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Attendees current as of 04/20/2019

- Project Manager

_ Multiple Titles

___ ___

------ Full Stack Jr. Developer

--None-- None

:) Unemployed

. Multiple Titles

. SI Sr. Accountant

.. Platform Developer

‘68 Partners Founder, Principal

‘68 Partners Multiple Titles

(AMMO) Amphetamobile, LLC CEO

[m]Platform, GroupM Vp engineering

#nycmixing Multiple Titles

$ Ching $ inventor

0012445704 CXO

1 - 2 yrs Coordinator

1 Sound Choice CEO / COO

1-800Accountant Multiple Titles

100RC Director

1010data Director, Education Program Management

10Pearls VP, Business Development

136 EAST 56TH STREET Consultant

1949 Multiple Titles

1953 consultant

1954 Consultant

1961 Managing Partner

1963 CMO

1965 consultant

1977 Marketing Consultant

1981 VP, Media Strategy

1982 Multiple Titles

1986 Account Manager

1990 Multiple Titles

1991 Multiple Titles

1992 Multiple Titles

1993 Student

1995 Multiple Titles

1996 Multiple Titles

1997 Multiple Titles

1998 Multiple Titles

1999 Multiple Titles

1CASE Inc. CEO / Cofounder

1LBL President

2001 Consultant


23andMe Developer / Engineer

24i Technical Project Manager

25Madison Associate Director

26FIVE Multiple Titles

26FIVE Global Lab Multiple Titles

2C Analyst

2nd Order Analytics Principal

3 Dubb Web Developer

3 Horizons Interactive C-level

334 West Consulting Corp. Multiple Titles

369fusion.net Immersive Media Maker

3D Animation MRG

3D Brooklyn, LLC Co-founder

3Dapartment.com CEO

3DMFDESIGN Graphic Web Designer

3DprintQueen 3D printing

3L Capital Investor

3po PM

3PO Consulting PM

42 USA Midshipman

420Shoppers entrepreneur

451 Research Data Analyst

522033708 Chef

722 Investments CEO / COO

771011977165 Consultant

8 Path Solutions Founder

9yr Multiple Titles

A Better Mousetrap Founding Editor

A Private Estate Events LLC owner

A.H. CPA, PLLC Accountant

A.T. Kearney Consultant

A2Z Business IT owner

AA Phototech

AB InBev Strategy & Operations Director

AB Tasty Sr Customer Success Manager

AB-inbev n/a

Abbott Capital Management Vice President

ABC Multiple Titles


Abraham Saks Consulting Inc CEO

Absolutely Trophies Inc. CEO / COO

AC Lion Multiple Titles

Acadaca VP Marketing

Academy for Software Engineering Multiple Titles

Accedo Program Director

Acceleprise Principal

Acceleprise Ventures Head of Corporate Engagement

Accentc3 Communication coach

Accenture Multiple Titles

Accenture Strategy Senior Strategy Consultant

AccessLab - Experiential Media & Marketing Founder

Accuracy in Academia Chairman

AccuWeather PM

acs analyst

Active Services LLC Multiple Titles

Actualize Web Developer

Actualize Partners Managing Partner

Actus Consulting Group, Inc. Sales Manager

Actus Consulting Group,Inc Human Resources Consultant

Acumira Founder

Acumira LLC Managing Partner

ACW Multiple Titles


AD-SHOT LLC Multiple Titles

Ada Developers Academy Student Ada Developers Academy

adamdevelops Full Stack Devleoper

adams & associes Multiple Titles

AdaptaCarta Founder

Add Digital Design Lab dev

Adecco/Cirque du Soleil Independent Contractor

Adelphi University Multiple Titles

Adelphi University Multiple Titles

Adephi University Student

ADesign Educator

AdGate Media Multiple Titles

AdGate Media Sales / Business Development

Adjacent CEO

Adkernel LLC CEO

AdMill Corp Multiple Titles

Adobe UX Designer

Adorama UX Designer

ADP Multiple Titles

ADP LLC Senior Director, Product Management

Adrien Hubert Consultant

Adtaxi Digital Marketing Specialist

Adult Computer Literacy Coaching Other

Advanced Computers President

Advanced Software Solutions consultant

Advertizly CEO

Aedit LLC iOS Lead Engineer

Aenvision Inc. CEO

Aergo Security Engineer

Aeries software Softwarr engineer

Aero Interactive CEO

Aetion Director / Manager

AF Advisor

Afr Ceo

AFR/Mesh Media Investor Relations

Africa Diaspo. Consulting CEO

AFSE Multiple Titles

AG FinTech Services Founder

Agency Within Designer

Agile Squad inc Multiple Titles

Agility IO LLC Multiple Titles

AGM Multiple Titles

AHRC Multiple Titles

AHRC New York City Multiple Titles

ahrc nyc Multiple Titles

AHT Global Sales Consultant


Ai Media Group Director, Business Development

AI Techno Labs member

Ai4 Multiple Titles

AIESEC Vice President of Incoming Global Talent

Aig Corp dev

AIK IT Digital CEO

Ailares Product Manager

Aim Data, LLC Analyst

AIQ Multiple Titles

AIR TIGER EXPRESS INC. Business Development Executive

Airbnb Business Designer

AISIN Sales Administrator

Aitarget VP of Product

AJBC5 Director


AJs Gourmet Grilled Cheese Shop Multiple Titles

AKA NYC Multiple Titles

akaWebber Developer / Engineer

akaWebWoman Web developer

Akkadian Labs Multiple Titles

Aksia LLC Senior Analyst

Alamantec CEO

Alana Reese owner

Alchemy Media CMO

Aldwych Managing Director

Aldwych Capital Partner Managing Director

Ale Tech Software Engineer

AlertMe Co-founder


Algo-trading Lead developer/ Technical project manager

Algomatic Software engineer

All About Windows Multiple Titles

All Air Project Manager

All Creative Marketing Marketing consultant

All That Philly Jazz Multiple Titles

AllazoHeath Data Scientist

Alleged Entity CEO

Allegory VP, Digital Media Director

Alley Communications Manager

Alliance International Group President

alliance media strategies Multiple Titles

Allstar 360 Tours Founder

Allvision Marketing Guru

ALM Group Editor-in-Chief

Aloe Care CEO / COO

Alpha Beta Creatives Product

Alpha Vert COO

Alpha'a CEO

Alta Strategy Labs Transformation Program Manager

Alterant Consulting Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy

Alternaluxe Blogger

Alternative Capital CEO / COO

Altice Multiple Titles

Altice USA Multiple Titles

Altversity Founder

Alysha Lalji Founder

Alyvant C-level

Amalgam CEO

Amarok Technologies Multiple Titles

Amazon Multiple Titles

Amazon.com Other

AMC Networks Product Manager of Innovation

American Cancer Society Community Development Manager

American Expess Manager

American Express Multiple Titles

American Express Multiple Titles

Ameriprise Financial Financial Advisor

Amex Product manager

AMPCO Entrepreneur

Amperon CEO / COO

AMST group Director of product

Amtech1, Inc. Partner

Amtex System Inc Cloud Engineer


Anars.com Multiple Titles

Anchin, Block & Anchin Multiple Titles

Anchor Group Corp CEO

Andela Other

Anderson & Anderson LLP Legal Clerk (Pending NY Bar Admission)

AndSheCodes2 developer

Angel IQ Founder and CEO

Anheuser Busch InBev Senior Director

ANICASE Sr. Engineer

Anikin Consulting Owner

Ann Inc Software Engineer

Annalect Student

Anne-Sophie d'Alton Project Manager

ANPRACO Legal Department

ANRI Principal

Ansell Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics and Business Intelligence

ANSYS, Inc Senior Product Engineer

Anthem, Inc Business Operations Oversight

Anthony's Co CEO / COO

Any Companies Multiple Titles

Aon Multiple Titles

APE Principal

Apex Staffing Other

Aplado Inc. CEO

Apollo (DAE) Front End Developer Intern

Apple Multiple Titles

Apple Vacations Merchandising Manager

Application Unlimited Project Manager

Appnexus Director


Apteo Full Stack Consultant

Aqquua Full Stack Developer

Aquaneers Inc Chief Engineer

Aquavit Manager

Aramark HR / People / Culture

Arastu Systems Director of Engineering

Arc Angel Fund Intern

ARC Pubic Relations Sales / Business Development

Arch CTO

ArchCare Multiple Titles

ArchCare volunteer

ArchCare TimeBank volunteer

Archeads Multiple Titles

Architect Industries Founder/CEO

Architectronics Multiple Titles

Arconic Project Manager

Ardian Other

Area54 Technology Director

Areel Inc Founder & CEO

Argentek LLC Sales Representative

Argyle Design, Inc. Exhibit Designer

ARJ Solutions President

ARM Consulting Associates CEO

ARM Insight Cofounder

Arman James Investments Investment Advisor

Arnold and Porter Senior Associate Attorney

Arnold Ventures Grants Manager

Arrow Electronics Multiple Titles

Arrow Solutions Customer Support Analyst

Arteciate Product manager

Arthur D Warady, Attorney at Law Flat Rate Business Lawyer

ArtifificialChat Inc. Founder & CEO

Artistic Solutions Inc. president

artron ventures inc. COO

As One Weds Multiple Titles

ASC Producer

ASCAP Product Mgr

ascent conference director of sponsorships

ashford7 Other

Asia Society Project Lead

ASIANEWS/WIRE business editor

Asimco Managing Director

ASL Productions Multiple Titles

ASL Productions LLC Owner

ASM Group,LLC Founder

ASOS Commercial Director

Aspenbrook Social Marketing Social Media Strategist

AssayMe Multiple Titles

Assessment Technologies President

Associated Press Director of Corporate Strategy and Development

association to benefit children Senior Youth Administrator

Astor Wells, Inc Principal

ASUSTek. Inc. Social and Product Marketing Intern

AT&T Multiple Titles

ATARA Skincare Founder

Athens: New Renaissance Magazine Founder


Athlon Multiple Titles

Atlantic Systems President

Atomic Capital Director of Capital Markets

Atos Support Analyst

Atrium Global Product Development

Ats Team lead

ATT Software Engineer

Atto Software Engineer

Attorney Advertising Newsletter Multiple Titles

Audicus Product Lead

August Consulting Economist

AUM Partners LLC President

AUrate New York Business Analytics, Digital product Manager

Auribus Co-Founder

Auricast FM Product Manager

Aurora Investment Group, LLC CEO

Author Author/Entrepreneur

AutoPal Founder

AutoSmart President

Ava James NYC CEO and Co-Founder

AvaE126@yahoo.com Blogger/Influencer

Avalon Net Worth managing director

Avalonbay Multiple Titles

Avanade Business Analyst

Avatar Entertainment Corp Multiple Titles

Avison Young Multiple Titles

Avitek CEO

Avixa Capital CIO

Avve CEO

Award Financing LLC CEO


Awesome Labs Founder

aws Multiple Titles

AXA Mansard Software Developer

Axispoint Technology Solutions Group Senior Product Sales Specialist

Axl.net Security CEO

AYCE Finance Multiple Titles

B-Hive General Manager

b.Creative Design Consultant

B&H Developer / Engineer

B&H Photo Video Data Quality Analyst

B2B Partner s.r.o. E-Business Manager

B4I Founder

Babbage Calculator CEO / COO

Back to Business Psychologist and Postpartum Consultant

Baiae Co-owner

Bakkt Director

Balex Technologies, LLC President

Bamboo Crowd Talent Consultant

Bandsintown Product Manager

Bank Multiple Titles

Bank of America Multiple Titles

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Multiple Titles

Bank of okohama Chief Representative

BAnking Developer

Barclays Multiple Titles

Barclays Capital VP, Project Management & Business Analysis Sales Technology

Bard College Developer / Engineer

Bard Dynamic, LLC Certified Fraud Examiner

BARK Senior Software Engineer

Barkoff Holdings Multiple Titles

barlands Information & Research Service Other

Barry Tech IT Intern

Barry Tech IT Intern

Barsys Head of Business Development

Barton Digital Agency Marketing and Sales Operations Consultant

Baruch Multiple Titles

Baruch College Multiple Titles

Baruch College Multiple Titles

BASF Multiple Titles

batteryPOP CEO

Bavarian U.S. Offices for Economic Development Project Associate

Bayer Multiple Titles

Bayer Sr. Analyst

Bayer Corp Multiple Titles

Baysi Student

Bayside High School (NYC DOE) Teacher

Bbob Media UberPoobah

BCAPP HR / People / Culture

BCAPP Consultant

bcbs Medical Director

BCG Multiple Titles

BDO USA Tax Senior

BdofEd TechConsultant

Be Centered entrepreneur

Beacon Hill Staffing Group Staffing Consultant

Beacon Payments Account Executive

Beam Health Group Head of Product

beautylink CEO & Co-Founder

BeCareLink CEO

Bed bath and beyond Sale Associate

Bed Bath Beyond Network Engineer

Beebo IT solutions pvt ltd Multiple Titles

Beech Hill Securities Relationship Management

Beinhaker, Maitlin & Goodgold Multiple Titles


Ben Jen Holdings SLLC Investor

Benchmark Creative Group Operations Manager

Benemerito Attorneys at Law Managing Partner

Benemerito Law Partner

Benemobile Multiple Titles

Benjamin & Bradley Venture Capitalist

Bernstein Display VP Creative and Marketing

BeSocial CEO

Best Buy Multiple Titles

Bested CEO / COO

Beta Developer

BetaStuff Software Engineer

BetterPT Multiple Titles

Betts Recruiting Multiple Titles

Bettymedia CEO/Creative Director

BetweenGigsNY.com Founder

bevival.com Founder/CEO

BeyondPrep Owner

Beysocial Innovative Solutions Business Development

BFA Developer

BHM Worldwide LLC CEO

Big Bank VP, App Dev Lead | UI Engineer

Big Click Syndicate LLC Digital Strategist

Big Data journal Co-Founder

Big Drop Inc COTO

Big Purple Button Founder and CEO

BigCityRecruiter Consultant

binghamton student

Binghamton university Student

Binghamton University Entrepreneurship Learning Community Social Media Director

BioStar CEO / COO

BioTrek Wellness CTO, Founder

Bird Dog Analytics Director

BirdDog Analytics Founder

BitRights Multiple Titles

BitRights, Inc. Cofounder

Bizzabo Operations

Bizzshout! Socially Promote Yourself or Your Business founder and CEO

Blackbaud Sales

Blackbird Credit Owner

Blackboard Cloud Architect

Blackbox Multiple Titles

Blackstone Multiple Titles

Blackstone Launchpad Intern

BlackTruss, Inc. Software Engineer

Blackwell Hollinger & Company LLC C-level

Blackwell Hollinger and Company Managing Partner

BlakFx SVP Product Management

BlambStudio Tech

BlambStudio Systems engineer

BleuLife Media & Entertainment CEO

Blink Fitness Scrum Master

BlinkNow Development Manager

Blissfully Account executive

blkdove inc

BLM Analytics & Strategy

BLMA marketing strategy

BlocPower Business Development Lead

blogs online ceo

Blood & Treasure, LLC Multiple Titles

Bloomberg Entrepreneur

Bloomberg Businessweek Tech/business writer

Bloomberg LP Engineer

Bloomingdale's Sr Assistant Buyer

Blue Apron Multiple Titles

Blue Diamond Books Owner

Blue Sky Creative Studio Marketing Executive

Blue Sky innovative Solutions Director

Blue Studios Software Engineer

BlueAvocado CEO

Bluefin Trading Developer / Engineer

Bluemont Partners Multiple Titles

BlueOptima Multiple Titles

Bluepoint Communications Principal

BlueWorth PM/DEV

BluSky Consulting Multiple Titles

Blutag Multiple Titles

bmcc Multiple Titles

BMCC Center for Continuing Education & Workforce Development Student

BMO Capital Markets Associate

Bnk of America Software Engineer


BNY Mellon Analyst

BNY Mellon SVP

BNYM Multiple Titles

Board of ED consultant

Bob Innovation/Design Consultant

BOC Aviation Executive Vice President

boces Multiple Titles


BOCES Barry Tech Multiple Titles

Boces berry tech it intern

BodcomMedia IT Consultant

Body Sculpt of New York Volunteer

Bold New York Real Estate Broker


Bomb Petite Founder

Bonbouton R&D Intern

Bond CPO

Bondi Founder

Bookrn CEO

BookShout Director of Business Development

BookStar Business Ghostwriting + Development Founder

Boone Marketing LLC President

Boreal Front End Programmer

Boro Capital Multiple Titles

Bose Embedded Software Engineer

Boston consulting group digital ventures Experience design

Boston road auto mall Sales

Bot Managers Founder, CEO

Boto.Fi Founder

BounceX Diversity, Community and Inclusion Assc.

