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International Hub Hosted by NUMA New York
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Japanese Startups and Investors Pitch Hosted by Jetro
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These organizations have sponsored startups from their universities, communities, and delegations to showcase their innovation at TechDay New York.
Columbia Business School
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JETRO - Japan External Trade Organization
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German American Chamber of Commerce
Open yokohama
City of Yokohama
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Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech
Lehman College, School of Continuing and Professional Studies
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McGill University
Parallel18 Accelerator
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Attendees current as of 07/04/2020

3D Technician

A Lead genius

BOCES Barry Tech IT intern

Consultant Entrepreneur

MS Education expert

New York Angels Investor

NYCDOE, Bayside H.S. Multiple Titles

Penza State University mechanical engineer, teacher at the university

_ Data Analyst

___ ___

- None - Solutions Specialist

-_islandbridge.ink Founder / Creative Director

--None-- Multiple Titles

--None--gnh green fund director

Business Development

“Read Aloud Stories with Mrs. R.” Decision Maker

[emerge] Content Strategist

[Undisclosed] Structural Engineer

000 999

1-800Accountant Multiple Titles

10 west capital Managing Partner

1000 Angels Founder

1010110100 LLC Multiple Titles

1010data Sr Director, Learning Programs

1010data SVP of CX

101LLC Managing Director

101tests Founder

1099Partners GM

10Pearls Influencer

1714 Crotona Park E, Apt 7F Bronx NY 10460 computer Teacher

1969OMG Decision Maker

1974 Member

1976 Vice President of Sales

1977 Decision Maker

1978 Multiple Titles

1979 Engineering manager

1981 DX

1982 none

1990 Multiple Titles

1991 Freelance Software Engineer

1992 Multiple Titles


1997 VP -Operations & Projects

1999 Software Engineer

1E Multiple Titles

1E Account Executive

1stdibs QA Engineer

2002 Student

2017 Managing Director

212 Creative Network Advisor

24 Proof Decision Maker

2512 Stundend=t

25th Century Multiple Titles

26FIVE Strategy director

26FIVE Global Lab Digital Lead

2nd Order Analytics Principal

2U, Inc UX designer

300Brains, Inc. Brain Master / CEO

30X LLC Partner

334 West Consulting Corp. Sales

360i Media Manager

3D Animation MRG

3D ROOMSPACE, INC Decision Maker

3DMFDESIGN Web Graphic Designer

3Dprintqueen 3D printing consultant

3Hi Founder

3M Influencer

3Orbi Multiple Titles

42 USA Midshipman

4325535239 Student Software Engineer

4sl NED Chairman

7 Cups Director of Community

722 Investments CFO

777 Partners Decision Maker

77media Junior Developer

7Park Data Director Strategic Partnerships

91301 President, Director of Experience

A Multiple Titles

A Better Mousetrap Founding Editor

A plus R Marketing Manager

A Private Estate Owner

A Private Estate Events Owner

A-List Staff Founder

a-little-wiser Decision Maker

A-Plus-Consulting LLC Owner

A-Tech Software Tech

A. N. OTHER Decision Maker

A* Digital LLC Technical Co-Founder

A&H Co. Business Development

AA Multiple Titles

AAHS Graphic Designer

AARP Foundation Multiple Titles

AAVL Founder

Ab inbev Product manager

Abakama Decision Maker

Abbott Capital Vice President

Abc Multiple Titles

ABINBEV Director of Technology

Above868 Project Manager

AC Lion People and Ops Manager

AC Lion Venture Partners Decision Maker

Acacia Communications Optical Engineer

Accathon Influencer

Accathon Capital Multiple Titles

Accathon Capital Inc. Managing Partner

Acceleprise Multiple Titles

Accelerate Innovation Consultant

Accelero Partner

Accelerx Principal

AccentC3 Decision Maker

Accenture Multiple Titles

Accenture Technology Consultant

Accenture Interactive - Digital Products Director, Product Strategy

Access Labs Software Engineer

AccessElite Decision Maker

Accor Decision Maker

AcctTwo Multiple Titles

Aciety CBDO

Acilinos Consulting LLC Founder & Managing Principal

AConverge Decision Maker

Acre Managing Director

Acreage Holdings Senior Business Systems Analyst

Acreage Holdings, Inc. Senior IT Project Manager

ACS Consultant

action wsi director

Active Services Business development

Actuate Software Engineer

Aculab Account Executive

adamdevelops Full Stack Developer

Adaptive Force Founder

ADC Not involved

Adele Consultancy Consultant

Adelphi Student

adelphi student

Adelphi International Multiple Titles

Adelphi University Multiple Titles

ADF Marketing 360 Consultant

AdGate Media Account

Adgetec Decision Maker

Adiquit Multiple Titles

AdMill VP of Operations

ADP Multiple Titles

Adtaxi Vice President

Adult Computer Literacy Coaching Multiple Titles

Adult Computer Literay Coaching Multiple Titles

Advaion Decision Maker

Advanced Science Research Center Associate Director


Advantis Global CEO

Advice Sisters Beauty Fashion and Lifestyle Publication Multiple Titles

Advinow Cc director

AECOM Project Information Specialist I

Aenvision Ceo

Aenvision Inc. CEO

Aerospace Technology Institute Evaluator/Recommender

Aersys, Inc Decision Maker


Aflac Ventures Evaluator/Recommender


Agile Brains Consulting Co-Founder

AgileConsent, LLC Influencer

Agnizar.com CEO

Agora.io Multiple Titles

Aguadoo Multiple Titles

AH Owner


AI Diagnostics CTO

AIF Investor

Aiko Mail Co-Founder

Air Tiger Express inc. business development

AirCFO Head of Tax

Airpals Founder and CEO

Airworking Founder

AJ consultants Vp merchandising

AJ Madison DoIT

AJBC5 Director

Akamai Channel Marketing Manager

akaWebWoman Multiple Titles

Akkadian Labs UX Designer

akre nyc principal broker

Alaya Evaluator/Recommender

AlayaCare Application Support

Alchemy Media Co-Founder, Chief Marketer

alcure.me Decision Maker

AlertMe Co-founder

Alex Roytenberg, CPA CPA / Founder

Alexander Isinhue LLC CEO

Aliage, LLC Strategic Catalyst

Alignstra Influencer

Alive inside Engagement Coordinator

All 3 One Multiple Titles

All In Capital CEO

All That Philly Jazz Director

All The Dots Connect Strategist

AllCure Founder

Allegory VP, Digital Media Director

Allergan Director of Strategy

Alliance Bernstein AV Technician

alliance media strategies Multiple Titles

Allianz Global Investors Investment Management

allied cmdr

Allio Labs Founder

Allstate Multiple Titles

Alo.ai CEO

alpha and Omega consulting Group consultant

Alpha Vert Multiple Titles

AlphaSights Recruiting Manager

AlphaSimplex Multiple Titles

Alphimtec Ltd Décideur

ALSTIN II GmbH Investment Director

ALTA Decision Maker

Alta Strategy Labs Multiple Titles

Alterant Consulting Multiple Titles

Alternative Capital COO

AltHug Dir. Alt Data

Altice USA Vice President

Altversity Multiple Titles

AM Ventures Ventures

AMA Global Technology Inc Multiple Titles

Amazon Multiple Titles

AMB Inc. Software Engineer/Sales Executive

AmB Solutions President

Ambata CEO

Ambulnz Multiple Titles

American Express Multiple Titles

American Express Multiple Titles

American Express Ventures Investor

AmesNet Not involved

Amex Sr. UX Designer

Amex Ventures Managing Director

Amiccio CEO

AMKIRI ltd. Multiple Titles

Amnet Media Coordinator

ampcontrol.io CEO

Ampersand Network Administrator

Amplify Social Media Founder

Amplius TV Founder

amseymour consulting risk director

AMST Group Product Manager

Amurru Studio Ltd CEO

AnalytiQ CTO

Anars.com Consultant

anbylanepet Fonder

Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP Multiple Titles

Anchor Group CEO

Andela Multiple Titles

Andikem Multiple Titles

Andina Ventures Decision Maker

Andreessen Horowitz Partner, Executive Talent

Andrew Lockley Decision Maker

angel investor forum board member

Angel Launch Investment Director

AngelsCube ceo

AngelShot Director

AngelStartups Limited Founder

Angelus Funding CEO

Angivest Ventures Multiple Titles

Anikin Consulting Owner

Ankura Multiple Titles

ANM Ratings Founder

Annett Enterprises LLC Decision Maker

Anpac Bio COO

AnswerMgmt Founder

Anthem Multiple Titles

Anthemis Managing Director

Anu Singh Analytics Director

Any Companies Data Science Engineer

Anyvision Commercial Manager

Aon Insurance account executive

Aosa Ventures consultant

Apache Capital Management PM

Apeiron Marketing Manager

Apex Software engineer

Apex systems llc Computer software engineer

APEXHUNTRS Multiple Titles

Aphid Multiple Titles

Apiari Multiple Titles

Apollo Ventures, Inc Executive Manager

App Academy Program Manager

App Developer App Developer

Apparely Corp CEO

Appkazoo CTO

Apple Multiple Titles

Apple Vacations Multiple Titles

Apple, Inc. Sr. AppleCare Advisor

Applied Science Partners Founder and CIO

Apploi UX Designer

Apply Digital pm

Apprenti Not involved

APPrise mobile Product Manager

APPrise Mobile Dev Ops Engineer

Appy Sloth Founder

Appy Sloth Inc Founder

Aptiviti Intern

Arabella Advisors Client Technology Manager

Araby Patch Marketing

Aracare Inc New business development

Arastu Systems Multiple Titles

Arastus Systems Head of Engineering

ARBONNE International Consultant

ARC Disaster Program Manager

Archetime project Curator

Architectronics Multiple Titles

Arcus Sr. Director, Partnerships and Strategy

Ardius Decision Maker

Areto Evaluator/Recommender

Ariadne Twelve Tangents Decision Maker

Arizent VP Corp Infra

Arkeyo CEO

Arkus Evaluador/asesor

Armour CEO

ARMS data guru

Arquitectura y Concreto Persona que toma las decisiones

Arrow Customer Support Analyst

Arrow Electronics Account Development Representative

Arrow Electronics Inc Account Development Rep

Arrowroot Advisors Multiple Titles

Arscientia MP

Art Direction & Design Creative Consultant

Art Official Concepts LLC Telecommunication Technical Associate

Art+Logic Business Development Manager

ARTA Shipping, Inc. Head of Marketing

Artha AB CEO

ArtherapyHQ Founder

ArtificialChat Inc. Multiple Titles

Artilidi group Creative Director

Artisan Talent CEO

Ascensia Technical Support Specialist

Ascensia Technical Support Specialist

Ascento Capital Multiple Titles

Asekoff Consulting Identity & Access Manager

ASG Analyst

Asharp Principal


Asimco Managing director

Ask Applications Software Engineer

Aspen Technology Inc Software Quality Engineer

Aspira Business Brokers Business Intermediary

Aspire360 CEO

Assembled Brands CFO

Associated Press Director of Corporate Strategy and Development

Asst. Prof Associate Profressor

Astra Professionals President

AT&T Multiple Titles

Athena Media Services Chair of the Advisory Board

ATI Pres.

