11 Places to Learn Code for Free in NYC and Online
Fullstack Academy

How will you take your career to the next level? Learning professional web development skills presents the most rewarding and immediate career opportunities, but even learning the basics can help with productivity and automation, as well as soft skills like attention to detail and logical reasoning.

For those in NYC, Fullstack Academy has partnered with NYC’s Technical Talent Pipeline initiative to deliver “quality jobs for New Yorkers and quality talent for New York's businesses.” Through the NYC Web Development Fellowship program, Fullstack will be awarding tuition-free access to the career defining Software Engineering Immersive program to qualifying applicants.

But if you aren’t quite ready to make the leap into a career as a developer, these resources will help you advance your coding knowledge. (Resources are listed by degree of difficulty)

Codecademy’s JavaScript Track
Codecademy’s step-by-step tutorial system is an excellent intro to programming in JavaScript and other popular languages (they also have tracks for CSS and HTML). The modules only progress to an advanced-beginner level, so you won’t be getting your first programming job after completing finishing the courses, but as a first exposure to coding syntax, Codecademy is a perennial favorite.

Udacity’s JavaScript Basics
Udacity uses videos and tutorials like Codecademy but has the advantage of a relevant final project. Udacity users will create an interactive resume using the skills they’ve learned, which not only teaches you how to code, but could help you land your next job in the process.

JavaScript Jumpstart Online
This course is usually $49, but free for the techday community with the code: techdayfs. The tutorial system is similar to Codecademy, but offers users a more realistic development environment and more practical coding problems.

NYC Codecademy Meetup
Operated in conjunction with Codecademy.com this group gives codecademy users the opportunity to meet in person to discuss their progress, address questions, and work on supplementary projects in groups. Check the Meetup page for upcoming dates!

New York Public Library: Project
Under the umbrella of the New York Public Library’s Tech Connect program and partnered with Codecademy.com, this 10-week program is free and teaches basic front-end web design. The core of the curriculum focuses on HTML and CSS, but students will also learn about design best-practices and layout principles. The course culminates with the creation of a website as part of a group project.

Women Who Code
From the Women Who Code NYC Meetup page: “Women who code is a professional community for women in tech. We provide an avenue for women to pursue a career in technology, help them gain new skills and hone existing skills for professional advancement, and foster environments where networking and mentorship are valued.” This organization is an excellent resource for women looking to hone their programming skills.

Code School’s Free JavaScript Resources
The “Road Trip Pt. 1” tutorials are similar to other online resources, but Code School also offers lessons in other JavaScript technologies such as jQuery and Angular.js.

Fullstack Prep Coding Challenges
Designed to help potential Fullstack Academy students pass an intermediate level admissions process, these coding challenges are arranged from easy to difficult and contain helpful guidance and tips. This is a great learning tool for those with a “hands on” learning mentality.

Codewars Problems
Codewars challenges are an excellent resource, especially if you’re preparing for technical interviews or bootcamp admissions. Warning: the beginner challenges are still pretty hard. If you find these too difficult, you review the earlier resources listed above.

Eloquent JavaScript: Introduction - Chapter
Marijn Haverbeke’s book starts at an advanced-beginner level but quickly dives into the deep end. Intermediate level programmers will benefit from the first four chapters’ overview of JavaScript syntax, functionality, loops, and arrays.