Bounty0x Multiple Titles

Bousquet Advisors President


Bowhead Technology Director of E-commerce

Bowlero Corp Multiple Titles

Box Director, Sales

BoxC Chief Digital Officer

Boxed.com Analyst

Boyle Software, Inc. General Manager

BPL Outreach Liaison

BPMG President

BPR Advisory Practice Leader

Brace.ai Software Engineer

Braid Communications Marketing / Branding

BrainStation General Manager

Brainstor[me] Marketing Innovator

Brainstorm(e) Graphic Designer

Bran Management engineer

Brand Lucence Founder

Brandeis University Student

Brandeis University Student

Brandi Bill GmbH JY

BrandTotal Marketing Director

Branison Group President

Brass City Media, Inc. CEO

Brauner Web Solutions Online Marketing Strategist

Braze Developer / Engineer

Bread Finance Software Engineer

Breadbox Software Architect

BreakMates CEO

Breakthrough Social CEO & Creative Director

Bregal Sagemount Senior Associate

Brella Director of Business Development

Brenda Palmer Consulting Founder

Bridge17Startups CEO

Bridgewater State University Multiple Titles

Bright Access Founder

Bright Kickoff Strategies Business Devlopment

Brightlane LLC Multiple Titles


Brilliant Forces Multiple Titles

Bring Israel Home Communications Associate

broad usa manager


Broadhaven Multiple Titles

Broadway Software Engineer

Broadway History oowner

Bronx DA Intelligence Analyst

Brooklyn College Multiple Titles

Brooklyn College Library Director / Manager

Brooklyn hospital center EMR Training Manager

brooklyn public library information professional

brooklyn tailors Multiple Titles

Brooksource Business Analyst

Broujos Paint Contracting owner

Brrbbr Nebebeb

Bruce Feingold Studios Owner

Brux Founder

BSD LLC Entrepreneur

BSG Multiple Titles

BTblock Partner

BTDesigns Marketing / Branding

BTesters Student

BTI International trade advisor

BTII Project Manager

BTIS Mobile Solutions Other

Buckaroo Productions Director / Manager

Budsies LLC CEO

Build Financial Technology, Inc. Founder & CEO

Build Habits Cofounder

Build the Block Consulting INC Founder

Building and Land Technology Vice President, Marketing

BuildingLink Founder

Bumblefish Manager

BURecovery.com Senior Consultant

Burke & Co Co-owner

Burns Group Multiple Titles

Business France Business Development Director – Tech & Digital

Business France Multiple Titles

Business Law Firm LLC Managing Director

Business Models Inc Strategy Designer

Business Tours Multiple Titles

Butterfly.ai Customer Success

Buymeby Co-founder

BuySellAds Operations Manager

BY & LG Director of Buiness Development

BY & LG Director of Business Development

By Nature Consultant

Bynsy Inc Founder

Byte Academy Principal Instructor, Data Science

Byvlada Multiple Titles

C. A. Roze Consulting Consultant

C&A Principal

C&D member

C3R Mega Auto Diagnostic Multiple Titles

C4Q Developer / Engineer

CaaStle Creative Director

CAC America Business Development Manager

CAC America Corp Multiple Titles

CAC America Corporation Business development manager

CACIB VP innovation & project management

Cadillac Head of Digital Experience

CaffieneCodes Student / Freelance Software engineer

CAJJ Software Engineer

Caksav Business Analyst

Calculate Multiple Titles

Caliper Innovation Founder

Callifi Multiple Titles

Caltalis Director of Operations

Camares President

Candid Technical project manager

Candogram Inc. President

Cannon Design Marketing director

CantTellYouYet Founder

Canvass Labs Co Founder

CANY Architecture + Engineering DPC Front-End Developer

Capalino Senior Vice President

CAPC IT consultant

Capicua Student

Capital Cities/ABC Multiple Titles

Capital one Multiple Titles

Capital One Software Engineer

CapitalOne Multiple Titles

CapSource (Capstone Source) Executive Director

CapSource Education Executive Director, Founder

Capy ceo

Caravan Game designer

Cardiomo Care, Inc. CEO / COO

Cardtronics Cash Management Analyst

Care/of Marketing

Career Management Center at Columbia Business School Director, Communications and Operations

CareerKeeper Founder


Caregiver Smart Solutions, INC. Founder

Caribbean Media Services, LLC President

Caribbean’s in Tech and Entrepreneurship Founder

Caring Community Senior Center Multiple Titles

Caring Community Senior Center Accounting

Carl Zucker Consulting Owner

Carly Liebman UX Designer

Carnegie Hill Media Content manager

Carolyn A. Schultz Marketing & Communications President & Founder

Carponents Founder & CEO

CarrierClass Green Infrastructure dba Sunbolt CEO

Carry COO

cartier boutique administrator

CartSpark founder

Casper Multiple Titles

Cassous Group CEO

Castle Consulting Services Multiple Titles

Castle Consulting Services, Inc. President

Castle Hill Capital Partners Intern Analyst

CAT Technology Inc Vice President

CAT Technology Inc. President

Catalyst Investors Associate

Catapult-USA Event Producer

Cayenne realty Real estate salesperson

Cazu Development Studio CEO

CB Insights Product Manager

CBL Homes LLC Multiple Titles

CBS Multiple Titles

CBTS Talent Acquisition

CBW Community Health Center Director Clinical Informatics

CCAI Founding Member

CCI Multiple Titles

CCNY Multiple Titles


CED Systems LLC VP

Cedar Street Capital LLC Other

Cedrus Digital Software Engineer

Celfie Founder

CellGain Multiple Titles

Cellmedia Cook

Cemtrex Executive Vice President

Center for Health and Healing with Alternative Organic products and services director

centertec Multiple Titles

Centiva Project manager

Century Tree Health Education I.T. Director


CER Consulting Services Principal Consultant

CER Consulting Services C-level

Cesar and Sons Services Manager

CFD Sales and Office Assistant

CFGI Director

CG Consulting Founder

ChainX Sales Dep

Chameleon Collective Partner

Chan-Norris Multiple Titles

Changing The Present co-Founder

Characters Graphics Consultant

Charles Fields Associates CEO / COO

Chartbeat Director / Manager

Chase Multiple Titles

Chatdesk Multiple Titles

CHDFS Waiver Service Provider


Cheapoair BI Analyst

CheeNYC Multiple Titles

Cherre Multiple Titles

Chesterfield Advisors Director / Manager

Chettle Labs Multiple Titles

Chetu Account Manager

Cheytec Director of IT

CHF Industries Other

Chi'pau founder

Chicken Noodle Coop Founder

Children's Aid Multiple Titles

China Unicom Americas Director Business Development

Chineys photo Photographer

CHLDC Multiple Titles

Chow NYC Multiple Titles

CHR Media Group Project Coordinator

Christensen Managing Director

Chromation Inc. Entrepreneur

Chu One Software Developer

church Multiple Titles

CI Multiple Titles

Cians Analytics Associate

CICC Wealth Management USA Managing Director


cinema sound engineer

cinema sound studios Other

CINT at Grove School of Engineering Software Developer

CIP LLC Software Developer

Citi Multiple Titles

Citi Habitats Salesperson

Citi Venture Community Head of Partnerships

Citibank Multiple Titles

Citigroup Assistant Vice President

Citispoon Owner

Citrin Cooperman Multiple Titles

Citrin Cooperman & Co., LLP partner

Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP Director

Citrin Cooperman LLP Tax Manager

Citrusbyte Head of Research

City College Multiple Titles

City college Student

City College of New York Multiple Titles

City College of New York Student

City College of NY Student

City Eventions & OOH Impact VP New Business

city of yokohama manager

CitySwoon Marketing & Events Consultant

CIVI-CO Head of Communication

Civi-co Director

CJ Media Solutions, LLC Managing Member

Claims Conference Multiple Titles

ClaimSpace Co-Founder & Head of Product

Clarapath Director of Device R&D

Clarissa Maxwell Product development

Clarity LLC Multiple Titles

ClarityPark Multiple Titles

Classic Memories Multiple Titles

CLB Strategic Consulting Principal

CLC Advisors, LLC CEO / COO

Clean NYC Multiple Titles

Clear Interpreting Managing Director

Cleartech - Clarity LLC Account Executive

Clefpay Founder

Clemaine LLC N/A

Click Digital Advertising Co-founder

Clinica Atencion Integral Bravo Multiple Titles

Clinique Multiple Titles

Clinton Public Schools Teacher

Clio Awards Admin Assistant

Clockwork Orange Partner

Closely Held Strategies Managing Director

ClosetMelody Entrepreneur

Cloud Ingenuity (CI) Director / Manager

Cloud Tech Solutions Multiple Titles

CloudI Principal

Cloudian Director

CloudLex Business Development Executive

Clous Consulting Consultant

Clover Project Manager

Clover Health Multiple Titles

Cltea consulting Consultant

Clutch Talent Multiple Titles

Clutch Talent Recruiter

CMO Effect Founder

cNepho Executive Vice President, North America

CNN Senior Writer Producer

CO Founder

Co-foundme Founder

CO-OP Digital Marketing Apprentice

coachkendiaz.com Professional Tennis Coach

Coalition for Queens Developer / Engineer

Coalition for Queens (C4Q) Developer / Engineer

Coast2Coast Books LLC Accounting Professional

Coda Design Digital Designer

Code Advantage Instructor

CODE Meee Inc. Multiple Titles

Code Nation Multiple Titles

Codecademy Multiple Titles

Codepath Founder

Coding Space Instructor

Coface Business Development Manager

Cogent Communications Sales / Business Development

Cognitive Recruiting Solutions Multiple Titles

Cognizant Multiple Titles

Cognuse Inc. CEO

Cohere Communications Director, Enterprise Sales

Coilpod LLC COO

Coldstor. LLC Founder

Colegio ingles Multiple Titles

Colegio inglés Multiple Titles

Colgate Product Compliance Engineer

Colgate Pomolive Plant Manager

Colgate-Palmolive Multiple Titles

Colgate-Palmolive Company design manager

collabo Magazine Entrepreneur

Collaborative Capital Multiple Titles

CollabsHQ CEO / COO

College of Staten Island Multiple Titles

Collibra Cofounder

Colliers Multiple Titles

Colliers International Multiple Titles

CoLoadX Corporation President

Color Our Town Press president

Color OurTown Press CEO

COLOR TECH painting Multiple Titles

ColorEyeQ CTO

Colorwrapstudio Graphic designer

Columbia Multiple Titles

Columbia Business School Multiple Titles

Columbia Business School, PE Program Program Manager

Columbia Businesses School MBA candidate

Columbia Bysubess School MBA Candidate

Columbia CDM student

Columbia Entrepreneurship Multiple Titles

Columbia GSB Student

Columbia Law School Visiting Scholar

Columbia mba Student

Columbia U Other


Columbia University Multiple Titles

Columbia University Community Wellness Center Outreach Coordinator

Columbia University in the City of New York Student

Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Multiple Titles

Columbia University School of Professional Studies Educational Technologist

Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health Graduate Student

Comcast Marketing / Branding

ComDev Media Founder

Come Play Inc. Founder

Comet Social Media Founder

Comet Social Media LLC Owner

Commit to Green Inc Founder

Common Connect App Multiple Titles

Common Point Queens Part time Assisstant

CommTrade Inc. CEO

Communitas America Senior Program Manager

Community Service Made Easy Owner

CommunityServiceMadeEasy.org Director

Comp Managing Director

Compa Co-founder

Company Student

Compass Multiple Titles

Compassionate Muse President and Founder

Complex Networks Director of Revenue Operations

Compo Advisors Founder

CompuForce Technical Solutions Manager

Computer Rents Inc. Multiple Titles

Computer Science Masters Candidate Software Engineer

Comtech Capital Partner

Con Edison Multiple Titles

Concentric HX Graphic Designer

Concert Principles Owner

Concertio Inc CEO

ConcertPass CEO

Concord Director / Manager

Conde Nast Product

Condeto CEO

Conduit Sales Engineer

Connecthings Product Marketing Manager

ConnectYard Inc. Director Business Development

Connie L. DiMari,MD Physician

ConRes Account Manager

ConsenSys Analyst

CONSORTIUM Multiple Titles

Consulant Consultant

Consulate General of Brazil Multiple Titles

Consulate General of the Czech Republic Deputy Consul General

Consultant Multiple Titles

Consultant Contractor

Consulting Multiple Titles

Consumer Electronics Self Employed

Consumer Reports Multiple Titles

Continental Resources inc Sales manager

Contract Developer / Engineer

Contractor Full Stack Developer

Conversion Capital Investor

Convrs Founder

Coo-e UX Designer

Cool Communicator LLC Coach

COOP Data Analytics Apprentice

COOP Careers Multiple Titles

Coop Tech High school Web Design Intern

Cooper Hewitt Multiple Titles

Copilot VP

CORE New York Licenced RE Agent

Coresight Research Senior Analyst

CoreSite Senior Director of Sales

Corgi Spirits CEO

Cornell Student

Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management MBA Candidate

Cornell MBA Cornell Tech MBA student

Cornell Tech Multiple Titles

Cornell Tech (Fomerly Condé Nast) Product Manager & Tech MBA student

Cornell University Student

Cornell University, Cornell Tech MBA Candidate

Corporate Challenge, Inc. Founder & Managing Partner

Corporate Hiring Solutions president

Corporate Hiring Solutions Inc Managing Partner

Corporate Suites Business Analyst

Corvidian Systems Engineering Lead

Cosmic Capital crypto-economist

Cosmonaut Software Engineer

CoSolo Multiple Titles

Cottages & Gardens Digital Content Director

Couch Founder

CounterStrike Founder

Countly Ltd Sales Representative

Countme.us Founder

CoVenture Vice President

Cpals llc Owner

CPMStar.com Director

CPof NYS Other

CPofNYS Behavioral Intervention Specialist

Craig Newmark Graduate School Graduate Student

Crater Student

Cravath Special Counsel

Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP Associate

Cravingz CEO / COO

Crayon HQ Multiple Titles

Crazies & Co COO

Crazies And Co Investor

Crazies&Co Entrepreneur


CRE Consulting Inc Consultant

CRE8 Co-Founder


creativity is everywhere Creative Strategist

Credit Agricole CIB Innovation officer

Credit Suisse Multiple Titles

Credit Suisse Data Analyst

CreditLand.com coo

Creometry Founder/Software Architect

Cresa Multiple Titles

Cresa NY Senior Vice President

Crimson Education Academic Advisor

Criterion 360 EVP

Cross Pixel Multiple Titles

CrossCompute Multiple Titles

Croud Sales / Business Development

Crown Castle Associate Account Executive

CruCon Analytique Canada Inc. Multiple Titles

Crypto Fund Marketing / Branding

Crypto Fund Partner

CryptoClueless Owner

CryptoNYC Sales / Business Development


CS4All Director / Manager

CSC Multiple Titles

CTEdwards Systems Consultant

CTG Assistant Developer

Ctk Other

CTP Creative Technologist

Cuanto Founder

Cubby CEO

Cubed Strategy Inc. President/CEO

Cubix Inc VP

Cultura Colectiva Multiple Titles

CultureIQ Multiple Titles

Cumul.io General Manager

CUNY Multiple Titles

CUNY Advanced Science Research Center NanoFabrication Manager

CUNY Baruch College Student

CUNY Brooklyn College Student

cuny central exec dir, software institute

CUNY City College Student

CUNY City College of New York Multiple Titles

CUNY City College, Grove School of Engineering Computer Science Co-Op Program Manager


CUNY Graduate Center PhD Candidate

CUNY Hunter Graduate Student

CUNY Lehman College Student

CUNY Lehman College Software Developer

CUNY SPS Web and Digital Communications Specialist

CUNY Startups Director of Marketing and Partnerships

CUNY Tech Prep Multiple Titles

CUNY Tech Prep Tech Career Coach

CUNY/ Software Guild Other

Curb Multiple Titles

Curbicus CEO/Founder

Curiosity Sales Director


Currently Unemployed Accounting / Finance

Curtain Call Founder

Cushman & Wakefield Multiple Titles

Custodia Multiple Titles

Custom Computer Specialists Multiple Titles

Custom Interior Alteration Multiple Titles


CVLRY Co-Founder

CVR Associates CEO

CVS Pharma Tech

CyberAgent Account Manager

CyberGym NYC General Manager

Cyberlitica CEO

CyberQuest Inc Multiple Titles

CyberQuest Inc. Desktop Analyst

Cybertone CMO

Cybertone Inc CEO

CyberZipper founder

Cypress Global LLC Founder

Cypress Group Recruiter

Cypress Group, Inc. VP

CzechInvest Multiple Titles

D.E. Shaw & Co., VP

D&J Marketing specialist

D2HTC Managing Principal

D8aforce Multiple Titles

Daenam Designer

Daily Haloha Co-Founder

Daltech COO/CIO

Damatodesigns Designer

Daniel Aguilar-Rodriguez Student

Dantas Files Multiple Titles

DART Technologies Founder & CEO

Darwin Bay Publishing CEO / COO

Dash Solutions CMO

Dash Solutions Inc CEO

Data Assembly Founder

Data In Motion USA Inc. Multiple Titles

Data In Motion USA, Inc CEO

Data Pro Boston Inc CEO

Data Prospectors LLC CEO

DataAxxis CTO

DataCoded Software Architect

Datactics CEO

Dataminr Multiple Titles

Datateco Data Developer

Datatel Solutions Multiple Titles

DataX Solution Architect

Dateplay COO

Datt Consulting President

Datto Developer / Engineer

Dauna Williams founder

Dave Stern Consulting, Inc. President

David Neff Photography Multiple Titles

David Niles massage therapist

Daytrade Multiple Titles

Daytrader.world Inc Owner

DB Market Risk Manager

DB Capital Alternative Technology Manager

DB Financial Founder

DB Marketing Group CEO

DBJ Americas Inc. CEO

DBS, LLC President

Dealerscope & Connected Design Editor in Chief

DealPrep Inc. CEO & Founder

Dearest Multiple Titles

Dearest, Inc Intern

Decode Multiple Titles

Deep CEO & Founder

Deepak Srikant Director, Professional Education

Deepbit Labs, LLC VR/AR Developer

DeepWater Strategies CEO

Delegation of the Basque Country in the USA International Trade Advisor

Delicious Origins LLC Founder

Deliv Sales / Business Development

Deliver My Meds President

delivery.com Multiple Titles

Deloitte Multiple Titles

Deloitte Consulting Multiple Titles

Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Head of Business Alliance

Delta Children Developer / Engineer

Denka Corporation New Business Development AMGR

Dennek President

Dentistry Multiple Titles

Department of Education IT Support Intern

DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATON Systems, Performance and Assessment Lead

DeployMe CEO

Depositphotos Sales / Business Development



DerButton Multiple Titles

Derive Technologies Director of Marketing

Derivee Capital Advisors COO

Design Multiple Titles

Design creations Web designer

Design Innovation 360 CEO

Designity Multiple Titles

Designs for Growth Marketing Ninja

Designs Unreal Web Developer

desjardins wed developer

Destructive Digital CTO

Deutsche Bank Product Manager

DEV Advisors Principal

devabit Multiple Titles

Develop by Kori Web Developer

Devpost Business Development Representative

DF King Worldwide Vice President

DG Compliance Attrney

DG Recruit CEO & Founder

DGA Security Security Consultant


Dhg Multiple Titles

DHS/HSI Multiple Titles

Diamond NestEgg Founder & CEO

Diaspark Technical Delivery Manager

did not say na

Didactiic, Inc. CEO/Founder

DIEMlife Co-founder

Diffusion Managing Director

Diffusion PR Multiple Titles

Dig Inn Technology Product Manager

Digerati Multiple Titles

Digger Creative Copywriter • Visual Designer • Social Media Marketing

digi.me C-level

Digiconnectt Technologys Private Limited Co-Founder

DigiConnectt Technologys Pvt. Ltd. Founder CEO

Digital Bureau Founder / Sr Consultant

Digital Girl, Inc. Founder and Executive Director

Digital Irish Director

Digital Realty Multiple Titles

Digital Realty Trust Account Manager

digitalrush Chief Growth Officer

digitalundivided Director of Operations

Digitask Consultants, Inc. System Administrator

DiMassimo Inc. Finance Manager

Dimitri consulting Consultant

Dinosaur Securities IT Associate

Direct Gain Consulting Multiple Titles

Director or Business Development Vice President

Discoverybytes LLC Consultant

Disparate Films Multiple Titles

Disparate Films LLC CFO

DistinctionLLC Founder

District #36 Age Friendly Ambassadors Media /Press V.P.

