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Maintaining Company Culture in a Remote Working World

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Brett Putter
CEO at CultureGene

Brett is a leading expert on startup and high-growth company culture and has built and trained a team of similarly passionate experts. He is the founder and CEO of CultureGene a culture consultancy helping startup and high-growth develop strong, functional, high-performance cultures.

Prior to founding CultureGene Brett was the Managing Partner at a leading London based Executive Search firm where he successfully completed CxO, VP and Director level searches for hundreds of high-growth companies in the UK, US, and across EMEA.

Course Description:

Is your company running a world-class remote-working culture?

Leading remote companies like Gitlab, Buffer, Hotjar, Zapier, and Automattic all share best practices they've been doing for years to keep their teams happy, engaged, and productive whilst working from home.

Company Culture expert Brett Putter identified these practices by analyzing their remote work techniques, surveying over 165 venture-funded startups, and interviewing over 100 founders whilst writing his latest book, "Own Your Culture."

Watch Brett's session to learn these best practices and come away with actionable takeaways to improve your team's productivity.

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to:

  • Identify the difference between leading a hybrid or remote business.

  • Learn best practices on developing business processes, documentation, and adding the necessary daily/weekly structure to your business.

  • Discover ways to adapt communication, recruitment, onboarding, and social connection for a remote or hybrid work environment.