5 Strategies to Revitalize Your Brand's Social Media Presence
Karl Kangur

To some business owners, social media marketing comes naturally. They're extroverted, witty, and don't mind spending a good chunk of their day producing engaging content for a variety of online networks.

But for others, managing even a single profile comes as a burden.

And, in all truth, it's easy to spot brands whose online presence is driven by a mindset of "we have to do this if we want to stay relevant." They're the ones publishing the same old uninspired posts, hoping that merely being present will provide them with enough exposure and social proof to convince their target audience into converting.

But the thing is, a great, exciting social media marketing strategy does so much more than just sell products. It's the key to branding, developing customer relationships, and doing consumer research. And, most importantly, it's a high-ROI method for building brand awareness.

That's why finding ways to make your social media content more exciting and relevant should be one of your top priorities for 2022. With that in mind, these are the five strategies you should consider if you want to revitalize your brand's social media content

Be Uniquely You

One of the easiest traps to fall into when producing social media content is allowing yourself to do the same thing everyone else in your niche does.

Now, sure, keeping up with trends and implementing practices that have been proven to work is a great strategy. But more often than not, going with the flow (without adding your unique voice) sacrifices originality and, consequently, brand appeal. According to a report by Stackla, this can be a real problem, seeing that 90% of consumers decide what brands to support based on authenticity, and 51% say that less than half of all branded content resonates as authentic.

And the thing is, even just a couple of searches on Instagram is enough to prove that branded social media profiles really tend to look alike. Look no further than the health and wellness industry for examples.

If you check out Noom on Instagram, you are bound to immediately notice their unique approach. And the question is raised: what is this brand doing to stand out from its competition? IT becomes obvious very quickly that they’re spending precious resources on producing content that consumers can already get elsewhere.

Interact, Engage, Entertain

If you consider the reasons people use social media, you'll see that the main ones include:
  • Staying connected to friends and family
  • Filling spare time
  • Reading news stories
  • Keeping up with celebrities and influencers.

  • From this data, it's easy to conclude that the main two things people want from social media are entertainment and an opportunity to interact. And the great thing is, your brand can provide them with both.

    If you're looking for strategies to revitalize your brand's social media presence, try to invest your resources into content that helps you engage with your followers. Create posts that encourage meaningful conversations, as Good Good Good does on Instagram.

    Don't forget that interactions on your social media profiles shouldn't just be reserved for your followers and loyal customers. Engaging in conversations with other brands, even your competitors, is another excellent way to breathe some fresh air into your social media marketing. Just look how seamlessly Postmates did it on Twitter.

Don't Underestimate the Less-Obvious Networks

If you're basing your social media strategy on demographics and ROI potential, you're probably making content for big sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

But here's the deal. Sometimes, having your posts seen by a smaller but more engaged audience turns out to be more profitable than going after high numbers. So don't hesitate to post on Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Snapchat (if that's where your target audience is). Moreover, consider joining creators' communities like Ello and distribution platforms like Medium, which are excellent spaces to reach niche audiences.

For a superb example of how a niche brand can make it big on a small network, check out Spores. Having created a profile on Medium, the brand quickly saw its NFT and blockchain-related articles receive an impressive amount of engagement and grew its number of followers to a staggering 19k+, all thanks to having found the ideal channel for publishing its content.

Start Using Video

If you only have the resources (or energy) to change one thing about your social media marketing strategy, then starting to invest in video production might just be the solution for you.

Over the past two years, people's content consumption has gone up to an average of 145 minutes per day. What's interesting is that in 2020, 41.9 of those minutes were spent on YouTube, watching videos. That number doesn't even take into account all the video content available on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Clearly, video is one of the most engaging content formats out there, making it a great way to capture your audience's attention. But what makes it extra-worth the time is that it holds the power of shareability.

A well-produced video can get your brand thousands, if not millions of views for less than a minute of content. And, if all the stars align, you might even see your creation go viral, exposing your brand to a host of new followers ready to interact. Just look at everything the Dollar Shave Club managed to achieve with video. It's anything if not impressive.

Take Hashtags Seriously

Finally, as you look for ways to refresh your social media presence, don't underestimate the power of a well-chosen hashtag.

Not only can they help you reach people interested in seeing a certain type of content, but even more importantly, the right hashtag can help you hop onto hot trends and reach thousands of followers in a matter of days, weeks, or months.

To get the most out of hashtags, remember three key points:

  • Don't use too many.
  • Combine popular and niche keywords.
  • Do thorough research on the topics your audience cares about so that you can actively deliver content that will resonate.

In Closing

There you have it, five strategies you can try if you want to revitalize your brand's social media presence.

As you can see, none of these are overly complicated. However, they do require you to stay true to your brand's identity, engage with followers, explore new formats and distribution channels, and do a little bit of research before you hit publish. But, do all that, and you'll see great results – not just in terms of follower counts, but in website traffic and business growth as well. And that's all thanks to providing your audience with attention-grabbing content that delivers value.