November 08, 2021
237 Park Ave, NYC
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A founder-focused conference for entrepreneurs
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All attendees, including speakers, staff, and sponsors must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination before entering the event. TechDay Founders Summit adheres strictly to all of the covid protocols put in place by the host venue, Convene. No one will be allowed into the event without showing proof of vaccination.
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What is Founders Summit?

Hosted and Curated by Jenny Fielding of TechStars and The Fund

A highly focused conference designed exclusively for startup founders and their c-suite executives. Admission is by application only. The program offers networking, education and suppliers that will help them become better, more successful business people.
The conference features educational sessions presented by successful founders, academics, business professionals and more.
Sessions address topics identified by founders as most important to the growth and success of their businesses,with an emphasis on post-Covid fundraising, staff recruitment and retention, infrastructure development, innovation and change management, marketing and sales, business analytics, time management, and much more.

Founders Summit Schedule at a Glance
8:30 AM
Registration/Coffee Service/Networking
9:00 - 9:45 AM
Keynote Address Panel
Room: Forum
Where Are We Now, And Where Are We Going?
Together these industry leaders will discuss the New York tech startup ecosystem, how it has responded to the disruptions of the last 18 months, and where they think opportunities for growth and expansion are likely to emerge. Here's a hint: Reports of New York City's demise have been greatly exaggerated, but it is pretty clear that changes are coming.


Jenny Fielding

Techstars, The Fund

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Karen Bhatia
Senior Vice President

New York City Economic Development Corporation

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Nihal mehta headshot
Nihal Mehta

Eniac Ventures

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10:00 - 10:45 AM
Room: Forum
Money, Money, Money. Which Kind of Funding is Right For You?
There are lots of ways for startups to raise the funds necessary to execute their business plan, including VCs, corporate partnerships, innovation labs, incubators, accelerators. venture funds, angel Investors, crowdfunding platforms, SPACS, friends, family and even their own credit cards. Do you know which source is best for your business? Join us to sort it all out; together we'll explore the benefits and potential drawbacks of each type of funding. This must attend-session will help you prepare for your next fundraise -- whether you are a first time founder or a seasoned veteran.
Kathryn by portraitmadame 8


Kathryn Minshew
Founder & CEO

The Muse

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Dan photo
Dan Madden

Squadra Ventures

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Jessica Peltz-Zatulove
Founding Partner

Hannah Grey VC

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Screen shot 2021 10 12 at 11.30.25 am
Cheryl Campos
Head of Venture Growth and Partnerships


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Photo 2021 10 18 20 07 05
Jayson Kim
General Partner

Legendary Ventures

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11:00 - 11:45 AM
Founder Success Stories Panel
Room: Forum
Startup Founder Journeys With Alexa
Headshot scott dart
Scott Dart
Solutions Architect Lead

Amazon Alexa Startups

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Updated kristina milyuchikhina
Kristina Milyuchikhina
Head of DEI Alexa Startups & VC Business Development

Amazon Alexa Startups

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Allison page   cpo %28use me%29
Allison Page
Cheif Product Officer & Co-Founder


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Shilp agarwal
Shilp Agarwal
Co-Founder and CEO


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12:00 PM
1:00 - 1:45 PM
Building Blocks and Partnerships
Room: Library
KPIs: Let's Do This!
Let’s be honest. Founders know that tracking KPIs is important, no matter the stage of their company. However, it isn’t always clear what KPIs should be tracked. Or how management teams should track them. And how do savvy founders modify the KPIs they track over time? Join veteran founder Alison Goldstein Norup to learn about KPIs and much more, including: Sector and Stage specific KPIs Guidance about what to track now and what you should be tracking down the road The importance of creating KPI and reporting cadences
Alison Goldstein Norup
Head of VC and Startup Ecosystem, America

Google Cloud

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Room: Forum
Marketing for New Ventures: A Crash Course Overview (with Growth Hacks)
Join entrepreneur and Professor Jeremy Kagan as he presents a crash course overview of how to think about digital growth - - and shares real world growth hacks that use free tools from Google and others to answer key founder questions: How to baseline Customer Acquisition Cost; How to come up with ideas for Content Marketing; and how to find influencers and target competitor's followers. Not for people with huge budgets and plenty of time - scrappy founders only please.
Jkagan head shot %281%29
Jeremy Kagan
Professor of Digital Marketing

