Halsey minor headshot

Ask Me Anything About Enterprise Blockchain

12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Halsey Minor
CEO, Live Planet Inc., Operator at VideoCoin Network

CNET founder, Halsey Minor is a technology visionary behind some of the greatest successes in enterprise computing, which have anticipated “what’s next” in enterprise architecture and
technology adoption. Minor’s extensive resume includes launching a vast portfolio of companies worth over $185 billion in cumulative value, building a Nasdaq 100 company from scratch, and pioneering countless disruptive technologies. His achievements as founder, co-founder, or investor include CNET, Salesforce, Uphold, Google Voice, OpenDNS, and Vignette (now a part of OpenText), VideoCoin Network, and Live Planet. Halsey founded and is CEO at Live Planet, a developer of infrastructural technologies to enable next-generation video applications. At Live Planet, Halsey introduced the VideoCoin Network, video infrastructure for the blockchain-enabled internet, delivering decentralized video encoding, storage, and content distribution. His groundbreaking work with VideoCoin Network has prompted features in Forbes, Inc., CoinTelegraph, and CoinDesk to name a few.

Course Description:

New applications for blockchain technology are poised to entirely disrupt the media and entertainment industry and challenge the world’s biggest centralized cloud providers, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. No one knows this better than CNET founder and famed entrepreneur, Halsey Minor, who’s at the forefront of this innovation. As media companies are forced to depend on centralized cloud providers for video processing, they are unknowingly renting computers and storage from their competitors. But emerging Blockchain technology offers an entirely new, sustainable, and cost-effective way to decentralize computing resources and infrastructure, changing the way video content is created, processed, and distributed around the world while offering significant advantages to everyone from major Hollywood studios to amateur videographers. In this session, Minor will discuss the latest breakthroughs, challenges, and opportunities in emerging blockchain technology and provide invaluable insights into how this will affect content creators and video services around the world.

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to:

  • Overcome many of the greatest blockchain challenges and pain points.

  • Identify the single biggest barrier and “poison pill” to crypto adoption when selling to mainstream companies.

  • Implement invaluable insights for a plethora of stakeholders, including blockchain and crypto developers, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers and media companies worldwide.