Atlantic Systems Multiple Titles

Atlas Print Solutions Branding Director

Atlassian Enterprise Development Manager

Atolla Tech CEO

Atom Software Engineer

Atom CTO Not involved

AtomCto Evaluator/Recommender

Atos Multiple Titles

Atos IT Solutions and Services Director, Digital Transformation

ats team lead

AudioCardio Decision Maker

Audioeye Sales Associate

AudioEye Sales Associate

August Venture Talent Managing Partner

AUKERA Ventures LLC Founder

AUKERA Ventures LLC & New City (legal entity not yet formed) Founder

AUM Partners LLC Multiple Titles

Aural Stories Chief Mastermind

Aurora Investment Group, LLC CEO

Australian Trade and Investment Commission Marketing Director

AutomationSquared CEO

automotiveMastermind Manager, Marketing Development

AutoSmart Owner

Avant Gardner Logistic Coordinator

AvantStay Director of Real Estate

Avast Project manager - Sales Ops

Avatar Entertainment Corp Multiple Titles

Avenue Capital Group PM

Averon CTO

Aveya Creative Décideur

Avison Young Not involved

Aviva - UK Influencer

Avolve Group LLC Co Founder

Awisco chairman

AWS startups

Axa Venture Partners Multiple Titles

Aycron CEO

B/HI Evaluator/Recommender

B2R Technologies Advisor

Babson College Multiple Titles

Back & Front CEO

Back & Front Smart Systems CEO

Back to Business Psychologist/postpartum consultant

Bader Decision Maker

Baiae Co Founder

Bailey& Bailey capital group Ceo

Bain & Company Multiple Titles

Bain&Co Consultant

Baker Decision Maker

Bakken Dreams Decision Maker

Bakkt Director

Balex Technologies President

Balex Technologies, LLC Multiple Titles

Bambucluster LLC Influencer

Bandsintown APM

Bank of America Multiple Titles

Bankers Capital International Managing Director

Bankers' Bank SVP

Barbara Rand President

Barcademy CEO

Barclays Multiple Titles

Barclays Multiple Titles

Bard College Multiple Titles

Barnard College Design Center Coordinator

Barry tech Multiple Titles

Barry Tech IT Intern

Barry Tech Boces Student

Baruch Multiple Titles

Baruch College Multiple Titles

Base Camp Funds Research Analyst and Creative Director

Base64.ai Founder

BASF Digital Innovation

Bass, Berry & Sims PLC Multiple Titles

BASU.COM Decision Maker

Batterypop CEO

Bauen Founder

Bauen Motors Multiple Titles

Bayangels Not involved

Bayer Multiple Titles

BBDO Multiple Titles

BBL Founder & CEO

Bbob Media Director

BC Content Manager

BC Management Owner

BCAP Multiple Titles

BCAPP Consultant

BCG Digital Ventures Lead Engineer / Venture CTO

BCPartners Decision Maker

BDS Creative Ltd Decision Maker

Be Great Today Innovation Inclusion Strategist

Be Kind to the Planet Owner/Creative Director

Beach bus Assistant

BeautiMaps Technologies LLC. Founder & CEO

Beccas Home President

Bed Bath & Beyond Data Engineer/Data OPs Lead/Data Product Owner

Bega inc Truck Driver


Belenkov Children Foundation Inc president

Belleza India Community Manager y Definicion de Estrategia

Bellux Founder/CEO

Bellwether Capital Management LP President & CEO

Benemobile Multiple Titles

Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc Product Manager

Bennie Multiple Titles

Bennu LLC VP Finance

BennyTheWriter.com Multiple Titles

Berkshire Hathaway Strategic Partnerhips

Besen & Assiciates Managing Director

best buy Multiple Titles

Best Western Manager

BestCashCow.com CEO

Beta Developer

Betts Recruiting Multiple Titles

Bev Corwin, Consultant Consultant

Beyond Main Multiple Titles

BGI Consulting Group Principal

bgmetrix CEO

BHI Multiple Titles

BHI Tech (Poalim US) AVP, Business Development

BHI USA Underwriting

Bidna & Keys Decision Maker

Big apple academy Student

Big Apple Buddy Multiple Titles

Big Click Syndicate LLC CEO

big idea ventures Multiple Titles

Big Red Ventures Fund Manager

big4 Influencer

bigbangfactory Decision Maker

BigCityInteractive BigCityInteractive


Bikal Evaluator/Recommender

BINA Director of Development

Binc Recruiting Manager

Bind Product Manager

BioCentury Corporate Sales

Biodiversity Allies ED

Bioenergy Director

Bioglow Director

Biotrinsic Co-Founder

BiOxy Projects CEO

Birmett Enterprises Self employed

Bit canny technologiew CEO

BitGo Evaluator/Recommender

Bits In Glass Sales Engineer

BizBash Media, Inc. VP

Bizzgloss Co-founder


BKD Accounting

BKD LLP Multiple Titles

BKLYN Software, Inc. Decision Maker

Black Sea Capital Multiple Titles

Black Squirrels Intelligence MD

Blackbird Labs CEO

Blackboard Insurance Cloud Data Architect

BlackRock Analyst

BlackRock Associate

Blackstone Multiple Titles

Blackstone Business Analyst

Blackstone Group IT Professional

BlackTruss, Inc. Founder

Blackwell Hollinger & Co LLC Managing Director

Blackwell Hollinger & Company LLC Multiple Titles

BlakFx SVP, Product Management

Blambstudio Dev

Blank Space Studios Multiple Titles

Bleepus CoFounder

Blink Health Data Analytics

Blinte Decision Maker

blkdove inc Multiple Titles

Block One Marketing

Blockchain growth

BLOCKCHAIN WERKSTATT Chief Innovation Officer

Blood & Treasure LLC Managing Partner

Bloxiom Founder

Blue Angel Partners Founder

Blue Butterfly Decision Maker

Blue Circle Marketing Marketing Director

Blue Fever HR & People Ops Manager

Blue Heart Hero Co-Founder

Blue Iceberg Partner

Blue Lake Accelerator Partner

Blue Media Project Founder and Digital director

Blue Planet Solutions Inc. CEO

Blue Planet Solutions Inc. CEO

Blue Sky Multiple Titles

Blue Studios Instructor

Bluemont Partners Principal

BlueOptima Multiple Titles

Bluepoint Communications Principal

Bluepointlondon Evaluator/Recommender

Blues Wireless COO

Bluprint Partners Ops Consultant

BluSky Influencer

bluum.life CEO

BMCC Multiple Titles


BMO Capital Markets Multiple Titles

BMS Director

BNP Paribas Project Manager

BNT Advisor

BNY Mellon Multiple Titles

BNY Mellon Design Strategist

Bnym Developer


BOA Business Analyst

BOARD OF ED Multiple Titles

Board Options Consultant

Bocces It student

Boces Information tech

BOCES Multiple Titles

Boces Barry Multiple Titles

Boces Barry Tach Student

Boces Barry Tech Multiple Titles

BOCES Joseph M. Barry Tech Multiple Titles

Bold New York Real Estate Broker

Bon Harvest CEO

Booking Holdings Business Development Manager

Boone Marketing LLC President

Boost.ai Chief Revenue Officer

Boro Capital Multiple Titles

Boston Consulting Group Strategy Consultant

Bottom Line Concepts Chief Operating Officer

Boundless Innovations Founder

Boundless Markets Managing Director

Bowie State University Student

BoxC Multiple Titles

Boxed Wholesale Business Development Manager

BPASP Multiple Titles

BPOCenters.com CFO

BPR Advisory Practice Leader

BR Sons DevOps Manager

Braavo Not involved

Braid Communications Co-Founder

Brainlikes GM

Brains First Productions Decision Maker

brand capital investor

Brand Capital International Multiple Titles

Brand Equity Partners Managing Partner

Brand EXP Art Director

Brand Lucence Strategic Marketing Consultant

Brand New Matter Entrepreneur in Residence

Branded Cities Content Producer

Brandeis University Student

Brandifference CEO

Branding Roadie Consultant

BrandProject Partner

Brandstyle Communications Multiple Titles

brandYOU! Multiple Titles

Branison Group President

Brasil Venture Debt Tomador de Decisões

Breaking it Down to Build Ourselves Up ! CEO

Brenda Palmer Consulting Founder/Owner

Breva Founder

BRHD Ltd Decision Maker

Brian Lamb Instructor

Bridgewater State University Professor

Bridgit.io CEO

Briggs & Riley Multiple Titles

BrightFront Group Not involved

Brilliant Forces Multiple Titles

Brinza Associate


Briteway Security Systems Multiple Titles


Broadridge VP

Broadway history Owner

Broadway History owner

Brooklinen Multiple Titles

Brooklyn college Multiple Titles

Brooklyn Innovative Lab Co-Founder

Brooklyn Public Library Multiple Titles

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. Community Ambassador

Broookwood Capital Founder

Brotman-Winter-Fried President

Bruce Feingold Studios Owner

Brunico Communications Executive Director, CIX

BSG Multiple Titles

BT Director

BTI Multiple Titles

bton Founder

BTT Solutions Principal

Buckaroo Productions VP Marketing

Buckman Group Manager Chemical Technologies

Budget Bunnies Inc. Founder

Build Develop Scale President

Build the Block Consulting CEO

Buildly Software Engineer

Bullhorn.fm Founder

Buonasera Technology Solutions CEO

Buquebus Regional Head of Marketing

Burke & Co CIO

Burlington Sales person

Burns Group Multiple Titles

Burns International Inc. President

Business Consultants Director

Business Creativity Decision Maker


Business France Multiple Titles

Business Solution Partners CEO

Business Support Marketing Manager

Butler Global Partners Decision Maker

Button Senior Recruiter

BuyerSight CEO/Co-Founder

Buzzacott LLP Not involved

BuzzBoard Founder-CEO

BVX fin anly

BYLC Ventures Decision Maker

Byte Academy Multiple Titles

C coordinator

C company Principal

C. A. Roze Consulting LLC Multiple Titles

C.A.P. foundation Founder

C.Bugbee Photography Photographer

c9 Co-Founder

CAC America Business Development

CAC America Corp Sales

CAC America Corporation Multiple Titles

Cadre Multiple Titles

Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft Associate

Caeruleus Group, LLC Founder

CAIM, LLC Managing Director

Calabash Labs Multiple Titles

Calabash Labs, LLC Chief Technology Officer

Calgary Enterprises Director

Calhoun Bhella Partner

Calibr, a division of scripps research Influencer

California Continuing Education, Inc. Research

CallCast.co Multiple Titles

Callifi Sales Manager

Callplan.io Decision Maker

Callzy CEO

Caltalis Director of Operations

CalTekNet ict

Cambria Hotel Times Square Multiple Titles

Cambridge Assessment English Multiple Titles

Candid Color Systems Executive Assistant

Candqwerty IT consultant

Candystore nyc Researcher

Canmore CEO

CANOA Architect

Cantwell Productions Influencer

Canvas Worldwide SVP TEchnology

CANY Technical Services LLC Multiple Titles

Capalino Multiple Titles

Capalino + Company advisor

Capalino+Company Principal

Cape Ann Tech CEO

CapFinite CEO

Capgemini Multiple Titles

Capicua Student

Capital Cities/ABC Multiple Titles

Capital Group Vice President

Capital One Multiple Titles

CapitalOne Digital product manager

Captivate SVP Sales

Caracol Multiple Titles

CarahSoft Digital Media Coordinator

CardsCashRewards.com Founder/CEO

Career Management Center at Columbia Business School Director, Communications and Operations

CareerKeeper Founder

Caregiver Smart Solutions Multiple Titles

caregiver Smart Solutions, Inc. Multiple Titles

Caremmunity Founder

Caren By Design CEO

Caring Community Multiple Titles

Carpe Data VP Marketing

Carve Partner Engagement

Casabona Ventures LLC Decision Maker

Casebook PBC Tech Director

CASHOFF Director

Casper Director of eCommerce

Cassous group CEO

Cast and Crew Payroll Clerk

Castilian Decision Maker

Castle Consulting Inc. Evaluator/Recommender


Cater2me wed developer

Catskil lVista President

Catskil Vista President

Cause Effective Senior Affiliate Consultant

Cause Effective Affiliate Consultant

CBA Emoire Sales Engineer

CBA EMPIRE Multiple Titles

CBRE Product Manager

CBS Multiple Titles

CBS interactive Marketing intern

CBS MBA Student

CC Director

CCE Influencer

CCNY Multiple Titles

CCNY ACM Club President

CCP Decision Maker

Ccsnet Md

CCVB Ltd Evaluator/Recommender

CD Inc Managing Partner

Cedar Point Software LLC Owner

CEG Presents VP Operations and Booking

CEI America UX Consultant

ceic manager

cela Managing Partner

Celitech Inc. CEO

Centene analytics

Center Conacts Data Developer

Center for Responsive Schools Salesforce Developer/Software Engineer

Centric Software Product Manager

Centrica Investment Manager

CentSai Multiple Titles

Century Homes Realty Group Data engineer

CenturyLInk Sales Manager

CEO ai Ceo

CertiK Multiple Titles

Cervello Web developer

CESAR Business Designer

Ceva Marketing Manager

CEWS Decision Maker

CG DESIGNS UNLIMITED LLC Director of Operations

CGI Project Manager

Chai Ming Studios Director of Design

Champolu CTO

Chan-Norris Consultant

Chan-Norris Consulting Consultant

Chandaria Capital Venture Partner

Chapmans Decision Maker

ChapterOne Technologies MD

Charge Plus LLC sales

Charney Research CEO

Chartbeat Multiple Titles

Charter Communications Enterprise Account Executive

Chatbot Guide Editor

Chatcap.in Director

Chattermill SAE

CheapNY Full Stack Developer

CherryGold Farm Ltd Managing Director

Chetu Gllobal Accont Manager

Chiang Photo Multiple Titles

Chic24hours Co-founder

ChickenSoupGames Multiple Titles

Children's Aid Multiple Titles

Children's Arts & Science Workshop Operations Director

Childrens arts & science workshops Youth Workforce Program Director

Chill Dog Founder - Chill Dog App

Chinese American Planning Council Group Leader

Chipserver Consultant

Choice Holdings CEO & Founder

Choose New Jersey Multiple Titles

Choose Paris Region Multiple Titles

Choosy Decision Maker

Chosen Multiple Titles

Chow NYC Sales

Chow Startups Partner


chrh holtermann ltd director

Christensen Managing Director

Chronosphere Multiple Titles

CI Consultant

CI Ventures Managing Director

cib optimium founder

CIEE Multiple Titles


Cinch Delivery, Co. CEO

cinema sound ltd Multiple Titles

CircaGene Multiple Titles

Cirrus logic Decision Maker

Cisco Multiple Titles

Citadel Cube, LLC Decision Maker

Citi Multiple Titles

Citi Habitats CEO

Citigroup Not involved

Citrin Cooperman Influencer

City College Student

City College of New York Multiple Titles

City National Bank Evaluator/Recommender

City of Los Angeles/LAPD Sr. Systems Analyst

City Stage LLC Multiple Titles

City Univ of New York Professor

City University of New York Multiple Titles

City University of New York-Hunter College Student

CJ Media Solutions, LLC Multiple Titles

Claims Conference Multiple Titles

Clairvoyage Coach & Consultant

Clarins Digital Manager

Clarity PR Multiple Titles

Classica International Corp. Multiple Titles

CLC Advisors CEO

Clefpay CEO

Click Digital Advertising Multiple Titles

Clinch Digital Media Decision Maker

Clio Awards Admin Assistant

CLIP Multiple Titles

Clip.bike Multiple Titles

Clockers Commercial director

Cloister CEO

CloserIQ Multiple Titles

Cloud Advisory LLC Founder

Cloud Rockman Engineer

Cloud Tech Solutions Principal IT Admin

Cloudera Field Engineer

Cloudreach Business Logistics

CloudScann Multiple Titles

CloudScann Inc. CIO

Clover Program Manager

Clover Leaf Capital Managing Partner

Clover Network Inc VP Engineering

Clutch Talent Multiple Titles

Clutch Talent LLC Recruitment Marketing Manager

Clutchesque Multiple Titles

CM.com Multiple Titles

CNBC Bookings Manager

CNN Multiple Titles

Co-Founder Partners Vice President

Co:cubed Multiple Titles

Co.Fund Inc. Evaluator/Recommender

Coachabl CEO

Coalition App Communications + Partnerships

Coast Group Enterprises, LLC Decision Maker

Code Immersives Multiple Titles

Codepath Technical Program Manager

CodeSpeak Labs Coding Instructor

Codetalk Multiple Titles

Codetalk St. Joseph Not involved

Coffee wholesaler Project coordinator

Cognizant Multiple Titles

Cognizant technical solutions Data engineer

Cognuse Inc. CEO

coherence.software Founder, CEO

Coherence.Software LLC Business Director

CohnReznick LLP Partner

Coilpod LLC Decision Maker

Coldstor Owner

Colgate-Palmolive Multiple Titles


colimbia business school student

collective intel inc Evaluator/Recommender

Collective Intel Inc. CEO

College Board Director

CoLoadx Corporation President

Colonial Consulting Investment Analyst

Color Our Town Press CEO

Coloredge Estimating Manager

ColorEyeQ CTO

columbi business school student

Columbia Multiple Titles

Columbia Multiple Titles

Columbia Artist Management Multiple Titles

Columbia Business School Multiple Titles

Columbia business school Multiple Titles

Columbia Business School, US Student

Columbia Corporate Innovation Co-Founder

Columbia Engineering School Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp Student

Columbia SIPA MPA Candidate

Columbia Univdrsity Student

Columbia University Multiple Titles

Columbia University Multiple Titles

Columbia University - Career Design Lab Director of Employer Relations

Columbia University -School of Engineering Director, Strategic Collaborations

Columbia University Brown Institute for Media Innovation Graduate Research Assistant

Columbia University CDL Product Marketing Intern

Columbia University Data Science Institute Grad Student

Columbia University Medical Center Clinical Research Coordinator

Columbia University SIPA Student

Columbia University-Data Science Institute Assistant Director of Career Development and Alumni Relations

Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health Assistant Dean

ComicCloak President

CommerceNext Co-Founder

Committee to Protect Journalists Digital Manager

Commonpoint Queens Not involved

Communico Marketing Manager

Community Synagogue of Monsey Administrative Assistant And Customer Service Representative

Company Multiple Titles

Company B Multiple Titles

Company is NYCDOE, Bayside H.S Student

Compas Evaluator/Recommender

Compass Multiple Titles

Compass Strategic Growth Recruiter

Compasso Diretor

Complex Networks Senior Director of Revenue Operations

Computer Backup Group president

Computer Rents Inc. Multiple Titles

Computers Unlimited Software Engineer Intern

ComputerShare Analyst

Comscient CEO

Con Edison Specialist

Concentric Health Experience UX/UI Designer

Conception X Multiple Titles

Concierge Founder


Concinnity Multiple Titles

Cond Decision Maker

Conde Nast Product

Condeto CEO

Conduit Multiple Titles

Coney Realty Group Managing Director

ConferenceCast.tv Head of Partnerships

Connect 2 All,LLC Founder

Connections of New York, Inc Recruiter

ConnectOne Bank Business Development Officer

ConsenSys Systems Administrator

Consolidata Multiple Titles

Consulate General of Brazil Trade Officer

Consulate General of Canada in New York Trade Commissioner - Investment

Consulate of Belgium - Flanders Investment & Trade Invest Director

Consultant Multiple Titles

Consultant Consultant

Consulting President

Consulting Associates Multiple Titles

Consulting services Consultant

Consumer Reports Multiple Titles

Contact Public Relations President

contempco owner

Content & Media Services Content & Marketing Advisor

contentplace.co Multiple Titles

Continental Exhibitions President

Contract Wrangler Managing Director

Contrary Capital Venture Partner

Converged Technology Group Multiple Titles

Cool Communicator LLC Founder

COOP Multiple Titles

COOP -NYC Brooklyn College: College Assistant

COOP Careers Program Manager

Coop Tech Multiple Titles

Coop Tech - NYC Student


CooperSoft Decision Maker

CoopTech-NYCDOE IT Instructor

Copyleaks CEO

Cora Empleado

Cordelia Donovan Inc. CEO

Coresight CEO

Coresight Research Multiple Titles

Corewpress Founder

Cornell MBA

Cornell Tech Assistant Director

Cornell Tech Multiple Titles

Cornell University Multiple Titles

Corona Tracker Front end engineer

Corporate Challenge, Inc. Founder & Managing Partner

Corporate Ewaste Solutions Business Development Marketing

Corporate Office YMCA of Greater New York Financial Development Admin

Cosmic Executive

CoSolo CoFounder

Countly Ltd Regional Sales Director

CourtScribes CRO

CoVenture Principal

Cowen Group Influencer

CP Multiple Titles

CPR Computer wiz biz

CR 2 Ventures Principal

CR Consulting VP

cr/baynton ceo

Craftwood Partners Partner

Cravath Special Counsel

CRAZYDANNY Multiple Titles

Creadev VC

Create2030 Founder

Creative Ci8 Advisor

Creative Cretin, LLC CEO

Creative Enterprise Centre Accelerator Manager

Creative Entertainment Group VP Operations and Booking

Creative Faces Models Model

Creator CEO

Creddita CEO

Credit glory inc Ceo

Cress Health Decision Maker

CREtech VP marketing

crew me up software engineer

Crew Sync Founder

Crewasis Web developer/ SEO

CRONY Creative Multiple Titles

Cross River Network LLC Business Development & Innovation

CrossCompute Software Engineer

CrossdalePaul LLC Partner

Crowe UK LLP Partner

Cruse Advisors Multiple Titles

CSI Managing Director


CStore Tech Cofounder

CSUN Evaluator/Recommender

CTechventures Director

CTEdwards Systems Consultant

CTP Consulting Principal


Cube Labs Decision Maker

cultav8 Consultant


CUMC Student

CUNY Multiple Titles

CUNY Advanced Science Research Center Director of Business Development

CUNY ASRC Multiple Titles

CUNY Building Performance Lab Multiple Titles

CUNY City College of New York Computer Engineer Student

CUNY Hunter College Student

CUNY John Jay College Associate Director, Employer Relations

CUNY Laguardia Community College Student

CUNY Research Foundation Community Manager

CUNY School of Public Health Multiple Titles

Cuny software institute exec dir

CUNY Startups Multiple Titles

CUNY Tech Prep Multiple Titles

CUNY Tech Works UX Designer & Researcher

CUNY-Lehman College Multiple Titles

Curb Nat'l Account Manager

Curiosity IoT Client Director IoT

Curo Carers Decision Maker

currencycloud developer

Curtis 1000 Client Development Executive

Curve ID Senior Designer

Cushman & Wakefield Senior Director

Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. Corp RE Advisor

Custom Computer Specialists Account Executive


Cvent Sales Exec

CVR Associates CEO

CwCastle Associates CEO

CWO Managing Partner

Cyber Quest Inc. Computer Technician

Cyber Security Clinic Product Manager

Cyber-Clinic@NYC Cybersecurity Analyst

Cyberint Solutions Engineer

Cyberlitica CEO

CyberQuest Inc Computer Technician

Cyberthentic Decision Maker

Cyberthentic LLC Chief Product Officer

Cyberthentic.com Multiple Titles


Cyethem Consultant

Cyntralabs Project Manager

Cypress Group Multiple Titles

CzechInvest Project manager

d-marketing Director

D.N.A. Consulting Owner

d.ream Marketing Project Executive

D'Agostino Consulting SE

D&C Textile Corp Multiple Titles

D3ll Evaluator/Recommender

Daddis Consulting Services, LLC CIO

DADNI Digital Transformation Manager

DAGTech Junior Engineer

Daily Haloha Multiple Titles

Dalgo.io CEO

DallIndustries, llc. director

DAlpha.ai CEO

Damco Solutions Multiple Titles

Dana Boll Consultant/Artist

Daniel Distler Consultant

DART Technologies Founder & CEO

Darwin Bay Publishing President

Dashible Co-Founder

Data in Motion CEO

Data Plus Systems President

Data Points and Policy Multiple Titles

Data Pro Boston Inc founder

Data Pro Software Founder

DataAxxis Multiple Titles

DataCatalyst Decision Maker

Datacy CTO

Datatel Solutions Multiple Titles

DateSpotz Multiple Titles

datrixo cto

David Betz Design UX Designer

David Niles Massage therapist

Davidson Goldshire Managing Partner

Daylightstudio.com president

daytrade Multiple Titles

DB Capital Chief Investment Manager

DB Marketing Group CEO

Dba Peter C. Brandt Photographer


Dcas IT Operations

DD Innovations Director of Innovation

De Boni Consulting CEO

De-engineered foreground Graphical User Interface Open-source fresh-thinking infrastructure

DEALERSCOPE - CE WEEK Content Director - Puiblisher

DealStart Co-Founder

DecideGuide Founder

Decklaration Multiple Titles

Deeda:DO CEO & Co-Founder

Deep Sports Decision Maker

Deepak Srikant Manager

Deepblue Builders Decision Maker


Delegation of the Basque Country for the United States International Trade Advisor

