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The Future of Work: How AI Will Power Employee Success

5:50 am - 6:05 am

Katherine von Jan
Vice President, Strategic Innovation at Salesforce Ignite Incubator

Entrepreneur and intrepreneur, Katherine’s work spans two decades seeking and seizing bold opportunities for good. From “future of cities” to “future of work,” today KVJ and her team of future-hackers at Salesforce leverage design-thinking, science and technology to investigate and incubate new offerings that customers crave. KVJ is an avid speaker on culture, technology and innovation, and her views have been shared broadly including BBC, MSNBC, Wired Magazine, O Magazine, Huffington Post and more. In addition, she enjoys lecturing at universities including at Columbia University, Harvard and MIT Media Lab.

Course Description:

While every C-suite is grappling with their organization's digital transformation a new reality is emerging: digital transformation starts with people transformation. How might we design our organizations for the talent we need in the 21st century? Salesforce's VP of Strategic Innovation Katherine von Jan shares lessons learned creating more human-centric workplaces with AI for greater workplace equality, innovation and growth.

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to:

Future-proof your workplace with talent-centered design
Rapidly prototype the experiences people need to thrive
Create and wield data to make work work better