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With lines often reaching over a mile long and tens of thousands of attendees annually - TechDay events are some of the largest and most powerful startup-focused events in the world.
TechDay’s exhibitors represent a range of companies from almost every industry and across a broad range of technologies. Exhibitors share a common bond: their dedication to developing the newest and most cutting edge technology on the planet. Collectively, TechDay exhibitors have raised billions of dollars in venture funding, at every imaginable stage. From some of the most successful companies in the world, to the newest companies operating in stealth mode, thousands choose TechDay as their preferred platform to gain exposure and enhance their growth.
TechDay attracts investors from all parts of the world in search of companies poised to revolutionize markets. We’ve hosted some of the largest venture firms in the world, as well as corporate venture funds, accelerators and hundreds of angel investors.
Together, TechDay’s investor community comprises a massive $34 Billion in capital under management ready to be deployed. Our events facilitate meetings with investors and our team diligently works year-round to forge new relationships that deliver more value to our startups every day.
Since 2012, our startups have repeatedly reported placement in their rounds from investors they’ve met at TechDay events - and our investors praise us for the massive increase in deal flow we’re able to provide.
TechDay hosts tons of press, from international publications to the newest niche blogs, all with the specific focus of identifying trends in new technology. Our exhibitors have been featured in hundreds of articles across outlets, generating significant visibility and heightened excitement for each of our subsequent events.
In 2015, we launched TechDay Thrive, our news site, dedicated to bringing our community updates with a focus on our startup community and the topics most relevant to their evolution.
When the doors open at TechDay, a wave of excitement is already in the air. To date, we’ve hosted over 70,000 attendees from 6 continents and growing.
The sheer volume of attendees at TechDay guarantees that each of our startups and partners have the opportunity to reach mass market faster than they’ve imagined.
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