Columbia Business School

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Room: Hub
How to Avoid Stalling Before $1MM, ARR. Selling Strategies Tactics and Frameworks to Guide Your Journey
Have you hit your first million? If not, this session will equip you with action items you can begin implementing immediately to keep you focused on your goal and avoid distractions. Moderator Cory Bray has co-authored 8 sales books, is a partner in ClozeLoop, a sales consulting firm, and is also a partner at 2.12 Angels, a seed-stage Venture Capital firm. Having worked with hundreds of early-stage startups, his goal with this session is to provide clarity around what you need to hit that first big financial milestone: $1MM ARR.
Cory bray %2810%29 %281%29
Cory Bray
Managing Director


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2:00 - 2:45 PM
Building Blocks and Partnerships
Room: Library
IP Strategies for Startups: Protect Your Secret Sauce and Prepare for Investors
Laying a strong intellectual property foundation for your startup is not as complicated or expensive as you may think, but it is critical to start early. An early investment in your IP can save a lot of time and money in the long run, and help you secure investors for your growing business. Please join us to learn about the IP issues facing startups, including developing strategies for protecting your new technologies and growing brand.
Hadley mitch hi 2015 08 01
Mitch Hadley

Knobbe Martens

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Hong zach hi 2016 10 01
Zach Hong

Knobbe Martens

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Room: Forum
The Great Pitch Deck Tear Down -- How to Get an Investor's Attention
Most founders are told that to create an acceptable pitch deck they will need 12 - 15 slides that move methodically from point to point, with a few well-crafted sentences and maybe some attractive graphics on each slide. But what they aren’t told is what might actually perk an investor's ears, make them lean, in and give serious consideration to making an investment in a company. Join Mike Maccombie, a behavioral scientist turned investor to learn about a different presentation framework that will help you better resonate in the minds of investors. Using real life examples he will deconstruct the typical deck and replace it with something much more compelling. Feel free to bring your deck with you ... there may be time for a few brave founders to have their decks reviewed.
Mike Maccombie
Director of Platform/US

ff Venture Capital

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Room: Innovation Room
What Is An Ecosystem, Anyway? (And How Can I Join?)
There are few words as overused in business and tech as ‘the E word’. ‘Ecosystem’. You know it, you’ve heard it, and more likely than not, you’ve been befuddled by it. What the heck is an ecosystem, anyway? How do startups and corporations alike participate in it? And how might business leaders leverage ecosystems all over the world to launch innovative products and services. This panel aims to answer these questions and many more. Join moderator Matt Hooper as he sits down with a group of business leaders tasked with engaging, and creating, innovation ecosystems in both the startup and corporate realms.
Img 6089
Matthew Hooper
Innovation Storyteller Learn more
Olivia updated headshot. jpeg
Olivia O'Sullivan
Director of Partnerships

Forum Ventures

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Screen shot 2021 09 30 at 10.33.55 am
Dina Samra
Innovation Lead

Formerly of MassChallenge and NewLab

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Ally schneider %281%29
Allison Schneider
Venture Ecosystem Partnerships Lead

Vouch Insurance

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Room: Hub
How to Get Your First Million Users
You've built the best product that no one knows about; so how are you going to get people to sign up and use it? You've read about all the growth hacks that grew companies like AirBNB, DropBox, and Hotmail, but you don't know where to start in building out your own growth marketing program. In this talk, Mike King will share 15 years of growth marketing knowledge that he's used to grow unknown startups and help them get on the road to their next milestone.
Mikemansion %289 of 14%29 %281%29
Michael King
Founder and Managing Director


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3:00 - 3:45 PM
Building Blocks and Partnerships
Room: Library
5 Tips to Internationally Scale a Tech Company
Join us for an enlightening presentation by Canada’s tech and innovation think-tank on successfully scaling your business internationally and what factors play a key role in success on a business’s journey of growth. Dealing with the challenges of Covid-19, sourcing of talent, working remotely, and increased use of technology has impacted most businesses and also resulted in an acceleration of the adoption of technology globally. Businesses around the world are adapting to this new reality and learning business resilience and how to balance growth, remote work and international pressures in ways that allow them to focus on development for future growth and scalability.
0q1a43182 square 600x600
Ellis Odynn
Executive Director and Chief AI Officer

