5 Bricks-and-Mortar Businesses to Consider Starting or Investing In
Rob Turner

The digital age has brought with it many opportunities, such as starting eCommerce businesses, which are proving to be some of the world's largest and most profitable companies. However, we still require physical goods, and businesses that can provide them can also be successful.

Bricks and mortar refer to traditional businesses that still provide customers products or services in a physical interaction with face-to-face communication. Such businesses have become rarer, but there are still some that are performing exceptionally well.

The following are bricks-and-mortar businesses to consider starting or investing in:

A Bar, Brewery, or Restaurant

The entertainment industry has been present for a long time, and the reason is that it is pretty profitable. A brick-and-mortar business with a high chance of success given the right conditions is a business that sells alcoholic beverages.

Therefore, a brewery or a bar is a bricks-and-mortar worth considering. Untappd Lounge has information about such businesses. Food is also a great idea if you can attract customers.

If you can come up with a unique idea for a restaurant and have a fantastic location, you can make a lot of money, which is a worthy investment.


More people are becoming aware of the importance of their well-being. To that end, people are spending money on places that help them unwind and relax. Spas are hence a great business to consider in this day and age.

An institution that helps people rejuvenate their bodies and minds benefits others as it benefits you. Moreover, it is not a service that you can provide using technology.

There is a lot of competition since there are many spas. Still, if you can be creative and find a competitive advantage, a bricks-and-mortar spa with a fantastic customer experience can be an excellent venture.

Private Hospitals

Though technology significantly impacts the healthcare industry, with services like telehealth on the rise, healthcare is still primarily a brick-and-mortar industry. The small business since most fast-food restaurants are franchises. You will receive help running the business and capital, provided you pay your franchise fees.

Car Cleaning and Detailing Shop

People are not going to stop driving any time soon. The many people who will continue to buy cars will want them cleaned and detailed. Car washes are currently automated, which means you can clean many cars depending on how many machines the shop has.

It is a business with high start-up costs but generates plenty of cash. A car detailing shop where cars are washed and polished inside and out is even better. It is a bricks-and-mortar business that car owners will happily use for the service if adequate.

There are too many bricks-and-mortar businesses to start or invest in, to outline in this article. Bar, breweries or restaurants, fast food joints, spas, and private hospitals are a few examples of profitable physical businesses you can consider. Bricks and mortar businesses will exist for as long as we exist in a physical world.