The following companies are participating in TechDay London 2019
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Attendees current as of 10/18/2019

Multiple Titles

. BA

`Industrial Technologies Ltd Managing Director

. Multiple Titles

.. IT

*** Director

10-15 Ltd Owner

101 Research Co-Founder

11387839 CEO

1966 Self Employed

1972 Developer/Engineer

1992 Software Engineer

1oT Sales Manager

20SHOTS Multiple Titles

22d consulting Chief of Vision

3HR Corporate Solicitors Business Development

3m Data Analyst

4mosr Principal consultant

4SL Chairman

93 Digital Head of Maketing

A.T. Kearney Marketing and Strategic Partnerships Manager

Abu Dhabi food control Project manager civil engineer

Academic Internship Council Multiple Titles

Acceleration VC Director

Accelerator London (London Met Uni) Head of Accelerator

Accenture Service Manager

Accenture Technology Strategy Consultant

Accenture / Self Strategy Consultant & Private Investor

Acerole Technical Architect

Acquired Multiple Titles

Activ-8 Consultant

Acumen global partners Multiple Titles

adamandeveDDB Head of Interactive

Adaptavist Limited Client Services Senior Account Manager

AddyCar Founder

AdUnity Commercial Director

Advanced Motor Industries Director of Business Development

Advis Global Business Solutions Founder

Aerate Operations Director

Aergo Ltd CEO

Aerospace Technology Institute Head of Strategy, Innovation and Engagement

aexit-hub Multiple Titles

Affinity Shipping Financial Analyst

Afrimax Founder and investor

Agensi CMO

Agile Impressions Commercial Director

Agile Integrations Agile Coach

Agorapulse Country Manager UK & Ireland

AIC Senior Placement Manager

Akeneo Multiple Titles

Aklamio Sales Director

ALC Multiple Titles

Aldorino Designs Multiple Titles

Allia Multiple Titles

Allied wallet Developer

Alphimtec Ltd Multiple Titles

Altran Infrastructure config and build Engineer

Always Friday Ltd. CEO

Amadeus Capital Partners partner

Amazon Senior Program Manager

Amazon Web services Enterprise Manager

Ambition Ventures Founder & MD

American Express Multiple Titles

Ameryz Bio CEO

Amlaak Business consulting

AmoCentury Co-Founder

amseymour consulting risk director

amseymourconsulting Multiple Titles

Amurru Studio Ltd CEO

Andy Bell Consulting Consultant

AngelsCube Ceo

Angular Ventures Analyst

Animals' Move Founder

Anthemis Group Venture Associate


Aon Multiple Titles

Apex Financial Technology Limited Founder & CEO


Appboxo CEO

Apple Technical Project Manager

Aqovia Multiple Titles

Arcadis Analyst

ardanis technology coFounder

Arithmetical Ltd ML Researcher

Ark Data Centres Digital Marketer

Arlix Technologies LTD Managing Director

Arrariv Limited SAP Technical Architect

ArtBrowser CEO

Artefact Magazine Tech and Entertainment Editor

Aryan Technology Entrepreneur

ASEA BVB Contractor

Aside Media Digital media manager

Associated Press VP

ATI Boeing Accelerator Programme Director

Atlasz Ltd Business Development & Solutions

ATMA Enterprises Co-Founder

Atom Universe CEO

Atom Ventures Director

Attomo Director

Audanna Technology Head fo Development

AutomationSquared Multiple Titles

Avasopht Development Multiple Titles

