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Ask Me Anything About Fundraising

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Roger DaSilva
Founder at Realm Startup Advisory

Realm Startup Advisory is an outsourced strategic finance/CFO firm with a primary focus on under-represented Founders (female, minority, and LGBTQ). These are growing companies that need someone who has real-world business experience in Finance and Operations. Services include Pitch Deck, Financial Model, and Investor Meeting preparation.

Roger DaSilva has spent over 15 years scaling and growing businesses from early-stage startups to public Fortune 500 firms like Goldman Sachs. He also started his own financial services firm and grew it to over $10M. He has been called 'the voice of reason in the room', a 'Startup Sherpa', and the Chief Common Sense Officer.

Realm knows the pain points that companies face and can relate to them and explain complex financial concepts in a way that makes sense to founders.

Roger is a frequent contributor to CNBC (see recent appearance here), CNBC.com, and has been a featured speaker at events geared toward startups and small businesses.

Course Description:

Most startups have limited or no experience raising capital from angels or other professional investors. This session will go over the fundamentals of a capital raise, answering any of the questions ALL founders have but are afraid to ask! This includes if a startup is at the stage to even go for outside capital, bootstrapping, and potential sources of non-dilutive financing (Purchase Order/Inventory/Equipment financing, Factoring, etc). The process is vital, from having an up to date, clear, concise Pitch Deck, proper Investor Target List, and Financial Model. It is important to build a narrative around your company - the Why - and networking with potential investors even when we have to do everything virtually. You will come away with tips, strategies, and what not to do.

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to:

  • Create a complete, clear and concise Pitch Deck.

  • How to Start the fundraising process BEFORE you run out of money and when to start.

  • Make sure you have everything required to be ready for your close-up.