Ditchthespace Inc CEO

Diver Collective

Diversify OSS Associate Director

DJ MasterMind LLC



DMPLANNERS Multiple Titles

DNA Entertainment IT Consultant

documentary marketing director

Doddi Information Technologies, Inc. President & CEO

Doe Multiple Titles

Dohomee Business Operations

Dominion Trust Limited IT Manager

Domio, Inc Strategy and Project Management

Donald Leon Search Managing Partner

Dongjin Marketing Motion Graphic Designer

Dorikin Racing Multiple Titles

Dorothy Founder, CEO

DoSomething.org Marketing Manager

dotmeta Founder/CEO

Double Eagle Process CEO

Douglass Elliman Property Management Concierge


Dow Jones Developer / Engineer

Downtown Music Developer / Engineer

dp@gjstrat.com Managing Member

Dr Smood Marketing Manager

Dr. Michael Hodish owner

Draco Financial Investments President

Draf Ink Other

Dreamfire Multiple Titles

Dreamshakerz Multiple Titles

Dreamstime.com Independent Media Photographer

Drexel Senior Business Analyst

Drexel University Research Assistant

Driftaway Coffee Multiple Titles

DriftPilot Founder

drinkwhat Entrepreneur

Drivr360 Developer / Engineer

Dronile Hiraldo Multiple Titles

Dropbox Multiple Titles

Dropkick, LLC Founder


DSNY Data Architect Intern

Dubin Marketing Strategies Owner

Due Analyst

Dun and Bradstreet Office Manager

Dunham+Company Multiple Titles

Duran Inc Student



dv01 Software Engineer

DW Writer + Trend Expert

DWAK Production Director

Dwell Founder

Dymitech Enterpruses CEO

Dynamic Online Technologies Software Engineer

Dynamo Communications Head of Dynamo New York

Dynata Director

EachScape Software Engineer

Eagle Capital Multiple Titles

Early Metrics Manager US ratings

Earth Experience Designer

Earthling Security EVP

East Delaware River Trading LLC Owner

East Japan Railway Comapny Multiple Titles

East Japan Railway Company Multiple Titles


Easy Trips President

EBC Associates Founder

EBC Associates Founder & CEO

Ebers consulting president

EBSCO\LearningExpress IT Director

Ebury Sales / Business Development

EC1 Partners Multiple Titles

ECG Client manager

echoAR, Inc. CEO

EDHEC Business School Country Manager

Edible Education Other

Edison Digital Partner

EDITED Multiple Titles

EdtechAdvisory Group Multiple Titles

Educational Alliance Data Analyst

EduSim Chief Learning Officer

EE Proto LLC Engineer

EESL Research Assistant

EF Founder

EG - Contractor Software Developer

EGFS Partnerships/Advisor

EGI Studios Multiple Titles

EGI Studios Photography CEO

EHLabs Co-founder

Eifle EA/Liaison

Eifle, Inc. Prophet.s.alexandria@gmail.com

Eigen Capital Director of operations, North America

Eightfive PR Founder

Eikova shop Manager

Ekman Associates Business Engagement Manager

Elated Harmonies Massage Business Manager

ElderPlan Sr. Business Analyst IT/Healthcare

ELEAD President

Electron Valve Product

Electronic Gaming Federation Intern

Elementryx AWS Experts

Elena Takahashi Consultant

Elicit Consulting Associate

Elinik Co-Founder

Elite econnect Real estate agent

Ellavation Capital Advisors Founder & CEO

Ellesaur Arts Artist & Educator

EMA Computer Ingener

eMarketer Multiple Titles

Emax financial Services owner

Emax Financial Services Multiple Titles

Embed Local owner

Emblemhealth Assist Dir ECommerce

EMC Consulting Principle

Emerald watee Senior account executive

Emerald water Senior account executive

Emerald Water Senior account executive

Emerging Media CEO / COO

Emerging Technologies Institute Executive Director

Emerging Variant Investment Analyst

Emissary.io VP of Growth

EMN Director

Emoret Director

Empire Embassy Multiple Titles

Empire State college Student

Empowerment Capital President

EMRG Multiple Titles

EMS Paramedic

Emso Director / Manager

Enagic CIO

encaptiv Multiple Titles

Encargos y Envios CEP

Enchanced Solutions Managing Director

Endorse CTO

Endorse.gg CTO

Enigma Programmer

Enigma.co Marketer

Enkode Technologies CEO

Ennovation Owner

ENS Network engineer

Entercom Account Executive

Enterpreneurs Small Business Network President

EnterSolar Engineering intern

Envestmart Founder

Environment Health Founder

EPA Consultant

EpiMusic CoFounder

Equinix Multiple Titles

Equinox IT lead

Equitae Full Stack Developer

ERG Energy Efficiency CEO / COO

ErgoMassage Founder

Erik Israni, LLC Attorney at Law

Erik Ma LLC Consultant

Ernst & Young Tech Advisory Consultant

Ernst & Young LLP CPA

Erosyche Inc. Designer

ESCAL Consulting New York Director / Manager

Esi Media Multiple Titles

ESL Works Multiple Titles

especially puglia ceo

Esperanza Esperanza

Esperanza Preparatory AcademyNYC DOE Teacher

essec VC Analyst

Essentia Analytics Assistant

Estee Lauder Director, Global Business Intelligence

Estee Lauder Companies Multiple Titles

Estrella Managemebt Business Development

Estrin Technologies President

ETEK Design Engineer

Etienne RN

ETV Product

Evansco LLC Multiple Titles

Events Bazaar CEO / COO

evercore vp

Everflow Sales Executive

Evermore Studios Founder


Evnme Technologies Ceo

Evoke Neuroscience Senior Director of Operation

Evollogic. LLC Founder

Evolve Vacation Rental Network Manager, Customer Experience

Evrone Project manager

Exactly Ltd. Multiple Titles


Excel Rain Man Founder

ExecThread Lead Product Designer

Executive Consulting Consultant

Exem Tech Software Engineer

EXGEN Software Developer

Exhale Manager on duty

Exocetus Autonomous Systems Multiple Titles

Expa Founder

Expedition PR Multiple Titles

Explanatorro Product devolopmet manager

expressway pharmacy merchandising manager

Extended Homecare Registered Nurse

Extensive Business Solutions Chief project officer

Extensive Business Solutions Corp. Multiple Titles

Extole Dir. Account Management

Exusia Managing Consultant

EY Multiple Titles

EY LLP Manager

EY-Parthenon Manager

Eyeful LLC Multiple Titles

ezm Principal

EZPro Enterprises, LLC Founder and President

ezsplit CEO

EZXR Multiple Titles

F8date Developer

Fabalish LLC Multiple Titles

FabFoundry Founder

Facebook SMB Partnerships

FactSet LSE

FactSet Research Systems Principal Software Engineer

Fairfield Research Director

Fairkonnect Director

Fairmont Hotels Software Engineer

Falcon Rappaport &Berkman PLLC Partner

Family Service League Developer / Engineer

Fan Powered Music Multiple Titles

Fantasy Life App Multiple Titles

FAR Creative Managing Partner

Faradise Multiple Titles

Fareportal Sr Product Lead

Farmshelf Marketing intern

Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP Director of Operations

FAS Technology CTO

Fashinnovation Multiple Titles

Fashion Avenue NY CEO

Fashion Eyes Multiple Titles

Fashion Institute of Technology Technologist

Fashion Tech Week NY Communications Chief

Fastmodz Multiple Titles

FastOffice CEO

Fay, Kaplun & Marcin, LLC. Legal Intern

FB Designer

FBrothers & Company, Inc. President


Fedcap Talent Aquisiton specialist

Federal Gov IT Specialist (Security)

fedex Multiple Titles

Fello Co-founder

FemX Ventures Multiple Titles

FENG Chairperson

Fenner Precision Business Development Manager

Fertility for Me Founder

Fetchstr Founder

FF Origins Multiple Titles

FFW Multiple Titles

FFW Agency Director / Manager

Fhetch CEO / COO

Fhlbny Sqe intern

Fidelity Senior Manager Innovation Ecosystem

Fidelity Other

Fiduciary Automation Managing Director

Fifth Third Bank Multiple Titles

FinAcct Consulting Multiple Titles

Financy Multiple Titles

Financy, LLC CEO / COO

FindMyFans Founder

FindNYCoffice President

Finessing FFIRE Business owner

Fingercheck Multiple Titles

Finhabits VP Product Marketing

Finiron Ventures LLC Founder

Fire-Coral Director / Manager

Firnas Corporation President

Firstfire Global Opp. Fund Partner

FIT Multiple Titles

Fit Events Inc. Founder

Fitango Health COO

FitNerd Founder

Five Nines Consulting Mr

Five trader INC Multiple Titles

Fixed Earth Enterprises Inc. President

Fixnox Intern

fiZz Agency C-level

Fjord Multiple Titles

Flanders Investment & Trade Multiple Titles

Flanders Investment and Trade Multiple Titles

Flatbush Nostrand Junction BID Multiple Titles

Flatiron iOS Developer

Flatiron School Multiple Titles

Flatiron school Multiple Titles

Flatiron Schoole Fullstack Web Developer

FLC Business Development and A Consulting

FLC Consulting Consultant

Fleury, Coimbra & Rhomberg Advogados Lawyer


Flightpath Quality assurance intern

Flightpath Capital Partners Managing Partner

Floating Point Group Head of Business Development

FloatingDots Multiple Titles

FloorplanGRP Designer

Flow Commerce Business Analyst

Flow Video Partner

Fluency 34 Owner

Fluent in 3 Months Founder

Flutter Social Multiple Titles

FLY Concierge CEO / COO

FLYRIGHT Multiple Titles

FLYTE Executive Director

Focana Ltd Multiple Titles

Folded Co-Founder

Foleon Customer Success Manager

Foley Hoag LLP Patent Attorney


Fordham Analyst

Fordham Student

Fordham Gabelli Multiple Titles

Fordham Gabelli School of Business Multiple Titles

Fordham IT Multiple Titles

Fordham Univeristy Multiple Titles

Fordham University Multiple Titles

Fordham University Multiple Titles

Fordham University Press Editorial Assistant

Forefront inc Sr Business Analyst

Foresters Financial Sales Assistant

Forge MD

Formerly LinkedIn Other

Forrester Research Principal Consultant

Forsee N/A

Forsquare Director of BD

Forten Analyst

Fortnight Digital Executive Director

ForwardPMX Paid Social Strategist

Fosun Multiple Titles

Foundational LLC Managing Partner

Founder Shield Senior Account Executive

Founder Shield Account Executive

Foxboro Consulting Director / Manager

Foxy AI Founder

Fractal Asset Management, LLC Chief Investment Officer

Frank Rocco Photography Photographer/Owner

Free for all Sales

freeforall.com press

Freelance Multiple Titles

freelance Multiple Titles

Freelance Coder Full Stack Developer

Freelance Content & Software Developer Digital Content Manager

Freelance Designer Designer

Freelance Web Developer Web Developer

Freelancer Multiple Titles

Freelancer Multiple Titles

French and Casey Legal Assistant


Fresh Digital Group CEO

Freshdirect Operations supervisor

Frick Art Reference Library of The Frick Collection Director / Manager

Friends of Sherman Creek Conservancy Inc. CEO/Executive Director

Friends of the High Line Associate Director of Development

From You Flowers SEO Manager

Frontline Education UX Designer

FS Software Eng

FSA Developer / Engineer

FTG Program Director

fuboTV VP, People & Culture

Fueltime CEO

Fuigo Multiple Titles

Fujitsu America, Inc. Client Executive

Fulcra innovations EVP Business Development

Full Throttle It

Fullstack Engineer

Fullstack Academy Multiple Titles

Fullstack Academy Student

Fullstack Academy of Code Multiple Titles

Fulton Waters Founder

Funai Service Corporation President

Fundera Multiple Titles

Fundo Group President

FunMeetup Sales / Business Development

Furey Financial Director of Business Development

Furnishr CEO

Fury3121Rio Multiple Titles

fusemachines sales

Fusion Sourcing Group


Future Care Director

Future Moments Director / Manager

Future Moments Creator

FutureProof Retail Full Stack Engineer

Futures and Options Multiple Titles

futuresol pvt limited programmer

FWD:Everyone Co-founder & CEO

FYNI Graphic and Web Design Graphic designer


G6Ventures Partner

GA Multiple Titles

GA Associates Owner

GABA APP Founder

Gabriel Capital Investment Group Founder and Investing Leader

Gadabout Co-Founder

Gainfy CEO

Gaitx systems pvt. ltd. Director



Galflies Professor

Gallagher Data Science Intern

Gallagher & Associates Visual Designer

Gallery Media Group Developer / Engineer

Gang_Product new school

Gannett Inc. Sales / Business Development

Ganymede Consulting CEO and Founder

Gartner Director

Gate reality Co-founder

Gate Reality Co-Founder

GB3 President

GBN Multiple Titles


GCDi, LLC Tech Startup Entrepreneur

Gea College Student

Geek Com LLC Founder

Geeks Rule Co-Founder


GeneCentrix Marketing Lead

Genentech Product Manager

General Assembly Multiple Titles

GeneYes CEO


Genieously Co-Founder

George Brown College Student

GEP Senior manager, consulting

Geraci Consulting, LLC Consultant

German American Chamber of Commerce Multiple Titles

German Consulate General Vice Consul

GG Solutions Sales Engineer/Trainer

GGG Multiple Titles

Ghering LLC President

gi trak founder

Gift Jeenie Ceo

Gifted Sounds Network CEO / COO

Gillon Tax Advisors LLC Managing Member

Gilt City Account Executive

Girls Inc of Long Island Fullstack Engineer

Girls Who Code Regional Partnership Coordinator

Girls Who Code Girls Who Code Ambassador

Givaudan Fragrances Key Account Manager

Giving Hour Founder

Giz Wiz producer

Gizer Product and Data Analyst

GJK Consulting Managing Partner

GLA Communications President

Glam Dollz LLC Multiple Titles

glenborn president

GLG Consultant

Global Alliance LLC Director

Global arch design Manager

Global Brands Group Multiple Titles

Global Change Associates Chairman

Global Consulting Firm Managing Director

Global Debt Registry Director, Head of Product and Strategy

Global Egamer Inc CEO

Global fashion technology federation Founder


GLOBAL MARKET HONG KONG Developer / Engineer


Global Nielsen Partners Multiple Titles

Global Training & Events Group LLC Founder

Globaldentalmarketplace founder

Glogal Technology Solutions MANAGER

Gloria-Mundi, LLC Manager

Go Far Multiple Titles

Go2Practice Founder CEO

Goalden Hour Cofounder/CEO

GoCode CFO

Gold Standard Solutions CEO

Gold Waiters Co-Founder

Golden Seeds Multiple Titles

goldi Director of Product

Goldman Sachs Multiple Titles

Goldman Sachs Senior Associate

Golondrix Multiple Titles

Good Uncle Business Operations

GoodvsEvil director Biz Dev

Goodwin Procter Associate

Google Multiple Titles

Gorenje Director SDA

GorrilatapStudio Inc Marketing Analyst Intern

GorrilatapStudio Inc. Marketing Analyst Intern

goTenna Lead, People Operations

Gotham Life Coach Full Stack Developer

GoToMKT Consulting Principal

Government of Ontario Multiple Titles

GQIT CTO & Partner

GR Consultations Consultants

Grace Hopper Multiple Titles

Grace Hopper Academy student

Grace Hopper Program Student

Grace Innovation CEO


Gramener Inc Co-founder and Head of Analytics

gramlabs C-level

Grand Fashion Full Stack Developer

Grant Associates Business Service Manager

Grant Thornton Other

Graphic Executions Marketing Manager

Grasshopper Chief Banking Officer

Gray legal Other

Gray PLLC Counsel

Gray, PLLC Managing Attorney

Great Nigeria Insurance Plc IT Manager

Great Wide Beautiful World Owner

Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce Front End Web Developer

Greater New York Chamber It

Greaves Communication Strategies Strategic Marketing Consultant

Green mountain listings Owner

green o inc. Multiple Titles

Green Sky Director

Green Spice CEO

Gregoro LLC Multiple Titles

Gregory FCA Multiple Titles

Gregory FCA Public Relations Director of Marketing

Grey Owl Industries Director Finance & Strategy

Greybridge PR president

Gridizen Entrepreneur

Grindloft Designer/Entrepreneur

Ground01 Startup Advisor

GroupA HR / People / Culture

GroupM Multiple Titles

Grow Founder

GrowSquares CEO

Growth Marketing Advisors Multiple Titles

Growth Over Status Software engineer

GRP Computer Consulting Computer Consultant


GSA President

GSA Parallax Sales Rep.

