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Preventing the Next Breach by Enabling Data Protection Controls to Finally Work

On Demand

Glen Day
CEO & Founder at NVISNx

Glen is the CEO & Founder of NVISNx, a Big Data & Cyber GRC company that enables its customers to Protect the Jewels and Purge the Junk. Previously he was a Partner at Ernst&Young LLP (EY) as the Americas Information Governance Leader and Cyber Security Leader. As Los Angeles County’s first Chief Privacy Officer, Glen led the development, implementation, and operations of both the HIPAA Privacy and Security Programs. He is also a retired US Navy Commander who specialized in Information Warfare.

Course Description:

Companies have struggled for years in improving their data protection capabilities by investing in newer technologies related to access, DLP, and insider threat controls that promise greater protections and risk reductions. However, until data is inventoried, analyzed, and classified, critical data will remain at risk and breaches will continue to happen to result in damaging the corporate brand.

This talk will provide a brief overview of how companies can quickly establish an enterprise view of their data and then use ML to classify each data asset to determine how it should be better protected.

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to:

  • Identify existing data protection controls (DLP/CASB, Need-to-Know Access, and Insider Threat) can better protect critical data with more reliable business rules.

  • Implement more reliable business rules require advanced analytics to identify critical data attributes, authorized users and acceptable data flows.

  • Discover advanced data protection controls effectiveness can be sustained using continuous monitoring of critical data, the controls, and user behaviors.