Alison Goldstein Norup
Head of VC and Startup Ecosystem, America at Google Cloud

Alison Goldstein Norup joined Google after finishing as the EIR in FinTech at Techstars and being a two-time founder, one Techstars backed (kpiReady) and the other bootstrapped (GDPRsimple). During her time as a founder, she also mentored over 15 Techstars programs, and over 300 companies globally, focusing on their OKRs, KPIs, and startup narratives/visions.

Before spending the last six years in startups in technology, she started her career in relationship management/business development strategy in the non- and for-profit fields, and joined JPMorgan Asset Management after getting her MBA for NYU Stern.

Ms. Norup is also the co-head of the Techstars NYC Chapter, sits on the Techstars Chapter Advisory Board, is a founding mentor of Northeastern University's The Roux Institute Techstars Accelerator, and is a mentor/adviser/angel investor in early-stage startups from Techstars and beyond. Alison currently splits her time between Portland, ME, and NYC, and from either location is happy to have virtual coffee chats or walks, or partner on new ventures.

Course Description:

Let’s be honest. Founders know that tracking KPIs is important, no matter the stage of their company. However, it isn’t always clear what KPIs should be tracked. Or how management teams should track them. And how do savvy founders modify the KPIs they track over time?

Join veteran founder Alison Goldstein Norup to learn about KPIs and much more, including:

Sector and Stage specific KPIs
Guidance about what to track now and what you should be tracking down the road
The importance of creating KPI and reporting cadences

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to:

Different types of KPIs - revenue versus expense versus operational
The types of funnels that can help to drive your business in all of the above areas
Crafting a narrative around your KPIs to help express your business vision, mission, and business plan.
KPIs that are helpful to your business.

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