GSR United Capital Consultant

GSUK Developer / Engineer

GTT Multiple Titles

Guaranteed Rate Loan officer

Guardian Property Advisors CEO

Guggenheim Investments Institutional Client Group

Guidance Residential Account Executive


Gunderson Dettmer StoughVilleneuve Franklin & Hachigian, LLP Partner

Gunslingers Creative Managing Director

GutSavvy CEO

guttenberg.NET President

GymWisely.com Director of Partnerships

Gypsy Danger CEO

H.Bloom Project Coordinator

HA Multiple Titles

Habendum Real Estate Multiple Titles

Haberrsham for Congress Candidate for Congress

Habit House Founder

Hacol Software Engineer

Hacol Inc. Electrical engineer

Haerfest CEO

Halpern SAHM

Hamilton College Student

handdii Multiple Titles

HangarFour Account Supervisor


Happy Home Charity Executive Director

Happyface Founder

Haris Afzal Helpdesk

Harmony Studios Inc. CEO / COO

Harper & Kaufman Consultant

Harri Director / Manager

Harris Software engineer

Hartleben.com Founder

Harvard Business School Alumni Angels Sector Lead

Harvard Business School Club of New York Program Manager, Entrepreneurship

Harvestworks Electrical Engineer

Have A Night Associate

Haven Co-Founder, CFO/CIO

Havoc nails Multiple Titles

Hawk Global Consultant

Hays Recruitment consultant


HBloom Developer

HBN Management Management Consultant - Software Engineer

HBO Multiple Titles

Heads Up Esports CEO

Health Tech Dir

Healthcare Other

Healthfirst Developer / Engineer

HealthiNation Business Development

Healthy Decadence Founder

Hearst Executive director

Heartbeat VP of Sales- East

Heating Oil Select Multiple Titles

Hedge fund Analyst

Hedron Labs Founder

HedyNet PM

HEISEL creative director

Helen Yuen UX Designer

Helenzys Inc Multiple Titles

Hello Career Guru Multiple Titles

Hello Future Executive Director

Hello Walden CEO & Founder

Helping Hands Co. CEO / COO

HEM President

Her Future Work Founder

HeraldPR Multiple Titles

Herbalife Nutrition Coach

Heroes Media Director

HEW Program Director

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Software Engineer

Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library Head of UX & Technology

HFA/Rumblefish Multiple Titles

HGK Partner


HHI Business Analyst

Hi Five Web CEO

Hickory Me

High Frontier Outpost Multiple Titles

Higher Playbook Entrepreneur

Highline Buyer

Highline Residential LLC Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Highline Strategic Principal

HighPoint-on-the-Hudson Director

hightechhomeconcept owner

Hiiya Multiple Titles

Hilsen Multiple Titles

Hippo Technoloies Product Manager

Hire Horatio CEO


Hitachi America,Ltd. Multiple Titles

Hitachi Consulting IT consulting

Hitachi Vantara Account Executive

HKTDC Multiple Titles

HLX Studio CEO

HLX Studios Multiple Titles

HMH Product Manager


HnD Product

HNP Office of Development DIrector of Technology

Hobbs & Towne Senior Associate

Hoguet Newman Regal & Kenney, LLP Partner

Holdrum Consulting LLC Principal

Hollister Sales Representative

Homaer Chief Strategy Officer/CRO

Home advisor Tech sales

Homebloc CFO

Homeland Security Newark Division Emergencey Operations Coordinatior

Honeysupple LLC Entreprenuer

HOOCH Co-Founder

Hope Street Digital Principal

Hoppin Multiple Titles

Hopsy Head of Customer Acquisition and Growth Marketing

Horatio Multiple Titles

Horizon Group USA Production Associate

Horizon Media Digital Media Analyst

Horizon Trading Company Multiple Titles

hortonworks Developer / Engineer


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Lead Design Program Manager

Houzlink Technologies Founder

HoweHaus Inc Executive Producer

hpg partners, llc Multiple Titles

HRA Software Developer

HSBC Multiple Titles


HSI IMAGE Coordinator

Hss Equipment tech

HSV Innovations Project Manager

HU Director of Information Services

Hub city media Multiple Titles

HUB45, LLC Managing Director

HUB55 Multiple Titles

Hubcenter marketing Director

Hudson Bread Developer / Engineer

Hudson County Community College Instructor

Hudson Valley Billing Services Owner


Humami.io Chief Digit

Human Bean Media Owner


Humanyze Marketing Director

Hunter Colege Student

Hunter College Multiple Titles

Hunter College Multiple Titles

Hunter College CUNY Director Business Development

Huntington Technology Finance Strategic Partnerships

Huntsman Architectural Group Architect

HVT Management Multiple Titles

Hwang Software Engineering Coach

Hxr Product

Hydra-Numatic Sales Co Inc Multiple Titles

Hydrogen Multiple Titles

Hye Holdings Principal

Hyperform Group Multiple Titles

HyperFundIt LLC Software Engineer

Hypergrow Founder & Consultant

hypothesis Multiple Titles

HYTEN Partners Founder

I am an independent inventor and mechanic engineer Multiple Titles


IAmMantri Founder

iBEST CEO & Representative Director

Ibex Biosciences / EmergeX CEO / COO

IBM Multiple Titles

IBM Research Brand Marketing, AI

IBM Watson Product Manager, Intelligent Bidder

IBM, Watson Advertising Account Executive

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Resident Physician

iCashout Technologies Multiple Titles

iCIMS Partner Development Executive

ICM Hub Inc. Multiple Titles

ICON Corp. Multiple Titles

Icreon Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager

iCryo Multiple Titles

ICS Legal & Compliance Manager

ID Stationery Owner

Idea evolver Digital designer

Idealist Dir Business Development & Mobile Applications

Ideanomics, Inc. VP of Communications

Ideation Genesis C-level

IDEO Portfolio Director


Iebird.com Other

IESE Corporate Development USA

ifkaar developer

IFPO Consultant

IFPO Consultant

Igloo Health VP of Sales

Ignite President


iHeart Media Ventures President

iHeartMedia Multiple Titles

iHeartMedia Ventures Other

IHS Markit Research Analyst

IHS Software CIO

IKALOS, LLC Chief Explorer of Opportunities

ILA Longshoreman

illwood productionz Multiple Titles

Imagemme Multiple Titles

Imagen EVP Inc. CRO, Americas

IMComm Multiple Titles

iMiller Public Relations CEO

Immediate Ceo

Impact Enterprises CEO / COO

Impact Labs Founder

Impact USA Growth Manager

Improptu Content Creator

In Media Res 360 Producer

IN THE LEAD Founder & CEO, University Lecturer

INC Software developer

Incline Global Management Research Partner

Independent Multiple Titles

Independent Consultant

Independent Consultant Strategist

Independent Consultant Multiple Titles

Independent Contractor Engineer

Independent researcher Independent researcher

Independent Strategic Research Multiple Titles

InDepth Consultant

Index ENgines Channel Manager

Indicaive Engineer

Indicative Multiple Titles

Indicative Inc. Software Engineer

Indicative, Inc. CEO

Indicator Ventures Associate

Individual Developer / Engineer

Industry Index CRO

Infinial CEO / COO


InFlexWeTrust.com/Hot97 Editor in Chief/Producer

Influential Marketing Marketing Manager

Influreply CEO

Infobip Business Development Director

Information Builders Sr Web Developer

Infosys Sr. Principal

ING Millennial Staffing Entrepreneur

Ingage HR / People / Culture

InGaugeMedia CTO

InGaugement LLC CEO / COO

ingenium Multiple Titles

Inhabitech Product Experience

Inkwell Global Marketing Sales Manager

inliders Developers

Innovation Bazar Founder/ Principal

Innovation Departmenr Strategy & Operations Associate

Innuy Multiple Titles

InRhythm Multiple Titles

InRun Capital Director / Advisor

Inside Market Advisory LLC CEO / COO


Insight Venture Partners Multiple Titles

Insmed Associate Director

Insperity Multiple Titles

Instagram Blogger

InstaVet CEO

Insticator VP of Sales

INTA Multiple Titles

Integral Ad Science Recruitment Operations, R&D

Integrative Technologies LLC CEO

Intel Industry Specialist


Intelligent Discovery Solutions Analyst

Intent Partners Founder

interactive tech llc ceo/founder

Interboro co. Manager

Intergrated Control Corps Software Engineer

Interim Expertise, LLC Founding Partner

intermedia mmh co-founder

International Digital Services IT Consultant

International Digital Systems Graphic Designer

International ivy Multiple Titles

International Trademark Association Analyst

Internet of Fashion Multiple Titles

Intersection Multiple Titles

Interview Invite CEO

InterviewJet Account Manager

Intev Technologies Multiple Titles

Intexzona Free Trade Zone Commercial Director

Intralinks Director, Marketing Automation

Intrinsic Design Agency, LLC Owner

Intuition Multiple Titles

Intuition Publishing Professional Services Manager

Inturn VP of Engineering

INVAR Technologies Multiple Titles

Inventaprint Multiple Titles

Inventr Founder/CEO

Invesco Multiple Titles

Invest Hong Kong Multiple Titles

investor Multiple Titles

Inxpress NY President

Io-Tahoe Data Scientist

IONYC CoFounder

iPixels Agency Pvt. Ltd. CTO

IPop inc Owner

iQ 360 VP

IQPC Head of Strategic Accounts

Iram Murra NY Mr

IRatePolitics.com Chief Instigator

IRI inc innovative solution specialist

IRPA AI Director

irrvrntVC GP

Ish Garrido Photography Photographer / Student

Ishimbayev Law Firm, P.C. Multiple Titles

ISI Dentsu VP

IT Consultant PM


IT Navy Owner

ITAMI Inc. Multiple Titles

Itellio Business Development Manager

Itemize Multiple Titles

ITG Software Developer


ITN Networks Account Executive

Itochu international inc senior specialist

ITOCHU International Inc. Director

ITOCHU International, Inc Chief Administrative Officer

itrek Program Manager

IUNGO Founder & CEO

IVC I Business Acceleration in Europe VP Business Development

Ivtree Multiple Titles

IvyExec Director, Product and Technology

IW Group Multiple Titles

IW Group Inc Designer

IWCLogistics Regional Vice President

J Computer Solutions CEO

J Noura CEO / COO

J Noura Ltd. Liability Co. Managing Partner

J. François & Associates, LLC Multiple Titles

J. Maxime Roy, Inc. Consultant

J.C. MacElroy Inc. Developer / Engineer

J.Crew Technical Analyst

J.P Morgan Chase Multiple Titles

J.P. Morgan Multiple Titles

J.P. Morgan Chase Executive Director

J’Amemme CEO

J2 Ideas COO

J2Ideas SVP

jabbrrbox Multiple Titles

Jackpocket Public Relations Specialist

Jacqui by Design Director / Manager

Jakt C-level

JAKTOOL Electrical Engineer

Jamestown marketing manager

Jamestown LP Senior Associate

Jane Nevins Marketing Consultant

Janssen R&D Scientist

Japan External Trade Organization Multiple Titles

Jasmin Stanley Productions Producer

Jason Scoon Solutions Consultant

Jay Shin Design Designer

Jayson is Me Experience Designer

JBC executive

JCB Int'l Credit Card Regional Manager

JCB International Account Executive

jcca field marketing

Jcd.nyc Media Principle / Creative Director

JCrew Multiple Titles

JD Enterprises Multiple Titles

JD Rawls Fine Jewelry & Accesories Owner

JDS Developer / Engineer

JeanJohn Consultant

Jed Mullens Law Owner

Jefferies LLC Associate

Jellyfish Firm Managing Partner

Jemsco Secretary

Jeremy Bitz Strategies President

Jerhel Plastic President

JESCO North America President

JesseJames Creative, Inc. VP

Jet Software Engineer

Jet.com Multiple Titles

JetBlue IT Business Analyst

JETRO Multiple Titles

JETRO New York Multiple Titles

JETRO New York, Kanagawa Office Administrative Assistant

JETRO NY Project Coordinator


JETSWEAT Marketing

Jewish Home Family Director / Manager

JFG Marketing & Brand Consultant


JFKIAT Multiple Titles

Jhs227 Teacher

JJLH Limited Director / Manager

JLL Associate

JM Infrastructure Developer

JM Coaching & Training Founder / CEO


JMart Strategies President

JOAT Student

Job Searching Software Engineer

Joe Mack Distributors Multiple Titles

John Ferreira Financial coordinator

John Jay College Of Criminal Justice Student

John Kim Multiple Titles

johndpatton Multiple Titles

Johns Hopkins University Other

Johnson & Johnson Multiple Titles

Johnson Cornell Tech Multiple Titles

Johnson Cornell Tech (MBA) student (open to opportunities)

