5 Benefits of Having IT Support on Retainer
Rob Turner

Every business is reliant on IT to a certain extent, and for lots of small organizations in particular it is a lifeline which lets them operate efficiently and take on larger rivals.
Embracing a relationship with an IT support provider has a host of advantages in this context, and if you don’t currently have this type of service on retainer, there are lots of good reasons to take the plunge.

Loyalty & location make a difference

Rather than acquiring IT support on an ad-hoc basis, it is generally better to build a long term relationship with a provider. This is primarily a good move because it means they will understand the intricacies of your specific setup and resources, thus enabling them to offer advice and find fixes quicker.

Likewise if you work with a provider that is located nearby, you can access their assistance swiftly and create a mutually beneficial business partnership. So whether you need San Diego IT support or you are based in any other part of the country or the world, looking for a local provider is better than outsourcing to a brand that will only deliver aid long-distance.

Affordability is important

When it comes to IT support, you have a narrow tightrope to walk in terms of cost, especially as a small business owner.

It may not be practical to pay for a full time, in-house team to take charge of running and remedying your mission-critical systems. Likewise you cannot be expected to encounter protracted, expensive downtime of your IT infrastructure without incurring steep costs for recovery.

This is where having IT support on retainer is ideal. You will neither be paying over the odds for protection against outages, nor leaving your business at risk of all manner of hardware, software and networking-related disasters.

Flexibility is achievable

Another appealing prospect of working with an IT support vendor in your area is that you don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all package. Instead you can pick and choose from the types of services you need, according to both your budget and whatever internal skills gap you need to plug.

So whether you just need a small amount of support with a specific aspect of system administration, or you want to have the entirety of your IT infrastructure overseen externally, this is possible.

Future proofing is a must

The best way to manage your IT resources is not just to consider the needs of your business today, but also think about how they will grow and change in the months and years to come.

Support providers that you have an established relationship with will be well positioned to give you the advice and guidance you need when it comes to planning ahead and encompassing the challenges you will likely face in this context.

Once again this comes back to the benefits of being loyal to a single, local provider. This consistency and understanding breeds a familiarity with your organization and its requirements, which in turn ensures the support and assistance is bespoke, rather than generic.

Proactive provision is an option

An IT support vendor that you keep on retainer does not only need to leap into action when dilemmas arise. Instead the work they do can be proactive and preventative, as well as responsive and reactionary.

There are many more reasons to work alongside a company that will keep your IT assets ticking over, but hopefully you now have a good sense of what this type of relationship brings with it. Small businesses do not need to feel vulnerable to tech-related disruption if they take this route.