5 Advantages of Using PDF Form Templates Over Other Formats
Guillermo Navas

In a corporate world sustained by technology, digital forms are a common way to collect information in an efficient and organized manner. In these cases, PDF form templates are the ideal solution.

It's no wonder that the PDF format is now used as a primary resource by 81% of online users, ahead of other formats such as DOCX, XLSX, PPTX and EPUB.

PDF form templates not only offer the flexibility of filling out a form online or printing it out and filling it out by hand, but also a number of benefits that can improve the efficiency and accuracy of data entry and collection.

Today, we'll go over the top 5 reasons why PDF form templates are invaluable and what sets them apart from all those formats available today. Are you ready to jump in the deep end with us? Then let's get started!

5 reasons that will convince you to use PDF form templates

1. Universally compatible form templates

One of the biggest advantages of using professional form templates is their universal compatibility. This means that no matter what device or software you use, you can always open, view and fill out a PDF form without any problems.

This is especially useful if you need to send them to people with different tech backgrounds. These forms are compatible with a wide range of devices, including computers, cell phones, and tablets, making them universally usable.

This universal compatibility is due to the fact that the PDF format is an open standard developed and maintained by Adobe Systems.

This standard has gained acceptance in the technology industry and is compatible with all major operating systems and web browsers, including: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chrome.

As long as you have a PDF reader installed, you can use it conveniently from anywhere. All this makes it easy for you to collaborate with others and manage information smoothly.

2. No need for design expertise to use them

Most PDF form templates are designed to be used without advanced technical knowledge. This means that anyone can use them without learning any new software or having any tech knowledge whatsoever.

They also come with an intuitive interface that is easy to manage and include elements such as checkboxes, dropdown options and spaces for typing, so anyone can fill out the form without needing detailed instructions.This way they allow you to:

  • Add or remove fields
  • Change text and typography
  • Add images and graphics
  • And all this with just a few clicks. They’re easy to disseminate as they can be emailed or shared online.

    When you consider that you can use it from any device, with any operating system and all by yourself, its scope and usefulness becomes clear. We're not done yet, but let's see how to use it safely.

    3. They protect your valuable data

    By using PDF form templates your data can always be protected.

    These files have several levels of security, including passwords and special encryption to ensure that only authorized people can access the information you add. Let's see what those are:

  • Encryption: it’s important to ensure a high level of protection and the encryption of a PDF file is one of the most effective. Various methods such as AES or RSA can be used to protect the information on the form before it's sent or stored
  • Authentication: it's important to ensure that only authorized people can access the form data. User authentication can include password verification or two-factor authentication
  • Access control: this may include user-level restrictions and the implementation of data access policies
  • Security auditing: there are programs that perform regular security audits of PDF forms to identify potential vulnerabilities and address them in a timely manner
  • Form data should always be stored securely, with appropriate measures in place to protect against potential security breaches or data loss.

    Fortunately, this is a positive aspect to consider when using PDF templates. They already have adequate security measures in place to ensure the safety and protection of the data in each form.

    4. The appearance of formality and professionalism

    In the age of digital business, while PDF forms are primarily used to gather information quickly and easily, they also need to be a clear snapshot of your business.

    An unprofessional appearance can have a negative impact on a company's brand image and reputation and of course you don’t want that. Contrary to this, these forms look professional and well-designed, which is important if you have a well-known organization and want to project the best image possible.

    Also, with these forms you can include graphics, logos, corporate digital signatures and other visual elements to associate your brand with the collection process they're meant for.

    An appealing and professionally designed form shows that your company is serious about its image and committed to branding.

    In addition, a professional appearance can also enhance the user's experience when filling out the form. A clear, well-designed template makes the questions easier to read and understand, which can reduce the likelihood of errors and increase completion rates.

    This can boost the confidence of your potential customers and ultimately increase the chances of conversion.

    5. Universal approachability

    Finally, it's important to note that PDF forms are accessible to all types of people, especially those with mental, visual or hearing impairments.

    The concept of PDF form template accessibility refers to the ability of these documents to be used effectively by any type of person, regardless of their capabilities in using electronic resources.

    This refers not only to the ease of use mentioned above, but also to the fact that these files can be read by screen reading software and can include audio descriptions so that all people can easily complete and use the form.

    There are several techniques and standards that can be used to improve the accessibility of PDF form templates:

  • It's important to include alternative text descriptions for images, tables, and graphics so that people with visual impairments can use the information effectively
  • Use appropriate labels and structure for form elements such as headings, paragraphs, and tables so that people with cognitive or learning disabilities can easily understand and navigate the document
  • Accessibility in PDF form templates is achieved by implementing best practices in document design and creation, with the goal of making these forms easily accessible and usable for a wide range of people.

    Adaptability and friendliness of PDF: the winning format

    Once you finish the tour, you'll realize that using PDF form templates is the more viable option than collecting the information you need. So let's review the most important aspects:

  • Adaptability: you can use them from any device that works with any operating system. This is true both for you, who use it professionally, and for those who need to receive and fill it out
  • Generality: due to their ease of use, everyone can benefit from them. No further computer knowledge is required, and the preloaded contents guide you on how to use them according to their purpose
  • Security: the forms are already equipped with sufficient security measures so that the information you use or collect cannot be misused. No one who shouldn't have access to these forms can come in contact with their contents
  • Professionalism: the pre-installed designs allow you to show the seriousness and formality of your project. With the ability to add your logos, slogans and other company information, they greatly serve to connect users with your brand identity
  • Accessibility: ease of use isn't only useful for people with low skills, but also for those who are unable to use them due to their physical or cognitive abilities. Whether with electronic read aloud or other features, there are no limitations to accessing the forms
  • The PDF format is the most widely used format in the world, but few people can really take advantage of more than the mundane benefits they have to offer. Form templates are one of those simple but great features that are just waiting for you to make the most of them.

    You already have all the information, now let ease be the key to your success.