Johnson Fistel LLP Multiple Titles

Jomers coo

Jomers Retail Inc ceo

Jonkeith Communications Multiple Titles

Joseph Dushey owner

Joseph Lichter, D.D.S. Project Manager

Journalist - Independent Journalist - Independent

Joyride Trivia Co-Founder

Jp Morgan Options trader

JP Morgan Multiple Titles

JP Morgan & Chase Software Engineer

JP MORGAN CHASE Multiple Titles

JP Morgan Chase & Co. Software Engineer

JPM Multiple Titles

jpmc Multiple Titles

JPMC/American CyberSystems Inc. Senior Business Analyst

JPmorgan Multiple Titles

JPMorgan Multiple Titles

JPMorgan Chase Multiple Titles

JPMorgan Chase & Co Multiple Titles

JPMorgan Chase & Co. VP Data Science and Finance


Jr engineers Instructor

JScott Digital Strategy Principal

JSL Managing Director

JSOL Multiple Titles

JT Medical LLC President

Judith stenneken Artist

JumpCrew Multiple Titles

Just Romeo LLC Multiple Titles


JustPremium Sr Publisher Manager

Justworks Multiple Titles

JVerse Co-Founder

JX Nippon Oil & Energy (Americas) Inc. Multiple Titles

JX Nippon Oil&Energy(Americas)Inc. Senior Manager

K + K Consulting Partner

K+K Consulting Principal

Kahiri Co. IP Lawyer

Kaleidoscope Learning, Inc. CEO / COO

Kandu Global Telecommunications CEO

Kangen CIO

Kaplan & Schultz Advisor

Kaplan and Schultz Multiple Titles

Kaplan International Accommodations and Partnerships

KarmaCom Founder

Karrdim CEO

Kasisto Director of Product

Kassociates Software Developer

Kate Edmonds Events President

Kathleen Kralowec UX Designer

Kaufman Organization Partner

Kazizuri LLC President

KB Tech Software engineering

kcm owner

KCMG Consulting LLC CEO / COO

Kean Triple Helix President

Kean University Student

Keen Multiple Titles

Keen IO Customer Success Manager

Keen.io Multiple Titles

keller founder

Kelly McVeigh Events Entrepreneur

Kenneth Cole Director, Digital Experience

Kering HR Intern

Ketner Group Communications Account Supervisor

Keysupreme Multiple Titles

Kforce Multiple Titles

Kids and science

kids and Stem

Kids Break Ground Multiple Titles

Kidz Learn Apps Sole proprietor

Kingsborough Community College Student

Kingsbourough Community College Student

Kinima Inc. CEO


KIPP NYC Schools Senior Director of Technology

Kirusa Multiple Titles

Kirzner solutions C.E.O

kissell research group data analyst

Kitchenwerke Multiple Titles

KiwiTech Multiple Titles

KJH ENTERPRISES Creative Director

KK Associates LLC IT Director

KKR Intern

Klaber Co. CFO

Klaff Family Investments Principal

KLYSTAR Translator

KLYTEC President

KMH Marketing CEO & Founder

KMulvi NYC content creator

KneoWorld Consultant

Knomo Senior Financial Analyst

Knotel Account Executive

Knowit EVP

Kobre & Kim Junior Web Developer

Kompany Multiple Titles

Konnex Founder

Kontentino Sales Junkie #APV

Kontor Miss

Konway Enterprise,Inc Multiple Titles

Kool Nerd Club Multiple Titles

Koreconx Director

KOTRA (KOREAN GOVERNMENT) Global Partnering Strategy Consultant

KPMG Multiple Titles

KPMG Other

KPMG LLp Consultant

KR na

krinner CEO

krippit Founder/CEO

krppit Founder/CEO

KTO Co-founder

Kuan2m Entrepreneur

Kunai VP Client Management

Kunor Tech . Information Technology Consultant

Kurtsan Export Multiple Titles

Kwambio PR Director

Kyle Fisher Productions Multiple Titles

L I Digital Solutions President

L Marks Scouting Manager

L Ventures Inc Other

L´Oreal USA Global Deputy General Manager, Maybelline New York


L&S applications SARL CEO

La Fosse Director / Manager

La Vie Development, Inc. Owner & CEO


Lablyfe Founder

Laconia Capital Associate

LadyJ Lounge Multiple Titles

Lafayette College Student

LaGuardia Business Services Outreach Coordinator

Laguardia Community College Student

LaGuardia Community College Employer Relations Specialist

LaGuardia Community College - CUNY Director of Tech/Innovation

Laid HR / People / Culture

Laima Enterprises LLC Multiple Titles

Lange Marketing Principal/Consultant

Language Hero Inc. CEO

Lapa Capital MD

Lark VP, Integration and Security

larrymalu@gmail.com ceo

Larsen and toubro infotech Multiple Titles


Latinvest Capital Partners - a Taura Group company BD - Director

Launch Warrior President

launchpad huntington Director

LaunchSource CEO

LaunchSource Director of Sales

Laura Auerbach Senior Business Analyst

Laureano Consulting Founder/Principal

Law office f Arthur Katz attorney

Law Office of Janelle M. Lewis Principal Attorney

Law Offices of Jonathan E. Rebell Attorney

Law Offices of Joseph A. Romano, P.C. Paralegal

Law Offices Of Kelly D. Shapiro Managing Partner

Law Offices of Ross Klenoff Multiple Titles

Law Offices of Xuejie Wong PLLC CEO / COO

Lawfty, LLC Data Science Consultant

Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship Marketing Intern

Layerframe Developer / Engineer

Lazard IT Analyst

Lazarus LLC Producer

LCH Communications President

LD Consulting Biz Dev

LDI Color ToolBox Multiple Titles

LeadFlash owner

League Network PBC CEO

Leah Wang Designs Product Designer

LeAp Enrichment Teacher

Learnvest Multiple Titles

LEATHER PAWS INC Multiple Titles

LEB Coach & Consultant

LeBlam Founder

Ledge End Partners Founder

Ledger Run VP - New Innovation Solutions

lee & associates NYC executive managing diector/ Principal

Lee Mylks Productions Founder

Leet Director

Legendary Ventures Multiple Titles

Legito Sales Director

Lehman College M.A Student

Lehman college cuny Student

Lehman College, CUNY Director of Online Education

LendKey Technologies SVP Product

Lenovo Sales / Business Development

Leo Newball Developer

LEOCO Inc. ceo

Lerna CEO / COO

Leslie Silver and Associates Recruiter

Leslie Turis Web Developer

Lesniak LLC Junior Junior Developer

Level Group Sales / Business Development


Levvel Software Engineer

Lex Group CTO

Lexhub Ceo

Lexicon IT LTD VP

Lexin Capital Accounting / Finance

LexX Technologies Board Advisor

Leyline Corporation President

LG Senior Banking Officer

LG Collections Brand & Product Director

LG Fairmont Real Estate Group Real Estate Sales Person

LGL Enterprises Entrepreneur

Li Fu Tao YouTuber

Liberty Coca Cola Warehouse Supervisor

Liberty Global Consulting Impact Consultant

Libro Library CEO / COO

Lieff Cabraser LLP Staff Attorney

Life Work Solutions,LLC Principal

Life's WORC System Admin

Lifes WORC IT Director

LifeStream Digital Innovations, LLC Founder/CEO

Lifesworc IT Manager

Lightwell UX Designer

Likestyle Multiple Titles

LIM College Adjunct Faculty

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Front-end Developer

Lincoln IT Strategic Account Manager

Lindai's Bodywork Business Owner

Lingually Owner

Linh Le Design Digital Designer

Link Multiple Titles

Link2Translation Client Services Director

LINK3D AM Lead Researcher

Linkury Multiple Titles

Liquid New York Product Design & UX

Liquid Social Multiple Titles

Liquid Social Account Manager

Liquid Social LLC Multiple Titles

Liquid Technology Multiple Titles

Liquid Technology, Inc. Marketing Manager

ListedB Multiple Titles

Literably Data Consultant

Littledata Co-founder & VP Marketing

Littler Mendelson PC Other

Liu Developer / Engineer

Live 2 Fly Founder

LiveFlier Multiple Titles

LivePerson Account Manager

Living A Global Lifestyle Principal

Living Loop Inc. Founder

Liz Mannette LLC Founder

LJ Digital Consultanting Digital Consultant

LL Other

LLC Consultant

Lloyd IT Account Executive

Lloyd Staffing Sales / Business Development

Lloyd Staffing Client Services Director

Lms Owner

LMS Animation operations

LoanEasy.net Manager

Local 306 Projectionist

Local Motors Deployment Launch PM

Local Tech, Inc. CEO

Locals Founder

LODG Attorney

Loeb, Block & Partners LLP Multiple Titles

Loeb.nyc Director of Content Marketing

LOGOS Founder

London & Partners VP

London and Partners Business Development Associate

Looking For Opportunities Entry-Level Software Developer

Loom & Field Full Stack Engineer

Looply Games CEO

Lora's Lovelies Multiple Titles

LotaData Vice President

lotus823 Managing Partner

Louise Lumia Copywriter/Student

Love The Hype Designer / Media Educator

Lovepop Manager of Store Design and Experience

LS Media Co-Founder

LSBU student


LSL Advisors Multiple Titles

LT Cto

Lucas Group Senior Partner

Lucidity Branding Founder

LuckyGirl MEDIA Editor

Lufthansa Process Manager

Lulu CEO

Lumi Group LLC Project manager

Luminary VP

Luna Family Office Principal

Lunar Island LLC Business Development Director

Lunar IT Consulting Multiple Titles

Lya Pouleyy CEO

LYOS Director

M Buryk Associates President

M.I-story Co., Ltd CEO

M&D CONSULTANTS Multiple Titles

M&M Multiple Titles

M&M International Holdings Software Developer

m3 capital Multiple Titles


Macaulay Multiple Titles

Macias PR Multiple Titles

Macquarie Group Other

MadCool Network E-Commerce Manager

Madden Consulting Creative Technologist

Madison Global LLC Multiple Titles

Madwell UX Designer

Magma Trading CEO

Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University Graduate Student

Maison Merch Multiple Titles

MajorClarity Instructional Designer

Make U Style Ceo

Making Food Work Founder

Malcolm Patrick Project Manager

Male Multiple Titles

Malecare Director

Males Matter CEO/Founder

Maltem Consulting Usa ceo

malu arts projects inc Multiple Titles

Mam Intl Director

mammoth projects principal

Man Investments Inc. Support Desk Engineer

ManageGo Multiple Titles

Manhattan College Multiple Titles

Manhattan College Student

Manhattan College Information Technology Services Resource Manager

MANHATTAN PORTAGE Sales and Marketing Manager

maque it advisor

Marcelline.net Project Manager, PMP

Marching Ants USA Packaging Designer

Mariner's Bank VP / IT Director

MARK Inc. Multiple Titles

Mark43 Senior Deployments Engineer

Marketing Consultancy President

Marketing Samurai LLC Multiple Titles

Marketing Solutions Marketing Director

MarketMan Head of Sales

Marks Paneth LLP Partner

Marksmen President

Marksmen Llc President

Markut Developer / Engineer

Marra Consulting Services Multiple Titles

Marriott International Marketing Analytics

Martin Industies Project Manager

Marubeni America VP & GM, ICT, Logistics, Insurance & Real Estate Business Unit

Marubeni America Corporation Multiple Titles

Marvelous Software Software developer

Marymount Manhattan College Mac / Multimedia Technician

marymount school of new york Program Director

Masada Recruiting Founder

MASS Exchange Partner/Product Value Head

Mass Grave Pictures Director

massmutual head of transformation

Master Trainer Adil ceo and founder

Mastercard Multiple Titles

Mattia Studios Researcher

Mauer Day Key Twist

Maureen Data Systems Sales / Business Development

Mavel Studio Founder

Maven Clinic Care Coordinator

Maven Research General Counsel

Max Video, Inc. videomaker

Max Zeitgeist Principal

MaxAltFilms Photographer

Maxeler Board Member

Maxworld, Inc Founder

Maxworld, Inc. President

Maxxave Media Owner/CEO

May Group COO

Mazza Consultants LLC President

MBS Admin Manager

mbs higghway Developer

MC Management Inc IT / IS Project Manager


McCann Worldgroup HR / People / Culture

McCubbin Associates Developer / Engineer

McDonald’s Crew member

McDonalds Register

McKinsey Program Manager

Mckinsey & co Associate

McMorran Strategists LLC Multiple Titles

MDS Investor

MDW Social Media Social Media Strategist

me dev

Mean Streets Management Owner and Manager

Medhira Enterprises President

Media & Travel Consultant

Media Designs President/Chief Content Officer

Mediabistro Multiple Titles

MediaForward Consulting Solutions Other

Mediaki.net Founder

Mediakid President

MediaLink Multiple Titles

Mediaocean Head of Corp Dev

MediaOne CoFounder

MediaRadar, Inc. Associate Director of IT

Medidata Head of Integrated Marketing

Medscape Product Manager

medtech solutions founder

MedTechMD Multiple Titles

Medyear CEO

Medzik Ceo

Meetup Event Planner/Promoter

melissachiou.com Multiple Titles

Meltshop Crew

Melvin Consulting Consultant

Memorial Sloan Kettering Researcher

MenoPa Co-founder

MenoPal Co-Founder

Menusifu Multiple Titles

Mercado Libre Business Engineer

merch38 CEO

Merchant Banker Canada Merchant Banker

Merciless Motors Multiple Titles

Merck Multiple Titles

Merck Creative Studios Content Manager, Business Development

Mercy College Multiple Titles

Merkle Account Manager

Merrill Lynch Multiple Titles

MESA Charter High School Math Teacher

Mesh Media Film producer

Meshh CEO

Meshh Group Managing Director

Metadata TuneUp Director, Operations

METAWATER USA Senior Manager, Business Development

Metro Tech / MTA Office Engineer

Metropolitan College of New York Director, Media Management

Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York Electronics Engineer

MetroTables Co-Founder

MetroTables Inc. Founder

MFA Director


MGi2 - Miller Global International Initiatives Chief Strategy Provocateur

MGT Multiple Titles

MHP Real Estate Services Managing Director

Michelle Ng Designer

Microchip Technology Multiple Titles

Microsoft Technology Strategist

microsoft student

Microsoft Corporation Software Engineer 2


MIDA director

Middle Way LA Software Developer

Midtown Partners Director

mihomi chief designer

Mikai NY President

Mike Greenly Marketing, Inc. President/CEO

Mikey Ace Studios Game Developer

Mila Nova Pilates

Mile Square Labs, Inc Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Milestone Tech Project Coordinator

MILK STUDIOS Production Assistant

Milkkt Media Buyer

Miller Advertising Agency, Inc. Multiple Titles

Mind-Alliance Systems Multiple Titles

Mindlance Multiple Titles

Mindteck Inc Vice President

Mindteck, Inc Multiple Titles

MindWareMedia LLC Co-Founder

Ming Photography Photographer

Ministry of foreign affairs Multiple Titles

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Director of Economic Diplomacy Department

Minnie Walker People Pleaser

miomove s.r.o. Multiple Titles

Mirow CEO / COO

Missga CEO

Missouri University of Science and Technology Student

MIT SOLVE Economic Prosperity Officer

Mitoc Group Technology Partner

Mixed Media Grohp, Inc Founder CEO

Mixed media group inc Multiple Titles

Mixrise Co-founder

Mixspot llc Ceo

Mizuho Bank Multiple Titles

MJHS Health System Information Security Manager

MJW Advisors Principal

MK Consulting Principal Consultant

MKI USA Consultant

MKMJ, LP Advisor


MobiDev Multiple Titles

Mobikasa Multiple Titles

Mobikasa LLC. Multiple Titles

Mobile Coordination Coordinator

Moblty SVP, Sales

Modaic Inc. Cofounder

Modecs Other

Modelshop Product Marketing Manager

MODScore Founder

Modua Director of Engineering

Modus Multiple Titles

Moga Enterprises Manger



Mohawk GC

Mohawk Group Multiple Titles

Mohawk Group, Inc. Global Technology Director

Mojavie CEO / COO

Molloy College Director

MOLONEY SECURITIES Accounting / Finance

Molton Brown Finance

Momentotempus Photography Media

Momentum Multiple Titles

MomLifeTV CEO/Founder

Monarcholdings.com Dir

Mondelez International Global Marketing Technologist

MonetaGo Chief Compliance Officer

Moneymasternow Multiple Titles

MongoDB Cloud Support Triage Associate

MongoDB, Inc. Digital Marketing Manager

Monmouth University Student

Monolith Images Media Producer

Montclair State University Division of Information Technology Student Desktop Support Technician

Montefiore Multiple Titles

Mood of Living Multiple Titles

Moody's Analytics Multiple Titles

Moody’s Corp Multiple Titles

Moon Multiple Titles

Moon Rock Ventures Managing Partner

MoQuality Inc Sales Director

MORe Product Management and Marketing

MoreLife Data Scientist / Longevity Enthusiast

Morgan Multiple Titles

Morgan Capital Chief Investment Officer

Morgan high school Student

Morgan Highschool Student

Morgan Hill Partners Operating Partner

Morgan School Student

Morgan School Multiple Titles

Morgan Stanley Multiple Titles

Morgan Stanley Quant

Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Private Wealth Advisor

Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Private Wealth Advisor

Morgan&Michael Business Analyst

Morrison & Foerster Partner

Morrison Chang Developer

MorristownThree Multiple Titles

Most Multimedia CEO

Motivate Multiple Titles

Motivf Consultant

Motley Works Explorer

MoTrack Therapy Business Development Director

Motus Media Founder

Mount Sinai Multiple Titles

Mount Sinai Hospital RN

Mount Sinai School of Medicine Cornea and Refractive Surgeon

Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dept. of Psychiatry Other

Moving traffic media Paid Search Manager

mP Director of Product Marketing

MP Management Multiple Titles

MPM Principal

MPR Entrepreneur


Mr. Advance Management Consultant

Mr. Prezident Head of US

MRM Co-founder

MRM-McCan Other

MS Multiple Titles

Ms. Multiple Titles

MSK Other

Mt. Cleverest CEO

MTA Dispatcher

MTA Bridges and Tunnels Sr. Maintenance Planner

MTA Metro-North Railroad Manager, Strategic Initiatives

MTL's Imaging Owner

MTS Manager

Muffin acc Multiple Titles

MUFG Union Bank Financial Analyst

MUJUS Associate

Mulji Creative Group Multiple Titles

Murray HILL chef

Murray Hill Conference Ctr IT intern

MusicianU Co-Founder

Muzinich Portfolio Associate

MVP Capital Partners Vice President

MVP Fuel Entrepreneur

MWS Partner

Mwtrifit COO

My Gift Encyclopedia CEO

MY Metro Infragard V.P.

My Money Workshop Executive Director

MyCircles Fearless Leader

MyHealth.Us ceo

Myriad360 Client Success

MyRideJamaica Manager

MYS Founder & Owner

MyStandby Founder & CEO

N Freelancer

N/aA Student


Nagra Developer / Engineer

Namaste New York CEO

Namron Inc Manager

Nancy McKeown Designs Designer

Nanit Director of Marketing


NAP IV Managing Partner

Nashional Media Multiple Titles

Nassau BOCES Multiple Titles

Nassau Boces Multiple Titles

Nassau BOCES Barry Tech School Counselor

nathnaCore Managing Partner

National Football League Director, Media Strategy

National Grid Business Analyst Intern

National Resolution self-employed

Nationwide Salesforce Admin/Developer

Natrion Multiple Titles

Natrion Chief Design Officer

Navi Savi Multiple Titles

Navigant Consulting Associate Director

NBC Developer / Engineer

NBCU Strategic Sales Planner

NBCUniversal Senior Analyst

NBME Software Engineer

NBoom Production Mac Specialist

NBT Associates LLC Multiple Titles

NCC Media Network Administrator

NCheng LLP Certified Public Accountants Accounting Intern

NCR Technosolutions LLC Partner

Ndevr, Inc CTO

Neeom consulting Managing Director

NEF Asset Manager

Neighborhood Financial Trust Partners Other

Neighborhood Trust Product Owner

Neighborly Real estate agent

NEL Associates, LLC CEO

Nemzer Consulting Owner

neoneon Multiple Titles

NERA Economic Consulting Senior Analyst

Nerd Founder

Nerd's World Multiple Titles

Nestig Co-CEO

Netcore Multiple Titles

NetEffect Director of Operations

NetEnrich Multiple Titles

NetEnrich, Inc. Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect

netflow bvba CEO / COO

NETi Technology Director

NETSUITE ORACLE Senior Product Manager

NeuroStorm Studio Operations & Technical Director

NeuroStorm Studios Director of Content & Asia Partnerships

new american chamber of commerce Multiple Titles

New Amsterdam Technology Managing Director

New Avon Executive Director, Indirect Sourcing

New Dorp High School Teacher

New Grad UX Researcher/Designer

New Jersey Innovation Institute @ NJIT Associate Vice President

New Jersey Institue of Technology Wed Developer

New Jersey Institute of Technology Multiple Titles

New Jersey Institute of Technology Web Developer

New Legacy Director

New York Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Developer

New York City College of Technology Multiple Titles

New York City School Construction Authority Head of PMO

New York Community Bancorp Financial Service Associate

New York Cruise Lines Sales Manager

New York Data Science Academy Data Science Fellow

New York Institute of Technology Multiple Titles

New York Institute of Technology Multiple Titles

New York Life Mutual funds consultant

New York Life Agent

New York Public Library Technical Assistant

New York State Department of Education Software Engineer

New York Swimmers LLC CEO

New York Univeristy Data Scientist

New York University Multiple Titles

New York University Multiple Titles

New York University Stern School of Business Undergraduate Student

New York University Tandon School of Engineering Student

New York University Tandon school of engineering Student

New York Univesity Student

Newark Venture Partners Venture Associate

NewLife Mgr.

Newmark Graduate School of Journalism Director of Technology

Newmark Knight Frank Corporate Marketing & Events Manager

News Agency of Nigeria Multiple Titles

Newsela Software Engineer

Newsweek Multiple Titles

NewtonX Software Engineer

NexGen Agency CEO

NexLinQ Inc Multiple Titles

Nexmo Senior Account Manager


Next Step Universe (NextStepU) CEO

nexus Director / Manager

Nexval InfoTech VP - IT Services


NGK/NTK Venture Lab Manager

NickFreemanDesign Software Engineer

Night Roamers Multiple Titles

Nightroamers.com Owner

NimbleReality Creative Director

NineOneSeven Entrepreneur

Ninja Bunny UX Designer

Nissay Information Technology IT Market Research Analyst

NiteLifeNav CEO/ Founder

NJ DEP Data Analyst

NJIT Multiple Titles

NJIT WIS Club Student/Software Developer

NM It consultant

NMB Therapeutics, Inc. CEO

No choice Software Developer

No Company Solution Consultant

No Filter Reactions Co-founder

No Limit Consulting buyer

No title No title

Noble Systems Corporation

NoDegree Inc Founder & CEO

Nohmad, Inc. Founder

Noho Med ceo

Noir apple Solution consultant

Nomad Movers Co-Founder

NOMI Programmer

Nomo Fomo Multiple Titles

NonaJustines Developer / Engineer

None Multiple Titles

None unemployed

Nordic Innovation House - New York Director

Noreen Y. Whysel Consulting COO

Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital Clinical Infrastructure Specialist/Database Admin

NorthRidge Software, LLC Multiple Titles

NorthScale Founder/CEO

Northwell Clinician

Northwell Health Multiple Titles

Noteworth CTO

Notochord President

Nova Media Ceo

NovaKera, LLC Multiple Titles

Novalinxs Director - Business Development

Nove Software Developer

novelties toys Director / Manager

Now Dancing Product Manager

NowSecure Mobile Application Security

NowTV Director / Manager

NPD L ogistics Multiple Titles

NPower Multiple Titles

Ns Student


NSU - Naval State University Start Up Entrepreneur and Economics Professor

NTT docomo USA Inc. President and CEO


Nudge C-level

Null Data analyst

NUMA New York Entrepreneur

Numodo Founder / Business Development

nursecare HR / People / Culture

Nutmeg State FCU Other

Nuts.com CTO

NuWare AVP Marketing

NUWORK Multiple Titles

NVSN Incorporated President

NW Mutual Financial Representative

ny capital management director

NY Jets Manager, Premium Partnerships

NY Metro InfraGard Director / Manager

NY Metro InfraGard Members Alliance V.P.

