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The Future of Cyber: An Investor Perspective On Cyber Trends in 2019 and Beyond

11:25 am - 11:40 am

Jonathan Luff
Co-Founder at CyLon

Jonathan Luff is the Co-Founder of CyLon. CyLon finds, grows, and invests in cyber businesses via its own global sourcing network and its accelerator programmes. CyLon has supported 53 startups since it was founded in 2015, and is now the 7th most active investor in cyber security globally. CyLon-supported startups are collectively valued at over £175m, have gone on to create over 300 jobs and have raised over £50m of follow-on funding.

Mr. Luff is also the Co-Founder of Epsilon Advisory Partners, where he works with some of the world’s fastest growing technology companies, including Nest, Dataminr, and Rubikloud.

Before founding CyLon and Epsilon, Jonathan was a senior British Diplomat, serving in a variety of roles including as an advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron.

Course Description:

What is the cyber security market going to look like in the immediate future, and how can you prepare for it? Whether you are an early-stage investor, an early adopter, or anyone else concerned with the increasingly important role cyber security plays in the world, this is the session for you. Mr. Luff will pay special attention to future cyber security market trends, and the role cyber accelerators and early-stage investors play in helping the global cyber ecosystem grow, and how cyber security start-ups are poised to develop into innovative businesses that can help tackle the growing cyber issues and problems corporates and governments around the world are experiencing.

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how to:

  • Identify future emerging trends in cybersecurity.

  • Understand how cyber accelerators and early-stage investors support the global cyber ecosystem.

  • De-risk collaboration between large enterprise and early-stage cyber startups.