5 Tips I Wish Somebody Told Me When I Started Promoting My Small Business on Social Media
Anil Chauhan

Regardless of the method of selling products you choose, social media can be the place where you first meet potential buyers. After all, all start-up companies want to reach significant heights, to stand out from competitors, as https://20bet.com/fr/prematch once did.
Whether this meeting will lead to strong friendships or commercial prospects depends on your communication strategy.

In this article, we'll present proven social media marketing approaches that can effortlessly increase your reach and audience engagement.

1. Don't Generalize. Focus on Customer Profile

A customer profile is a detailed description of a typical representative of your target audience. It includes demographic, geographic, psycho-emotional characteristics, financial situation, goals and fears, lifestyle, education, habits, and other information.

The difference between a portrait of a target audience and a client profile is that the latter describes a specific person and not a generalized group. You can create one based on existing customer data or online research. A great way to narrow your target audience is to conduct in-depth interviews.

2. Use an Automatic Content Download

The content and frequency of publications are very important. But it is content loading that often takes away a lot of valuable time from your managers, which they could use to create new texts and attractive images.

We advise you to choose from a variety of content scheduling programs. Try Later, Feedly, Sprout Social, CoSchedule, or Buffer to save time and automate your posting process to be more productive.

3. Continue to Actively Share Memorable Visual Content

Of course, this is obvious advice for 2021, but now brands should be not just active, but proactive. Interactive and dynamic forms of content come to the fore, such as branded AR filters, polls, hashtag campaigns, and video streaming.

Smaller companies generally don't have the resources to constantly stream and share industry news or create videos with subtitles. But we have three ideas to help you cheat the system:

Use Graphic Online Editors

We recommend online editors with ready-made templates and their mobile versions for image processing (for example, Crello from Depositphotos) and video (Crello, Adobe Premiere Rush, inShotApp, StoriesStudio, and others).

Plan Ahead

Making decisions along the way can take a lot of time, so try to work with a well-written content plan. Determine how much content you can create in a day, week, or month. Then make a content plan outlining formats, themes, requirements, and author.

4. Find Brand Ambassadors Among Micro-influencers

Earlier, we wrote about why influencers are so important. In a nutshell: because people are trusted more than abstract brands, and ordinary people are more sympathetic than superstars.

One of the novelties of influence marketing in 2021 is the transition of brands from one-time partnerships with influencers to contracts with brand ambassadors. The essence of this approach is that users begin to associate brands with a specific person who makes them respect or sympathize.

For small companies, this strategy has one major advantage. It saves money as multiple one-off campaigns with influencers are more expensive than a long-term contract with them.

5. Use Generic, Niche, and Brand Hashtags at the Same Time

Hashtags help you increase the reach of your posts on social media like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat for free. Also, most social platforms give users the ability to subscribe to a specific hashtag.

How to get the most out of hashtags in 2021? Add three types of hashtags to your posts at once.

  • Look for popular-themed hashtags your target audience uses.
  • Make a list of niche hashtags. They will allow you to reach the target audience, which is not always the case with popular hashtags.
  • Use branded and unique hashtags to make it easier for customers to navigate your content and also to promote your account. Add clickable hashtags to your profile description.