Avenir Digital CEO

Averroes International School O and A Level Coordinator

Awareness Coaching Multiple Titles

Awesome Source COO

AWS Global Account Manager

Axiom Product Manager

Axiom Legal Product Manager

axitech Engineering Director

B Ventures Multiple Titles

backed vc Venture scout

Backless Basics CEO / Founder

Bain & Company Consultant

Bain and Company Case Team Leader

Banco BPM Retail banking manager

Bandwidth Recruitment Business Consultant

Barclays Multiple Titles

Barclays Analyst

Barclays Bank Plc Associate Director

Barclays Bank UK plc Multiple Titles

Barclays BUK Plc Relationship Manager

Barclays Uk Area Business Manager

Barclays UK PLC Associate Vice President

Barclays UK Ventures Business Development & Investments

Barclays Ventures Multiple Titles

Bare conductive Head of industrial design

Barking LV Multiple Titles

Basque Trade and Investment (UK & Ireland) Managing Director


BCG Digital Ventures Senior Engineer

BCG Digital Ventures Senior Engineer

BDO Business Development

BDO Multiple Titles

BDO LLP Supervisor

BearingPoint Business Consultant

BeBoss Ltd Director

Beebop Technologies Managing Director

Beebop Technology Multiple Titles


BehaveHR Multiple Titles

Belron International Global Head of CRM

BeoBia Founder

BeoBia Multiple Titles

bespoke_joke_bloke Content writer

Bestpay Risk manager

BetaDen Multiple Titles

Betweenness Tech Ltd Founder

Beyond Noize Multiple Titles

BG Product Specialist

BGC Partners Strategic Investments Group

BGF Investor

Big Idea Media Founder

Big Sofa Director of Product

BigOSoft Software Engineer

Bikal cao

billss ceo

BinaryEdge AG CTO

Birch & James consultant

Birch & James Associates Director

Birch & James Associates Consultant


Birkbeck university Student

Bitbreaks CEO

BitDash Manager

BitDash Ltd Founder

Bitstore.tech Multiple Titles

BizGive Co-Founder

Black Unicorn PR Co-FOudner

BLaO Ltd Marketing Partner

BlockDox Innovation/Business Development

Bloomberg PCM

Blue Lake Accelerator Partner

Bluebridge Fintech Multiple Titles

BlueOptima Business Development

Bluepointlondon General Manager

BMJ Strategy Lead

BNP Paribas Product Manager

Bolt PR Manager, Northern & Western Europe

Boostingprofit.uk Visual strategist


box&rox Founder

BPG Strategy Managing Director

Brands & Borders Regional Sales Manager

Branduin Business Support Ltd. Regional Director

Bravada - On-Demand Marketing Founder

BRE Consultant Data Analyst

BRHD ltd Director

Bright Dials ltd Director

Brightside Multiple Titles

Bruntwood SciTech Head Of Commercial

Brushd. Founder

BSI SA Former Deputy CEO

BT Consultant

business mix Lead for Sustainable Technology

business mix Limited COO

Business Plan Stan Limited CEO

Business Sweden Advisor

Business Wire Europe Ltd Manager, European Marketing

Butterworth Developer

Buzzacott Senior Manager

Bygadgets IT Consultancy Company Owner

Byooti Co-founder

C M S Cameron McKenna LLP Associate

C-BIA Consulting CEO

CA CLOUD BD Director

CA Cloud BD Director

Cadastra Digital Marketing COO

Callplan.io CEO

Caltabiano Self Employed

Cambridge Global Payments NAM

CampaignUP Multiple Titles

Campfire Membership Exec.