Digital Finance Institute

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Room: Forum
The Complicated Relationship Between Startups and Corporations
Large companies and small businesses have always worked together. The large business seeks innovation and the small business seeks substantial revenue and growth. With the rise in notoriety of “the startup” and a steady rise in venture capital, working with a startup or even buying a future competitor could be the difference between sustained success or suffering the fate of the dinosaurs. In this session, Alex Trotta will share some of his personal experiences as a participant in conversations on both sides of the table and will explore the most common elements that lead to successful corporate/startup relationships.
Screen shot 2020 02 12 at 12.06.43 pm
Alex Trotta
Vice President

Goldman Sachs

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Room: Hub
Building a Workforce That Gives You a Competitive Advantage
In the midst of a global pandemic and "The Great Resignation" companies are confronting some of the biggest challenges in engaging and retaining their talent that they have ever faced. Join us for a conversation on how companies are navigating these new, complex dynamics in the workplace.
Frank Puglia
Area Vice President for New York City


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Image %281%29
Emma Leeds Guidarelli, M.S.
Founder and CEO

People Function

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4:00 - 4:45 PM
Panel Discussion
Room: Forum
Funding and Underrepresented Founders: A How-to Guide
Equity. Diversity. Inclusion. Underrepresentation. Powerful words that if heard often enough might inspire change. Sometimes, however, when words fail to inspire us to action, numbers can be more compelling. Here are some you should know: Women-Led Startups Received just 2.3% of VC Funding in 2020, according to The Harvard Business Review In 2020 Black and Latinx founders raised just 2.6 percent of the total VC funding for U.S. startups, according to Crunchbase data, a slight increase from the 2.3% of all US venture dollars they raised in 2019. Clearly there is a problem. Everyone knows it. But there seems to be no consensus about how to fix it. While we do not expect to solve the problem of underfunded underrepresented founders in one afternoon, we do expect to discuss some concrete steps and plans that might move us closer to a place we all agree we need to go.
2018 chernandez headshot
Cat Hernandez

The Venture Collective (TVC)

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Andy casual hi res
Eustacio (Andy) Saldaña
Executive Director

New York Tech Alliance

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Fernando Montejo
Assistant Vice President


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Cj  headshot
C.J. Kettler

King Features

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File 29
Isabelle Khoo
Founder & CEO


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4:45 PM
Room: Forum
Capstone Keynote
Long-term vision in a short-term world We all know that we need to think long-term, but how does one do that given day-to-day pressures? How will Covid impact the startup landscape long term?
Angela lee
Angela Lee
Professor of Practice

Columbia Business School


37 Angels

5:00 PM
Happy Hour

Two Ways to Attend:
In-person attendance, featuring real life networking, lots and lots of it.
Remote access for those who prefer to learn on-line
If your application is accepted to Founders Summit you may choose to attend either in person, or on-line. On-line attendees will have access to live streams of every conference session, and can watch the entire program from the comfort of their home or office.
For those that attend TechDay Founders Summit in-person, there will be many networking opportunities built into the day’s schedule, as well snack, coffee and energy breaks. In addition there will be opportunities to meet speakers and industry suppliers and see live demonstrations of their products and services.
All attendees, including speakers, staff, and sponsors must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination before entering the event. TechDay Founders Summit adheres strictly to all of the covid protocols put in place by the host venue, Convene. No one will be allowed into the event without showing proof of vaccination.

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Service Solutions, Product Offers, Professional Services
A select number of service providers will be on hand with tabletop exhibits where you can explore solutions to some of the most common challenges faced by startups today. You can visit these suppliers to meet with them to discuss the skills, products, or services they provide.
Sponsor Participation
Organizations that offer services, products, and resources that can help the Founders Summit audience learn best practices, time tested strategies, and leading-edge techniques for managing and growing, better, more successful businesses will benefit from sponsorship, which can include conference session presentation and branded networking opportunities. Sponsors will have the rare opportunity to share content and market insight with a highly curated group of founders, co-founders, and C-Suite teams at Founders Summit. Further information can be found in the deck below. To learn more and get involved, please fill out this form and we’ll get in touch right away!
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