11 Power Dialing Tips to Implement Now
Julian Canlas

It’s no secret that having a power dialer like Myphoner in your CRM and sales system puts you in a better position to turn prospects into loyal, paying customers. But before you can reach that desirable position, you must first master power dialing.

This article offers 11 power dialing tips that your sales team or agency can implement right now to increase productivity and improve sales efficiency.

What is a Power Dialer?

In its simplest form, a power dialer is a tool that can call thousands of numbers in a matter of minutes. It eliminates manual input because the system already puts numbers on a call queue and automatically calls when the current call is completed.

A power dialer is a handy tool for sales and marketing teams that need to engage in cold-calling campaigns and contact high volumes of leads at a time. It’s not hard to see why it’s a valuable tool for companies that need to generate leads on a daily basis.

How Can a Power Dialer Help Achieve Sales Efficiency?

Sales efficiency is a metric that shows the direct revenue impact of each dollar spent on sales and marketing efforts. It provides insight into the performance of your sales team based on actual revenue generated vis-à-vis expenses.

To calculate sales efficiency, get the total sales and marketing costs and then divide them by the revenue generated in the same period. Anything above 1 means your team is efficient because it’s generating more revenue with every dollar spent.

With a power dialer, you’ll be using fewer resources to do more work. Specifically, more calls with fewer agents. There’s a higher chance of lead conversion when each member of your sales team is able to complete high-quality calls. Making greater gains with fewer resources increases sales efficiency and overall productivity.

11 Power dialing tips

The goal of a power dialer is to make more calls with less resources and with a minimum amount of human effort. Follow these battle-tested power dialing tips to streamline workflow, increase productivity, and improve sales efficiency.
  1. Use the Pomodoro technique to keep sales representatives focused.
  2. Pomodoro is a time management technique that allows sales reps to focus for 25 minutes at a time. This is particularly effective when used by sales agents in call centers. They are able to work more productively in shorter intervals, which means less wasted time throughout the day.

  3. Mind your phone manners.
  4. Not every call made through the power dialer will result in successful connection. A huge chunk of outbound calls will end up in voicemail inbox or missed calls pile.

    Make sure that your sales agents practice proper phone etiquette because it not only shows professionalism but also builds a strong connection with your prospects. It helps keep them engaged and more receptive to your call.

  5. Refine and segment your contact list.
  6. If you have a list of qualified leads, it’s better to segment it according to the type of business, geographic location, or role in the company. This way, you don’t have to context-switch every time you make a call. You can create a segmented script, so you’ll be in the same mindset on every call. It makes for a more organized and efficient call because you’re not making up information as you go.

  7. Take note of interest indicators.
  8. Not all calls will be successful. But during the course of your interactions with a multitude of people, there will be some of them who will show interest in what you’re offering. Create interest indicators, such as interested, not interested, and undecided. You can integrate this into your power dialer and CRM system. This will improve your future interactions with your prospects.

  9. Target the decision-maker.
  10. Make sure you are talking with someone who can actually make decisions. Oftentimes, when people approach organizations for business, they end up speaking with people that are not authorized to make decisions on behalf of the company. The same applies to households. You need to speak directly with the decision-maker in order to close the deal without having to go back and forth between people who can't actually buy.

  11. Apply the Pareto 80/20 principle to find quality leads.
  12. Sales prospecting is about finding prospects that are likely to become customers. To find this gold mine, you must be aware of the Pareto Principle. The rule says that a company generates 80% of its sales revenues from 20% of its customers. This means that in order to have success in sales, it’s important to focus on the best opportunities—those with high potential for conversion rates.

  13. Create multiple buyer personas.
  14. Buyer personas are personal profiles of your ideal customer. They represent the typical user of your product or service. The goal is to help establish empathy between you and the person you're marketing to. This empathy will help you understand their needs better and tailor your message to their specific interests. You should create several personas to represent different segments of your market.

  15. Identify customer pain points.
  16. Customers are always looking for products or services that will solve their problems. These are pain points that you should be able to identify so that you can position your product as the best solution. Their purchase journey ends when they find the solution to their problems. If you know what your prospect is struggling with, you can find ways to solve it.

  17. Follow-up with an email.
  18. A phone dialer is just the first point of contact, so you can follow up through email or another call. Use it as an opportunity to show that you understand the customer. You could also offer additional information or resources for them if they were not fully satisfied with their needs being met during the call. The email should be well-crafted and informative but remain concise, so avoid filling your message with too much superfluous information.

  19. Use a full-featured phone dialer.
  20. Not all phone dialers are created equal. Some have more features than others. The Myphoner Power Dialer software is more than just an auto-dialer. It’s also a lightweight CRM with a streamlined workflow, loaded with features designed specifically for telesales. It makes for an efficient, trackable process with data integration and follow-up email capabilities.

  21. Get quality leads from well-optimized marketing content campaign.
  22. One of the ways to get quality leads is through inbound content marketing done by experts. When combined with SEO techniques, companies can generate high-quality leads in the form of website visitors and email subscribers. It's an effective way for businesses to reach their target audience without paying for media exposure or advertising.