested in. This will save a significant amount of time, especially if you don't have much free time because you are in between studies. Here are some recruitment agencies you can check out for job opportunities. In addition, you can find digital arts, IT, health care, customer services, and other jobs.

1. CornerStone Staffing Solution
2. Creative Circle
3. Spherion Staffing Solutions
4. Insight Global
5. Ártisan Talent

Also, remember to check the legitimacy of recruitment agencies; some people will approach you and offer you jobs saying they are agents for the company but will end up scamming you for money. If you want to secure an appointment, go to these listed recruitment agencies for applications. You can also check this website for more options.

Manage your social media profiles

How do I find a job on social media? You can always check listings, Facebook groups, or even Twitter threads for job opportunities. All you have to do is input the correct keywords and let technology do the searching. It is also essential to manage your social media profiles. Your descriptions say a lot about you, and sometimes instead of looking for a job, it comes to you. There are specific algorithms that these websites use to give suggestions to its users, from things to buy, things to watch, and yes, even job openings. Also, managing social media profiles will be handy when it comes to background checks. The things you post and share will somehow affect how people perceive you. Finally, proper online etiquette can be critical when you apply for a job. So, whether you use it for job hunting, personal interactions, or leisure, make sure that you manage all your social networks correctly.

Check out your university job fairs.

The easiest way to search for a job is through career fairs organized by your universities. Don't complicate things by roaming around town when opportunities are already within your reach. Do not underestimate the power of college career fairs. These may be your stepping stones to success. Some students find internship programs that also lead them to career success. You can also find part-time jobs suitable for university students and ensure that these are safe because they have been vetted by your university. If you miss the fair, you can always go straight to the career counselors and ask them for vacancies. They will even give you bits of advice on what particular job to take, depending on your program and schedule.

We salute students who find time to earn money and study. Balancing both lives is not easy. Not everybody has the privilege to study comfortably and have everything they need with the swipe of a card. Some need to work while studying. We hope that these tips are helpful for a student searching for a perfect job while studying.