Delegation of the Basque Country in the United States Trade Commissioner

Delhi Student

Delicious Origins LLC Founder

Delio Head of Business Development

Deliverscrew Founder

Deloitte Multiple Titles

Delphico Ltd Director

Deluxe Modular Research & Development Engineer

Delwar Capital Managing Partner

DemandMatrix Self

DemandMatrix, Inc VP, Revenue & Operations

DemystData Director, Talent Operations

Dendar Consulting Consultant

Denka GM

Denka Co. President

Denka Corporation New Business Development AMGR

DentalChat.com ceo

Dentons US LLP Partner

Dentsu Aegis Influencer

Department of Education Tech Support Intern

DeployMe CEO

Depositphotos Director of Business Development

Dept for International Trade Influencer

Dept of Consumer Affairs Investigator

Derive Technologies Practice Head, Cloud and Datacenter

Derivee Capital Advisors COO

Des records Musician


design Decision Maker

Designator Services Graphic Designer

Designs for Growth Marketing Ninja

DespoinAire Decision Maker

DespoinAire LLC Owner

Destechi Not involved

Determinant Solutions Consultant

Deutsche bank Software engineer

Deutsche Börse AG MD

Dev Developer

DEV Advisors Principal

Devabit Business Development Director

Devpost BDR

Dexen Multiple Titles

Dexen Industries, In. Marketing Coordinator

Dexen Telemetry Influencer

DFL Groupe Senior IT Strategist

DG Interactive Decision Maker

DGDean Software developer

DGQNY 10020

Diáfano Founder

Dialogue Theory UX Designer

Diamond NestEgg Multiple Titles

Diamondback Brewing Company LLC CEO

Diaspark Specialist

Dibs Technology, Inc Software Engineer

Dibson Owner

Didactiic, Inc. Multiple Titles

Digiday VP sales

digipops manager

Digital Business Consulting CEO

Digital business women magazine Decision Maker

Digital Gaming Corp Multiple Titles

Digital Knack Partner

Digital Niche Agency (DNA) Campaign Architect

Digital Nomad Business developer

Digital Realty Multiple Titles

Digitalware, Inc IoT Architect

Digitask Consultants, Inc. System Admin

DiJusto Capital Management CEO

Dikayo Data Founder

Diletto Decision Maker

Dillon Associates Owner

Diometer Founder

DIPLOMACY VP of sales and marketing

Direct Gain Consulting Multiple Titles

Discovery Multiple Titles

Discoverybytes LLC Multiple Titles

Disney Technical Product Manager

Disparate Analyst

Disruptica Multiple Titles

DistantJob Account Executive

District 3 Innovation Center Multiple Titles

District 3 Innovation Centre Global Operations and Services

District Public Partner

DIT Multiple Titles

Diversify OSS Director of Growth

DNA SVP Digital Niche Agency

DNA Ventures, LLC Decision Maker

DNAradio.net President/CEO

Dockjets CEO

Doctors Hub Multiple Titles

DoctorsHub Founder

DoD/NSIN Regional Director

Doddi Information Technologies, Inc. President & CEO

DOE Multiple Titles

Dom & Tom VP of Engineering

Domio, Inc Business Associate

Donald Leon Search Multiple Titles

Donna Oliva and Associates Multiple Titles

Donner Resource Partners Founder/Executive Recruiter

Doodle Strategic Events Multiple Titles

Doorkee Head of Growth

Doreming Limited CEO

Dorilton Capital Senior Associate, Portfolio Operations

dot analyst

Double Verify Product Manager

Douglass Elliman Property Management Front Desk Concierge

Dow Jones editor

DR Management Evaluator/Recommender

DraftKings CIO

DreamerMade CEO

drexel university Student

DriftPilot Founder & CEO

Drone Expo Pres

Dropbox Staff researcher

Dropkick, LLC Owner

DS5 Evaluator/Recommender

DSB Director of Marketing

dscout Sales Manager, new business

DT Asset Management Decision Maker

DTB Capital Management Managing Director

DTS ceo

Duane Morris LLP Influencer

Ducit.ai CEO

Duetto Director DACH

dull CXO

Dun & Bradstreet Solutions Engineer

dunbar Multiple Titles

Duo Security Customer Success Manager

Durable Digital Founder

dv News PR Consultant

Dv01 Multiple Titles

DVG Director

DVM Industries Web Developer

dvvck creative Evaluator/Recommender

DW writer and trend expert

DXC Technology DXC Distinguished Architect

dxw and tradecraft EA

Dynamo Decision Maker

Dyntek Lead Wireless Survey Tech

E creates Founder

e-TeamMed Decision Maker

E.Therapeutics Inc Decision Maker

EA Markets Director

Eamonson, INC Engineer

EAN Corporation President

Early Electronics CTO

Early Growth Manager

East Brooklyn Labs R&D

East Fifth Ventures Founder

East West Connection Culinary/ Social Media

EastDay Inc Consultant

EastDay Inc. Consultant

EastMeetEast UX Designer / Digitial Marketing Assistant

easy180.com President

easy180.com llc Founder

EasyPoint Sales Development Director

Eba Not involved

eBrandlytics Founder


EC1 Partners Recruiter

eCaregivers COO


Eco-Enterprise Software Engineer


ecoHomes LLC CEO/ Mechanical Engineer

Ecoknowlogy Founder

EconoMight Founder & CEO

ED Higgins Ltd CEO

eddyworks frontend web developer

Edelman Managing Director, NY Earned Media

edgeWISE Learning Labs Managing Director

EDHEC Business School Multiple Titles

Edison Digital Partner

EdTech Advisory Group Founder

EdtechAdvisory Group Founder


Edvo Evaluator/Recommender

Edward Thomas Associates Multiple Titles

Edwards Gaddy Inc. CTO

EE Solutions CEO

EEA Studio Dir

EEC researcher

efkohaus Decision Maker

EG Sales

EGI Studios CEO

EGI Studios Photigraphy Multiple Titles

EGI Studios Photography Business Development Executive

EHM Web Solutions Marketing Consultant

Eighteen4Two Creative Studio Owner

Eightplus Digital Marketing Managing Director

EisnerAmper Multiple Titles

EisnerAmper, LLP Senior Audit Manager

Ekman Associates Project Manager

Elastic Data Architect

Elda IT Consultancy Director

Electronic Arts Canada Software Engineer II

Elektra X CEO

ElektraX Sales Manager

Elementryx Cofounder


ElitRecruiter Decision Maker

Elizabeth Barry Consulting President

Ellesaur Arts Artist/Educator

Ellissen Consulting Mr

Ellissen Consulting GmbH Manager

Elsevier Head of Product

eMarketer Sr. Director, Media Solutions

Emax financial services Owner

Embassy of France in the United States Digital Economy and Innovation Attaché

Ember Company Managing Partner

Emer Partners LLC President

Emerging Humanity Multiple Titles

Emerging Media Multiple Titles

Emerging Technologies Institute CEO

Emeritus US Regional Director

Emil Capital Partners Decision Maker

Emirates NBD Multiple Titles

Emma Bowen Foundation Director

EMN Multiple Titles

Emoshape Inc Multiple Titles

Emotra Developer

Empath Decision Maker

empeno group Multiple Titles

Enagic CIO

encaptiv Founder & CEO

Enchanced Solutions Managing Director

Endless Frontier Labs Multiple Titles


EnergyScanner Holdings Owner

Engineering and Design Solutions LLC Student/Startup Founder

Englishclub CEO

enJoie Founder

Ensign Engineering Mechanical Engineer

Enterprise Academy Co-Founder

Enterprise Consulting Services Inc President

Enterprise for London Not involved

Entertainment Integrity LTD Location manager

entrepreneur founder

Envestmart Decision Maker

Envien Group Founder / Senior Product Strategist

Enyx CEO

eõ Business Incubators Influencer


Epic.ai CEO

Epion Health Product Manager

eProcessing Network VP Business Development

Epsilon Multiple Titles

Epsilon Telecommunications Head of Sales - Americas

Equinix Multiple Titles

Equinox IS Founder & CEO

Equip ID Head of Product

Equitable Director

Equity Valley LLC Multiple Titles

EquityMultiple Multiple Titles

ERA Multiple Titles

ERG EE owner

ErgoMassage Founder

Ergonomic coherent service-desk Open-architected dedicated firmware

Erickson Living Senior IT Site Manager

Erlich Enterprises President

Ernst & Young Decision Maker

Ernst & Young LLP Not involved


ESEN Translation Services Multiple Titles


Esportsontime FOUNDER/CTO

Essextec Business Development Representative

Estate Planning Decision Maker

Estée Lauder Companies Analyst

EsteemLogic Influencer

Estrella Management LLC Sales and Business Development Director

Estrin Technologies President

EthNY Tours & Cultural Pursuits Owner/Founder

Etsy IT Engineer


Eugene M. Lang Entrepreneurship Center at COLUMBIA BUSINESS SCHOOL Multiple Titles

Eureka Decision Maker

EvanscoLLC Managing Member

EverRise Multiple Titles

Eversource Energy Distribution Engineering Intern

Evidence-Based Solutions, Inc Decision Maker

Evolved Technologies, LLC Decision Maker

Evrone Project Manager

EW Scripps VP, Marketing


Exactly Ltd. President

Examd Corp. Co founder


Exceed Director

Excelsior Works Program Assistant

Excensure Director of IT Architecture

Executive Coach CEO

Executive Forum Angels Chair

Exhibit Y Founder

Exocetus Autonomous Systems Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer

Exousiakingdom Entrepreneur

Expedition PR Founder

Expert Media Training Investor Pitch Coach, Media & Presentation Trainer

Explority Multiple Titles

Exrth Angel Founder and CEO

Extended MLTC Nurse Educator

ExtraVallis Co-Founder and COO

EY Multiple Titles

EY LLP Partner

Eye Openers Decision Maker

EZ EHR Consulting, LLC Multiple Titles

Ezeewei Decision Maker

EZER Inc. Decision Maker

EzSizing Founder

EZXR XR UX Designer

FabFoundry Founder

Fabric Cultural Strategist

Faceopen Multiple Titles

Faceware Decision Maker

Factor law Product Manager

FactSet Principal Software Engineer

FactSet Research Systems Consultant

FadesignNyc Ux designer

Fahrenheit IT Director

Fahrenheit IT Manager

FAI Director

Fairfield Residential Outreach Networking Specialist

FairHire Multiple Titles

FairHire - Nottx Marketing & Sales Intern

Fake Co. President

Fakts Founder

Falcon Rappaport & Berkman PLLC Partner

Falk Communications and Research Chief Strategist

Falk Ventures Decision Maker

fameinacan Photographer

Family Office Multiple Titles

Fan Powered Music VP

farapp Evaluator/Recommender

Farmshelf Sales & Marketing Associate

Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP Director of Operations

Fas technology Cto

Fashion Avenue NY Founder

Fashionsdigest.com Editor N Chief

fast track consultant

Fastly Sales Engineer

Fauna Product Experience Lead

Fauna, Inc Senior Product/UX/DX

Fcol Founder

FD Global Founder

fdghfd Evaluator/Recommender

FDH Media Enterprises LLC Senior Producer

FDM Group Full Stack Developer

fdu-madison Multiple Titles

Federal reserve Senior Info security associate

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Senior Analyst

Federated Kaufmann Fund Portfolio Manager

Fedex Multiple Titles

Female Multiple Titles

FEND Owner

Fenwick and West Lawyer

FFA Decision Maker

FFW Multiple Titles

Fhetch CEO

FiBrick Financial Services Multiple Titles

Fickett-Jones Design Associates Evaluator/Recommender

Fidelity Brokerage operations representative

Fidelity Sr. Technology Advisor

Fiderate Founder

Fiduciary Automation Multiple Titles

fiduciary trust int'l Influencer

Fiduciary Trust International Multiple Titles

Fiesta Decision Maker

Fight Club COO

Financial Blind Spot Principal

Financial Blind Spot LLC Principal

Financial Freedom Seekers Group Leader

Findable.co Multiple Titles

FindNYCoffice President

Finesse Innovations Founder & CEO

Finesse Technology CEO

Finiron Ventures LLC Founder

Finprime Asset Management Decision Maker

Finsbury Influencer

Finsight Group Project Manager

Fintech Consulting LLC DBA ApTask Managing Member

FinTech1 CCO

FinX President & CEO

FIOR Multiple Titles

Fire-Coral Multiple Titles

Firebrand In The Dark Decision Maker

FireDyne Systems Company President

Fireman 112 Director

Firepush Web developer


First Source Marketing Director

FirstLook Multiple Titles

FirstTeam Real Estate Decision Maker

FischTank Marketing & PR Senior Account Director

FischTank Marketing and PR Account Executive

FisherBroyles, LLP Partner

Fishwick post Founder

Fit Small Business Multiple Titles

Fixed Earth Enterprises Inc. President

FixWinPC Tech

fiZz Agency Multiple Titles

Flat World Partners Investment Analyst

Flatiron Multiple Titles

Flatiron Software developer

Flatiron Health Data Insights Engineer

Flatiron School Software Engineering Student/Teacher

Flatiron School Multiple Titles

Flatiron Wines Multiple Titles

FLC Multiple Titles

FLC consulting Salesforce Consultant

Flex Interativa stakeholder

Fluency 34 System engineer

Fluent in 3 Months Founder

Fmr. Linkedin Enterprise Sales

FNbXpklqh bBGSzUre

FOAM Business Development

Foley Hoag LLP Patent Attorney

Follow Up Founder

Followy Multiple Titles

Fondazione AGIRE Decision Maker

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano Project Manager

FoodKim CEO

FoodLogiQ VP Sales

FoodRooster Multiple Titles

Foods Karma Corp. President

Foodsby Sr Account Executive

foodspace Technologies LLC CEO

Forbes CTO

Forbes Japan Industry Analyst

ForBuy Auto CEO

ForBuy Auto Inc. Decision Maker

Forcoda Founder & CEO

Fordham Multiple Titles

Fordham Sr. associate director

Fordham Foundry AD

Fordham University Multiple Titles

Fordham University Student

Fordham University Press Multiple Titles

Foresters Sr. Network Administrator

Forestry ML COO

Former: Penn State University Multiple Titles

Fornax Associates Decision Maker

Forward Media USA CEO

Forza Forni Multi Media Designer

Foundational Managing Partner

Fountainhouse.org Represent

Foursquare VP, Education & Experience

Foxboro Consulting, Inc. Managing Director

Fractal Media Multiple Titles

Fractured Atlas software developer

Frames and Stretchers Multiple Titles

Franco Ventures Business Consultant

Frank Software Architect

FREE Entrepreneur

free for all media manager

Free Lance Not involved

Freelance Multiple Titles

Freelance Freelance Developer

Freelancer Multiple Titles

Freelancing Freelancing

Freezecrowd Founder and CEO

Freshup Director

Fresqo Head of US

Frieze Sr client partnerships manager

Frontier Labs Design Director

FTSE Russell Multiple Titles

Fubo Software Developer

fuckyou fuckyou

Fuel CEO

Fuji Innovation Lab Multiple Titles

Fujitsu Multiple Titles

fujitsu america inc head of AI/Analytics practice

full grain focus partners Partner

Full Scope LLC Decision Maker

full throttle Buyer and sales

Fullbeauty Brands Product Manager

FullStack Software Engineer

Fullstack Academy Multiple Titles

Fullstack Academy Director of Career Success

Fullstack Academy of Code Multiple Titles

Fullstacks It Engineer

Fun-iverse.inc CEO

fund ourselves Influencer

Fundera Inc. Evaluator/Recommender

Fundera, Inc. Not involved

Funding and Founding Director of Operations

Funding Founding Director of Operations

Furey Director of BD

Furnishr Multiple Titles

Fury3121Rio Multiple Titles

Fusemachines Multiple Titles

Fusicology Multiple Titles

Fusion Sourcing Group Sales Engineer

Fusion Sourcing Group Technical Field Sales Representative

Fusion Sourcing Group, Inc. Multiple Titles

Futuralis Tech President

Future Colossal Strategy Director

Future Main Not involved

Future Moments Owner

Futureopsmediape Director of platform and Media operations

Futurex Sr. Sales Executive

G Not involved

G-Squared Partners Multiple Titles

G3 Computers, inc Owner

G7 Decision Maker

GA Multiple Titles

Galileo Solutions Decision Maker

Galvanize Inc Multiple Titles

Galvanize Inc. Data Scientist / Data Analytics Resident

Gandiv Technologies CEO

Gannett Inc. Multiple Titles

Gap Inc Manager of product strategy

Gap Inc. Business System Analyst

Garcia autos Finance Intern

GAROU Strategic Partnerships

Gartner Multiple Titles

Gary Lee Partners Marketing & Communications

Gateway Infrastructure Decision Maker

GBA Principal

GBG Multiple Titles

GCDi Founder/Tech Entrepreneur

gCreate Co-founder

Gearing for Growth Director

GeekFitLifestyle, LLC CEO

geekondar1 UX Design Consultant

Gemnote COO

Gems and Luxe Inc President/Owner

Gemtic Founder and CEO

Gen Lauer Research scientist

General Assembly Multiple Titles

General Assembly Multiple Titles

General Assembly NYC UX Design Immersive Student

General Counsel London Limited Decision Maker

Genius Shield Medical Device Expert

George Arzt Communications Political Communications Assistant

George Mason University Student

Georgetown University Not involved

Georgia Institute of Technology Student

Geospatial-L3C Founder, Project Lead, Data Scientist

German Consulate General New York Press & Political Affair Attache

Get it done now llc Electrical engineer

Getaround Senior Partnerships Manager, Real Estate

Getty Images Sr. Corporate Sales Executive

GF Chamber of Commerce Marketing

Ghmg strategies Not involved

Gi trak Founder

GIG GROUP Chief of Staff

Gigget CEO

Gigget ltd Founder

Girl Scouts of the USA Senior Buyer

GirlsWhoWearGlasses Digital President

GitBetter CEO/Co-Founder

Gitlab Not involved

Givaudan Fragrances Digital Account Manager

Giving Hour Founder

Givinga, inc CEO

Giz wiz Producer

GJK Consulting CEO

Glatt Air Technologies IT Technical Support III

GLG Multiple Titles

Glimpsters Ceo

Global CEO

Global Dynamics Multiple Titles


Global Entertainment Matrix Decision Maker

Global Founders Capital Investor

Global Green Director

Global Impact Multiple Titles

Global Impact Network Inc Decision Maker

Global Nielsen Partners Multiple Titles

Global Talent COO

Global Technology Evaluator/Recommender

Global VC Founder

Globant Influencer

Globe OT

GlobeTopper LLC Founder/CEO

Glosslab Head of Customer Experience

Glow Global Events Founder and CEO

Glue Home Commercial Director

GMX Capital Director

Gnural DBA


GO Consultancy CEO

Goalden Hour Multiple Titles


God's Love We Deliver Manager of Meetings and Events

GOffee Multiple Titles

Goforwardgroup Multiple Titles

GogelX Entrepeneur

GoLancr Decision Maker

Gold Eagle Funding Multiple Titles

Gold Standard Solutions, LLC CEO

Gold Ventures Decision Maker

Gold waiters CTO

GOLDEN BEES LTD General Manager

golden seeds Multiple Titles

goldi Decision Maker

Goldman Sachs Multiple Titles

Goldman Sachs Associate

Goldring Holdings Decision Maker

Goldstar events Product Manager

Goldwaiters CTO

Good Company Ventures Not involved

Good Shepherd Services Asst. IT Director

Good Tech Ventures Decision Maker

GoodCompany Venture Not involved

Goodlawyer Influencer

GoodSpring CEO

goodwill industries director

Goodwin Procter Associate

Google Multiple Titles

Gouchev Law Multiple Titles

Gouchev Law PLLC Operations

Gourmet Gorilla Inc CSO

GQIT CTO & Partner

GR consulations Analyst

Grace & Steel Associates LLC Founder

Grace Hopper Multiple Titles

Grace Innovation CEO

Gracious Home

Gracious Home Tech

Granatus Ventures Decision Maker

Grant Tani Barash & Altman LLC Accountant

GrantAnswers Founder & CEO

GraphTography Graphic Designer

Grapple Founder

Grassland Advisory Group Multiple Titles

Gray Legal Ops & Marketing

Gray Scalable Head of Business Development

Graziano de Boni President

Great Performances Event Planner

Green Charge Ventures Decision Maker

green o inc. ceo

Green Works Project manager

Greenberg Media Principal

Greenfields Restaurant Group Manager

GreenSlate Product Owner

Greenway Health Senior Interaction Designer

Greg Foote Self-Emplyed

Gregory FCA Business Development & Marketing Specialist

Gregory FCA Public Relations Director of Marketing

Greybridge PR President

Griffith University Not involved

Group Gordon Multiple Titles

Group Nine Media Talent Acquisition partner

Group Renault Connected Car Product Manager

Groupe Insearch Director - Temp and Contracts Team

Groupe PSA Program Director

GroupM Staff Accountant

Grove School of Engineering Student

Growerry CEO

GrownUpMarketing Partner

Growth Marketing Advisors Founder & Principal

GrowthDesk Not involved

GrowthFountain Multiple Titles

GrowthPowder Decision Maker

GrowthTera Influencer

Grubhub Multiple Titles

Gruvi CEO


GSA Sales

GSA Parallax Multiple Titles

GSD & Mckoy Inc CEO

GSMA Decision Maker

Gsv Architect

GTT Multiple Titles

Guaman Consulting Sales & Leadership Trainer

Guggenheim Museum Visitor Assistant

Guidehouse Consultant


Gunder Dettmer Stough Villeneuve Franklin & Hachigian, LLP IP Law Clerk

Gunderson Multiple Titles

Gunderson Dettmer Multiple Titles

Gunderson Dettmer LLP Multiple Titles

GuruPeeps CMO

GuruPeeps Inc. CEO

guttenberg.NET Consultant

GWSI President

gwu prof

GymCraft Ltd. Decision Maker

GymWisely, Inc. Decision Maker

H.O. Penn Mach Executive Assistant

HA Manager

Hacestek Multiple Titles

Hair Boss CEO

Hairstory Decision Maker

Half a Lemon Co-founder

Halperin Marketing & Digital Innovation President

Halpern Marketing, Inc. Marketing Consultnt

Halstead Business Development Manager

Hanns Seidel Foundation Director

Hanson Search Decision Maker

HANYC Manager

Happee Un Ltd Decision Maker

Happi Founder

Happy Fun Corp Junior Engineer

Happyface Founder

Harbinger Land LLC Founder

haripriya srinivasan Client Engagement Manager


Harlem Hip-Hop Tours Founder & CEO

Harley Fine LLC Consultant

Harmara Founder

Harmonica SVP

Harmony Founder, Head of Community and Events

Harmony Studios Inc. CEO

Harness Dickey Principal

Harnham Computer Vision Specialist

Hartleben.com Founder

Harvestworks Electrical Engineer

Harvey Nash Business Development Manager

Harwood Capital Multiple Titles

hasinahmed.org Consultant

havas health operations


HawkEye 360 Not involved

Hazel UG Manager

HB Associates Consultant

HBCI Multiple Titles

HBS Alumni Angels of Greater NY Investor

HBS Alumni Angels of NY Investor

HBS Angels NY Director

HC Multiple Titles

HCG Global CEO

HCS Data analysis

Hdp Cr

HEA Consulting Multiple Titles

Health Foundry Not involved

Health Reveal

Health Tech Dir

Health-E Commerce Front End Developer

Healthcare Admin

Healthcare Angels Director

HealthCrowd CSM

Healthfirst Multiple Titles

Heap BDR manager

Hearst Corporate Development Associate

Hearst Executive director, consumer revenue

HEC Engagement manager

HedyNet PM

Helene Fuld College of Nursing President & CEO

Helenzys Inc Director

Helixa SDR

Hell's Creative Multiple Titles

Hell’s Creative Not involved

heller industries senior software engineer

Hello Career Guru Multiple Titles

Hellofresh Multiple Titles

Helped Hope Decision Maker

Helping U Home Care Home Attendant

HelpMeSee Director, Digital Marketing

HEM President

Hendricks & Schwartz GmbH Managing Director

Henner Group


Her Future Work Founder

Herman Kiefer Dev. Owner

herman kiefer development Multiple Titles

Herricks High School student

Herstories Decision Maker

HERstoriesrock Not involved

Hetrick-Martin Institute IT Support Manager


Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library Head of UX & Technology

Hey Oxford COO

HF Account manager

HFA / Rumblefish Business Development and Sales Manager

HFA/Rumblefish Multiple Titles

Hfhs Evaluator/Recommender

HHN Capital LLC Multiple Titles

Hi June Parker Decision Maker

Hidden Light Institute Consultant

HIFI Multiple Titles

High Frontier Outpost President


High School Decision Maker

Highfive VP of Sales

highline Multiple Titles

Highline Parnters Decision Maker

hightechhomeconcept installer

Hiiya Multiple Titles

Hilsen Owner

Hines CCO

Hip Hop Tech Fund Evaluator/Recommender

Hip Venture Co. Multiple Titles

Hireme.com Dev

HIS USA Holding, Inc. Special Project Manager

HIS USA Holding., Inc. President

Hispanic Research & Consulting Services President

Hitachi Vantara Consultant

Hitachivantara Director

Hiya Sales

Hjop Decision Maker

HKTDC Multiple Titles

HLF Manager

HMH Senior Product Manager

HNN Not involved

Hobi inc Founder

Hofstra university Multiple Titles

Hoguet Newman Regal & Kenney LLP Partner

Hoguet Newman Regal & Kenney, LLP Partner

Holistic Data Corp Decision Maker

Holler Director Of Data Engineering

Hollywood Portfolio Managing Director

HoMaLoN Productions LLC CEO

Home Multiple Titles

Home Grown Evaluator/Recommender

homeis Community project manager


Homesy Founder

Homewood w President

Homisy Founder of Homisy

Honest Mobile CEO & Co-Founder

Hongwise Consultants Ltd President

HOP Inc. Marketing Lead

Hope For Youth Multiple Titles

Horizon blue cross blue shield Tcs

Horizon Media SVP, Innovation, blue dot labs

Horizon Trading Company of NY Inc. Multiple Titles

Hotel Chocolat Sales Associate

HotelsByDay Head of Partnerships

Hotwire VP, Global Head of Technology

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Senior Product Manager

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Lead Design Program Manager

HOUS Founder

HPD Project Manager

hpg parnters CEO

HR Solutions Network Consultant

HR Solutions Network LLC Multiple Titles

HSBC Multiple Titles


HT Capital Advisors Managing Director

HT Media Evaluator/Recommender


http://www.balextech.com Decision Maker

http://www.egannelson.com Evaluator/Recommender

https://www.srcmake.com/home/new-york-techday-2018 Software Engineer

hub.brussels Multiple Titles

Hudson Bread Application Engineer

Hudson River CIO Advisors Business Development

Hudson River CIO Advisors CFO

Hudson River CIO Advisors, LLC Managing Director

Huemen Design Director, Business Development

HuffleShuffle Inc. Founder

Hugo Operations Manager


Hult Business Company Digital Marketing

Hult Business School Not involved

Hulu Campaign Lead

Humankind Partnership Senior Consultant and Producer

Humble Warriors LLC Decision Maker

Hunter Student

Hunter College Multiple Titles

Hureka Founder

Hureka Technologies Multiple Titles

Hush Wellness LLC Decision Maker

HxR Product

Hydrant CX Manager

Hydroponix Cfo

Hyper Multiple Titles

Hyperion Wealth Advisors LLC Founding Principal

Hypernova Digital Multiple Titles

HyperScience Product Operations Associate

HyperSciences, Inc Executive Assistant/Procurement Officer

HyperSciences, Inc. CEO

HYTEN Partners Multiple Titles

I am an independent inventor and mechanical Engineer Pensioner

i bring me Sole Proprietor

I-Comm Connect LLC Product Manager

i-Expand FOUNDER

IAS Multiple Titles

Ibex Biosciences / EmergeX Co-CEO / CBO

IBK Construction

IBM Multiple Titles

IBM Watson Health Content Director

ICD Multiple Titles

ICD Cisco Extern

ICD NYC Student

iCIMS Junior Web Developer

Iconectiv Devops Engineer

Icreon Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager

ICross Fund LLC Director

Icrossing / Hearst Audience Planning Director

Ics Diretor

Idea 2 Scale Decision Maker

Idea2Form, LLC Agile Project Manager/ Bus Dev.

Idealist Director of Business Development

Ideanomics VP of Communications

Ideas Crucible Chief Executive

Ideation Genesis Strategic Partner

Identropy Inc. Senior Engineer

Ideom Dir of Technology


iEvents Sales Director

ifkaar developer

IGA Capital MD

Ignite Insight Software Developer

IH Director

IHS Markit Research Associate

II Project Manager

iii solutions Inc Multiple Titles

IIJ America Inc. General Manager


IKEA Group Digital Innovation Leader

Ikkin and Company CEO

Ila Architect

ILE Decision Maker

Illuminent Inc Decision Maker

illwood productionz freelance engineer

Image Metrics Evaluator/Recommender

Imagination Capital Managing Partner

Imaginium Consulting President & CEO

IMB Wealth Technology Managing Partner

Imdesign360 CEO

Immerse founder

Immerse Digital Principle

Impact Consulting Group Decision Maker

Impact Enterprises Managing Partner

impastraw Decision Maker

Imperial College Business School Not involved

Include Technologies Corp. Decision Maker

Incoming at VU Influencer

Incyree Inc. Decision Maker

Indegene sr mngr digital

indendent inovator

Indep. Nutrition/Food Security

Independant Consultant

Independent Multiple Titles

Independent Multiple Titles

Independent Consultant Multiple Titles

Independent Marketing Consultant Independent Marketing Consultant

Independent strategic research Multiple Titles

Independiente Emprendedor

Indepenent Consultant Revenue Growth Consultant

InDepth consul

India Tech Volunteer

Indigo Pheasant LLC Founder

Individual Not involved

Individualist Group Co-Founder

Indoor Buddy CEO

Indra Head of Tourism

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN Industrial Designer

Industrious Community Manager

Infiltron CTO

Infinitypix Multiple Titles

Infobip Multiple Titles

Infobip, LLC People Operations Generalist

Infor Senior Software Engineer

Informa Multiple Titles

Informatica Sr Architect

InfoSecurityGuy CISO

Infrastructure Solutions CEO

ING Staffing HR

InGaugeMedia CIO

Ingram brands Llc. Brand manager

Inhabitech COO

Innovacare Health Chief Innovation Officer

INNOVATE studio Founder

Innovation Norway Director

Innovation Norway New York Senior Advisor

Innovative Systems President

Innovid Client Finance Manager

Innuy Sales

Inovues Consultant

inploi Multiple Titles

Inpora Technologies President

Inside Market Advisory LLC Founder

Insider Media Editor

Insight President

Insight Data Science Head of Strategic Partnerships

Insight Data Science Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Insight Licensing Partner

Insperity Multiple Titles

Insperity, Inc Evaluator/Recommender

Instaon Multiple Titles

Institute For Career Development Student

Institute for Career Development Multiple Titles

Institute for Family Health IT Analyst

Institute of Career Development Student

Insurenz Marketing Solutions Ltd Director

Insurgents Founder, Brand Strategist & Sherpa

insurgents.io Not involved

InsurTech LA Decision Maker

InsurtechNY Founder

Int3c.com Decision Maker

Intecore Development Corporation Founder

Integrated Systems Sales Executive

Intelletec CEO/Founder

Intelligently Interactive, Inc. President

Intelsat Decision Maker

Interactive Media Archive Executive Director

interactive tech llc Decision Maker

InterAgency Council Training Coordinator

InterAgency Council of Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Training Coordinator

InterFaith Film & Music Festival Founder

InterJuris Abogados Marketing Manager

International Integrated Solutions LLC manager

International Trademark Association _

Internet Decision Maker

Internet work Decision Maker

Interparfums account Associate

InterPrice Decision Maker

Intersection Sr. Manager

Interview Invite CEO

Intuition Client Success Associate

Intuition Publishing Customer Success Manager

Intuitive Decision Maker

inv inv

Inventr CEO

Invesco Multiple Titles

Invest Hong Kong Head, Investment Promotion

Invest in Grenoble Alpes France Evaluator/Recommender

Invest in Holland Senior Project Manager

Investment Capital Growth Managing Director

Investor Multiple Titles

Investr Capital LLC CEO

Invisible COO

Inxpress NY South President

IO Connect Services Enterprise Sales Director, North America

IoT Nation Consultant

IoT Nation LLC CEO

iOttie Research Engineer

iOttie inc. Multiple Titles

ipg Programmer

iPostal1 COO

iPostal1 LLC Online Marketing Director

IQVIA Multiple Titles

IRatePolitics.com Investor

IRG Decision Maker

IRG, Independent Regulators Group Communications Manager

Iris Software Director

IRON & GLORY Founder

IScientia Limited Influencer

Ishimbayev Law Firm, P.C. Multiple Titles

ISI-Dentsu of America, Inc. Evaluator/Recommender

iSküt Sustems Ceo


Israel Economic Mission in NYC Multiple Titles

Israel Stake Co-Founder

iSTANDtv Founder & CEO

IsTec - Israeli Technologies Advisor


IT Consultant Enterprise Systems Engineer / Solutions Architect


IT On Demand Service Owner

It's By U Decision Maker

ITA Italian Trade Agency Multiple Titles

Italian Trade Agency Head of startup division

Italian Trade Agency Multiple Titles

Italics Manager


ITbrother Programmer

iTech Marketing Manager

iTechArt Multiple Titles

iTechArt Group Multiple Titles

iTechArt Group, Inc Project Manager

itNY Producer

ITOCHU Europe PLC Multiple Titles

ITOCHU International Chief Administrative Officer

Itransition Front End Developer

itrek Program Manager

ITX City Corp. CEO

IUNGO Founder & CEO

Iv media Ceo

IW Group Multiple Titles

IW Group Inc Multiple Titles

IWCL USA Inc. Executive Vice President


J Scott Digital Strategy Principal

J.P. Morgan Multiple Titles

J.P. Morgan Chase Digital Product Manager

J&J Multiple Titles


Jackpot Data Science Multiple Titles

Jacobs Studio Principal

Jaguar Apps Inc. CEO and Founder

JAL Design Strategist/Innovation Consultant

James i scholtz CEO

James J Markham Software developer

Janover LLC Technical Specialist

Japan Bank for International Cooperation Senior Representative

Japan External Trade Organization Researcher


Jason Frazell Coaching Advisor

Javits Center E.S.

JayB Enterprises Multiple Titles

JB Advisors Decision Maker

JCCA marketing consultant to the field

JD Rawls Fine Jewelry & Acessories Owner

JDS Web Developer

Jeannie’s Girls Productions CEO

Jeff Koblenz Training Owner

jennico Influencer

JESCO Venture Labs Director

JesseJames Creative, Inc. vp

Jetblack Multiple Titles

JetBlue Marketing Coordinator

JetBlue Airways Corp. IT Project Manager

JETRO Multiple Titles

Jetro Cash and Carry Front End Supervisor

JETRO New York Multiple Titles

Jetty Ventures Evaluator/Recommender

Jetzy Multiple Titles

Jewish Home Family Director of Communications & Technology

JFKIAT Sr. Manager Customer Experience

Jia Law Group Business Development Associate

JIB Senior Inv Officer

Jigsaw Software engineer

Jim’s Fruit Decision Maker

JIN Business Development

JLDevOps Multiple Titles

JLG Group Principal Consultant

JLG Group Consulting Principal

JM Coaching & Training CEO

JM Investments Director

JMF Labs Decision Maker

JMG Public Relations Multiple Titles

JMLS Multiple Titles

Joan Pelzer Social President & CEO

Job Hunting Marketing & Communications Specialist

job seeker web developer

Job-Set LLC Multiple Titles

JobFlare Director of Business Development

Jobi Capital Multiple Titles

Jobi Capital Multiple Titles

Jobicapital Intern

Joe Mack Distributors President

JoelMedia VP of Marketing

Johanna's Consulting Consultant

John Jay College Student

John Jay College Multiple Titles

John Kim Product

johndpatton Multiple Titles

Johnny Be Crafting Designs UX Researcher

Johns Hopkins University Student

Johns Hopkins University Student

Johnson & Johnson Multiple Titles

Joi Decision Maker

JoLi Capital Managing Director

Joma Capital Corp Principal

JoPro Project Manager

JOSH LEVINE PHOTO Innovation Storyteller -- Photography ++

JourneyBinder Creator

Jove Founder

Joys Of Chocolate Sales

Jozcar Developer

JP Morgan Multiple Titles

JP Morgan Chase Systems Engineer

JPMC Developer

JPMorgan Multiple Titles

JPMorgan Chase Multiple Titles

JPMorgan Chase & Co Infrastructure Developer

JR Fitness Business Development

jramirez.dev _io_lead

JSL Creatives Chief Creative Officer

JSP Advisor

JT Medical LLC President

JTB USA, Inc. Multiple Titles

jty realty Multiple Titles

Jucaba Technologies CEO

Jump Ramp Games Not involved

Jumpstart NJ Angel Network director

Jungle Media CEO

Juntobot Decision Maker

Jus Soli Ecosystem Multiple Titles

Just Ask Ashley Owner

Just Curious Blogger

Just Romeo LLC Managing Partner

Just Venture Co Startup Builder + Growth Partner

JWB Researcher

JWYates.nyc co pres

JX Nippon Oil & Energy (Americas) Inc. Multiple Titles

K Decision Maker

K Health Director of Product Management

K.G. Infinity Productions Photographer

Kaden Health General Counsel, Privacy

Kaleidoscope Learning President

Kalico Software Developer

KandiT CFO

Kandor Co-Founder

Kandu Global Telecommunications, Inc. Multiple Titles

Kantara Initiative FIRE WG

Kaplan Brand Ambassador

Karma Company President

KarmaCom Founder & CEO

Karvin Lead

Kastlemark CEO

Kat Krieger Consulting Founder

Kaunas University of Technology IT Officer


Kazzam by Party City LLC CTO


Kcore Analytics Business Development

KDS Service MD

Kean University College Student

keestack Inc CEO

KeHE Distributors Not involved

Kellen Company Managing Director

Kelly Father

kelly services Influencer

Kerrie Levy Business Manager

Ketner Group Communications Director

KeyMe Frontend Engineer

Keysupreme Multiple Titles

Kforce Staffing Multiple Titles

KGS Marketing


KHB Marketing Principal

KHITMATECH Multiple Titles

Kids Break Ground Multiple Titles

Kidz learn apps Sole Proprietor

KIMCHUK Regional Sales Manager

Kimchuk Inc, Technical Sales Manager

Kimmitt Wrzesniewski Manager

Kindred Evaluator/Recommender

Kindred Group Evaluator/Recommender

Kinesso Multiple Titles

Kinexon Business Operations Analyst

Kingsbourough Community College Student

Kinima.fit CEO

KINUM, Inc. consultant

Kira Citron CEO

Kirby Advisors Founder

Kiris LLC Multiple Titles

Kirotech CEO

Kirusa Multiple Titles

Kirusa Inc Multiple Titles

Kissing Lions Public Relations Multiple Titles

Kitchenwerke Multiple Titles

KITNDO Founder

KiwiTech Multiple Titles

KJH ENTERPRISES Creative Director


Klevio Decision Maker

KliensmanMusic Multiple Titles

Kline Senior associate

KLYSTAR Multiple Titles

KM Capital Evaluator/Recommender

Knotel IT Operations Engineer

KO Imaging The Guy

Koala Strategy Officer

Kobalt Not involved

Koder Multiple Titles

Koder, Inc. Evaluator/Recommender

Kohlberg Not involved

Kolegaindo Group Decision Maker

Komeeda Multiple Titles

Komodo Health Not involved

Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA Assistant Mgr

kontor Multiple Titles

Kool Nerd Club Multiple Titles

KOTRA consultant

Kpmg Multiple Titles

KPMG Management Consultant

Kria Founder

Krippit Multiple Titles

Kritical Edge Consulting Founder

Kronoz Multiple Titles

KTL Solutions Account Manager

Kuehne Nagel Senior Director Customer Solutions Digitalization

Kulfy App CEO

Kumu Multiple Titles

Kushner Law Attorney

Kushner legal Multiple Titles

Kuzcolighting Project Manager

KWI Multiple Titles

KWNYC Tribeca Not involved

Kx Multiple Titles

Kyssmet director

Kyssmet Director

L Marks Influencer

L Teich Consulting Owner

L'Oreal Multiple Titles

L3 Project Advisors, LLC Senior Manager - Consulting

La Calma Paradiso Director

LAAAWPAC President

LACI Not involved

Laconia Capital associate


Ladies on the Lam Owner


LaGCC Influencer

LaGuardia Business Services Marketing Coordinator

LaGuardia College Senior Director

LaGuardia Community College Multiple Titles

LaGuardia community college Recreation specialist

Laima Enterprises LLC Software Developer

Lair East Labs Investment associate

Lamica's Field Engineer

Lamstein Gallery Multiple Titles

Landor Client Manager

Landworth Evaluator/Recommender

Lapapo Founder

large IT company Research Staff Member

Lark Multiple Titles

lattice founder


LaunchBoom Product Launch Director

Lavari Jewelers Multiple Titles

Law Firm Office Assistant

Law Office Attorney

Law Office of Janelle M. Lewis Decision Maker

Law Offices of Dauna Williams Managing Partner

LawCloud Senior VP

Lawnawn Owner

Lawyer Chief Compliance Officer

Lawyered Head - Sales

Lazard Multiple Titles

LBS Multiple Titles

LCH Communications founder

Le-Roy Enterprises Founder/ CEO

Lead Data Scientist Principal

leAD Sports Accelerator Management GmbH Beurteiler / Empfehlungsgeber

Leading Edge Solutions LLC Multiple Titles

Leadingdots Solutions Pvt Ltd Director

Leadingdots US Marketing Director

Leaflet Labs Multiple Titles

Leaneria Co-founder, CEO

Lee & Associates nyc Executive managing director/principle

Lee Strategic Partners LLC Principal

Lee Tec inc Multiple Titles

Leebow Partners Managing Partner

Leemour Pelli Art Studio and Archive Artist Director

LeFrak Senior Associate

Left Lane Ventures Managing Partner

Legal Aid Staff Attorney

Lehman Lecturer

Lehman college Student

Lehman college Multiple Titles

Lelantos Founder

LendKey Marketing Manager

LendKey Technologies Multiple Titles

Lenovo Account Executive

Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik, LLP International Counsel


