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Workplace Flexibility Redefined

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Vickey Li
CEO & Co-Founder at OnePiece Work

Vickey Li is the CEO and co-founder at OnePiece Work, a global flexible workspace provider, and management company. OnePiece Work was built upon Vickey’s experience living and working abroad in major metropolitan cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. Her passion for community and extensive experience in commercial real estate led her to the vision of a cross-border co-working space that would promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and accelerate global expansion for startups. In just three years, OnePiece Work has expanded to 10 cities globally and is a community of over 300 companies worldwide.

Course Description:

Over the past decade, the rise of co-living and co-working has transformed our lives, both socially and economically. For individuals and organizations, priorities have shifted, favoring shared spaces.

The current workspace dynamic is showing an acceleration in flexibility for remote work. To promote and streamline remote work, companies will begin to increase employee access, ultimately blurring the boundary between when employees are and aren’t working.

In a similar vein, technology aimed at heightened productivity in workspaces, remote and otherwise, is expanding more rapidly than before. This technology will support businesses in their efforts to remain adaptable in the coming years.

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to:

  • Consider the current commercial real estate market.

  • Adapt to workspace changes.

  • Learn the advantages of flexible office spaces.