5 Essential Tech Gadgets for Remote Workers
Ronica Samuel

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the scope of the traditional workspace has shifted. Millions of people from Texas to Tennessee were forced to convert their careers to a work-from-home format. The success of remote working has since prompted thousands of companies to allow workers to continue working at home at the end of the pandemic.

While working remotely gives you a different level of freedom, it’s still crucial to maintain a high level of productivity. To make your workspace efficient, you need the right tools. Along with your normal workwear, the right internet connection, and a power savings plan from Energy Texas to offset your increased power needs, you could use a few tools to help you get the job done.

Let’s take a closer look at a few innovative tech gadgets that are perfect for remote workers.

Think Board XL

Traditional whiteboards can be big and awkward in your home workspace. While it is convenient to have a space where you can outline your plans and ideas, you may not have the space to set up or hang a heavy board. The Think Board XL uses innovative technology to give you the creative space without the bulk. The Think Board is made of a thin piece of clear film that can be applied to any surface. You can install a Think Board on your walls, desk, or fridge and get to work.

Smart VPN Router

Many people that have converted to working from home often work on projects that contain sensitive industry materials. To help keep your content safe from hackers and the competition, you need to outfit your home with the best online security. A Smart VPN Router is the key to keeping your online activity secure and away from prying eyes.

The Edge Desk

Spending hours at your desk isn’t strenuous, but it can take a toll on your body if you don’t have the proper office setup. The Edge Desk Ergonomic Workspace gives you the best mobility with customizable features. You can sit straight, look dead ahead, and maintain a healthy posture.

Saent Button

Working from home allows you to control your schedule and comes with bonuses like knocking out assignments. The most challenging obstacle for remote workers is maintaining a high level of discipline and productivity. The Saent Button was created to help you get your work done and avoid time-sucking distractions. When you are ready to work, simply push the button, and a scheduled work session will begin.

Wireless Hard Drive

When you work remotely, it’s convenient to have all of your files with you when you are on the move. If you work primarily from home but have to venture out to the office for meetings or check in with clients, you want easy access to all of your materials. If you work remotely, investing in a wireless hard drive can help you save everything you need with just one click and travel with you wherever you go.

Remote working is a new experience for many people. Having the right tools and gadgets will help you work from home successfully.