Letsgrit COO

LEVEL PR President/Founder

Levest Sales manager

Levisohn Berger LLP lawyer

Lexicon Labs Decision Maker

LFC Productions Decision Maker

LG Consulting Multiple Titles

LGL Enterprises Partner

LHH Influencer

LHW Senior Desktop support technician

LibreHealth Infrastructure Engineer

Libro Library Co-founder

LIC Youth Soccer Academy Director

Lifessance Founder & CEO

LifeStream Digital Innovations, LLC Founder/CEO

Lift CEO

light Decision Maker

Lightbox Multiple Titles

Like the Sound of You CEO & Co Founder

lil Decision Maker

Lily Toya .

lin associate

Lin Lane Founder

Lina Multiple Titles

Linc Account Executive

Lincoln Financial Private Wealth Advisor

link administrator

Link Translations, Inc. Sr. Project Manager

Link3d Decision Maker

LinkedIn Software Engineer

lions direstor

Lions Financial Multiple Titles

LionTree Vice President

Liora Company Senior Banking Officer


ListedB CEO

ListedB Co-Founder & CTO

ListenApp Cofounder

LitDigital Founder

Literacy Not involved

Little Angel Media Group Csm

Little Bill CTO

Little Icy VP Product

Littler Mendelson PC Shareholder

Liu Records CEO

Liv Labs Influencer

Livfie Inc Decision Maker

Living Breathing Consultant

LK Consulting Now Product Manager

LMG Multiple Titles

LMS Animation Co-Founder

Lnet Digital Digital Marketing Assistant

Lnet Digital Ltd Founder

LNK Advisor

LoanStreet General Counsel

LOBECO GmbH Founder and CEO

LoBello Communications Multiple Titles

Locura Inc Multiple Titles

Loeb.nyc Director of Content Marketing

Lola Teacher

London Business School Multiple Titles

LONDON GROUP LLC brand manager

Long Island University Technology Support Specialist

Longwave Technician Manager

LookStyler Decision Maker


LoPresti Law Group Attorney

Lora's Lovelies President

LORK Corporate Attorney

Lorraine Kearney Nutrition Decision Maker

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Principal Community Relations Officer

Lotus Solutions Principal

Low Consulting Pty Ltd Director

LRS Evaluator/Recommender

LSE Multiple Titles

LSL Advisors Leasing Director

LSO Network Alumni President


LT Advisors LLC Consultant

LTI VP Finance

Ltp Vp

Luca ventures Senior Manager

Lucid UX Researcher

Lucidite Partner

LuckyDiem Director of Sales

Ludington Media Founder & Lead Publicist

Luminoustudios Multiple Titles

Lunar Island LLC Director of Marketing

Lunartz Freelance Web developer

LuveLiving Gallery Manager

Luxe Row Entertainment CMO

LVCVA Vice President of Global Sales

LvlUp Ventures Not involved

LVMH SVP marketing

LX-Marketing.com Decision Maker

Lyfeblood.com Founder/CEO

LYK Inc Founder

Lyndhurst High School Business & Technology Teacher

Lyndhurst, NJ BOE Teacher

Lynn Platow Partner

M & M Multiple Titles

M &M Multiple Titles

M&M Buyer

M13 GM

M31 Capital Decision Maker

MA Entrepreneur

Mabel Health Not involved

MAC Ventures Multiple Titles

Maccabee Ventures Decision Maker

macht project Co-Founder

Macmillan Learning Analyst

Macys Analyst

Madison2sunset Head of Global Partnership

Magic Clicks Director of Operations

Magic EdTech Business Development Manager

Magic Kids CEO

magid family office partner

magid family office lp partner

Magma Trading CEO

Magnopus Head of Business Development

Main Street Advisor

Maitlin Maitlin Goodgold Brass & Bennett Multiple Titles

Make Nice Media Multiple Titles

Make U Style Ceo

Makelab LLC Multiple Titles

Makespace Sales Development Rep

Making Food Work Multiple Titles

Maldjian Law Group Multiple Titles

Maldjian Law Group LLC Business Affairs

Male consultant

Malecare Decision Maker

Man Made Music Brand Partnerships Manager

Manas AI CEO

Manawell in Transit Decision Maker

Mandarin Foodies CEO

MANE MOVEMENT Multiple Titles

Manhattan College Multiple Titles

Manhattan Innovation Lab Managing Partner


Maple Assets Director

Marathon Ventures Media Sales Salesforce Developer

Margosa Ventures Multiple Titles

Maribel Rivera Marketing Marketing Consultant

Marina Maher Comm Client Finance Manager

Marina maher communications Budget manager

Mariner's Bank IT Director

Marist College Adjunct Instructor

Marix Data Analyst

Mark Flynn Advisor

Mark43 Data Engineer II

market data wizard Founder

Market One Inc. CEO

Market Traction Decision Maker

Marketing Lab Multiple Titles

Marketing Manchester Route Development Marketing Manager

MarketOrders Multiple Titles

MarketWiz Area Consultant

Marra Advisory Services President

Mars Concepts Full Stack Developer & Designer

Mart Entertainment Founder

Marubeni America VP & GM, ICT, Logistics, Insurance & Real Estate Business Unit

Marubeni America Corporation Multiple Titles

Marvelous Software Multiple Titles

Maryville Crest Managing Partner

Masada Recruiting Founder

Masina Ltd Decision Maker


Master Toy Advisors Decision Maker

Mastercard Multiple Titles

MasterTrainerAdil.COM CEO and Founder

Mathnasium Pasadena Lead Instructor

Matkot USA CEO / Founder

Matto Multiple Titles

Mattress Firm Retail Sales Associate

Mawe Foods Founder

Max Video, inc Videomaker

Max Video, Inc. VIdeomaker

Max Zeitgeist Principal

MaxInt President & CEO

Maxworld, Inc. Founder

Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity Web Developer


Mazooma Product manager

Mazza Consultants, LLC Consultant

mba Multiple Titles

MBA student Not involved


MBG Consulting Product and Strategy Consulting

MC Bernstein Data Director Marketing

MC Management Inc IT/IS Project Manager

MCC Decision Maker

McGill University Multiple Titles

McGraw Hill Decision Maker

McKinsey Multiple Titles

McKinsey & Company Multiple Titles

McMorran Strategists LLC Owner

MDC Experience Agency, LLC. Talent Acquisitions

MDW Social Media Owner

Mean Streets Management Owner and Manager

MECH Multimedia Director of partnerships

Medgar Evers College Multiple Titles

Medgar Evers College Student

Medhira Multiple Titles

Media Assembly Programmatic Specialist

mediaIDEAS President

MediaLink Not involved

MediaRadar Decision Maker

Medidata Director, global campaigns

Medidata Solutions VP Technology Innovation and Solutions

MediTechSafe CCO

Medivet Products COO

Medtech IOT startup Multiple Titles

MedTechMD, Inc Decision Maker

Medumo Business Development

Medyamax inc. Multiple Titles

MeetFox CEO & Co-Founder

Meetup Event Promoter

Mellitus Health Evaluator/Recommender

Meltwater Growth executive

Melvin Consulting Consultant

MemoITTech Co-founder

Merchant Diva President

Merck Director

Mercy College Business Honors Student

Merely A Thought Consultant

MergedPR Software Engineer

Meri Naukri CEO

Merkle Multiple Titles

Merkury Innovations Sourcing Assistant

Merkury Innovations, LLC CFO

Merrill Lynch Multiple Titles

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Financial Advisor

Mesh Center Founder

Meshh Multiple Titles

MEtagenics Global VP of Technology

Method Communications Multiple Titles

MetLife Multiple Titles

Metro Cash and Carry Romania Digital Platforms Coordinator

Metro NY Chapter - National Black MBA Association Co-Director, Business Development Committee

Metro NY Chapter National Black MBA Assoc Not involved

MetroPlus ServiceNow developer

Metropolitan College of NY Professor

Mezocliq Product Manager

MGT Multiple Titles

MHP Real Estate Services Managing Director

mHUB Executive Director


Mi Terro ceo

Miami Bayside Foundation Director, Loan Programs

MIC Business Solutions, Inc. Multiple Titles

Michael Llano Developer

Michael Page Multiple Titles

Mickey's Founder

Microchip Technology Client Engagement Manager

Micromobility Ventures General Partner

Microsoft Multiple Titles

Midtown Partners Director

Mighty Growth Associate

mihomi chief designer

Milestone Apps CEO

Miller Advertising Chief Digital Officer

Miller Buckfire Investment Banking Analyst

Mind & Body Changeworks Multiple Titles

Mind & Body Hypnosis Decision Maker

Mind Torch Technologies IT Specialist

Mind-Alliance Systems CEO

Mindful Sense Not involved

Mindshare Manager

Mindteck Inc Decision Maker

Mindteck, Inc Business Development Manager

Mindteck, Inc. President

mini-Preneur, Inc. Founder


Minsilo, Inc. Founder / CEO

MIRACL Evaluator/Recommender

Mirai Work Space Multiple Titles

Mispro Biotech Senior Acct Manager

Mitchell C. Beinhaker, Esq. Business Attorney

Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP Multiple Titles

Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc. GM

Mitsui & Co.(U.S.A.), Inc. General Manager

mixed media group founder


Mizuho Multiple Titles

Mizuho Capital Markets Corporation Co-Head Global Technology

Mizzen Management LLC Decision Maker

MJ Wieser Law Owner

MJH Global Multiple Titles

MJHS IS Manager

Mlab ventures Multiple Titles

MLB Acquistions

MMstone Broker

Mns Multiple Titles

MOAD Computer COO

MOB Advocacy Multiple Titles

Mobeus Equity Partners Evaluator/Recommender

MobiDev Multiple Titles

Mobikasa Graphic Designer

Mobikasa LLC. Magic Maker

modelis AI LLC Multiple Titles

Modern Domain Residential LLC Co-Founder

MoDish Decision Maker

Modo Labs Director

Mofam Influencer

Mohawk Group, Inc. Global IT Director

Mojavie Multiple Titles

Molo Co-Founder

Moloney securities Fin Advisor

Molton Brown Multiple Titles

Moment Makers CEO

momentfeed Decision Maker

Momentum Artists CEO

momiji Founder

MomLifeTV Multiple Titles

MonetaGo Chief Compliance Officer

Moneymasternow Director

Monolith Capital Group Managing Director

Monozukuri Ventures Evaluator/Recommender

Montajj Decision Maker

Montclair Associates Consultant

Montclair State University Multiple Titles

Montefiore Not involved

Mood of Living Multiple Titles

Moodbit Multiple Titles

Moodys Analysts

MOONHUB Director

MOOP Co-Founder

mooveahead Decision Maker

MOR Product and Business Development Director

MORe Solutions Product and Business Development Director

Morgan Capital Multiple Titles

Morgan Stanley Multiple Titles

Morgan Stanley Multiple Titles

Morgan State University Influencer

Morrison & Foerster LLP Partner

Morrison Cohen LLP Lawyer

MorristownThree Principal

Mortar Decision Maker

MOS Plastics Decision Maker

Mostly AI VP

MotaWord Founder

Mother Meraki INC Creative Director

Motívate Mechanic

Motivf Corporation Senior Partner

Mount Sinai Physician

Mount Sinai Hospital Multiple Titles

Mount Sinai Medical School Software Engineer

Move Founder

MP Management President

MPR Decision Maker

Mr Multiple Titles

Mr. Prezident Head of US

Mrjavascript:; Director

MRKTVision Multiple Titles

MRM Associates Manager

MRM-McCann Sr Project Manager

Mrs. Multiple Titles

MS Multiple Titles

Ms. Multiple Titles

MSk Multiple Titles

MSKCC Advanced Software Developer

MSM Multiple Titles

mss ceo



MSY Associates, LLC Consultant

Mt. Sinai West Technology Associate

MTA Multiple Titles

MTA Bridges and Tunnels Sr. Maintenance Planner

MTA Metro-North Railroad Manager, Strategic Initiatives

MtSinai Pharm

Mucktracker Advisor/Interim COO

MUFG Multiple Titles

Mulberry Training ASM

MUN Founder

Murry Hill place Chef

Murtotal Solutions Founder

MusicianU Co-Founder

MuvnDay Founder

My Bodega Online CEO & Founder

My Equity Partners CEO

My Open Road Multiple Titles

My own company Event consultant

My Software Tutor Not involved


Myplanet Analyst

Myproperdeets Multiple Titles

Myself incorporated Unemployed

Myshadowbox Artist

Mysterious x Beauty Graphic Designer

N Multiple Titles

N-ix 3D artsit

N.a Multiple Titles

N/A Ventures Partner

N10V Decision Maker

NA Student

NABY Consulting LTD Director

Nadas Consulting developer

Nagra USA System engineer

NAILBITER Multiple Titles

Nakamoto and Turing Labs Marketing Manager

Nakamoto&Turing Labs Marketing Manager

NALIP Decision Maker

Nang LLC Business Analyst

Nanyang Technological University Not involved

NAROS Business Development Specialist

Nassau Boces Multiple Titles

Nassau Boces student

National Securities Corp Multiple Titles

NativoPlus Decision Maker

natural as i am Decision Maker

Natural Flow Consultancy Founder

naturalblackwoman.com Business consultant

NaturesPlus Software Engineer Intern

Natwest Not involved

Nautilus Labs Multiple Titles

Navi Savi Multiple Titles

Navion Insurance Associates, Inc. Senior Commercial Producer

NBA Global Innovation Lead

NBC Booking Manager

NBCNews Digital Test Engineer


NBF Director

NBME Software Engineer

NCC cio

Ndevr, Inc Multiple Titles

near product marketing

NEBUOUS Front-End Developer

NEC Europe Ltd General Manager

NEC Financial Services Account Manager

NEC Labs Software engineer

neeom consulting Managing Director

Neighborly Real estate agent

NEL Associates LLC CEO and Founder

Nemomedia Corporation CEO

Nemzer Consulting Founder

Neofect USA Sales Director

Neofidem CEO

NEP Sweetwater LED Engineer

Nephrology Foundation of Brooklyn Administrator

Neptune Electronics Sales

Nerd's World Founder/Editor-in-chief

Nestle Nespresso Multiple Titles

Net Positive Strategies LLC Principal

Netcracker Technology Director of Sales, APAC

NetEffect Solutions, Inc. Multiple Titles

NetEnrich Regional Director

NetEnrich, Inc Regional Director

NETFLOW CEO | Microsoft Certified Professional

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency Multiple Titles

Netskope Director

Network Administrator Network Administrator

Networklife Group director

NEU Student

NeuroStorm Studios Founder

NeuroStorm Studios, Inc Multiple Titles

Neustar Product Specialist

NeverTechLate CEO

New Amsterdam Decision Maker

New Avon Executive Director, Indirect Sourcing

New Jersey Institue of Technology Design Associate

New Tel System Sales Executive

New York Amsterdam News product Editor

New York City College Of Technology Media Services Technician

New york city college of technology Student

New York Cruise Lines Multiple Titles

New York Edge STEM Specialist

New York Genome Center Senior Director, IT

New York Life Lead UI/UX Designer

New York Life - Kevin Tunney Agent Multiple Titles

New York Space Alliance CEO

New York University Multiple Titles

New York University Student

New York University-Tandon School of Engineering Senior Assistant Director

NewLife Multiple Titles

Newmark AD

Newmark Journalism Director of Technology

Newmark Knight Frank Associate

Newport Meda CEO

Newport Media Advisors LLC CEO

News Agency of Nigeria Senior Accountant

News.ru Multiple Titles

Next level Mgr

NextGen Venture Partners Influencer

nexus Multiple Titles

Nexusguard CEO

NexWEB Corporation CTO


Nielsen Innovate Fund Decision Maker

Night Roamers Creative Director

Nike Brand Ambassador

Nikkei Newspaper contributor, Marketing Journal

Nila inc. president

Nimble Reality CEO

Nimbus by Timehop Full stack engineer

Nimbus-T Global CEO

nine aegis CEO

Nitro Circus Tour Manager

NJTC Head of Experience

NK Mayfair Founder

Nmc President

NMC.com President

No Limit Consulting President

No need No need

Noal Partners CEO

Nolato Business Development Manager

nolcha founder

Nomenclature VR Director

Nomura Investment Banking intern

Nomura Securities Multiple Titles

None Multiple Titles

Noodle Partners Head of Media

Norberto Garcia Principal Consultant

Nordsense CEO

North Highland Management Consultant


North Street Creative Founder

Northrop Grumman Intern

NorthScale Founder/CEO

Northwell Not involved

Northwell Health Sr. Systems Engineer

Northwestern mutual Engineering

Not Applicable Not Applicable

Not Flat Photos Decision Maker

Novartis BA

Novastar Ventures Decision Maker

Novo6 Associate

nowpow customer success

NPD Logistics Multiple Titles

NPower Multiple Titles

NRI Consultant

NSLS Software Engineer

nTopology Sales Development Manager

NTRSCTN inc Decision Maker

NTT Data UK Director

NTT Limited Director

Nu-Age Managed Services Senior Acccount Executive


Nucleus Ventures Decision Maker

NucleusRx LLC Decision Maker

Null Software Engineer

NUMA New York Director of Innovation

Numina Software Engineer

Nurish Network Decision Maker

Nuts Multiple Titles

Nuts.com CTO

Nuvis Technologies Decision Maker

NuWare AVP Marketing

NV5 Systems Engineer

Nventify Multiple Titles

nwes Multiple Titles

NY Angels Angel Investor

NY media Journalist

NY Metro InfraGard Director

NY Metro InfraGard Members Alliance VP

Ny news Reporter


NY RET FUND Deputy Director

NY Tech Alliance Multiple Titles

NYC - DoITT Tech Lead

NYC & Company Sr Mgr Membership Development

NYC Data Science Academy Data Scientist

NYC Department of Education Multiple Titles

NYC Dept of Correction Multiple Titles

Nyc Dept of Corrections Mgr

NYC Dept of Ed Teacher

NYC Design Factory @ Pace University Coach and Mentor

NYC DOE Bayside highschool Multiple Titles

NYC DOHMH Associate Public health sanitarian

NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) Influencer

NYC EDC Project manager

NYC Outdoors Disability Paramedic and Stroke / Aphasia

NYC Sweet Tours Founder

NYC tech talent pipeline Multiple Titles

NYC Tech Talent Pipeline / Galvanize Data Analyst Fellow

nyc.com Media Consultant

nyc.doe Multiple Titles

NYCDOE Multiple Titles

NYCDOE Web Development Instructor

NYCDOE bayside h.s Student

NYCDOE Bayside H.S. Student

NYCDOE Bayside High School Student

NYCDOE Bayside Highschool Student

NYCDOE, Bayside H,S Multiple Titles

NYCDOE, Bayside H.S Multiple Titles

NYCDOE, Bayside H.S. Multiple Titles

NYCDOE, Bayside High School Multiple Titles

NYCDOE,Bayside HS student

NYCEDC Multiple Titles


NYCPD Police administrator

NYDesigns Multiple Titles

NYIEB Computer Instructor

NYL UX/UI Designer

NYPD Detective

NYS Veteran Chamber of Commerce Director

NYTastes Multiple Titles

NYU Multiple Titles

NYU Langone Physician

NYU School of Professional Studies Academic Director

NYU Stern Multiple Titles

NYU Stern School of Business Not involved

NZ Enerprizes Principal

O'Keefe CPA LLC Bookkeeper

OAOA Founder & CEO

OASIX Multiple Titles

Obt Coder

OBWP Decision Maker

Ocean Finance CEO/Founder

Ocean of Light Owner

Octane Consulting, Inc Founder/Owner

Odesus Client Partner

Odyssey Group Decision Maker

Offerpedia Decision Maker

Office Of Mental Health Security Hospital Treatment Assistant

Office of the City of Yokohama Rep. to the Americas Director

Office of the City of Yokohama Representative to the Americas Project Coordinator


Oilserv Evaluator/Recommender


Ojas Capital Multiple Titles


OLAM Corp Decision Maker

Old Block Capital MD Business Development

Old Block Capital LLC Managing Director

Old Dominion University Student

Olibra Decision Maker

Oliver Pincus Founder

Olshan Frome Wolosky LLP Attorney

Olya Shapiro Coaching LLC Executive Coach

Ombligo, Inc. COO

OMD Multiple Titles

Omedym Multiple Titles


OMGYN Co Founder

Omigaa Global Sourcing, inc President


Omnibus Capital LTD Multiple Titles

Omnicare Associates, LTD Multiple Titles

Omnidian Decision Maker

On Grid Ventures LLC Founder

ON Solutions LLC Managing Partner

On The House Manager

OnAndOffBroadway Multiple Titles

One World Media / NYTCAP Photo / Journalist

OneConnective Partner

OneDegree Multiple Titles

OneFitStop Multiple Titles

OneHudson Managing Consultant

OnePiece Work Community Manager

Ong Studio Fashion Designer

Online & Growth Marketing Consulting Online & Growth Marketing Director

Online Personal Training Founder

onye Co-founder

OOCL Director

Open for new opportunities Job Applicant

Open Hub founder

Open Mic On Education CEO

Open Pixel Studios Sales Manager

OppenheimerFunds Cyber Security Engineer

Opportunities Open to

Optifusion Multiple Titles

Optimal Infosystems Multiple Titles

Optio Ventures Evaluator/Recommender

Options Group Director

OPTWISE Consulting Manager

Opus una Head of software engineering

OR Innovation Multiple Titles

ORA LLC Principal

Oracle Multiple Titles

Oragur Project Manager

Orange VP Business Development, East Cost

Orange Therapeutics, Inc. Decision Maker

Orchard Hill Cider Mill Multiple Titles

Orcinus, Inc Founder

OREKS Group of Companies Partner

Org.co.uk COO

Organization Multiple Titles

OrgCentral VP


Orin Buck Web design

Orrick Multiple Titles

ORS Partners Director of Marketing

Osborne Clarke LLP VP Legal - International

Oscar Software Engineer

Oscar Health Multiple Titles

OSF, Inc. Principal Software Engineer

Oshi Health Multiple Titles

Osi digital Director of operations

Osper Ltd Evaluator/Recommender

OST.com, Inc. Evaluator/Recommender

Ostrager Chong Flaherty & Broitman P.C. Partner

Ostrolenk Faber LLP Attorney

Otari Product Advisor

OTC Consulting Founder

OTCX Trading Director

Other Multiple Titles

OTJ Architects Studio Director

OTTE Chrysalis Limited Founder

OtterTax Decision Maker


OurBus Inc. Yield Managemant Analyst

OurCrowd Evaluator/Recommender

Outer Range, Inc CMO

Outerbound Inc. Product Development

Outfront Media Multiple Titles

OUTFRONT MEDIA Senior Account Executive

Outlier Jr dev

Outlier Ventures Multiple Titles

Outliers Fund Evaluator/Recommender

Outside Voices Founder

Outward VC Not involved

Overborn LLC DevOps Engineer

Overflo Tech Decision Maker

Overton Venture Capital General Partner

Owl logistics Junior developer

Oxford Not involved

Oyster Mobile Inc Multiple Titles

Ozmosys, Inc. Multiple Titles

P2C2 Network Analyst

PA Media Group Account executive

Pace University Multiple Titles

Pace university Student

Pacific Dialogue Washington Bureau Chief

Pacific Sun Advisors director

PadBlock CEO

Padin Multiple Titles

Padin Inc. director

Page White and Farret Evaluator/Recommender

Paid Exposure Multiple Titles

Palace Consulting Group Multiple Titles

Paladin Division Director

Palate Club Founder & CEO

Palisades Growth Capital Decision Maker

Palladium President

Palladium Advisory Group Managing Partner

PAM President

Pan Am Property Management

Pandium Multiple Titles


Papa Director

Papakostas Law PLLC Attorney

Paper Tower Software Engineer

Paradigm Director of Sales and Marketing

Paradigm Director of Sales and Marketing

Parallel Signs Decision Maker

Paramount Homes Developer

Park Avenue Capital Mgmt Chief investment officer

Park Hudson International Multiple Titles

Parkfield Commerce CoFounder

Parsons & Whittemore VP

Parsons & Whittemore, Inc. Vice President

Parsons School of Design Grad Student

Partners in Company Founder

Pasadena Angels Multiple Titles

patara concept owner

Pathlight Account Executive

Patient Pro Head of Product Marketing

Patricia L. Raufer Consultant / Product Management Executive

Patrick G. Hutchinson LLC Developer

paul brindley consults Principal Adviser

Paxful LATAM Marketing Associate

PAXION Creative Labs CEO

PayFit Marketing Manager

payment technology Partner

PC Techcare Systems Engineer

PCH Director BD

PCH International Director of Business Development

PCH International Director of Business Development

PE Data, LLC Principal Owner

Pearson SVP, Digital

PEC Telecom Solutions Multiple Titles

Pedone Marketing,Ad&Media-NY Consultant/Principal

Peer workforce coalition Certified Recovery Peer Advocate

PeerCord Founder

PeerTracks VP

PeerTracks VP Biz Dev

Peloton Multiple Titles

Pending Pending

Penguin Pay Patient Affairs Manager

Penina R Founder

Penn Not involved

Penrose Hill Multiple Titles

People’s Paralegal & Research Services Paralegal

People2people, LLC Founder

PeopleStrata VP, Business Development

Pepperi Office Manager & HR Admin

PepsiCo Tech Lead

Per Scholas Multiple Titles

Perch Lake Capital LLC Multiple Titles

PerfumariE Founder

Perisphere Media Owner

Permanent engineering President

PerScholas Multiple Titles

Perseus Capital CEO

Personal Construction

Persson International Influencer

Peta Trading LLC director

Peterpanland CEO

Petite Home Products, Inc Exec

Petroverge MD

Petvet Technologies Founder`


Pfizer, Inc. Multiple Titles

PGC Growth VP Strategic Growth

PGV Associate

Pharma Sr manager

PhilipC Consulting LLC Decision Maker

Phillio Inc Software Engineer

Phoneado CEO

phurwitz.com Multiple Titles

Phylat Technical Group CTO

picap inc Decision Maker

Pico Media Networks Founder

PieSync Multiple Titles

PIHI Evaluator/Recommender

Pilot Fiber Marketing Manager

Pilota Multiple Titles

PIMCO Software Developer

Pine Creek Ventures Evaluator/Recommender

PINION Decision Maker

Pinna Director Product

Pioneer Mobile Applications Founder/CEO

Pionr Multiple Titles

Pipeline Strategies Consulting CEO

Pipenger and Partners, LLP Managing Partner

Pitch and Publish, LLC Decision Maker

Pitchboy Multiple Titles

Pitchtape Multiple Titles

Pithia Inc MD

Pitney Bowes Marketing Automation Specialist

PivottvMedia Managing Partner

pixHere CHIEF

PJ Tech LLP managing partner

PlacePay Multiple Titles

Plan Tech, Inc. CEO

Planned Parenthood Product Manager

Planted Multiple Titles

Platano Plaza, LLC Head of Innovation

PlateRate Multiple Titles

Platform by Per Scholas Director, Relationship Management


Play RMG Director of AM

Playbook Capital Decision Maker

Playmantic Founder

Plenitude Co-Founder

Plug & Play investo

Plug and Play Multiple Titles

Plum Alley Investments Investor

Plus X Multiple Titles

PM Business Advisors COO

PM Consulting Product Marketing Manager

PM Green Energy Marketing

PMI Multiple Titles

PMM Consulting Multiple Titles

Pocket Trainer Future Business Owner

PodcastFarm Managing Partner



Poet Poet

poet poet

Poets House Inc. I.T. Coordinator

Point Family Offices Decision Maker

Point of Rental Sales Development Manager

Polar stork Evaluator/Recommender

Polipop Director

Polymath Labs CEO

Pomponio Consulting, LLC Multiple Titles

Pop Squid MKG Founder

Popin Strategic Partnership

Popin, Inc. Multiple Titles

popit student

Poppin Account Executive

Popshop Frontend Software Engineer

Port Authority of NY & NJ Architect


post.thing.net editor

Postmates Sr. Operations Manager

Power Authority Senior R&D Engineer

Poweryourit.com R & D

Powow Decision Maker

PR PR Account Executive

practicala Principal Consultant

Pragmatex Director

Prana Wellness Founder

Pratt Institute Multiple Titles

Prawn Press Software Engineer

precision ceo

Pregaboo Founder/CEO

Prejuvenate Decision Maker

Preqin Multiple Titles

Preqin Inc Product Designer

Presidio Solution Architect

Presidio Ventures Associate

PRIM Technologies Inc Decision Maker

PrimaryTab.io Multiple Titles

Primerica Multiple Titles

Primerica Manager

Primitus Alliances

Princeton University PhD Student

Principal Global Investors Product Specialist

Priority Investment Founder

Prisma Intelligence Decision Maker

Prisms Inc Engineer

Prisms of Reality Inc. CEO

private Multiple Titles

Private Founder

Private Fund Manager Investor

Pro4ia Inc IMAC Field Technician

Proactive Business Solns IT Consult

Probity Ledgers VP, Communications

ProcessGuru, Inc. Decision Maker

PROCHILE Multiple Titles

Product Savvy Consulting Multiple Titles

Progenics Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs

Prohaska Consulting Digital Marketing Consultant

Project President

Project Chronos Founder

Project Job Inc. Founder

project quote llc Influencer

Propelify Apprentice

Prosperity Equity Group LLC Co-founder

ProStaffing Resources Executive Recruiter

Provisioning Senior consultant

Prudential Software Developer

PruTech Solutions Lead Engineer

PruTech Solutions Inc. System Integrator

PS3G Marketing Associate

Pseudo-nym Multiple Titles

PSP Solutions C.E.O.

Psycomp Consulting IT


Public Health Solutions Systems Analyst

Public Telephone Company Vice-President

Publicis Sapient Software Engineer

Publiq Group Principal, Strategy & Innovation

Pud - pure user design Ceo

Puml Multiple Titles

Pumpt Web Developer

Pure Bundle Decision Maker

Pure365 Decision Maker

PureQuest VP

PureQuest Technologies Marketing Director

Purposeful Group Founder

Pursui Fellow

Pursuit Multiple Titles

Pursuit Multiple Titles

Pvh Multiple Titles

PVH Corp Multiple Titles

Pvt Multiple Titles

PwC Multiple Titles

PwC New Ventures Partner and Chief Revenue Officer

PWF Advisory CEO

PX VP Sales

Q Recruiter

Q-ZERO Decision Maker

Q&Q Not involved

Q6 Founder

Qbix, Inc. CEO

QEC Partner

Qorefi Decision Maker

Qrypt CTO

Qtalker Founder

Qualia ops

Quality of Life Laboratory Multiple Titles

Quantime Data Scientist

Quantum Films Software president

Quantum Works Evaluator/Recommender

Quatrro Vice President

Qudos LLC Decision Maker

Quebec Government Office in NY Multiple Titles

Queens College Multiple Titles


Queens College, CUNY N/A

Queerly Health CEO & Co-Founder

Quesnay Inc CEO

Quesnay Inc. Multiple Titles

Quest Diagnostics Marketing Manager

Quick Solutions Software Engineer

QuickFrame SMB Partnerships Associate

Quiet Capital Multiple Titles

Quiet Ventures Multiple Titles

Quovantis Multiple Titles

Quovnatis Technologies Director Product

Qwebny Founder

R D Advisory Services Operations

R. Bogert Consulting Decision Maker

R.S. Cooper & Associates Realty Influencer

R.Thomas Enterprise LLC CEO

R/GA Ventures Strategy Director

R/GA Ventures Associate

R&D Incentives Group Consultant

R2 Multiple Titles

r4 Technologies Client Solution Expert

Rachel Olivia Pilates Owner

Rackspace Multiple Titles

Racon Photo Principle


Radical Wonders Director

Radically Healthy CEO

Radius financial education Vp

radnet Multiple Titles

raduno co-founder

Rainbow Life Coaching Founder

Rakuten Americas Director, Event Marketing

RAM President

Ram Doot Management Decision Maker

RapidRatings Client Success Manager

Raquel Reis Coaching Multiple Titles

Ravco Marketing, LLC Multiple Titles

Raven Hound Ventures LLC Decision Maker

RB Associates Systems Analyst

RBC Business Architect

RCI Exec. Directer & Parnter

RCI Technologies EVP

RD Advisors Head of Investor Relations

RD Shanklin & Associates Multiple Titles

REACT Investments CEO

readorium corp science editor

Ready Set Rocket Co-founder

Real Broadcasting Company Founder & CEO

Real Life Innovations Multiple Titles

Real Property Valuation Solutions Consultant

Real-Life Innovations Managing Partner

Realex Capital Managing Director

RealStash Founder

realtor.com Product Manager

Realworld Head of Brand

REBEL Co-Founder

Rebel One - RBL1.com Managing Partner


Recess Science & Education

Rechmial Productions LLC Multiple Titles

Recleau Cofounder

Recleau Co-founder

Recom BioDesign Founder

recruit.joeymejias.com Decision Maker

RecycleGO CTO

Red Carpet Rocks Decision Maker

Red Shepherd INC CEO/ Co-Founder

Redetruck Founder

Redmost CEO

Redstage Multiple Titles

Redwood Property Group Associate Broker

Reel Prophecy Cinematographer

Refersion Director of Customer Success

Refinery Hotel Group Sales Manager

Reflow Decision Maker

Refresh Smart Home VP

Reg QA

ReGenerate Tech Chief Networking Officer

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Senior Engineer

Regi Director Strategy

Regikim Decision Maker

registria qa engineer

Reimbursify Multiple Titles

Related Companies Sr. Sourcing Mgr.

Reliefweb Product Manager

Rememorate Co-founder

Remote Much Multiple Titles

RemoteVenue Software Developer

Remus Capital Not involved

Rena Merchant Services Owner

Renaissance Inc. Multiple Titles

Rently Manager

RentRedi Multiple Titles

Reonomy Sales Manager, Mid-Market

Replay Listings - Apartments for rent in NYC CEO

Report It President

Reputation Transfer Founder and CEO

ReShape Evaluator/Recommender

ReShape life sci Cto

Resilience Capital Ventures LLC Decision Maker

Restaurant Associates Server

retired Multiple Titles

Retired Teacher Multiple Titles

Reuse Society Founder

Reuters News & Media Partnerships

Reverse Swing Capital CFO

RevGrow Chief Instigator

Revhealth Multiple Titles

Revinax VP

Revive Founder

RF Cuny Research assistant

RFCUNY Multiple Titles

RG Group CEO

RHI Multiple Titles

Ricardo Inc. Developer

Rich Smart Inc. Secretary

Richard I. Stern, Esq. Attorney

Richemont North America Business Development

RichLegal Multiple Titles

Rigor Performance Architect

Rimon Law PC Multiple Titles

Rimon, P.C. Partner

RING RING, LLC Unforgettable Numbers

Rinno Technologies, TipTags.co, EV Safe Charge Influencer

Ripcord LLC Managing Partner

Ripple Analytics Inc. Multiple Titles

Rising Startups LLC CEO

RiskGrid Algorithmics Technologies Chief Business Advisor

Ritani Product Manager

Ritvik Data Sciences LLC CTO

River Valley Homes LLC CEO

Rivet CEO

rivingtonstreetfilms.com Principal

RJ Business Strategies, LLC Decision Maker

RJ Finance CFO Consultant

RJ Finance Consulting CFO Consultant

RKA Inc. President

RKO Security Multiple Titles

RKT MKTG Account Manager

RKTMKTG Content Creator

RL Cleveland Group Marketing Director


Roast Me Co-Founder

Roc Search Recruitment Consultant

Rockefeller Group Deirector

Rockerbox Developer

rockerfunder Multiple Titles

Rocket Dollar Director of Business Development

Rockwell Automation Technology Manager

Rokamat North America Manager

Roko Labs Product Manager

Rokt Marketing Operations Manager

Rollo Mental Heath Not involved

Ron motors Multiple Titles

Rong Rong Colpitts Entrepreneur

Roofheads ceo

ROSCA Founder

Rosecliff Ventures Investment Analyst

Rothman's Administrative

Rough Draft Ventures Investor

Round Hill Ventures Investor

Round Hill VR President

Route Namibia Trading Founder

Roux Founder

Rowan Technology Multiple Titles

Roy Technical Services SMLLC PC Tech/DBA/Network Admin

royadreamllc ceo

Royalty Recovery Inc. Vice President


RPW Technology LLC Partner

RSL Communications President

RSM Senior Manager

Rsquare media Ceo

Rtg Maine investment Real Estate

Rubric Contracting Principal

Ruder Finn SVP, Head of Emerging Technologies

Rumayor Marketing CMO

Runway East Evaluator/Recommender

Runway Venture Partners Managing Partner

Russell Tobin Multiple Titles

Rustcraft Digital Founder

Rutgers University Multiple Titles

RW Not involved

RxPost CEO

Ryan Wiggins Development Web Developer

S-PRO Лицо, принимающее решения

S&GGLLC Trader

S4HC Multiple Titles

Saama Technologies Multiple Titles

SAAVHA Inc Decision Maker

Sabbatical Recruiter

Sachie Hirayama Retail Strategies Retail Strategist/Retail Journalist

Saferock ceo

Saffron Edge Multiple Titles

Saint Peter’s University Student

SAL Decision Maker

sales tels

Sales Expand Ltd Decision Maker

Salesforce Multiple Titles

Salesforce Ventures Multiple Titles

salexpress ceo

Salt and Savor Food Editor

Salty Software Engineer

Salut CEO

Samesurf Senior data analyst

Samsung Multiple Titles

Samsung SDS Marketing Analyst

Samsung SDS America Sr. Procurement Specialist


Sana Capital Partner

Sandler Training Principal & Owner

Sanofi Director Digital health

Santa Monica College Interaction Designer

Santagati Strategy + Design Creative Director

Santander Digital Proposition

Sapient Search CEO

Sapir consulting Digital Product Consultant

Satellite Innovations Director

Satellite Innovations, Inc. Executive Chairman

Savasinc Founder & Director

Savvy Closet Inc. Founder and Chief Styling Officer

Savvy Partners LLC Principal

Sawyer design vision Proprietor

Sawyer Education & Training Education Consultant

Sawyer Education and Training Chief Learning Officer

Say Bookkeeping Multiple Titles

SB Telecom America Senior Director of Business Developmnt

SBDC Multiple Titles

SBK Consulting Owner / Lead Consultant

Scalability Inc. CEO / Founder

ScaleLA Vice President, Business Development

ScaleUp Group CEO

ScanAvert Founder, CEO

Scanbuy Full Stack Developer

Scannavino Law Multiple Titles

Scapade Founder

Scarinci Hollenbeck Partner

Schieber Research Senior analyst

Schneider Electric Sales Digital Excellence Lead

School Student

schwartz and assoc CEO

Science Park of Crete Influencer

Scion Ventures Director

Scivantage President & COO

ScopeBug Decision Maker

Score mentor

scorp dev

Scott Hopper Consulting Bucketlist Coach

ScrapThat Team Lead

ScreamingBox Business Development Manager/Recruiter

Screenbeam INC. Director, East

Script Entrepreneur

Scroobious Co-Founder & Co-CEO

sdasad Decision Maker

Sds flower shop

Seanpisano.com Web Developer

SeaProducts.co Founder and CEO

Sebring Revolution COO & GC

Secondmuse Multiple Titles

SecuredTouch Business relationship manager

Security Arts COBD

Security Hawk LLC Account Manager

SeedInvest Senior Associate

SeedLegals Funding Associate

Seedrs Senior Manager

Seethos CEO

SegelVision Media Managing Partner

Selby Jennings Recruitment Consultant

Select Venture Partners Evaluator/Recommender

SelectOne Director of Recruiting

Self Assembling Systems Cofounder

Self company Self employeed

Self employed Multiple Titles

Self Employed - Overseas Consulting Decision Maker

Self Emplyed Data Scientist

Self-Employed Software Engineer

Self-employed Contractor Media Consultant

SelfMade, Inc. Software Engineer

sell IT better Decision Maker

Selligent Marketing Cloud Client success

Sempai Co-founder

SemperAudeo, Inc. President

sencity eir

Sendeavors Solution Architect

Sensitek National Account Manager

Sensory Nirvana NYC Tech support

Sentient Law Group, PC Decision Maker

SeqHub Analytics developer

Ser Partners Managing Partner

Sero Partners Managing Partner

Serval Ventures General Partner

Served Fresh Media CEO

Services Alley.com Decision Maker

Seven Capital Decision Maker

SevenFifty Software Developer

Seventh Reach Media President

SF Media Media Coordinator

SFL Scientific Evaluator/Recommender

Sfumato CEO

SG Multiple Titles

SG Analytics LLC Analyst

SGAssociates Senior Director


SH Venture Fund Managing Partner

Shalom International Corp Multiple Titles

Shalom International Corp. IT Director

Shantel Moses LLC Owner

Shared Studios Director of Global Operations

shari.pople@gmail.com shari.pople@gmail.com

Sharp Packaging Solution QA Inspector

Sharpe Management Consulting LLC Management Consultant

She Sailed Far Co-Founder

She TV Media, LLC Decision Maker

SheepRebel Creative Director

Sheppard Mullin Partner


Shift 7 Digital Front End Engineer

Shine Foundation Multiple Titles

Shinkin Central Bank Multiple Titles

ShipBob TA Manager

Shiseido Manager

Shopper Path Impact Chief Thought Leader

Shopper Update Management Tomador de Decisões

Shoptaki Multiple Titles

Shoptaki Multiple Titles

Shorelight/Adelphi University Student Services Advisor

Shortlist MD

Shotwell Productions Owner

Showcase Foundation Pte. Ltd. CTO

SHRM Manager, Workplace Innovation

SHTAR Founder

Sia Partners Multiple Titles

Sichenzia Ross Ference Multiple Titles

Sichenzia Ross Ference LLP Partner

Signafire CTO

Signal Benders President

Signal Insights Inc Co-founder

SignalBase Multiple Titles

Signature Sites,LLC President

Silbert Consulting Multiple Titles

Silver Lake Associate

silverpine advisors software developer

Simbeeotic Founder

Simple Venue President

SimpleVenue Multiple Titles

Simplex Services Chief Architect

Simply Robotiz Digital Content Creator

Singapore Angel Network Evaluator/Recommender

Singles Travel Service president

SINSAT, Inc. ceo

sip investor

Sira Manager

Sirenum VP Sales

SiriusXM Sr. Marketing Manager

SIRL Inc SVP of Engineering

SiteCompli DevOps Engineer

Siteroll.tv Consultant

Six Bridges Capital CEO

SIX Financial Information Head Data Delivery

SJ Associates Technical Account Manager

SJP Capital President

SK hynix Senior Investment Manager

SKAZI.CO Agile DevOps Coach

SKIE Statistician

SkillSoniq Sales

Skin Science Advisors, LLC Founder and CEO

Skipti CTO

Skookum Senior Product Strategist

Skycamera Owner

SkyCap co-founder

SkyFlix Product Manager

Skylark Software Enginner

SkySchedule Inc Decision Maker

skyto Multiple Titles

Skyya Communications Multiple Titles

slg president

Slidebean CRO

Sling CEO

Slonim Legal IP Strategist

Small Bear Electronics GM

Smart Age Brands Manager

Smart Capital SVP of Marketing

SmartBeings, Inc. CDO

smartdatascience C-founder

Smarten Spaces Technical Consultant + Software Developer

Smartfarms Network CEO

Smartgraphe Business Manager

Smartly Built Managing Director

Smartsheet Sales Engineer

Smashing Graphics Game Studios Multiple Titles

Smashing Graphics Game Studios Designer

Smashing Graphics Game Studios LLC Chief Executive Officer

SMC Consulting Multiple Titles

SMK Electronics General Manager

SMMC Dir. Creative Services + Technology

SMMC - Sun & Moon Marketing Communications Multiple Titles

SmoothAI CEO

Snacc Multiple Titles

Snagg Co-founder

Snap, Inc Not involved

Snaps / Sole Bicycles Decision Maker

Snark.world Instructor

Social Done Right Founder

Social Impact Projection Founder

Social Misfits Media Director

Social Strategy Founder

Socially Engage - Brooklyn Social Media Marketing Agency Director

Societe Generale Multiple Titles

Socure Privacy Lead

Soda Multiple Titles

SoftBank Telecom America Senior Director of Business Development

Softbank Telecom America Corp. Director

Softchoice Account executive

Softheon Multiple Titles

Sofware Engineer Sofware Engineer

SoHo Square Solutions Business Manager

SoHoMiLL.com chief design engineer

Sojitz Corporation of America Senior Manager

Sol Consultant

Sol de Janeiro Global Events Coordinator

Sol Mat Owner

Solar One Energy CEO

Solely Original CEO

Soliddd Corp ceo

Solisinvest Managing Director

Solo Funds Decision Maker

SolutionDean Multiple Titles

SolutionPort, Inc. President

Solvay Innovation Project manager

Solvd Head of Growth

Sony Music Senior Product Manager

Sony Music Entertainment Associate Director, Partner Development Analytics

Sophelle CEO

Sophia Furman UX Design UX Designer

Soppler Student

Soroban Inc. Founder

Sosokan CMO

SoundCloud VP Growth Marketing

Soundhouse --

SourceWW Decision Maker

South Pole Labs CEO

Sovtes Co-founder

Sovy Trust Solution Dublin lead opeations


Spanish Trade Commission Evaluator/Recommender

Spark Manager

Sparkinity Multiple Titles

Spatial Ecology Director

Spatialize Founder

Spatialize XR Founder

Speakeasy Inc. VP & Consultant

Spectranomy Founder

Spectranomy Ltd. Founder

Spectre Holdings Decision Maker

SPG Senior Consultant

SPG Consulting President

Sphere Vice President

SpiderTwin Solutions Multiple Titles

Spinus Ltd Founder

Spire Group Inc. Multiple Titles

Spirited Strategy President

Splitgym Founding team

Spoke CEO

Spot.IM Technical solutions specialist

Springboard Ventures Pres

Sprinklr Strategy

Sprint Curiosity Client Director IoT

Sprint- Curiosity Sr Client Director IoT

Sprint- Curiosity IoT Sr Client Director IoT

Sproutt Head of BizOps

Spy Principal

Squarefoot Director

Squarespace Multiple Titles

Squlptr Founder

SRECTrade Not involved

sRide Multiple Titles

SS Advisory Head

SS&C Engineer

SSCG Media Biddable Media Associate

SSL Global Holdings CEO

SST Evaluator/Recommender

St. Francis College Multiple Titles

St. John's University Director of Employer Relations

St. John’s University Undergraduate

St. Joseph's College Professor

Stacked Capital Partner

Stacked Capital Partner

Stage1 CTO

Stage2Startups Founder

Stamford hospital Multiple Titles

Stamford Innovation Week Executive Director

Standard Industries Evaluator/Recommender

Star Organizers Professional Organizer

Star Organizers Organizer

Starbright Mgr

Starbucks Multiple Titles

Starcom Director

Stark Design President

Starlight Investments, LLC Decision Maker

StarLit Global President

Starry Customer Success Manager

Starry Internet Multiple Titles

Start Up Nation Central Decision Maker

Start-up Decision Maker

Start-up Founder (Working with Hyper) Start-up founder

Starta Ventures Evaluator/Recommender

StartUp Multiple Titles

startup founder

Startup Boost Not involved

StartUp Sales LLC Multiple Titles

Startup Solutions Founder

Startupalooza CEO

StartupSupreme Founder

Stash Evaluator/Recommender

Stasher Multiple Titles

State University of New York at Delhi Multiple Titles

Statement Home Founder

Stay Woke or Not Founder

StaySavvy Founder

Stealth Multiple Titles

STEAM for humanity Founder


STEAMed Drones Decision Maker

Steereo Community Manager

Stella.ai, Inc. Director of Operations

Stellar Services IT Field Technician

Step up league Coding instructor

Stephanie Grayson Arts LLC Owner/Founding member

Sternberg Investments Multiple Titles

Stevens Institute Multiple Titles

Stevens Institute of Technology Multiple Titles

Stevens Institute of Technology Recent Master's Graduate

Stevens Institute of Technology, School of Business Consultant

Sticker Mule Social Lead

Stijn Christiaens CTO

Still-unnamed music app Founder

Stillwaters Partner

StockM Multiple Titles

Stoic Media Multiple Titles

Stonby Brook University Business Development Mgr. and Entrep. In Residence

stonebridge capital markets cio

StoneHorse Enterprises Multiple Titles

Stony Brook University Multiple Titles

Stora Enso Paper GmbH Decision Maker

Stories From the New World Writer

Story Lounge Poducer

StoryBilder founder

Stransky Consulting Decision Maker

Straphanger’s Junction LLC Owner

Strategic Allies Limited Evaluator/Recommender

Strategic Allies Ltd CEO

Strategic Business Alliance Inc. Managing Partner

Strategic Sales Evaluator/Recommender

StreetCred Labs Software Engineering Intern

StringFlix CTO

Struct Club CEO & Founder


StuCom Ceo

Student Multiple Titles

Student Multiple Titles

Student at City Tech Graduating STudent

Studio Black NYC CEO / Creative Director

Studio33 Startup Director

Studio71 People & Organization

Studypal Decision Maker

StudyPal.co Decision Maker

Style Music TV Media Editor

Style.me CEO

Styledotme Fashion and Lifestyle Private Limited Evaluator/Recommender

StyleRow Decision Maker

Success in Web, Inc. CEO

Suitless Inc. Decision Maker

Sullivan Global Consulting Managing Partner

SumForge Advisors Principal & Founder

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Vice President

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Vice President

Summer Multiple Titles

Summers Consulting Not involved

Summit Video Productions Multiple Titles

Sun Pharma Multiple Titles

sun-treader vp

Sunbolt Multiple Titles

Sunhill LLC Founder

Sunowner Inc Decision Maker


SUNY Delhi Multiple Titles

SUNY Delhi Computer Club Student

SUNY New Paltz Multiple Titles

SuperFan.ai Founder & CEO

Superior Office Systems Senior Account Manager

Supernova Founder

Supernova Agency Founder, CEO

Supernova Consulting President

Supplio.io BDM

Support Center for Nonprofit Management Consultant

Supporting 1 Another Multiple Titles

Supporting Strategies - NYC CEO

SurfTheWeb.com & .TV CEO

Susan D. Fine Enterprises, LLC Manager

Sussd Founder & CEO

Sutton Capital Evaluator/Recommender

Suzy, Inc cross-functional deisgner, saas

Suzy, Inc. VP of Marketing


Swan Sit LLC Owner

Swap founding team

Sway Workplace Head of Community

SWAYworkplace Multiple Titles

Sweetwatar Multiple Titles

Swerve Inc. Sr Industrial Designer

Swiftarc Not involved

Swiftarc Group Not involved

Swiftarc Ventures Portfolio Support Associate

Swimlane Director of Customer Success

SwingShot LLC Decision Maker

Swirl Founder & CEO

Swisslog QA TESTER

Swoop Funding Evaluator/Recommender

Swype Global Ltd CBDO

Swytch Founder

SYAXL LLC Evaluator/Recommender

Sylvan Learning Tutor

SymbaSync CEO

Symbioco Director

Synacor Inc Technical Product Manager

Synchealth o

Synchrony Multiple Titles

Synchrony Financial Multiple Titles

Synchrony Ventures Vice President

Syndicatebleu Managing Director

Synechron UX | UI Designer

Synergy insights Founder

synergy realty inc Vp

Synergy Realty, Inc president

Synzen Ventures Influencer

Syosset Schools ed tech librarian

SYP! Inc Founder

Syracuse University Multiple Titles

Sysut Computers President

T2 Computing Multiple Titles

T3 Expo Vice President of Sales

Taboola Not involved

Tabs Inc business development

Tacitus Decision Maker

Tackle.io Multiple Titles

Tag Technologies, Inc. COO

Taha Trading Company Inventory & Cost Control Officer

Tailored Partners Managing Partner

Takata Corporation Mr

TakeOverKids Decision Maker

Takihyo Co., Ltd. Decision Maker

Talaera CEO

Talent Retriever Decision Maker

Talentful Principal

Talentica Software Senior Director

Talking Enterprise Strategist

Tambora Ventures Multiple Titles

Tandem Consulting Managing Partner

Tandem Marketing Communications Managing Director

Tangentline LLC Owner

Tanium Director

Tapad Security Manager

TapArt Founder

TapRoom Decision Maker

TapTab CEO

Tarform COO & Cofounder

task digitalworks manager

TAXMAP Founder

TaxTaker Head of Accounting

Taylor Wessing Influencer

TBD Multiple Titles

TBP&L Invest Decision Maker

Tcs Multiple Titles

TD Ameritrade Software Engineer

TDK sales manager

TDS LLC Multiple Titles

Tea Solutions Mgr.

