5 Reasons to Start Studying Programming in 2020
Thomas Lanigan


This year is going to stick with everyone for a while because it changed much of our daily habits, prospects for the future, and healthcare priorities. A lot of people are thinking about a career change or adding new skills that would help them adapt to current circumstances. If you’re wondering what would be a good path for your future, here are five reasons why you should consider programming as your field of studies.

Lucrative salary

While the latest reports show a decline in average median salary, revolving around $25 per hour, the price of hourly labor for programmers stands at $42 on average. Keeping in mind that most programmers work from home, which diminishes the costs of travel and other expenses that come with journeying to work every day, this profession is one of the most lucrative job opportunities on the market today.

Besides, this skill gives you a chance to earn some money on the side, freelance programmers are on a high demand, which means you can increase your income even more.

Job Security

Tourism, restaurants, bars, and many other businesses are hemorrhaging money or looking for ways to cut down the expenses due to Covid-19 pandemic. However, for business entities that employ workforce related to computer science, it’s business as usual. Moreover, according to the latest reports issued by the U.S. Bureau of Labor, there is an increase in employment revolving around 3 percent when it comes to computer science-related job positions.

Also, as a vast number of employers hire programmers on a project base, you can always seek fresh projects to work on as your current job closes to its end.

Market opportunities

We’ve seen an increase in all sorts of application development this year, mainly due to social distancing measures that have been introduced throughout the world. Also, there has been an increase in online shopping, service acquisition, and communication which further increased the demand for skilled software developers.

According to Paul Sallomi’s paper “Understanding the impact of Covid-19" the software development sector is expected to be a growth catalyst for numerous other industries. He states that cloud computing and cybersecurity will be the most important issues for all businesses that wish to make a successful transition and adapt to these new market trends.

Ability to work outside your geolocation

There are numerous benefits to being able to work for a company that’s located in a different state or even an entirely different continent for that matter. If available jobs at your hometown don’t offer a salary that’s in line with your current needs, you can seek employers that offer more money online.

As a programmer, you can live in New York and work for a company located somewhere in California and never travel to the office. Online meetings are nowadays a new normal and will stay that way for a while, which means your job interview, team meetings, and project reports could be managed via Skype, Zoom, or some other app.

As many companies are trying to annul the risk of virus infection, smart technologies, cloud services, and remotely operated machines require specialists that could maintain the workflow online.

Upcoming trends

The Tech industry is one of the most rapidly evolving, especially in the last 20 years since the internet became a worldwide communication and data sharing tool. The software industry is one of the most advancing fields, incorporated in virtually every industry in the world from car manufacturing to coal mining.

Smart car development is threatening to destroy the traditional automotive industry, even now vehicles are heavily dependent on software to manage fuel consumption, mechanic parts functionality, and passenger safety. The advent of Artificial Intelligence Technology is ushering a new era in home security, appliances, healthcare, and numerous other businesses, which means programming is going to become a trait required in processes that didn’t need any software up until recently.


As a programmer, you have a universal tool of the 21st century in your hands and with that the opportunity to choose your employer, place of work, and the most attractive industry according to your aspirations. This year is definitely the best year to start working on your programming skills and seize the opportunity placed in front of you.

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