5 Things You Should Know Before Developing an App
Leon Bennett

Mobile apps are the new cool for businesses. With more traffic coming from mobile phones, businesses are moving to the mobile app platform. Today, app stores have more than 2.5 million mobile apps, and the numbers are increasing drastically. Research shows that more than 63% of people sleep with their phones by their sides. The addiction to mobile phones opens unlimited opportunities for businesses to tap the device closest to the user. No wonder the demand for mobile app developers has increased drastically over the years.

But not all mobile apps are successful. In fact, only 1% of mobile app startups survive. Don’t assume that building a mobile app is enough. You need a fully-functional and well-designed app, with engaging designs and a user-centric approach.

Before jumping into the bandwagon, here is what to look for to ensure success in your app development adventure:

  1. Target a Niche

  2. Don’t get overwhelmed and try to target everyone. Every great business idea first targets a niche and grows from there. Facebook is now the most used social media platform, and everyone loves using the platform. It was first launched for Harvard students only. Start by identifying the target audience and list down as many characteristics of your audience that you can find. Targeting a niche helps you remain focused and manage the quality of services without being all over the place.

    Once you have established your credibility, you can extend your services to another niche. Start small and make your way to the top, one step at a time.

  3. Identify Industry Trends

  4. Once you have identified your target audience, conduct thorough industry research. Find out if others are offering similar services and their performance in the market. It will help you in finding and establishing your unique selling point. Be ready to change your plan during the industry analysis.

    Also, evaluating the industry trends will reveal if the target audience is already using a similar app, or it will be there first time interacting with such a service.

  5. Find an App Development Company

  6. Once you know what to build and who to build for, find a reliable and authentic mobile app development company for your project. You have multiple options to choose from. There are a lot of freelances offering mobile app development services at affordable rates. However, they have limited experience and may forge their portfolio.

    You can choose a mobile app development agency that has a team of developers, designers, project managers, mathematicians, and creative artists. Their diverse experience and end-to-end development cycle will make your life easier. Finally, you can work with development giants like IBM and Oracle, but the cost of developing an app from these companies is insanely high.

    Analyze your budgets, explores potential service providers’ portfolios, review client feedback, and look for third-party endorsements. Make your decisions smartly.

  7. Timeline for Your App

  8. Remember that opportunities can be missed by seconds. Make sure you have conducted the feasibility of your app idea and have a timeline ready. If not, ask yourself of the ideal time for launching your mobile app. Do not assume that you can launch any mine. There is always the right time, such as around Christmas.

    Depending on your app, choose a timeframe to launch. Keep a grace period in case of unexpected circumstances. Now communicate the timeline to your app development company. And ensure that all deadlines are met.

  9. Choose a Monetization Plan

  10. Before developing an app, identify your monetization plan. Remember that your mobile app must add to your revenues and not just another asset lying in your inventory. There are various ways to earn money from your mobile app. You can keep the app free for download and earn from in-app purchases of features or assets. You can also keep a fee for downloading the app. In-app advertisements are also a great way to earn money from your app.

    It is important to keep your target audience in your mind when deciding your monetization strategy. Analyze how your audience will like to pay. Also, keep some features for free, so users can use the app and decide whether they wish to pay for it or not.

Now is the Time to Develop and App!
Mobile apps are changing the business landscape. More businesses are moving to the mobile app world to get closer to their target audience. If you are wondering whether the investment is worth it or now, then you are already losing the time!