4 Crucial Ways to Prevent Accidents at Your Place of Business
Rob Turner

Accidents are unintended incidents that result in harm and can happen at any time or place, including at the workplace. Because accidents happen without notice, it may not be possible to prevent them entirely.

But being a business owner, there are countless reasons you would want to keep injuries at the minimum in your workplace. The first and most critical is that it can help keep your premium rates down. Also, accidents that become common on your premises may give your business a bad reputation.

If you want to make your place of business safer for your staff and customers, this guide is for you.

What to do When an Accident Happens

TYou could do your best to make your business environment safe. Unfortunately, your best can not guarantee that an accident will not occur. So it is essential to prepare for when it happens.
Whether a customer or an employee, your priority should be on the injured person's health, so you should call 911 as soon as possible.

Besides the injured person’s health, you may have to deal with compensation issues as you may face a lawsuit if the accident resulted from your negligence.

In most cases, your insurer will be dealing with the affected person. However, engaging a reputable personal injury law firm, such as dolmanlaw.com, can be a good way to ensure that you have someone looking out for your rights.

Why You Need a Lawyer

The best thing about having a lawyer is that they can help you explore options to reduce your liability or absolve you of it completely.

For example, a lawyer can help prove that you are not the liable party if the injured person was an employee engaged in personal activities during the accident. A skilled attorney can also help place liability on the injured customer or visitor, especially if they were illegally at your business premises.

Tips for Preventing an Accident in Your Business Premises

1. Provide Adequate Employee Training On Safety in the Workplace

Your employees will be at the premises the longest, so they will be the most at risk for an accident. Therefore it is important to ensure they get regular training on the most up-to-date safety practices.

Regular training and drills help ensure that safety is always at the top of an employee's mind, which improves not only personal safety but also the safety of other employees and customers.

2. Maintain a Clean Working Space Free From Debris

A clean working space is important for both safety and efficiency. Debris in the working space can increase the chances of trips and falls, one of the leading causes of workplace injuries.

So it's important to maintain a clean and organized working space by removing anything that is not where it should be. You must be careful when removing debris because the process can cause an accident.

3. Wear Appropriate Gear

Different work environments present different hazards, and the type of hazards dictate the proper gear for the work environment.

For example, if you run a building and construction business, you must ensure that your employees have the right gear, such as brightly colored vests, protective boots, construction-grade helmets, and gloves.

If you are in the hotel industry, you may want to ensure that your employees wear non-slip shoes to minimize the chances of slips and falls while serving your customers.

4. Conduct Safety Inspections

Conducting safety inspections is an integral part of keeping your workplace safe. Safety inspections may include looking out for hazards, inspecting and repairing faulty machines, and checking your employee's adherence to safety guidelines.

Besides inspecting, ensure that you encourage employees to report any situations they believe could be hazardous without the fear of being victimized. By reporting dangerous situations like malfunctioning machinery, near misses, non-ergonomic tools, and irresponsible behavior from other workers, your employees will make it easy for you to prevent workplace accidents.