100 Reasons to Attend TechDay London
Jasmine Hoffman, Event Director of TechDay London

So, you’re considering coming to TechDay. That’s great! You’ve clearly got a good head on your shoulders and incredible foresight into how to grow and scale your business.

As a member of the tech community, you're likely already familiar with the main reasons to attend the UK's largest startup event. However, because we know entrepreneurs love doing their due diligence we came up with 1,000 more.

But since time is money, here are the top 100.

1.Meet over 200 cutting edge founders from around the globe
2.Form relationships with people who can help make your ideas become reality
3.Strengthen your stake in the tech community
4. Learn about some of the city’s best programmes and entrepreneurial initiatives
5. Witness the passion of 50 founders presenting their life’s work
6. Rub elbows with the biggest global tech firms in the world
7. Make connections with over 200 startups and scaleups all in a single day
8. Find yourself chatting with the most notable VCs
9. Brush elbows with some of the most esteemed unicorns and future unicorns
10. Make meaningful relationships
11. Meet your next mentor
12. Meet your new co-founder
13. Trade coding tips with General Assembly
14. Meet the team behind your favorite app
15. Form unexpected partnerships that can propel your business to new heights
16. Ask experienced founders burning questions about scaling and raising
17. Get in your 10,000 steps for the day #fitbit
18. Master the perfect handshake
19. Boost your social media presence
20. Pitch to anyone and everyone
21. Fill next week’s calendar with coffees, lunches, and happy hours
22. Fill next month’s calendar with sit-downs, briefings, demos, and interviews
23. Make hundreds of first impressions
24. Fill your pipeline
25. Find new solutions for your problems
26. Put your finger on the pulse of post-Brexit London and what it means for the startup community
27. Bump into that guy from a meetup three years ago you haven’t seen since
28. Bump into that gal from a meetup three years ago you haven’t seen since
29. Take a day out of the office and into the chaos of a 10,000 delegate expo
30. Sign up to be a beta tester of some of the most innovative technologies
31. Get a back-end demo right from the CTO
32. Meet London’s top accelerators in Accelerator Alley
33. Learn about Techstars’ next round of programme applications
34. Meet Asif and consider membership to Level39 - the view is worth it
35. Meet the fresh alumni of Startupbootcamp, and their brilliant programme leaders
36. Get into #madtech and meet the Collider team
37. Heard of Jaguar? Meet the InMotion accelerator team backed by the innovative car brand
38. Get a report on the state of tech in the nation at Tech City UK’s stand
39. Support your startup with the full suite of Microsoft BizSpark resources
40. Get a lesson on top financing trends from PitchBook
41. Walk through the Silicon Rhino Alley to network with six companies with brand new MVPs
42. Meet members of the “London Startups” Facebook group in person
43. Shake hands with the TechDay team - we love meeting new people!
44. Collect innumerable pamphlets, stickers, and startup swag
45. List your startup on Tech.London - and ask Kylene and her team how you can optimize it
46. Play with the newest tech toys in the Hardware and IoT section
47. Accumulate more business cards than you can store in your back pocket
48. Enjoy the beauty of Old Billingsgate and its view on the River Thames
49. Snap a new professional headshot #LinkedIn
50. Join fellow exhibitors for a drink at the Shard
51. Grab a Vorboss fox, and be sure to post a pic to your social media channels
52. Cement your status as an entrepreneur at the F6S stand with the alpha card
53. Start your health kick with TruBe
54. Make new contacts with international reporters and journalists
55. Widen your worldview and meet our Dutch startups travelling from the Netherlands
56. Say hi to Russ Shaw and the Tech London Advocates team
57. Amp up your social media presence and make your own gif with the Bosco
58. Meet Upscale alumni, Cronofy, and why they’re revolutionizing your diary
59. Validate your ideas with seasoned members of the community
60. Relax with Urban Massage
61. Get your company featured in the hottest tech blogs
62. Recruit top talent to your growing startup
63. Apply for exciting new career opportunities within the world of tech
64. Join communities like the IoD99 to help foster strong, long-term partnerships
65. Listen and learn from industry experts during exhibitor demos
66. Perfect your elevator pitch
67. Step up your personal finance game by checking out the event’s Fintech section
68. Make business processes easier with the innovative solutions in the Enterprise section
69. Discover the next “must have” product
70. Listen to a founder’s story and learn from their experiences
71. Connect with people in a different industry from you
72. Send / receive countless LinkedIn invites
73. Expand your business acumen with Warwick Business School
74. Meet the Vested team and start making equity accessible
75. Learn about SEIS
76. Get info on the Tech Nation Visa Scheme
77. Discover what it takes to join a startup team
78. Connect with industry leaders in person - shake hands and have real conversations
79. Get excited about the innovation being showcased
80. Collaborate with other members of the tech community
81. Hire employee #1
82. Work on your social media game with our Music and Media section
83. Find out what you could be getting now in our On Demand section
84. Facilitate connections between startups, scaleups, talent, and more
85. Make deals
86. Watch deals get made
87. Meet the DriveNow team - and understand why BMW is as obsessed as we are
88. Listen to new perspectives on the startup grind
89. Make partnerships with companies outside London - from Liverpool to Paris to Berlin
90. Work with corporate sponsors to foster innovation even in the largest brands
91. Meet the cofounder of Digital Ocean
92. Secure your data with InvizBox and OnDMARC
93. Boost your Profinda profile
94. See the future
95. Find out how to expand outside the country and overseas
96. Discover how to best work with US and European companies
97. Shake hands with TechDay alumni MobiDev - and get to work on your next project
98. Talk about why what you’re doing will change the world
99. Be a part of London’s largest startup event
100. Because how could you miss out?