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How Your Startup Can Win By Evolving Versus Disrupting

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Greg Spils
CEO at Ourglass

Ourglass’ CEO Greg is an accomplished tech leader focused on simple, practical uses of technology to improve people’s lives. As a parent in 2020, Greg has seen the burgeoning demand for mobile tutoring across all topics and services. And as the ex-drummer of The Hold Steady, Greg aspires to moonlight as a drum teacher via Ourglass for some extra fun and funds.

The majority of Greg’s experience has been at Amazon for 12+ years, starting in the late 90s in software development, and eventually traversing into the commercial side of Amazon as a Principal Product Manager. Since then Greg has managed Product and Marketing teams at several retail brands such as Napster and Rosetta Stone. Greg lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, with his beloved wife, two children, and a boat.

Course Description:

Technology has sped up the rate at which business models can evolve. Most founders don’t know how to leverage key insights from key players who have mastered customer acquisition. Additionally, most entrepreneurs over-emphasize the need to disrupt rather than the need to evolve to survive and thrive. In this talk, we'll discuss insights from companies such as Amazon, Rosetta Stone, and digital music services that will help your startup evolve - which is the far more reliable strategy - rather than disrupt.

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to:

  • Separate “evolve” and “disrupt” concepts in your day-to-day startup activities.

  • Use key insights from digital services to evolve more quickly.

  • Utilize metrics to inform your customer acquisition tactics and strategy.