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What is Founders Summit?
A highly focused program designed for startup teams to access the education, tools and networks that will help them become better, more successful business people.
Curated Content
The conference featured educational sessions presented by successful founders, academics, business professionals and more.
Sessions addressed topics identified by founders as most important to the growth and success of their businesses, including fundraising, staff recruitment and retention, infrastructure development, innovation and change management, marketing and sales, business analytics, time management, and much more.
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Product Demonstrations
Visit the exhibit hall to learn more about some of the most influential companies in the industry. Plus, you’ll get access to thousands of dollars in perks and offers from our sponsors!
High Value Content -
At Your Leisure
You can now view recorded sessions from TechDay Founders Summit whenever you want and wherever you are. Get access to over 20 recorded sessions presented by industry leaders, most of whom have been founders themselves!
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Founders Summit Schedule at a Glance
9am - 9:45am EST
Startup 101
Keep Your Funding Flowing: Non-Obvious Tips For Founders On Raising Capital
Jenny Fielding
Managing Director at Techstars
Growing Pains
Winning Strategies for First-Time Managers
Alex Trotta
Manager of Product Development and Innovation at Mastercard
Building Blocks
Customer Driven Development: The Learn-Build-Learn Cycle
Mike Apted
Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS
Sales, Marketing, and Branding
The Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Selling
Deborah Leff
Global Leader and Industry CTO at IBM
Funding Fundamentals
How To Raise Capital For Your Startup From Top VC Investors
J. Skyler Fernandes
Co-Founder & General Partner at VU Venture Partners & Venture University
10am - 10:45am EST
Startup 101
Lessons from Startups and Downs: The Secrets of Resilient Entrepreneurs
Mona Bijoor
Partner at King Circle Capital LLC
Growing Pains
How to Hire Smart Now So You Don’t Have to Fire Later
Carolyn Betts Fleming
Founder & CEO at Betts Recruiting
Building Blocks
Notes From a Founder’s Diary: JP on Launching and Growing Sovy
John (JP) Popolizio
Co-Founder and CEO at Sovy
Sales, Marketing, and Branding
Building your Brand with Design Thinking
Nelly Ortiz
Business Hacking Director at Globant
Funding Fundamentals
Funding From Your Rich Uncle... Sam: Using SBIR's to Your Advantage
Jeremy Kagan
Professor of Digital Marketing at Columbia Business School
11am - 11:45am EST
Startup 101
How to Build a Winning Pitch Deck
Denise Quashie
Startup Marketing Leader at AWS
Growing Pains
Ecosystem Management for the Next Decade
Tejpaul Bhatia
Office of the CIO at Google
Building Blocks
The New World of Work: Flexibility is the Future
Wayne Berger
CEO at IWG Americas
Sales, Marketing, and Branding
Digital Marketing: A Growth Hacker's Hands-On Approach
Jeremy Kagan
Professor of Digital Marketing at Columbia Business School
Funding Fundamentals
The Art & Science of Fundraising
Ravi Belani
Managing Director at Alchemist Accelerator
12pm - 1pm EST
Lunch & Keynote
Build your Brand: Find Your Frequency
David Meltzer
Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing and Founder of David Meltzer Enterprises
1:15pm - 2pm EST
Startup 101
What I Learned From Helping 150 Startups
Kevin Siskar
CEO at Finta
Growing Pains
HR for Growing Businesses
Moses Balian
HR Consulting Manager at Justworks
Building Blocks
IP 101 for Start-Ups – How To Protect Your Secret Sauce And Keep Your Edge!
Mitch Hadley & Zach Hong
Associates at Knobbe Martens
Sales, Marketing, and Branding
PR Hustle for Startups
Joe LoBello
Founder & CEO at LoBello Communications
Funding Fundamentals
How Founders Can Prepare To Work More Successfully With Corporate Partners
Marc Barrachin
Market Intelligence at S&P Global
2:15pm - 3pm EST
Startup 101
Best Practices on Working with Athletes and Fitness Influencers
Ishveen Anand
Founder & CEO at OpenSponsorship
Growing Pains
Startup Growth: Building Your Brand and Scaling Your Marketing Engine in Uncertain Times
Emily Lin
Head of Partnerships at HubSpot
Building Blocks
The Startup Stack: Building Customer Engagement for Scale
Nikki Rubin
Ecosystem Developer at Twilio Startups
Sales, Marketing, and Branding
The Founder’s Guide to Marketing
Max Bidna
Co-Founder & CEO at Hell's Creative
Funding Fundamentals
Employee Equity for Startups: What You Need to Know Before Establishing A Plan
Andrew Schwartz & Greg Baker
VP of Executive Services & Business Unit Owner at Computershare
3pm - 4pm EST
Networking & Keynote
Guidance For Founders From Citi Ventures During COVID-19
Arvind Purushotham
Global Head of Venture Investing
View Recorded Sessions
View Recorded Sessions Here
Community Partners
Meet founders from around the world, and down the street
Founders Summit will bring together idea stage entrepreneurs, founders, co-founders, and C-Suite startup execs from throughout the global startup community. How do we know we can attract such a broad community? We’ve done it before.

When it became clear that the Covid-19 global pandemic would make it impossible to conduct TechDay business as usual, we launched a series of Town Hall Webinars. These weekly events have brought together literally thousands of startup founders and C-Suite executives, many of which come from beyond the communities that annually attend TechDay events in New York, Los Angeles, and London. In fact, attendees at TechDay Town Hall events have come from more than 30 foreign countries, and nearly half of the fifty United States.

But no matter where they come from, attendance at Founders Summit will be restricted to startup founders, their executive teams, and idea stage entrepreneurs.
Service Solutions, Product Offers, Professional Services
A select number of service providers will be on hand with virtual tabletop exhibits where you can explore solutions to some of the most common challenges faced by startups today. You can visit these suppliers to meet with them via one-on-one video chat, text chat, or even schedule some time in a private meeting room to see a private demonstration of the skills, products, or services they provide.
View Recorded Sessions.
View Recorded Sessions Here
Sponsor Participation
Organizations that offer services, products, and resources that can help the Founders Summit audience learn best practices, time tested strategies, and leading-edge techniques for managing and growing, better, more successful businesses will benefit from sponsorship, which can include conference session presentation and branded networking opportunities. Sponsors will have the rare opportunity to share content and market insight with a highly curated group of founders, co-founders, and C-Suite teams at Founders Summit. Further information can be found in the deck below. To learn more and get involved, please fill out this form and we’ll get in touch right away!