NYAI Director

NYC Developer / Engineer

NYC Analyst

NYC & Company Multiple Titles

NYC Business Solutions Account Manager

NYC Department of Education Multiple Titles

NYC Department of Health Developer / Engineer

NYC Department of Transportation System Administrator

NYC Dept of Correction Multiple Titles

NYC DOE Teacher

NYC DOT analyst

NYC FIRST Robotics Multiple Titles

NYC HHC Director

NYC Media Lab Multiple Titles

NYC MTA Supervisor

NYC Research Inc Nurse Practitioner

NYC Tech Service.Com owner

NYCB Roslyn Savings Bank Banker

nycct student

nycda web developer

NYCDOE Multiple Titles

NYCEDC Multiple Titles


NYCHPD Project Manager

nycshrm owner

NYDLA.org Multiple Titles

NYIT Multiple Titles

NYJTL Multiple Titles

NYL Multiple Titles

NYM Infragard Multiple Titles


Nyp RN

NYS Education Department Web Development Intern

NYS Veteran Chamber of Commerce Director

NYS-OMH Intern


NYU Multiple Titles

NYU Multiple Titles

NYU DCM Systems Admin

NYU Information Technology IT Project Governance Analyst

NYU Langone Analyst

NYU Langone Medical Center PA

NYU MBA Student Multiple Titles

NYU School of Medicine Research Director/ Faculty

NYU School of Professional Studies Academic Director

NYU Stern Multiple Titles

NYU Stern School of Business Multiple Titles

NYU Tandon Multiple Titles

NYU Tandon School of Engineering Cast Menber

NYU Winthrop Physician

NZ Enterprizes CEO / COO

OAK'S LAB Director

Oasis Couriers Co-founder

Oath Multiple Titles

Oath Inc. Director / Manager

OBS Consultants partner

OCC Partners Director of Recruitment

Ocean Bleau Suites Manager

Odinask Founder

ODocks UX Designer

OEM Content Content

OffCourt Founder

Ogilvy Sr Strategist

Ogury Onboarding Director

OHSU Research Assistant


Ojas Capital Principal


Olami Project Management

Olga Glazman Health inspector

Olimco Co-CTO

Oliver Wyman Multiple Titles

Olshan Frome Partner

Omega One Senior Risk and Compliance Officer

omni malu inc CEO / COO

Omnicare Associates, LTD Multiple Titles

OmniCash Founder, CEO

Omnicom Group Manager, LINK!

Omnicom Media Group Business Analyst

Omnicom/DAS Marketing / Branding

OmniFan at GreenDesk Ceo


Omnitracs Sales Manager

On Grid Ventures LLC CEO

On Signal Studio Owner

On Target Technologies Inc Co-founder

On the Marc Event staff

OneCall QA Analyst

Ong Studio Sustainability Consultant

Online Computers Software Develiper

OnTheDots.com CEO


Oogie Art director

Open Hub Project founder

OPEN Laboratory, Inc. CEO

Open Pixel Studios, LLC Co-Founder


OpenMessage Account Manager

OpenPixel Studios Co-Founder | Creative

OpenSponsorship Multiple Titles

Operating Principals Principal

OppenheimerFunds Software Engineering Intern

Optaros by MRM-McCann Senior Project Manager

Optifusion Multiple Titles

Optifusion llc Consultant technical officer


Optum Sr. Software Developer

OPTWISE Consulting Business Development Manager


Oracle Multiple Titles

Oracle NetSuite Account Executive

Oragur Project Manager

Orchard Hill Cider Mill Partner

Orchid Portfolio Multiple Titles

Organic Spa Nail Other

Organic Wine Journal Marketing / Branding

Organum Health Founder

Origin Point Audio Engineer

Originators Design Multiple Titles

Origo Founder

Orile Agege General Hospital SYSTEM ADMIN

Orion Multiple Titles

Orion Business Innovation UX Designer

Orrick Attorney

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe Associate

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP Senior Associate

ORS Partners Multiple Titles

ORT America National Director of Major Gifts

Orthodox Union Founding Director

Ortosintese Multiple Titles

Oscar Software Engineer

Oscar Diggs Digital President

Oscar Health Software Engineer

Osn Producer

ost.com Finance


OT Occupational Therapist

OTCX Trading Director

Other Multiple Titles

OTJ Architects Regional Director of Business Development

OTTER7 President

OU - Bring Israel Home Director of Operations

Ourbus Yield Managment Analyst

OutCast Vice President, Digital Strategy

Outfront Multiple Titles

OUTFRONT Senior Account Executive

Outfront Media Multiple Titles

OUTFRONT Media Social Media Coordinator

Outlier Other

Outsource Your Books, LLC Partner


OVAL Founder + CEO

Overton Venture Capital General Partner

owal ceo

owl lagistics junior developer

Ownum CEO

OwnYourCrisis Inc CEO

OX3 Marketing Director

oxford property group commercial leasing broker

OY Consulting Group Principal

Oz Steel inc Mechanical Engineer

PA Main Auto Tech inc. Multiple Titles

PaamcoPrisma CTO

Pace Uiversity Student

Pace University Multiple Titles

Pace University Multiple Titles

Pace University - Career Services Operations Department Operations Analyst Intern

Pace University NYC Graduate Student

Packer Consulting President

Pager, Inc. Junior Software Engineer

PaidMeals, Inc. Founder

Paint the City Multiple Titles

PALAZZO Investment Bankers Director

PAM President

Pan Am Equities Property manager

Panasonic North America Manager

Paper Pop Cards Sales Director

Paper Tower Developer / Engineer

Paperchain.io Co-Founder

Parachute Health Business Associate

Paradigm Director of Sales and Marketing

Parce University Student

Parcel Titan Multiple Titles

Parity Partners Product Intern

Park Ave Cap EVP

Park United Ventures Marketing / Branding

Parkarr Founder

Parker Founder

ParkinSons Entrepreneur

Parkway Supervisor

ParkYou! Multiple Titles

Parsons Grad Student

Parsons School of Design Graduate Student

Parsons The New School Student Consultant for Ethereum

Partify Multiple Titles

Partnership for Human Rights CEO

Partnership for Student Advancement Exec. Director

Partnership Fund Other

Pasona NA, Inc. Multiple Titles

Passaic County College Assistant Registrar

Paterson Public Schools Other

Path Interactive Digital Project Coordinator

Pathfinder.vet Software and Machine Learning Engineer

PayPal Data Scientist

paywaz Multiple Titles

pazi Founder

PCM Global Advisors Managing Partner

Pedago LLC Marketing Lead

Peddle Software Engineer

Pedone Marketing,Ad&Media-NY Consultant/Principal

PeerCord Founder

PegaSys Strategy lead

Pegg’d App Designer

Peloton Multiple Titles

Peloton Group Multiple Titles

Pending Multiple Titles

People Development/Human Resources Actively Searching

People2people llc Founder

PepsiCo Multiple Titles

Per Scholas Multiple Titles

Per Scholas Institute of Technology Cyber security student

Per Scholas, Inc Director, Social Ventures

Percolate Developer / Engineer

Perksy Multiple Titles

Perpetual Holdings, LLC CEO

Perrigo Pharmaceuticals Project Engineer

PerScholas Student

Personal Associate Director

Personaland Visionary CEO

Petite Studio Founder

Petram Digital Founder

Petuum Director


PetVet Technologies Founder

pevail manager

PEX Card Sales / Business Development

Pfizer Data Scientist

PFS Advisor

PGC Multiple Titles

PGC Group Sales / Business Development

Phillips Capital Group LLC President

Phone Village CEO

PhotosByLucas Photographer

phurwitz.com Director of Product

Pichya Devwlopwr

PicPast CEO

Pielinen Communications Social Media Strategist

PigPug CEO

Pilot Fiber Datacenter Ops

Pinegem Technologies Partner

Ping Inc. Ping Peng manager

Pinguini.SHPK Saleswoman

Pinsi Lei Creative CEO

Pip Founder

Pipe.Social Cofounder

Pipenger and Partners, LLP Multiple Titles

Pitney Bowes Marketing Automation Specialist

Piton CEO

Pivotal Software Engineer

pixHere Chief

PJ Ryan's Food Runner

PL Ventures Director

Placecodes, Inc. CEO

Plaid Growth Manager

Planable Multiple Titles

PlanGrid RSM

Planted, Inc. Marketing / Branding

PlantFrame.com President

PlateRate Founder and President

Platform Student

platform by per scholas Teachers Assistant

Platinum computers CEO

PlaybookUX Co-founder & CEO

Playcrafting Events Manager

Playwright Playwright


Plum Alley Investments Associate

Plumeria and Castro Valley Multiple Titles

PNC Security Associate

PNC Bank Busines Banking Center Branch Manager

Pocket Development Developer

Podiatry Management Multiple Titles

Podiatry Management CEO

poet Other

Polaron European Services Director / Manager

Polaron European Services (former company) Office Manager (former title)

Policygenius Multiple Titles

Pollfish, Inc. CEO

Poltio Inc CEO

Polytech Data Engineer

pomerantz partner

Pong Robotics LLC President

Pop-Doc CEO


Poppin Multiple Titles

Popular Designs CC Multiple Titles

Port Authority of NY & NJ Multiple Titles

Positivexpert EIC

post.thing.net editor

Postingyou Digital Marketing

POW Audio Inc. Multiple Titles

Power Cleanouts LLC Web Developer

Pratt Institute Multiple Titles

PRDXN Managing Director

Preakness Consulting Group LLC Managing Partner

Precision President

Precision Global CEO

Precision Pictures LTD Founder

Preqin UX Designer

Prethinc Founder

Pretzel Co-Founder/CTO

Previous Employer - Haughton Mifflin Harcourt Continuous Improvement Program Manager

