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The State of the Los Angeles Tech Scene and Where It’s Headed

Halsey Minor
CEO at Live Planet, Inc., operator of the VideoCoin Network

CNET founder, Halsey Minor is a technology visionary behind
some of the greatest successes in enterprise computing, which
have anticipated “what’s next” in enterprise architecture and
technology adoption. Minor’s extensive resume includes launching
a vast portfolio of companies worth over $185 billion in cumulative value, building a
Nasdaq 100 company from scratch, and pioneering countless disruptive technologies.
His achievements as founder, co-founder, or investor include CNET, Salesforce,
Uphold, Google Voice, OpenDNS, and Vignette (now a part of OpenText), VideoCoin
Network, and Live Planet.

Halsey founded and is CEO at Live Planet, a developer of infrastructural technologies to
enable next-generation video applications. At Live Planet, Halsey introduced the
VideoCoin Network, video infrastructure for the blockchain-enabled internet, delivering
decentralized video encoding, storage, and content distribution. His groundbreaking
work with VideoCoin Network has prompted features in Forbes, Inc., CoinTelegraph, and
CoinDesk to name a few.

Course Description:

The current state of uncertainty businesses and companies face in today’s climate can be overwhelming and bring along its own challenges to the founders of said startups and those who support them. Join Halsey Minor's Fireside Chat to assess where the Los Angeles Tech ecosystem stands currently and project possibilities the future may hold for this tight-knit community. If you are a part of the startup community looking for clarity and are curious about what’s to come, then this talk is for you!

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to:

  • Discover why Los Angeles is increasingly becoming a first-choice headquarters for startups.

  • Learn evolving challenges startups face today and what founders need to know to move past them.

  • Identify the biggest innovations coming out of LA, including blockchain and AI, and how they are redefining M&E operations in the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood.