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Champion the Problem, Not the Solution

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Sean Petterson
Founder & CEO at StrongArm Technologies

Sean founded StrongArm Technologies in 2013 with a singular mission born from personal tragedy: Protect the world’s workforce - the essential Industrial Athletes™ building and maintaining our national critical infrastructure - from workplace injuries. What’s resulted is the world’s leading safety science company, producing data-driven wearable technology that’s earned Sean Forbes 30 Under 30 honors as well as a TIME Magazine Best Inventions Award.

Course Description:

StrongArm’s mission is to protect people, not to build hardware. It’s that ethos - falling in love with, and obsessing over, the problem, rather than the solution - that’s led to pioneering innovations in the world of wearable safety technology and the subsequent real-time, actionable data we collect and analyze to drive worker safety and enterprise value. With this mindset, our risk management platform stays nimble and adaptive, able to respond and evolve to meet the changing profile of industrial risk — whether that’s the advent of a global pandemic or some new, unforeseen challenge.

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to:

  • Consistently champion the end-user, not the product.

  • Adopt a business model to meet new and unforeseen challenges.

  • Build a brand that’s both mission-driven and authentic.