Prewitt Law, PC Attorney at Law

PRG Strategies Social Media Strategist/Founder

PRI Multiple Titles

Priceline Engineer

Pride Global Finance & Accounting, Associate Recruiter

Pride Technologies Business Analyst

PRIME - Paris Region Sales / Business Development

Primerica Agent

Primerica Financial Services Financial Educator

Princeton Growth Ventures Associate

Princeton University Student

Private Multiple Titles

Private Equity Engineer

Private Investor Investment Manager

Private School Athletic Trainer

PrivCo Director of Marketing

Pro unlimited Intern

Proactive Business Solns IT Services

Probity Ledgers Head of Communications


ProDeal360 Head of DevOps

Product Consulting Product Marketing Manager

Programmable Air Hardware Prototyping

Programmers Inc. Programmer

Progyny GM Sr Director Web Svces

Project Job Inc. Founder & President

Project Mahfuzur Migration Engineer

Project Owl Multiple Titles

Project Petrucci LLC CEO

Project77 Co-Founder

Promotedonline Inc. Business Development Manager

Propelify CEO

Propelled LLC People Development

Propellr COO

Prosperity Equity Group Member

Protiviti Accounting / Finance

Prudential Multiple Titles

Prusuit iOS Developer


Pseudo-nym Founder

Psquail Web Design

Publicis Custom Content

Pudgy Buddy LLC Multiple Titles

Pulse C-level

Pulse-Code Full Stack Developer

PulsePoint COO

Purchase College Student

Pure Bliss Yoga Developer / Engineer

Pure Technology Founder & CEO

Pure Technology Inc. Founder & CEO

Puregrain CEO

Purolator International

Purple Squirrel Multiple Titles


Pursuit Multiple Titles

Pursuit Multiple Titles

Putnam Investments Developer / Engineer

PVH Multiple Titles

PVH Corp. Business Analyst

pvt Developer

pware pm

PwC Multiple Titles

Pylon Labs Founder

Qapital VP, Customer Experience

QMethod Strategies Principal

Qplum Managing Director

Qri Business Development

Qrypt Multiple Titles

Quaestio Global Partners LLC President

quake capital Accounting / Finance

Quality of Life Laboratory CEO / COO

Quality of Life Labs CEO

Qualore Enterprise Entrepreneur

Qualrisk Director

QuantZ Capital Multiple Titles

Quatrro Vice President

Queen of Raw CEO / COO


Queens College Student

Queens College, CUNY Student / Tutor

Quesbook Digital Marketing Strategist

Quesnay Inc President

Quesnay Inc. Marketing Associate

Quick International Couriers Other

Quiet Ventures Multiple Titles

Quincy Consulting Digital Consultant

Quuirk Founder

r c

R Solutions

R-Metric Founder

R/GA Ventures Multiple Titles

r2r real estate group corp Prinicipal

RabbitRead Founder and CEO

Rackspace Alliances


Rainbow Password & Secure Note, geoACL LLC Multiple Titles

Raj Arasu Software Engineer

Rally Marketing / Branding

Rally Point Media Strategies Director

RAM Global CEO

Randolph Street Developer / Engineer

Rasoulpour Torregoza Partner


Ravco Marketing, LLC President

Ravensbourne University London Head of Student Recruitment

Ravenscleft Capital President

Raygun founder

Raymund A. Maravilla Freelance Photo Retoucher / Fine Artist

RB Associates Systems Analyst

Rbc Multiple Titles

RBench Software Consulting Fintech Professional

RCB Developer

RCDOB Helpdesk Analyst

RCN New Business and New Building Development

RCN Telecom Services Business Account Executive

RE/Construction Startup Accountant

Real Estate Investment Management CEO / COO

Real Property Valuation Solutions Multiple Titles

Real Research & Advisory Consultant

RealStash Software Product Manager

Realtor.com Senior Producr Manager

Reaslter Head of Operations and Sales

RebelBase Head of Product

Receipt to Recipe Multiple Titles

Recent graduate, currently looking Junior Software Developer

Rechmial Productions LLC Presidet

Rechmial Productions, LLC President

Recleau Co-founder

RecoVRspace Designer

RecycleGO Cofounder CTO

Red Sphere, Inc. Founder and CEO

Reddy Inc CEO

RedRachel Freelancer

Redstage SVP

RedStream Technology Business Development Manager

Redwood Property Group Multiple Titles

Redwood Property Group Multiple Titles

Refersion Senior Customer Success Manager

REFINITIV Multiple Titles

Reframe Co-Founder and CEO

Refresh Smart Home Multiple Titles

Refrigeration Technician

Reimbursify Multiple Titles

Reis Product Manager

Reliance Jio Manager

Reload Graphicz Multiple Titles

RelPro Head of Technology

Remarkable Technologies, Inc. Multiple Titles

Remedy Partners App Developer

Rememorate President / Co-founder

RenGen Labs Director / Manager

Rent in Bing Founder & General Manager

Rent4Me Founder

Rent4ME Inc Founder

Rentcentives CEA

Renter's Block CEO

Rentlogic Software Engineer

Repo Exposed Multiple Titles

Reprise UX Director

Reprise Digital Multiple Titles

Reprise Media Inc Project Manager

Rescue Spot founder

Research Foundation CUNY Tech Support

Resolution Media Advertising Supervisor

Resolve Disputes Online Strategic Consultant

Resonant Futures Consultant

Resonates Designs



Restaurant Industry Hospitality Professional

Results International Director, Business Development

Retail inMotion Procurement Manager

retired Multiple Titles

Retired Teacher retired

Revel Partners Investor

Reverse Swing Capital LLC Partner

REvHealth Multiple Titles

Revolutionary Tracker Multiple Titles

Revolutionary Tracker LLC CEO

Rezolve Product Owner


RFCUNY Associate Counsel


RHI Vice President

RHO Consulting Senior Business Development Manager

Rhythmic Media Multiple Titles

Ribolow Staffing Services Business Manager

Richard Flynn Photographer Photographer

richlegal President

Ricovr Healthcare CEO

Rimon, P.C. Multiple Titles

Rina Karon Senior manager product development

Ripcord LLC Founding Partner

Ripple Analytics Inc. Pres. & CEO

RippleKey Digital Marketing Chief Storyteller

Rise New York Multiple Titles

Rising Startups Founding Partner

Rising Startups LLC Founding Partner

RisingMiddleClass.com Founder

RiskGrid Technologies Chief Business Advisor

Ritani VP, Business Development and Marketing

Rite choice pharmacy Supervisor pharmacy technician

Ritvik LLC Multiple Titles

River Loop Security Consultant

RJ Business Strategies President

RJ Finance CFO Consultant

RK Consulting VP

RKO Security CTO

RKT Manager

RNS Media Barter Consultation LLC Consultant

Ro Multiple Titles

RO-AM Innovation Consortium Founder & CEO

Roadify Transit CEO

Roaring Earth CEO and Advisor

Robert Half Technology Developer / Engineer

Robert Penzes Consultant

Robert Schaap Consulting Technology CO

Robinson Brog Legal Assistant

Robots and Pencils Account Manager

Roche IT Lead Analyst

Roche TCRC Inc. Data Center Manager

Rockerfucnder Solicator

Rockerfunder Multiple Titles

Rocket Dollar Multiple Titles

Rocketrip Designer

Rodeo Business Development Representative

Rodriguez LLC Web Devloper

Roe Energy Consulting, LLC founder

Rogue Sunday Software Engineer

Rokamat North America Multiple Titles

RolePoint Analyst

Romanatized Student


RonLouis Designs CEO / COO

Roofheads CEO

RooneyPartners PR Partner

Roovio Multiple Titles

Rosca Founder

Rosca Finance Multiple Titles

Ross & Asmar LLC Former Paralegal

Rothschild Associate

Rothschild & Co Associate

RothsteinLaw Attorney

Round 1 Entertainment President

Round Robin Founder

Rowan Technology Chief Operating Officer

Roy Technical Services SMLLC Database Developer/PC Tech

royal heritage home designer

Royds Withy King Corporate Lawyer

roz office solutions cio

RSA Systems Engineer

RSL Communications President

RSM US Supervisor, Management Consulting

rsquare media CEO

RSU Brasil CEO

RTK Manager

RTPR Consultant

Rubenstein SVP

Ruder Finn SVP, Head of Emerging Technologies

Rue Gilt Groupe Account Executive

Rufus Lighting Co

Rumayor Marketing C-level

Rumble Helmet Founder & CEO

Rupert CTO

Russell Tobin Sales Recruiter

Russell Tobin Multiple Titles

Rutgers Multiple Titles

Rutgers University Multiple Titles


Ryan John Lee Innovation specialist

S.A.M.E Technician

S.S. White Technologies Project Manager

S&D Crab House CEO

S&P Global Relationship Manager

S4HC Multiple Titles

Sable CEO

Sachs Policy Senior Consultant

Sachs Policy Group Consultant

Sacred Heart University Adjunct Professor

SafetyPIN Technologies Inc. Founder/CEO

Sagar Hospitality LLC Partner

Sageview Capital Vice President

Saint Paul Business School Deputy Dean

Saint Peter's University Learning technology Specialist

SAJJ PRODUCTS Multiple Titles

Salandy Financial Group President

Sales Graphics Corp. President

Sales, Marketing & Social Media Today dangalante.me Editor-In-Chief

Salesforce Multiple Titles

SalesShare CEO

Salt and Savor

SAM Consulting Director / Manager

Sam McDonald Student

Samsung Marketing / Branding

Samtec Multiple Titles

Sana crown Legal assistant

Sand Hill East Partner

Sandbox Media, LLC Event Coordinator

Sandvik BT manager

Sandy Pliego Graphic Designer

Santa Monica College, Airport campus president

Santa’s Knights Founder

Santander Bank Relationship Manager

SAP Multiple Titles

Sarah Lawrence Student

Sarah Lawrence College Multiple Titles

Sauce Labs Head of Open Source

Savills Senior Managing Director

Sawyer Education Founder

SaxonWeber founder

SaxtonMartin Tech Web developer

Say Bookkeeping Multiple Titles

Say2b Chief marketing officer

SBH Community Services IT Data Manager

SC research CEO

Scalability CEO

Scalability Inc. Ms

SCAN NY Program Director

Scentbird CTO, co-founder

Scenterprises CEO

Scenterprises Inc Multiple Titles


SchedJewel Founder & CEO

Scholastic Multiple Titles

School Multiple Titles

Schoology Senior Software Engineer

SciTechEngine Chief Innovation Maverick

Scopus Other

Score Manager

Score Multiple Titles

scorp dev

Scotiabank Data Quality Manager

Scott Hopper Consulting Customer Success Engineer

ScreenBeam Multiple Titles

Screening Intelligence CEO

Screenz Head of Business Development

SCS Multiple Titles

SCS, LLC Multiple Titles

SCSK USA Project Manager

Sct Field engineer

SDF Management President

SDH Ventures CEO

SDSN - UN Communications and Design Intern


SeaStraws Founder

Sector X Acceleration Platform Head of Partnerships

Sector X Acceleration Platform CEO

Securedrep Multiple Titles

SEED Multiple Titles

SeedInvest VC

Seedspace Multiple Titles

Seehearsound CEO

Seeking Employment Data Scientist, Software Engineer

Seethos Co-Founder & CEO

SeeThru Operation and Growth Lead

Seld Full Stack Developer

Select N/A

Self employed Multiple Titles

Self Employed Freelance Freelance Self Employed

Self-Spun Webs Interactive Document Developer

Selfhelp Community Services, Inc. Legal Specialist /Web Developer and Designer

Selfhelp Inc Accounting Supervisor

SelfKey Product Manager

SellApp.ME CEO

Sema4 Genomics Software Engineer

Sems Capital, LLC Owner


Senior Manager Membership Development Membership Development


SensaRx, LLC CTO

Sensitek VP Sales

Sentinel Solutions Employee Benefits Strategist

SEO Multiple Titles

SEO business solutions CEO

Sero Partners Managing Partner

Service Express Senior Account Executive

Sesana CEO / COO

Setle CEO

Seven Hills Solutions Consultant

SevenRooms Senior Manager, Brand Marketing

Seventh Generation Capital Managing Partner

Sexton Martin Engineer

sfs Director

SG Liquidity

Shape Saoes

shapewear entrepreneur

Shapr Multiple Titles

Sharebite COO

Shari Sanchez Inc. Actress (On Hiatus) & Student

Sharp Electronics Corp. Associate Product Manager

SharpHat, Inc. Director of Sales

Shawee Director

Shawki and associates LLC Multiple Titles

SHE Media Director, Partner Development

Shenna Vaughn Director

Shifted Founder

Shine Brighter Media Owner

Shipetze CEO

Shluchim Office IT Specialist


Shopbop - Amazon Director / Manager

ShopKeep Developer / Engineer

Shopper UM Multiple Titles

Shoptaki Multiple Titles

Shtar founder

Shumi Interactive Marketing Director

Shutterstock Software Engineer

Sia Partners Senior Consultant

Sichenzia Ross Ference LLP Partner

Sichenzia Ross Ference LLP Associate

Sidekicks.ai Head of Product

Siemens Multiple Titles

Sigmaxyz Inc. Consultant

Sigmaxyz.inc Consultant

Signafire CTO

Signal Base CIO

Signalbase Multiple Titles

Signature Sites,LLC Multiple Titles

Sikorsky Aircraft Design Engineer (ret)

Siliverline Lab CIO

Silly Chilly Hot Sauce Operations

Silman ADMIN

Silver Springs Property Multiple Titles

Silverline Multiple Titles

Simple Solutions I.N.C. CEO Chairman

Simplecast Director of Partnerships

Simplegrid Technology, Inc. Sales Director

SimpleSense Co-founder/CEO

Singapore Economic Development Board Multiple Titles

Singles Travel Service president

SIORK Corporation COO

SIPA student

SipScene UX Design

SiriusXM Product Specialist (Intern)

SIRL Multiple Titles

Sirtuin Ventures Chief Growth Officer

Siryn Labs .

Sisense Multiple Titles

SiteRx President

Six Bridges Capital CEO

SixPlus Product Manager

Sizmek Senior Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager

SJ Associates Multiple Titles

SJ Innovation LLC Multiple Titles

SKA High School Educational Technology Integrator

SKANSKA systems engineer

SKG Telecommunications Telecom Engineer

Skidmore College Student

Skill Mill NYC Director


Skilled Creative Business Development

SKIRR Multiple Titles

SkyCap co-founder

SkyFlix Product Manager

Skyline Exhibits & Events Multiple Titles

SkyRights.io SVP Business Development

Skytech Sr Mgr Analytics

Slalom Software developer

SLC Office of Career Services Career Assistant

Slick Lizard Design LLC Multiple Titles


Small Planet Quality Assurance Associate

Smart Data Science LLC Co-Founder

smartdatascience CEO / COO

Smarterhealth Multiple Titles

Smartling Customer Success Intern

Smartly Built Founder

Smartsheet Pre Sales Engineer

Smartstr inc. Mr

SmartyAds Sales / Business Development

Smashing Graphics Game Studios Multiple Titles

SMBC Multiple Titles

smedia blog

SMI Project Manager

Smilee Entertainment CEO/Founder

SMK Electronics Director / Manager

SMK ELECTRONICS CORP New Business Development Manager

SMMC - Sun & Moon Marketing Communications Designer

SMSRA, Inc. Founder & CEO

Snaps Media, Inc. Customer Success Manager

sndr Multiple Titles

SnowSugar Video Growth Hacker

Soapply CEO / COO

Soar.sh Ceo

Social Security Advisors Co-founder and CEO

Social Solar Multiple Titles

SocialBuffs Multiple Titles

SocialCode Developer / Engineer

SocialReach.ly Account Exec

Sofora Director

SoftCraft Consultant

Softescu Multiple Titles

SoftInWay Inc COO

SoftLake VP

Software Engineer Multiple Titles

Software guild Java apprentice

Software Guild full-stack java developer bootcamp graduate

SoftwareONE Multiple Titles

SoHo Dragon Marketing Manager

SoHoMiLL.com chief design engineer

Solano Cyber Security Consulting Founder & Lead Consultant

Solar Represtative Sales Representative

sole Sales / Business Development

Soliddd Ceo

Soliya Salesforce Administrator

solo Developer

SolutionDean Marketing / Branding

SolutionDean LLC Marketing

Solvo Europe Project manager

Solvv CEO


something special studios coordinator

Song P.C. Associate Attorney

Songhai Studios Software Engineer

Songtrust Multiple Titles

Sony Music Consultant

Sopher Associate

sorelle consulting Consultant

SOSA Multiple Titles

SOSA Multiple Titles

SOSA NYC Community Growth and Events Manager

sosv eir

Source Labs LLC Partner

SP Labs Mr

Spare Multiple Titles

Spark Foundry Multiple Titles

Spark Foundry Content

Spark Technologies VP of Business Development

Spark Technology Advisors CEO

SparkAmplify Project Manager

Sparkus Industries LLC High Tech Home Automation

Spatial Ecology Head of Operations

Spatial _ecology Researcher

Speco Analyst

Speed and Fucntion VP of Operations

Speed and Function VP of Operations

speerit ceo

Spencer Ogden Consultant - Smart Technology

Spencer-Ogden Multiple Titles

Spire Group RE Salesperson

Spire Group Inc. RE Salesperson

Spivack & Co. Angel Investor

Splice Manager

Spoke Director of Sales

SPOKK Project Manager

Spring Mountain Capital Multiple Titles

Sprinklr Business Operations

Sprint Director / Manager

Spruce Ridge Advisor

Spruce Ridge Advisors Director / Manager

Square Product Deesigner

Squig Content Marketer

Squire Solutions, Inc. Founder

SRH IT Consulting CEO / COO

SRH IT Consulting, LLC Owner

SS & Co Manager


Ssfo CIO

St Francis College Student

St. Francis College Student

St. John's University Multiple Titles

St. Joseph's College Professor

St. Onge IP Intellectual Property Attorney

Stack Overflow Software Developer

Stacklist Head of Community

Stamford hospital Transporter

Standard Bank Associate

Standard International Sales Manager

Stanley Black and Decker Smart Factory Engineer

Star Organizers Entrepreneur

Starcom USA Marketing / Branding

Starlight Investments COO

StarLit Global, Inc President


Start It Up LLC Everything

Start Virtually Founder

Start Within Coaching Founder

Start-Up (POC Phase) Application Developer

Start-Up Nation Tech Fairs Program Manager

Start-Up Nation Technology Fairs Sales / Business Development

Starta ventures Director / Manager

Startag Inc Founder

StartEd Program Manager

startup founder

Startup Port Multiple Titles

StartUp Sales LLC CEO / COO

Startupalooza CEO

StartupDevKit Multiple Titles

Stat Scientific Investor

State farm Insurance agent team member

State Harbor Advisors Consultant

State Street VP

State University of New York Teaching Assistant

State University of New York at New Paltz Multiple Titles

Staten Island Technical HS Student

Status Identity CEO

Stavros and Doric realty corporation Office aide

STCR Multiple Titles

Stealth Multiple Titles

Stealth Mode CE

STEAMeducation LLC Founder

stellar Entrepreneur

Stellar Health Group Partner

Stelzer consulting Owner

STEMgurus, Inc. CEO / COO


Stephanie Grayson Other

Stern School of Business Graduate Student

Sternberg Investments Sternberg

Steve Hauben Consulting IT Consultant

SteveApple.com Product Specialist

Steven Institute of Technology Other

Stevens MBA Student

Stevens Institute of Technology Student


StickTogether Products, LLC President

StockTwits, Inc. Director, Revenue Strategy

StoneAlgo Multiple Titles

StoneHorse Enterprises Multiple Titles

Stories From The New World Director / Manager

StoryFlow Creative Studio President


Stoyo Business Development

Strata Geosystems Sales & Marketing Manager

Stratactico Managing Partner

Strategic Business Growth evp

Stratgy& Strategist

Stratonex Inc President

Stratyfy Head of Business Development

STREAK Student

Streamscape Business Development

Streamscape Business Development

Streetwire Head of Technology

Stripe Multiple Titles

Stripes Group Multiple Titles

Student Multiple Titles

STUDENT Multiple Titles

Studio 96 CEO

Studone Working Student

STYLE MUSIC TV Multiple Titles

Success Academy Teacher

Success in Web, Inc. CEO / COO

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas Multiple Titles

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. Vice President

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Multiple Titles

Summer Agency Investor

Summit Facility Solutions Sales & Marketing Associate

Summit Video Productions Production Manager

SumNet, LLC cto

Sun food Multiple Titles

sun-treader Other

Sunbolt CMO

SundaySky Data Analyst

Sunhill Founder

Sunrisetrades Electronics Co., Ltd. Funder

SUNY Albany Multiple Titles

SUNY Binghamton University Student

SUNY Delhi Multiple Titles

SUNY Downstate Medical Center Multiple Titles

Suny new paltz Multiple Titles

Supercell Systems Multiple Titles

SuperFan.ai Multiple Titles

SurfTheWeb.com President

SUS Facility

Suuchi Inc. Director of technical design

Suzanne Kelly Founder

SVB Multiple Titles

Swag.com founder

Swarna Pappiah Founder

SWAYworkplace LLC CEO

Sweet Nova CEO

SweetFleet Founder

Swirl Studios Partner

Swirl Technologies CEO / COO

Swiss Business Hub USA Trade Commissioner

SwitchPitch Business Development

swivl CEO / COO

Swoonbox President/CTO

Swoonbox, Inc. CEO


Synacor Manager

Synapse-fin CEO

Syncfony CEO

Synchronoss Manager

Synechron Solution Architect

Synergy Realty CEO / COO

Synergy Realty Inc President

Syracuse University Multiple Titles

system net development llc a

Sysut Computers Multiple Titles

T-Mobile Regional Channel Manager, Indirect Sales


T2 Solutions Architect

T2 Computing Multiple Titles

T2 Computing Professional Services Coordinator

T2 Computing Inc. Manager of Corporate Sales

T2 Interactive

Tababur, Inc Owner

Tacet Media LLC Founder

Tailored Partners Managing Partner

Tailwind Air Co-founder

TakeLucy COO

TakeOffice Multiple Titles

Talener Senior Relationship Manager

Talent Inc CTO

TalentAlgo Inc President

Talk Hiring Founder

TalkIQ Media Multiple Titles

Tambora Multiple Titles

TAP-Squared Co-founder

TaQadam CEO

Tarte Multiple Titles

Tatdotcom LLC Director

Taura Multiple Titles

Tavi Software Principal

TAXMAP Founder

taziripap seller

TBD Multiple Titles

TBG Associate Director of Technology

Tbilisi State University CEO

TD Sales / Business Development

TD Ameritrade Director / Manager

TD Bank Multiple Titles

TDNY test


Teachers College Columbia Freelance Professor

Teaching Multiple Titles

Tech Other

tech america gm

Tech Savvy Team LLC owner

Tech Up For Women Director

Tech Venture Partners Investor

tech.romantic Full Stack Engineer

Techie Physician Informaticist

TechList Writer

TECHNEX Director Operations

Technical Manager Manager

Techno solution Senior Data engineer Developer

Techolution Full Stack Web Developer

Techs in a Sec CEO

Techstartup Tech Consultant

Teckst Inc. Software Engineer

TecPeo Multiple Titles

TEDx Technology Researcher

TEEM CoWroking Managing Director

Tek Experts Nigeria Limited Cloud Support Engineer

Tekmark global solutions Developer

TEKsystems Multiple Titles

Teladoc Student

Telarix Product Owner

Telefonica USA Sales Executive

Televaction CTO

TellaBoomer TeleCare Services Founder

Temasek Associate Director

Temboo Multiple Titles

Ten by Ten Studio Director

Ten Cadence / Remote Much / PainPoints Founder / Developer

Tenfour Engineering Team Lead

Tention Mastermind

Teralytic VP, Hardware

Terra Holdings desktop support

Terra Holdings HPD Project Director

Terrapinn Multiple Titles

Terrawize Founder

Terry Alan Unlimited Web and Marketing Consultant

Test kennethchuynh@jourrapide.com

TetherView Multiple Titles

Tethyr COO

Tethyr.io CEO

TG innovations CEO

TGTSNBN Full-Stack Engineer

Thando's Co-Founder

That Girl At The Party Editor In Chief

Thats So Punk Editor

The 2.0 Collective Multiple Titles

The A Team Multiple Titles

The AAT Project Web Developer

The American Picklers owner

The Architect's Newspaper Special Events Director

The Art of Travel Japan Sales Director

The Azara Group Founder

The Bachrach Group Multiple Titles

The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd Chief Representative

The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd. Manager

The Bank of Yokohama Chief Representative

the Blackbird exchange Entrepreneur

The CEO Map Founder

The Chancellor Group Director

The City College of New York Multiple Titles

The City College of NY Research Assistant

The City of Yokohama Administrator

The City University of New York University Director of Decision Support

The Class by Taryn Toomey Chief Operating Officer

The Clean Slate Sales

The coding school Software engineer

The Coding Space Instructor

The Conference Board Director of Sponsorship

The Crate Multiple Titles

The Cream Agency Intern

The Cultural Museum of African Art Deputy Director of Advancement

The Cypress Group Technical Recruiter

The Data Incubator Multiple Titles

The Data Incubatro Sales / Business Development

The Digital Group Principal Architect

The DNA Organization President/CEO

The Domesticated Jungle Owner

The Drop Wine Founder

The East Interpreter Mr

The Emporium Group Developer / Engineer

The Encore Property Group Real Estate Broker

The Estee Lauder Companies, inc Marketing director

The Eyefuel Group President

The FARE Group CEO / COO

The Flatiron School Multiple Titles

The Flip Side CEO

The Gallatin Group LLC Principal

The Glimpse Group CEO / COO

The Global Executive Founder

The Grove School of Engineering Electrical Engineering Student

The Holding Company Owner

The Huldisch Group Managing Partner

The Ideas Maker LLC Business Development and Sales Lead

The Innovashion Group Founder

The Journey with Blue CEO / COO

The Knowledge House Multiple Titles

The Lead Director of Business Development

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Logistics Specialist

The Lisbon Group Facilities Engineer

The Macon Realty Realtor

The Meatball Shop Multiple Titles

The Media Group IT Consultant / Cloud Solutions

The MicroCap Conference CEO

The MidAtlantic Fund Multiple Titles

The MITRE Corporation Innovation Catalyst / Human Centered Designer

The Morgan School Multiple Titles

The Morgan School student

The New School - Parsons School of Design Grad Student

The New York Fashion Tech Lab Managing Director

The Norinchukin Bank General Manager

The Office of the City of Yokohama Representative to the Americas Project Coordinator

