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How Innovative Tech Can Change NYC Real Estate

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Alexander Lotovsky & Olga Khaykina
Founders at Citiscape

Alexander Lotovsky, Brooklyn resident for 27 years, has been supported by the local community through his trials and tribulations and is now able to give back to the people he loves. As a young adult, he pursued a career in architecture, which led him to graduate from City College with honors in a double major, a bachelor's degree in science and architecture. During his studies at City College, he took advantage of a six-month study abroad program in Otranto, Italy. During his travels, Alexander established a new found love for Italian culture and art. Returning from Italy, more certain than ever, Alexander pursued his dream.

While working in architecture, in 2018 Olga Khaykina co-founded the Citiscape App, hoping to provide critical solutions to people at every level of this complicated but thriving business, transcend discussions about gender and improve the industry overall. Despite the challenges, or perhaps motivated by them, Olga has supervised hundreds of projects, from the beginning of their construction, up until the final certificate of occupancies, ensuring successful project completion. At the age of 25, Olga’s passion for excellence is driving the Citiscape App to a new height in the field, contributing to the evolution in real estate and construction development.

Course Description:

As industry professionals for over 12 years, we have been exposed to a number of gaps between the local municipality and the property owners, developers, and construction managers.

We intend to bridge that gap. Communicating with various NYC municipal departments can be a challenging and tiresome process, not to mention time-consuming. NYC's customer interface portal, also known as BIS (Building's information system) and DOB is complicated to navigate for anyone without specialized training or experience.

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to:

  • Stay informed about your property anywhere in the world.

  • Progress tracking helps to prevent complaints from escalation to violations and save industry professionals thousands of dollars.

  • Leverage a strong community helps to keep neighborhoods free of closed construction sites.