Keep Your Funding Flowing: Non-Obvious Tips For Founders On Raising Capital

Jenny Fielding
at Techstars, The Fund

Jenny Fielding was the Managing Director and program leader of Techstars New York for more than seven years. She is also the founder and General Partner at The Fund, a first of its kind check fund investing exclusively in New York-based companies, an adjunct professor at Columbia University, and a Fellow at Kauffman. She has been a Pre-seed investor into 140+ companies including: Latch (LTCH), Chainalysis, Alloy, Headway, Supergreat, Contra, Bloomscape, Simple Health, Particle Health, Pair Eyewear, Solo Funds, Halp, Minded, Talent Hack, Rupa Health, Morty, Wagmo, Smarthop, Solid, Remesh, Tempo and so many more!

In short, her life's work has been all about supporting tech founders with love, cash, and community.

Course Description:

Together these industry leaders will discuss the New York tech startup ecosystem, how it has responded to the disruptions of the last 18 months, and where they think opportunities for growth and expansion are likely to emerge. Here's a hint: Reports of New York City's demise have been greatly exaggerated, but it is pretty clear that changes are coming.

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