The Opes Group Analyst

The Opes Group Analyst

The Overseas Development and Finance Group Director Generale


The Phoenix Group Multiple Titles

The Plug NY Director of Marketing

The Port Authority of NY&NJ Senior Architect

The Ravi Report Fonder & Editor-in-Chief

The Rentalist Founder

THE Review Today Other

The Rise Journey Multiple Titles

The RMG Group Multiple Titles

The Rosenberg Company CEO

The Shluchim office Office manager

The Siegfried Group Director

THE SIEMON COMPANY Regional Sales Manager

The Silver Telegram Owner

The Social School Founder

the spear Multiple Titles

The Sport of Travel Founder

the standard hotels Director / Manager

The Standard, High Line Senior Sales Manager

The Standard, High line Group Sales Manager

The Startup Pitch Founder

The Strategic Edge Founder and Owner


The Stylista Group Operations Associate

The Tech Ref Partner

The Things Network New York Software Developer

The Ticker Film Critic

The Triana Group, Inc. CEO

The Underground Mountain Teacher

The Urban Interest Founder & Creative Director

The Wealth Factory Inc Multiple Titles

The Wellbox Project Project Lead

The Wharton School MBA Student


The Yard: Space to Work Multiple Titles

The360suite.com Multiple Titles

the360suite.com Founder

The7thfl Co-Founder

Theikona Multiple Titles

Thelastu Fashion Designer

theMiddlePart Dir Visual Analytics

Theory Marketing Marketing / Branding

Theory Marketing Partners Partner

therapath Accounting / Finance

TheraSpace Inc. Owner/Director

Therese Illustration+ Design Designer

Therese illustration+design Graphic Designer

TheRise Multiple Titles

Thermo Fisher software engineer

Thermo Fisher Scientific Specialist

ThetaRay Chief of Staff

Things Entertainment, LLC Founder

Think Coffee Multiple Titles

Thinknum Director of data intelligence

THINX, Inc. BI Developer

Thomas Dynamics, LLC Technical Lead

Thompson and Company Finance and Accounting Assistant

Threaded co-founder

Thrive Multiple Titles

Thrive Account Exec

Thrive Networks Multiple Titles

Thrive Networks Multiple Titles

ThriveFantasy CEO

ticktickBOOM Multiple Titles

TiE New York Executive Director

TILT SOCIAL Multiple Titles

Tim-P.E Inc Multiple Titles

Time Inc. Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

Time Table COO

Tishman Speyer Multiple Titles

TKH Python Fellow

TM Digital Planner

TMJ Arts Collective - C.J. Yao Art Gallery Project Manager

Toast, Inc. Relationship Manager

TOC Brand Marketing Manager

TodaysNew.com Multiple Titles

TodayTix Director of People and Culture

ToJoy International Capital Multiple Titles

Tokens Inc Full Stack Web Developer Intern


Toldja Founder

Tome Intern

Tony Ramos Consultant

Tonypchelp Student

TopFlight Robotics CEO & Co-Founder

Toray Industries (America), Inc. Senior Vice President

Toscana USA Account Executive

Totemo Senior Fullstack Developer

TowerIQ, Inc. Solutions Marketing Manager

Town square Media buyer


Trace It Learner Experience Designer


Trade Commission of Spain Analyst

Tradebees Product manager

Traincube CTO

Transamerica Consultant

Transcendence Media Showcase Producer

TransferWise Lead copywriter

Transit Wireless Design Manager

TransLink Strategies Consultant

Transportation Alternatives Partnerships Manager

Travel Unity Senior Director

trelawear board member

Trelawear Inc Founder & CEO

Trend Pot NY Multiple Titles

Trendalytics Multiple Titles

Trendalytics Product Management Intern

Trepp Multiple Titles

Trepp LLC Senior System Analyst

Tribal Worldwide Freelance Associate Creative Director


TriNet Multiple Titles

Trinity Logistics demand planner

Triplelift Multiple Titles

Tripsha Multiple Titles

Triumph Worldwide Companies, Ltd. President

Troobooloo Multiple Titles

Truckvancargo LLC. Multiple Titles

True Digital Multiple Titles

True North International.com Managing Director

TruleYours CEO

TrustMe and TPX General Manager and Counsel

Trusty cleaning Tech lover

Trusty.care CEO

Truveris Manager of Patient Access

TryImagining Health CEO

TSINY Peer Specialist

TTI Data Analyses Intern

TTT dev

Tunnel Multiple Titles

Turbonomic Software Engineer

Turbonomic, Inc Principal Software Engineer

Turner and townsend Civil engineer

TurnTo Chief Strategy Officer

Turquoise Consulting CEO

TVD International President

Twelf Founder

Twentyeight Health Inc CEO


Twiage Product Manager

Two Dogs Design Design Director

Two Dogs Design Inc. Principal

Two Sigma Software Engineer

TWW Project Officer

TygaBox Systems Inc CEO / COO

Tyler Pruyn Product Designer

Tyrion Capital Founder

U.S Department of Commerce Other

U.S. Department of State FAIT Fellow

UA Maker Teacher

UberBargain president

UBM Sales Director

UBS Multiple Titles

UCD Research Assistant


UGO Fresh Coo

Uhuru Managing Director

UI SUpplies Tech Consultant

UK Department for International Trade USA Retail Campaign Manager

Ukko Unlimited, LLC Partner

UN Intern

Under Armour Corporate Development

Unemployed Multiple Titles

Unemployed Project Manager for Electronic Products

UNHq Executive Asst

Unicycle Consulting Lead Engineer

Unilever Multiple Titles

Union College Student

Union.vc Product Manager

Uniqlo Multiple Titles

Unique Comp Inc Project lead

united futures trading co cio

United Nations Multiple Titles

United Nations Association VP Membership

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) Special Advisor for UN Engagement and Blockchain

United Parcel Service Software Developer

UnitedEx-USA Sales

Uniting Strategists and Activists Creative Director

Universal Subscription Service Partner

University at Albany Multiple Titles

University at Albany SUNY Student

University Carlos III Student

University of Texas at Austin MBA Student

University of Valencia Electrical/Electronics Engineer

University Ventures Investor

Unknown Marketing / Branding

UNOTECH Business Inteligencie Manager

untitled partner Multiple Titles

Up2Code Multiple Titles

Upflex VP of Marketing and Sales

Uplift Ventures Founder

Upper West Strategies CEO

Upshot Strategy co-founder

Upstage Ventures CEO / COO


Upward Director / Manager

UPWARD GENERAL TRADING Ltd `Software developer

Upward Labs Startup Scout And Investor Relationships

Urban FT, Inc. Product Manager/Owner

UrbanAdserve CIO

Urbanplay Innovative OT, PLLC Founder

USA DBA Engineer

USA Digital Marketing / Branding

USAF Flight Test Engineer

USAM Group Creative Advisor

Usdoe Fghjh

useready IT Specialist

USPS USPS Sales Executive

USPTO Trademark Attorney

UT technology Software engineer

UttrDevelopment Multiple Titles

UX/UI Newbie Managing Partner/Web Content Writer

V Startup agency managing director

V-Startup Managing partner

Valentinas Innovation Resources Business Developer

valentine global cio

Valentine Media Multiple Titles

Vaposun Inc. Multiple Titles

Variable Data Systems Multiple Titles

Variable Graphics Sale & Marketing

Varick Group EVP

Various production companies-freelance freelance producer

Vast Technology Solutions Principal Consultant

Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology Director of Career Services

Vaultimeter Group Managing Partner

VAYA Partner

VCFA Group Accountant

Vector Capital Associates Partner

VegBed Founder

Velly Founder, Product Designer


Venable LLP Counsel (lawyer)

Vendere LLC Managing Partner

VendorTerm Head of Partnerships

Vendozar Other

Vendy Multiple Titles

Veno Education Front End Engineer

Ventura Director / Manager

Ventura Associates Business Development Director

Venture Investor Founder

Venture One Entrepreneur

venture out Multiple Titles

Venture Smarter Multiple Titles

VentureFuel Multiple Titles

VenueNext Developer / Engineer

Verbaetum Owner

Verbal + Visual Web Developer

VERBODEN Multiple Titles

Verifone Multiple Titles

Verify4 CEO

Verify4 Incorporated CEO

Verisk Financial Data Analyst

VERITY INC. Marketing / Branding

Verizon Multiple Titles

Verizon Communications Telecommunication Technical Associate

Verizon Wireless Multiple Titles

Verizone manager ux research

Verris Inc. CEO / COO

Versace Systems Admin

Vesta Founder

Vested CEO

Via IC

Via Transportation Product Growth Principal

Viacom Multiple Titles

Vibe Probiotics Corp CEO

Vibleo Multiple Titles

Vicus Partners Director of Japanese Business Development

vidcull Founder

Video game startup Programmer

Videosocials President

Videri Senior Product Manager

View, Inc Director of Business Development

Vinotas Selections CEO

Virtu Software engineer intern

virtual ventures Investor

VirtualCrowd.Media Director, Strategic Partnerships

Virtualventures Multiple Titles

Virtzy Multiple Titles

Visa Inc. Business Development

VisCal Founder

Viscose Illusion Hotelier & Art Director

VK Ventures Director

Vlocity Dev

Vmoksha Technologies Pvt Ltd. Managing Director

VNSNY Sr. Business Analyst

VoiceInWeb Commerce Co-Founder, Project Manager

Voipx International Account Executive

Volere Services VP

Vonage Mid Market Sales Manager, East

VOS Digital Media Group CTO

Vouch Co-Founder

Voxx International Corporation CTO

Voyage of Roadkill content creator

VRAccelerator Production

VRAR Association Multiple Titles

VREB Founder

Vrtu Software Engineering intern

VTEST Software Founder & CEO


W&E Hospitality Inc President

W3 Consulting President

WABC Televison Executive Director, Tech

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Kat Associate

Wailian Tech Developer

WalkMe Partner Enhancement Manager

WalkThru CMO

Wallaroo Labs SVP, Operations

Ward 6 Marketing CEO / COO

Warner Brothers Digital Lab Product Designer

Warner Music Group Manager, Digital Accounts

WarnerMedia Director, Lab Operations

Warschawski Multiple Titles

Waterman Ventures Investor

Watermark Insights Sr. Director of Infrastructure Engineering

Watson Way Consulting Principal

wattsnextpx VP of Innovation & Growth

Wavemaker Global Integrated Media Planner

Way Into Genius LLC Founder & Consultant

Wayaj Multiple Titles

WCA Technologies, Inc. Account Rep

WDBears FullStack Developer

WDConsulting Consultant

We Are Immediate Ceo

We Are Marcus CEO

we cann ar ux investor

WeatherBell Analytics LLC COO

Web Design Solutions NYC Owner


Webair Multiple Titles

WebGuyz Teacher

WebGuyz Multiple Titles

WebGuyz Inc Lead Developer

WebHouse, Inc. Account Manager

Webster Consultants Customer Success Manager

Webterior Designs President

WEDO Founder

WeFly Agri Managing partner

Wefly agri Chief operation officer

Weill Cornell Medical College Business intelligence developer

Weill Cornell Physician Organization Call Center Representative

Weird Dancer.inc Ceo

Weisman Tech Law Founder

Weiss Digital Consulting Principal

WEIV Multiple Titles

WeKliq Founder

Welcome Home Realty Imagination Expert

Wellbots Manager

Wells Fargo Financial Advisor

Wells Fargo Bank Multiple Titles

WellThee CEO

Welnys Inc. Accounting / Finance

Wenalyze Chief Data Officer

Wendy Glavin Agency Founder and CEO

Wenite CEO / COO

WeRadiate -

Wesa Multiple Titles

wesa Multiple Titles

wesa llc Multiple Titles

West New York Board of Education Teacher

Westchester Angels Owner

Westerly Partners Managing Director

WESTMED Multiple Titles

WeStock CEO/Co-Founder

Westpark Capital Multiple Titles

Westwood Tax & Consulting Owner

WeWord Software Engineer

WeWork Multiple Titles

WeWork S. Williamsburg (Radiate) Founder

What's Cooking Innovator

What’s Next Co-founder

Whd Manager

Whelp CEO

Whelp, Inc. CTO

Whipped - Urban Dessert Lab Multiple Titles

White and Williams LLP Lawyer

White Swan Product Manager

White Tulip Global, Inc. President & CEO

Whiteglove Coordinator

Whole foods Team member

Wieden + Kennedy Marketing / Branding

Wildfire Cool Founder/CEO

Wilen NY Sales / Business Development

Will Packer Media Digital Strategist

William & Mary Undergraduate Student at Mason School of Business

Willis Towers Watson Mrs

Willkie Farr & Gallagher Software Developer Intern

WIlmer & Associates Technician

Wiltech consultant

windpowerandsolarpower.com wind power and solar power website

Windsor Director

Windsor Resources Multiple Titles

Windstream communications Software Engineer

Windstream Communications Sr. Software Developer

Wine Social Inc. Entrepreneur

Winnie Ng, CPA System Administrator

Winslow Broker

Winslow & Company Broker

Winslow & Company RE broker

Winslow & Company LLC Multiple Titles

Wipro Agile Coach

Wise Marketing Partners Marketing Consultant

WISE Ventures Investor

Wishu Multiple Titles

Wiss Director of Technology

Wissner Research Entrepreneur

Withheld IT Consultant

WithumSmith+Brown Team lead: adtech and digital media

WNET/PBS Ingest Coordinator

WNY MS Tech teacher

Wolf and Bear Marketing Multiple Titles

Wolters Kluwer Corporate Development

Women's Brooklyn Enterprise Center at Local Development Corporation of East New York Director / Manager

WooWoo Technologies Head of Product

WooWooTech Founder

Words and Strategy Strategist and Writer

workers.org CEO / COO

WorkMarket Infrastructure Engineer

Workrowd Founder

WorkStride Multiple Titles

World Bank Group Consultant

World System Builder Multiple Titles

Wouchia Corp. Assistant of director

Woyera CEO

Wpg4 Designs Creative Director

WR Head of Quant

Writerjudy, Inc. Web Content Manager

WrkBook Software Engineer

wsb capital financial consultant

WSI Impact CEO / COO

WUG Marketing Trainee

Wunderman Offshore Digital Project Manager

www.clickdaily.com ceo

www.Fantasysportsglobal.com CEO/Owner

www.nodieting.net Owner

www.withum.com Principal

X Investor

x.ai Product Manager

Xandr Multiple Titles

XITIX Entertainment LLC CEO

XO Group UX Design Lead

XRC Labs Principal

XTRD Director of Marketing & Partnerships

Y&R Multiple Titles

Yakukon Cofounder

Yale Student

Yale School of Management Yale School of Management

Yale University Multiple Titles

Yama Industrials, Inc. Executive Director

Yamaha Corporation of America R&D Manager

Year Multiple Titles

Year Up Multiple Titles

Year Up Multiple Titles

Year Up New York Investment Operations Student

Year Up New York Multiple Titles

Year Up NY Year up participate

Year Up NYC Multiple Titles

Year Up-New York Investment Operations Student

Year-UP Multiple Titles

Year-Up Student

Yearup Multiple Titles

Yearup Investment Operation Student

YearUp New York Yearup Partciapant

YearUp NY Student

Yellowbrick Co-Founder, COO

Yes Server

Yesh Media CEO

Yeshiva Gedolah Assistant

Yeshiva Gedolah Assiatnat Teacher

Yeshiva University Student

YEVA Cosmétiques Director

Yext Senior Webdeveloper


YMCA of Greater New York Senior Executive Director

Yoda Labs Multiple Titles

Yofi Founder

Yofii, Inc. CEO

Yoh Services Sr. Client Services Manager

YokeyPokey LLC husband

yorker travel manager

Yoshida Real Estate Inc. Multiple Titles


Yotty CEO / COO

YouMe International Consultant

Your Watch VP eCommerce

YouTube Filming

youtube.com/artben Multiple Titles

Yozma Group President

YP.com Director - Strategic Partnerships - Business Development


YUNY YUNY Participant

Yuve, Inc. Multiple Titles

YWC VP eCommerce

YYT Manager

Zack Sheppard, LLC Web & iOS Maker

Zahn Innovation Center Apprentice

Zapio Investments Limited. CEO

ZB inc. Producer

Zbest Payment CEO

Zebra llc top buzz Vp

Zebra Technologies Designer

Zeller IP Group PLLC Counsel

Zemingo CEO

Zendure Marketing Manager

Zendure USA Director / Manager

Zenith Analyst

Zeus Capital Management Chairman

Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College Exdcutive Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

Zietco Project manager

Zimple Developer


Zipari Multiple Titles

Zipdev Co-Founder

Ziplyne Multiple Titles

Zippy Technology Sr. Project manager

Zizz CEO

Zizz.io Founder

Zocdoc Multiple Titles

ZoharUX.com Mr

Zombies in NYC Other


ZSdesigns Multiple Titles

Zuora Multiple Titles

ZX Ventures Investment Principal

ZX Ventures (AB InBev) Multiple Titles

Zyloware Project manager

Zyloware eyewear Project Manager

Zyloware Eyewear Project Manager

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