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The Role of Diversity and Inclusion in Investor Due Diligence and Stakeholder Capitalism

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Valerie Kennedy
Founder & CEO at Deicode 360

A mission-driven diversity strategist who served as New York City’s first diversity chief at the Economic Development Corporation and Senior Mayoral Advisor, Valerie Kennedy represents an innovative voice in the diversity and inclusion space. Her experience in the tech and corporate law spaces has informed her approach to diversity and workplace wellness at Deicode 360. In particular, she believes that diversity issues and the development of key performance indicators should be approached from the vantage point of the future and aligned Principles for Responsible Investment (RPI). An honors graduate of Brown University and the University of North Carolina School of Law, Valerie’s professional background includes roles on Capitol Hill, corporate government affairs, private law firm, and general counsel experience in the tech and higher education sectors.

Course Description:

The connection between the tech sector's diversity and inclusion gaps and our country's long-term global competitiveness is profound. This talk will examine the World Economic Forum's metrics on competitiveness and equity, and similar data points for industrialized countries like the U.S. Finally, the discussion will connect the dots between these trends and what it means in terms of the future competitiveness of our economy and the tech sector. Highlighting strategies for addressing these challenges will be addressed as the final talking points.

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to:

  • Explain why diversity and inclusion matter, not just as a human capital priority, but as a driver for economic performance and innovative capacity

  • Understand data points that connect the dots between diversity, performance, labor force readiness and public investments in equitable economic growth. e.g education and research

  • Better align diversity within your organization to bolster strategic priorities and foster a broader, more global lens