3 SEO Strategies You Can Implement Yourself, and 3 You Should Hire an Expert To Do For You
Rob Turner

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) approach or strategy is the process through which webmasters plan and implement different steps with the aim of improving the organic search rankings of their websites.

SEO is a very important tool when it comes to driving traffic or rather potential clients to your website. If you are a small business owner particularly running an eCommerce business, then you should know that you cannot ignore SEO.

There are different strategies you can use when implementing SEO. Small to medium-sized businesses struggle with limited resources to the point where they cannot hire SEO experts. That does not mean that they should give up because other strategies do not necessarily need an SEO expert.

Even though these strategies will contribute a lot to improving the ranking of your website, you might also consider hiring an SEO expert for help in implementing some of these strategies.

So, which SEO strategies can you implement on your own without the help of an expert?

1. Creating Quality Content To Attract Links And Social Shares

The highest portion of your marketing strategy revolves around the content you create. You do not need to hire an SEO expert to create content for you. You can write about what you like, making it interesting for anyone to read and making sure that you follow basic SEO principles.

In addition, you need to make sure that you have included all your keywords naturally in your content while at the same time ensuring that they are not overused. You also need to complement your primary keyword using secondary keywords.

For instance, if you are writing about paystub makers, you can use pay stub maker as the primary keyword and payroll checks as the logical secondary keyword. This ensures that you have created quality content that can attract links and social shares.

2. Pay Attention To User Needs & Provide Relevant Content For Them

The relevance of your content to what you offer is very important when creating content that sells. For example, if you run a hospitality company, then you need to make sure that your content is about hospitality and things that revolve around it.

This is because most people visiting your website are doing so due to the services that you offer.Additionally, you need to provide ways through which your web visitors can leave feedback and let you know what they need.

Making sure that the users have access to the right content or to what they need is important in reducing bounce rates. This ensures that you retain your customers while at the same time getting new ones.

3. Find Keywords on Social Media Sites

A good SEO strategy revolves around the keywords used. Keywords can be defined as phrases or words that people use when looking for something on search engines such as Google.

Implementing a good SEO strategy requires one to get the target keywords that match the content of their website as well as the search criteria of their target audience. This ensures that potential clients are driven to your website.

There are different ways of getting the target keywords to use with your SEO strategy. One of the most common methods is using social media for keyword research. Reddit is a common site used for getting keywords.

It allows you to see the most searched keywords as well as the ones that drive traffic to websites similar to yours.

Some SEO strategies are quite complicated and might require you to hire an SEO expert. These strategies include;

1. Link Building With The Right Partners And Distributing Quality Content

Search engines such as Google give priority to content that end-users find valuable. For instance, Google uses the EAT principle to check the value of the content in a website.

EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Link building with the right partners plays a very important role in establishing the EAT of a website.

Hiring the right SEO experts to develop a link-building strategy ensures that your website gets a decent ranking in search engines. There are different tools that experts use to get details concerning all referring domains. The SEO experts should also be able to identify the right domain names that match the services you are offering.

2. Content Syndication for Tier 2 Links

Content syndication can be defined as a form of syndication where an SEO expert makes the content of your website available to other websites. Sometimes, you might have your website content used in other websites to provide summaries or renditions of newly created content.

Content syndication does not make any changes or edits to the content of your website but backlinks to you and praises your content. This plays an important role in increasing traffic to your website and is a vital SEO strategy for any website owner.

3. Update Outbound Links on Older Content to Point to Fresher Content

Finally, you can keep creating new content now and then while working on your SEO strategy. Even though this is good, you can increase your rankings on search engines by hiring an expert to update outbound links on your older content to point to newer content.

Search engines such as Google determine the quality of your website by evaluating how fresh your content is. If your outbound links point to older content, you might be affecting the rankings of your website negatively.

A good ranking on search engines is very important for the success of any business. To get started, you can implement the first three SEO strategies discussed here and hire an expert to implement the other three for you.