Teachers College Columbia University Not involved

Teachii Founder

Teaching Strategies Renewals Associate

TeamPlayerHR Multiple Titles

Tec X

TECA Director of Operations

Tech Coast Angels Multiple Titles

Tech Incubator at Queens College Executive Director

Tech startup Decision Maker

Tech Taxperience Founder

Tech up for women President

techamerica engineer

TechCXO Multiple Titles

TechFinance Advisory LLC Multiple Titles

Techforgoodlives Founder

Techolution Multiple Titles

Techshelf Inc. CEO

Techshelf Inc. CTO

Techstars Program Manager

TechStudio Project manager

TechTaxperience Founder

Techtog Decision Maker

Techurity Project Manager

TecPeo LLC owner

TEDx Multiple Titles

TeePublic Senior Customer Service Manager

TEG Energy Group, Inc. Engineer

Tejo Designs Design Director Consultant

Tekbytes Multiple Titles

Tekscape HR Generalist

TEKsystems Account Manager


Telebrands Corporation Vice President, New Product Acquisition

Telecommunications General Manager

Televaction Multiple Titles

TELK Group Co-Founder, Chief Product & Technology Officer

Tellus VP of Provider Sales

tempCFO VP Sales

Tempest Systems Inc. Multiple Titles

Ten Cadence Founder

Tenebaum & Shivers llp Receptionist

Tenfore Holdings Investor

Tengtu Inc. Multiple Titles

Tepper School of Business Not involved

Terrabona IT Director

Terry Alan Unlimited Web and Marketing Consultant

Tesla Decision Maker

TestArmy Multiple Titles

TetherView Executive Director

Tetratech Architect

Texas Tech University Student

TGTSNBN INC web developer

That's Nice LLC Senior Project Manager

That’s So Punk Editor

Thats So Punk Editor

THCBD LLC Multiple Titles

The 119 Decision Maker

The A Team Multiple Titles


The ARC Companies VC Analyst

The Art of Travel Japan Multiple Titles

The Assemblage Membership Sales Manager

The Bachrach Group Multiple Titles

The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd Multiple Titles

The Bayeux Group Manager

The Big Pitcher director

The BRANDarchist Founder & Chief Strategist

The Brew Decision Maker

The Chazin Group LLC Chief Motivation Officer

The Cit College of New York Student

The City College of New York Multiple Titles

The City College of New York CUNY 2x Tech Manager

The City University of New York University Directory of Decision Support

The Coding Space Android Developer/ Instructor

The Creative Lab Chief Creative Officer

The Data Incubator Partnership Account Executive

The Den Collective Founder

The Department for International Trade Senior Investment Manager

The DMZ Community & Recruitment Lead

The downing street group

The Encore Initiative Advisor

The Frick Collection Chief, Collections Management & Access

The front lawn inc Syfe set

The Future Fox CEO

The Gallatin Group LLC Principal

The Gallivant Times Square Hotel Sales Manager

The Garifuna Market Founder

The Garrigan Lyman Group Multiple Titles

The Gesture Group Artistic Producer

The Giglist LLC Founder

The Glimpse Group Unity Developer

The Global Executive Founder

The Guard Market Senior Vice President

The HappyLoaf Company Founder

The Health Innovators Managing Director

The Hyacinth Group Founder and CEO

The Institute for Business Success President

The Internet of Fashion Founder/ producer


The Job Auction Director

The Jovanis Group, LLC CEO

The Joyo Bank, Ltd. Chief Representative

The Knowledge House Multiple Titles

The L Factor Ltd Multiple Titles

THE LATEST (TheLatest.com, Inc.) Decision Maker

The Law Office of Biana Borukhovich, PLLC Attorney


The Law Office of Steven Rosenthal Attorney

The Lead Multiple Titles

The Look Decision Maker

The Luminations Group President

The melody book iOS dev/ux

The MITRE Corporation Multiple Titles

The Neilande Company Multiple Titles

The Neilande Company LLC Managing Partner

The New School Multiple Titles

The New York Fashion Tech Lab Managing Director

The Pet Diaries Founder

The Points Guru MD

The Port Authority of NY & NJ Senior Architect

The PR League Managing partner


The Reverie School Founder


The Rich Net, LLC Executive

The Riverdale, Y Membership Director

The SAFE Button Ceo

The Silver Telegram CEO

The Slice Magazine Multiple Titles

The small business expo Partner

the smartclassroom consultant

the spear Multiple Titles

The Startup Station President

The Strategic Edge Founder

The Straw Queen Decision Maker

The Studio Museum in Harlem Systems Administrator

The Suite Multiple Titles


The Team Companies Inc Consultant

The Tech Ref Multiple Titles

The TeleDentists CEO

The Truffleist Head of Product

The Vilna Project, INC. Office Administrator

The Virtual Assistant Store Multiple Titles

The virtual therapist Owner

The Washed arts company Influencer

The Work Crowd Co-Founder

The World Bank Group Consultant

The wright Collective llc IT Consultant

The Yard Midtown Manager

The Yard | Space to Work Brooklyn Manager

the360suite.com Multiple Titles

thelighthouse Strategy & Operations Lead

theMiddlePart Partner

Thentic, Inc. CEO

Theory Marketing Growth Marketing

Therapy24x7 Decision Maker

TheraSpace Owner/Director

TheraSpace Inc. Multiple Titles

Thimaralarabiya IT Head

Things Entertainment, LLC Founder

think coffee business development director

Thinkful Engineer

Thinknum Multiple Titles

Thinx VP of Brand

Thinx Inc. Director, Social Impact and Mission

Third Millennium Group Multiple Titles

ThirdEye Tech Decision Maker

Thnks Director, Sales Engineering

Thomas Richter Media Owner

Thompson & Princew Founder

Thomson Retuers Corporate strategy

Thomson Reuters Direct Media sales

Thoughtworks Software Developer

Three Day Rule Matchmaker

Thrive Director, Channels

Thrive Networks Channel Relationship Manager

ThriveFantasy CEO

TicketManager Multiple Titles

Tictic Multiple Titles

tictic Inc. founder

Tier4 Advisors Multiple Titles

Tig Multiple Titles

TikTok Director of Strategic Partnerships

TILT Founder

Tilt Social Multiple Titles

Tilt Social, LLC Technology Marketing Specialist

Tim-P.E Inc Truck Driver

Timehop Full stack engineer

Timenab Inc Founder

Times of India Group Head Sales - Canada & USA

Times Square Church UX Designer

TipTags.co operator/investor

Tire Agent CEO

TK America Multiple Titles

TL Enterprises Principal

TLA Head of strat

TLFO Multiple Titles

TLM House Director

To Find Developer

Tocan BDM

Tofee Multiple Titles

Token Consultant

TOKNY Writer

Tol Owner

Tom's Tutoring NYC Multiple Titles

TOMs Account Manager

Toms Tutoring NYC Owner

Tonus Multiple Titles

TopTip CMO

Toray Industries America Director

Toscana usa Multiple Titles

Toucan Not involved

Touchdown Ventures Investor

TourSleuth Multiple Titles

TPDH Co-founder

Trachet Consulting Ltd Managing Director

Trachet Consulting Services Decision Maker


Tradalaxy Product manager

Trade and Investment Queensland Evaluator/Recommender

Trade Commission of Spain in New York Non impliqué

Trade Horizons Ltd. CEO

TrademarkNow Head of People

TradePost USA CEO and co-Founder

Transamerica Multiple Titles

Transcendence Media Multiple Titles

Transform Your Performance CEO

Transforming Digital Limited Founder

TransLink Strategies Multiple Titles

TransparentBusiness Evaluator/Recommender

Transwestern Senior Associate

Transworld Business Advisors Business Broker

Travel Unity Director

Travelsist CEO

Traxbox, Inc. Founder

Trayde Founder

TrekWisely Founder

Trelawear Inc Founder

Trelawear inc. Multiple Titles

Trend Micro Multiple Titles

Trendalytics Multiple Titles

Trepp LLC Multiple Titles

Tri Star Products Digital marketing

Tri-Jubilee Inter-Community Contribution Company Ltd. President

Tribe Co-Founder

Trifecta Technologies Area VP

Trifigo Multiple Titles

Trimvincible Accountant

Trinity Tech Solutions Co-Founder

Tripsha Founder

Tristar Digital Director

Tristar Consultants Ltd. Director

Triton Executive recruiter

Triton Consulting Executive Director

Trivium Advisory Evaluator/Recommender

Troops.ai Account Executive

troutman sanders Paralegal

Troy Medicare CEO

True Digital Group International Business Strategist

true[x] Director

TrueAlpha Founder/CEO

TrueSight Ventures Partner

Trust International PR & Event Coordinator

Tsinghua University Chinese language student

TST Sale

Turbodega Cto

Turbonomic, Inc Principal Software Engineer

Turck International Biotech Consulting LLC Multiple Titles

Turner Construction Electrical Design Specialist

Turnkey Venture Group Product Mgr

TurnTo Networks Solutions Architect

Turquoise Operations

Tutor Me Multiple Titles

Tutortronics ict

Tutti Decision Maker

Tuxedo Dogs Music LLC Composer

tuzag, Inc. CRO

Twiage Multiple Titles

Twilio Not involved

Twitter Director

Two Coins Group Founder

Two Points Media Founder

TygaBox Systems Inc Multiple Titles

U.S HHS Developer Intern

U.S. Department of Commerce Int'l Trade Specialist

U.S. Department of Commerce Director

UB Evaluator/Recommender


Uber Multiple Titles

Uber Eats Multiple Titles

Uber Technologies Operations Manager

Uber technologies Engineering manager

UBER TECHNOLOGIES INC Sr. Regional Operations Manager

UberEats Strategy & Operations Manager

UBS Financial Services Financial Advisor

UBSCO Opération Manager

UCEDAT Ltd Decision Maker

UCLA Not involved

UCLA Anderson School of Management Multiple Titles

UGE Labs Co founder / CEO

UHG Sr. Software Developer

UHY Intern

UHY Advisors Senior Tax Accountant

UHY LLP Senior Accountant

UK Department for International Trade Business Development Manager

Ukraiian Press reporter

Ukrainian Aerospace Cluster Decision Maker

Ultima CleanEnergy Group Managing Partner

UltraUVTech CFO


UN Multiple Titles

Under Armour, Inc. Evaluator/Recommender

Understood Multiple Titles

Unemployed Multiple Titles

UnicornCG Principal

Unified Practice CEO

Unilever Multiple Titles

Union County College retired professor

Unique Comp Inc VP -Operations & Projects

United Nations Multiple Titles

United Nations Association - Southern NY Multiple Titles

UnitedEx-USA Multiple Titles

Univ Wisconsin ProfessorEmeritus

UNIVA America, Inc. Multiple Titles

University of Bridgeport Multiple Titles

University of Pennsylvania Researcher

University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Science Student

University of Southern California Not involved

University of Washington grad student

Univision Sr Project Manager/Certified Scrum Master

UniZest Ltd Decision Maker

Unno.app CEO

Unqork Multiple Titles

Unravel Data Head of Growth Marketing

UOB Asset Management CEO

UOB Asset Management (Thailand) CEO


Up Sonder Evaluator/Recommender

Updater Frontend Engineer

Upflex CPO

uplift innovation inc President

Uplink Capital Managing Partner

Upper West Strategies CEO

Upscale Software Founder

Upstage Ventures Multiple Titles

Upward Labs Startup Scouting Director

Upwork Software Developer

Ursula C. Schwerin Library Multiple Titles

US Census Bureau Multiple Titles

us fund for unicef security and compliance analyst

US Japan Publication Multiple Titles

US Navy Data Scientist

USA Corporate Services Inc Decision Maker

USA Student Advisors Decision Maker

USAF Systems Administrator

USAM Group Inc. Multiple Titles

USC Multiple Titles

USC Gould School of Law/USC Marshall School of Business Not involved

USC Marshall Not involved

USC Marshall School of Business Evaluator/Recommender

Use Lit Owner

User Interviews Influencer

User Savvy Principal

USIS AudioVisual Senior AudioVisual Account Executive

USPS Sr. Sales Executive



UXDZ UX Designer/ UX Researcher


Valentine Media Multiple Titles

Valisure Director of Marketing

Valley Bank UX Research & Design

Valley Stream Central High School Sub Teacher

Valtech Sr Product Manager

Vansary CEO

Vaposun Inc. President CEO

Varidus Decision Maker

various freelance producer

Varo Team Multiple Titles

Vasquez Housing Manager

Vaughn College of Aeronautics Director of Career Services

Vaultimeter Group Multiple Titles

Vebo Director of Operations

Vector Associates Partner

VEEPIO Chief of Culture

Vega Consulting Solutions, Inc. Sales Director

Vegpreneur Community Manager

Velan Info Services Offshore Outsourcing services

Vemo Education Multiple Titles



vendi CEO

vendiapp Decision Maker

Vendrly Founder

Venn Community Manager

Vent Creativity CEO

Ventura Associates BD Director

Venture Agenda MD

Venture For America Not involved

Venture University Multiple Titles

VentureEd President

VentureEd LLC President

VenueBroker Destination Event Planner

VeoVeo Founder

ver Evaluator/Recommender

Verbal+Visual CEO

Verisk Product Mktg Portfolio Manager

Verisk Analytics senior marketing manager

Verizon Multiple Titles

Verizon Multiple Titles

Verizon 5G Labs Multiple Titles

Verizon Media Group Business Intelligence

Verizon Wireless Multiple Titles

Verris Inc. Multiple Titles

Vertoe Multiple Titles

vertofx Head of growth

VestNow Founder

Vettery Sr product designer

Vforce Infotech manager

Via Multiple Titles

Viacom Multiple Titles

ViacomCBS Senior Director

Vibe Designs MD

Vicom Enterprise Account Manager

Victor Chu Photography President

videoamp Regional Sales Director

Videosocials Decision Maker

Vidioo Media Group CEO

VidOps Co-founder

Viewpoint Decision Maker

Vinci Partners US Director of Research

Vinofy Multiple Titles

Vinotas Selections Multiple Titles

Vintage Radio Publishing LLC Publisher

vintesh Evaluator/Recommender

Virtual Emotion Resource Network, LLC (V.E.R.N.) Decision Maker

Vis-cal Representative

Visa Inc. Director, Partnership Development

Viscose Illusion, LLC Web Developer

Vision Education & Media Decision Maker

Vision Education and Media Mentor

Visionear Business Advisor

Vistra Multiple Titles

Vital strategies Operations manager

Viter Energy VP Sales

Vitrum Ventures LLC Founder

Vivacity Labs Product Manager

VividComms Multiple Titles

Vizrt Sales manager

VLB Consult Principal

VOC Founder

Voice Communications Director

VoIP.MS Senior Sales Manager

Volansys Technolgies Multiple Titles

Volansys Technology Director of Sales

Volunteer Manager

Volunteers of America Project

Vonage Multiple Titles

vonage.com Senior Account Manager

Voss water Finance Manager

VotingSmarter CEO

Voxpop Founder

VoxpopApp Multiple Titles

Voya Quant Researcher


VoyageWorks COO

vr ceo

VREB Decision Maker


VShift Program Manager

VU Not involved

VU Venture Evaluator/Recommender

VU VENTURE PARTNER Evaluator/Recommender

VU Venture Partners Multiple Titles

w/purpose Multiple Titles

W3 Consulting President


Waitlistr.com Decision Maker

Wallplay Network Full Stack Developer

WallStreetValuation Multiple Titles


Walmart Labs Evaluator/Recommender

Walnut Consulting, LLC Principal

Walsh Interiors Sales Executive

Wamda COO

Wamda IoT Founder and COO

Wami CEO

warby parker sales specialist

WarnerMedia Director Lab Operations

Wavculture Decision Maker

Wavemaker Partners Evaluator/Recommender

Wayaj Evaluator/Recommender

Wcas Associate

WCMP Evaluator/Recommender

WCU Business & Technology Applications Analyst

WDBears Software Engineer

WDBears Software Engineer

WDConsulting Partner

We Integrate, LLC Co-Founder

WeAreLATech Multiple Titles

Web Design Solutions NYC.com Owner

Webair VP of Sales

Webalo Sr. Product Manager

Webenlist Decision Maker

WebMD Software Engineering Intern

wefix CFO

Weill Cornell Medical College Assistant Professor

Well Tech Decision Maker

Wellesley Strategic Advisors Multiple Titles

Wells Fargo Multiple Titles

Wells Fargo Advisors Associate Financial Advisor

Wendy Glavin Agency Founder and CEO

Wendy's Team, Inc Influencer

Werewool Multiple Titles

Werkcrush founder

West Agile Labs, Inc. CEO

West New York Board of Education Multiple Titles

Westbury School District Tech Teacher

Western Union Business Solutions Senior Channel Partner Manager

WESTMED Marketing Manager

Westwood Capital LLC Multiple Titles

Westwood Tax & Consulting Owner

WeWork Multiple Titles


Wharton School of Business Student

Wharton, upenn MBA canditate

WhatSupps UI/UX Engineer

Whine & Dine Networking Chief People Officer

White Fox Scooters Founder and CEO

White Tulip Global, Inc. Multiple Titles

White Wolf Studios Owner

Whitebox CRE Solutions Multiple Titles

Widex Consultant

Wild Orchard President

Wiley UX Designer

Will Power entertainment LLC & voices for the Blind and Visually impaired Founder

Willis Towers Watson Multiple Titles

Wilson Elser Attorney

Wilson Sonsini Partner

Wilson Technology consultant

WIN Advisors Principal

Winjit Inc Multiple Titles

Winnie Mou & Associates Manager

Winnie Ng CPA P.C. System Administrator

Winslow & Company Commercial Broker

Winslow & Company LLC President

Winton VP

Wisdom Square Capital Managing Director

Wise Earthcare Founder

Wishu Decision Maker

Wiss & Company Software Project Manager

wiss.com Software Project manager

Wissner Research President

Withum Principal

WittyKid CEO


WKG Solutions Decision Maker

WLAC Student

WM Manager

WNY MS Tech teacher

WOCstar Fund Evaluator/Recommender

woken founder/ceo

Wolfskill Ltd Decision Maker

woll enterprises president

Wolters Kluwer Senior Manager Corporate Development

Wonderous CMO

Woodrich LLC Decision Maker

Woostudy Multiple Titles

Words and Strategy Strategist and Writer

workers.org comrade

Workforce Prosperity Initiative Multiple Titles

WorkFusion Delivery Manager

Workplace Intelligence Owner

Worksave Technology Ltd Decision Maker

WorkStride VP, Revenue

World Expo Theater Business Analyst

World Gold Council Deputy General Counsel

world Gold Council Deputy General Counsel

World of Ethee Creative Director

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc Sr. Director

worldee.com Multiple Titles

Worldtone Sales associate

WorldWatch Plus CRO

Worldwins Coo

Wouchia design Manager

Wpg4 Designs artist

Writerjudy, Inc. Decision Maker

Writopia Lab Chief Operations Officer


Wueyecare Business analytics

WW Engineer

WWV Principal

www.davidm.net Founder

www.invisionate.com Decision Maker

www.keiretsuforum.com President

www.truckvancargo.com Developer / Designer

X Multiple Titles

X Financial data analyst

X40 Associates Multiple Titles

Xallegro LTD MD

Xaxis Project manager

XD Agency Measurement and Analytic

Xena POS Influencer

XRC Labs Growth Associate

Xtras Cofounder

XY Retail Manager

XYZ Multiple Titles

Yale Multiple Titles

Yale Student

Yale School of Management Multiple Titles

Yale School of Management Multiple Titles

Yale University Student

Year Multiple Titles

Year Up Multiple Titles

Year Up New York Multiple Titles

YearUp IT Instructor

Yelp Account Executive

yembo vp of sales

YEOs Co-Founder

yes king

Yeshiva University Multiple Titles

Yeshiva university Multiple Titles

Yext Software Developer

Yieldstreet Product Manager

Ying De Group head of marketing

Yingde Group Ltd BDM

YIVO/Center for Jewish History General Archives Intern

YK Law Attorney

YKB Analytics Data Analyst Consultant


YNW LLC Managing partner - IT Consulting

Yoda Labs Chief Data Scientist

Yofii, Inc. Multiple Titles

Yoga with Lea Yoga Teacher

Yoh Services Multiple Titles

Yorkseed Co-Founder at Yorkseed

Young Attitude Technologies CEO

Younity Director of Operations

Your Village Inc President

YourLocal CEO

YouVersion Project Manager

Yozma Asia Head of Eastern U.S.

Yucaroo Decision Maker

YWCA Digital Learning Academy Teaching assistant

zac ventures inc ceo

zamisu Decision Maker

Zar Leasing

Zar Property NY principal

zbest partner

ZEAMO Decision Maker

Zebra pr llc Resource Liaison

Zelkova Ventures Partner

Zemingo VP Customer Success

Zenith Media Associate Director

Zenon Manager

zepvalue developer

Zero K Marketing CEO


Zguards Marketing Director

Ziff Communications Inc President

ZigZag Multiple Titles

Zipari Product Analyst

ZLanguage Linguist

zobi Multiple Titles

Zodiak Fashion Inc Multiple Titles

ZogSports LLC Queens Portfolio EFT

Zoho Business Development

Zombies in NYC The dude

ZOOMLOOK Multiple Titles

Zorpads, Inc. Cofounder


ZSdesigns Director

zumo ltd Multiple Titles

Zuora Consultant

Zventus Marketing

ZX Ventures (AB InBev) VC Investor

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