Mike Maccombie
Director of Platform/US at ff Venture Capital

Mike is an Ohio-born investor who works at the intersection of behavior science, experience design, and storytelling to help startups grow from their first product to exit.

He focuses on accelerating the growth of portfolio companies, with a focus on business development, founder best practice advisement, hiring, and later stage fundraising. Mike helps startups with fundraising strategy, business development, go-to-market strategy, experience design, and marketing.

Before ffVC, Mike worked as a behavioral consultant for organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to professional sports teams and tech conferences, creating communities, experiences, referral programs, and brand narratives to inspire increased loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing among high value audience segments.

Previously, Mike founded Evertrue Ventures, the Brown University alumni investment group, sourcing and leading investments in Brown alumni-founded startups.

Course Description:

Most founders are told that to create an acceptable pitch deck they will need 12 - 15 slides that move methodically from point to point, with a few well-crafted sentences and maybe some attractive graphics on each slide. But what they aren’t told is what might actually perk an investor's ears, make them lean, in and give serious consideration to making an investment in a company. Join Mike Maccombie, a behavioral scientist turned investor to learn about a different presentation framework that will help you better resonate in the minds of investors. Using real life examples he will deconstruct the typical deck and replace it with something much more compelling. Feel free to bring your deck with you ... there may be time for a few brave founders to have their decks reviewed.

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