5 Crucial Benefits of Using Fleet Management Software
Subrata Das

Fleet management can be a tedious job . As the business grows, the number of vehicles to track increases, and so does the confusion. Thankfully, there is fleet management software, which not only simplifies vehicle tracking but also fits well into any business digitization strategy.

Comprehensive fleet management systems gather and organize crucial fleet information and provide you with a single interface to check such things as expenses and real-time locations. Here are five ways your logistics company can benefit from investing in fleet management software:

1. All your vehicles on one screen

One of the biggest challenges that fleet managers faced in the past was the lack of a unified way to track vehicles that are on the go. This lack of visibility often led to miscommunications, shipment and delivery delays, and uncertainties, all of which could dent a company’s reputation.

Fleet management software helps managers view and manage their entire fleet on a single screen, expediting the all-important process of problem perception.

2. It improves driver safety

Driver safety is important both to the driver and the business. A fleet management system not only shows the location of the vehicles and whether they are still moving, but also enables managers to set vehicle maintenance reminders for their drivers. Some systems come with camera software, which fleet managers can use to monitor specific drivers’ on-road habits. The forward-facing cameras record common traffic violations such as tailgating and lane drifting and send alerts to the manager.

3. It increases fuel efficiency

According to Tech.co, trucks in the U.S. consumed a whopping $89.7 billion in fuel in 2016 alone. That is nothing to sneeze at, considering fuel expenses make up around 20 percent of trucking company operational costs.
You probably have another fuel-efficiency strategy in place, but using fleet management software can add to that in a significant way. Fleet management systems help you monitor habits such as speeding, aggressive behavior, vehicle maintenance, and idling.

4. It ensures insurance protection

Monitoring your drivers is a way to make them adhere to road safety guidelines. In consequence, this boosts your standing with your insurance company. Many insurance companies offer discounts to trucking companies that install extra safety features on their vehicles. It won’t be surprising if fleet management systems become requisite to receiving insurance protection in the future.

5. It reduces the company’s wage bill

Fleet tracking has been around for a long time, but the one thing that has changed is the number of people needed to monitor the number of vehicles on the road. With fleet management software, all you need is one person to sit behind a screen displaying the information coming from sensors and cameras from the various vehicles on the road. In fact, some systems can be calibrated to give automatics alerts when certain events occur.


A fleet management system is a must-have tool for any trucking company looking to increase its drivers’ productivity, lower operation costs, and change their business. Take the time to review the many different fleet management systems on the market before making your choice.