CAMRA Wine & Snacks Bar Manager @ Ealing Beer Festival

CAMRA Bar Manager

Canning House Corporate Manager

Carsten Schwerm | Consulting Marketing Consultant

carwow Head of Commercial Strategy

Cash Coach Multiple Titles

Cass Business School MBA

CCS Insight Principal account executive

Cello Signal Solutions Architect

Central Working Multiple Titles

Centrica Innovations Startup Labs Associate

Chanodil Founder / CEO

Chatdesk Co-Founder

Checkout.com Sales Manager

Cheeky Fest Music entrepreneur

ChessX SIA Growth Manager

Chestertons Multiple Titles

Chris G Yoga Multiple Titles

CIC UI/UX/Product

CIEE Multiple Titles

Cilasun Consulting Managing Director


Cirrus Cloud Founder

Citibank Relationship manager

City of London Corporation Coordinator

City University London Software Engineer

CIVITTA Slovakia Junior Consultant

Clarity PR Account Manager

Clarivise Ltd Director

Click&Invest Digital Strategy and Operations Consultant

CloudTask VP

CMS Multiple Titles

CMS CMNO Partner

CMX Runway CEO

Co:cubed Manager

Cocoon Global Venture Associate

Codaemon LLC Multiple Titles

Codaemon Softwares Pvt Ltd Multiple Titles

Codetalk - Student

CognitionX Research Analyst

COGZ Founder

CollectiWise CEO

Collectiwise CTO

Collinson Propositions Manager

Collinson Group Multiple Titles

Columbia Lake Partners Investment Associate

combocow director

ComeOn! Tech Team Lead

Commerzbank AG Director

CommonRoom Ventures Multiple Titles

Comms.team Founder

Communications Management Association Chairman

Compucorp Project Manager

Computers Are Free For Everyone Ltd Multiple Titles

Concentric Venture Capital Associate

Concentrix VP

Conception X COO

Concise Multiple Titles

Confirmation Regional Account Manager

Construens Director

Consultant Consultant

Contact Associates Head of service delivery

Contented Brothers Ltd CEO

Contrast AV Multiple Titles

Convex Director

Corner Case Technologies CPO

Corse Concierge Managing Director

Cortex Director

Cosmic & Co Founder

Craving Connections Multiple Titles

Craving Connections part of Delivering Difference Ltd Director

Creating Space Executive Coach

Credit Benchmark Director, Corporate Development

Credit Suisse Private Banker

Crest Director

Criteo Multiple Titles

CRL/ PlusX Programme Manager

Crompton Consulting Diretor

Cromwell Manager

Crossbeams Founder

Crossknowledge QE engineer

Crowdcube Multiple Titles

Crowe U.K. LLP Partner

Crown Commercial Service Multiple Titles

Culture Hint Multiple Titles

currency cloud Multiple Titles

Currencycloud Product Owner

Curve chief commercial officer

Curvestone Consultant

CYBG Senior Strategy Associate

CyLon Multiple Titles

CyLon - Cyber London Programme director

Daatar Ltd Product Manager

Daily Chemist Multiple Titles

Darwin Bay Publishing Multiple Titles


Datatel Solutions President

Dataxle Founder

David Studd & Associates Limited Multiple Titles

Dayviewer Founder

Dazzle technology Ltd. CTO

DBS Bank Taiwan Ltd. Programme Manager


Dead Savvy Director

decode MD

Decoded Software Developer

Delanen Multiple Titles

Delio Client Associate

Deloitte Multiple Titles

Deloitte LLP Senior Manager

Deloitte Ventures Multiple Titles

Delphico Ltd Director

Den Creative Ltd. Developer

Dentons Associate

Department for International Trade Multiple Titles

Department for International Trade Account Manager

Dept. for International Trade Multiple Titles

deputi AI Development Director

DESC Founder

Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures Sr Investment Analyst

Devek Integration Ltd Devops Architect

DFGR Limited MD

DGL Group Multiple Titles

Dibson Director

Digipeak Back end developer

Digital business women magazine Founder

Digital Catapult Strategy Consultant

Digital Taxonomy Director

Digital Transformation Success Secrets. My 12th book June 2018 will feature emerging technologies and companies. Author

Digital Wealth SPC MP

Digital Willow CEO

Digital Works Group Multiple Titles

Dilevo Project manager

Dilivi.com CEO

Dillan Founder

Diometer Multiple Titles

Disruptive Executive Hiring Limited Multiple Titles

Distribuciones KYJ Multiple Titles

DIT Multiple Titles

DIT Account Manager

Divit IT Director

Dixons Carphone Group Senior PMO Analyst

DK Business Growth Limited Multiple Titles

DKLM LLP Solicitor

DLL Channel Manager

Dogbot Technology Limited CEO

Dognostica CEO

Donate The Change CEO

Doreming Limited CEO

Dotsquares Multiple Titles

Dotsquares Ltd Digital and Social Media

Dotsquares Ltd. Project Manager

Doubleprime Partner

DraftKings CIO

Dragonfly CCO

dream agency director

DSSC Europe Business Development Analyst

Dualitybanx Co-founder

Duggmotion Letd Animator

DXC Technology Digital Solutions Director

e-fleamarket.com Co-founder

E1SMC Sales Director

E2v Technical authority

Early Metrics Business Developer

earwig CEO

EaseFootwear CEO

Easy Internet Services MD

Eat Safe CEO

Eaton Travis Consulting Ltd Managing Director

ebayrak IT Director

EC1 Partners Consultant

EC1 Partners Multiple Titles

Edawjar Consultancy Services Founder, Digital Innovation Specilaist

Edelman Creative Direcor

Edenred Capital Partners Investment Analyst

EDGE AI Multiple Titles

Edge Investments Investment Manager

Eelavan Ltd CEO

Egress Software Enterprise Account Executive

Eicorn MD

eiffel ceo

Eigen Technologies Research Scientist

EIT Digital Multiple Titles

EkkBaz Co-Founder

Electric Blue Group Founder

Element Six Head of Strategic Projects

Elemental Concept Multiple Titles

Elements Multiple Titles

Elimo Engineering Ltd Multiple Titles

Elite Crowdfunding Limited Multiple Titles

ElizaSixtyFour Product Analyst (Innovation)

elluba.com AI Curator

Emu Analytics Limited CEO

Endava Innovation Lead

energyscanner Founder

Enertech Solutions Director

Enrich Link Director Business Development

Ensors Associate Partner

Ensors Accountants LLP Tax Advisor

Enterprise Ireland Senior Market Advisor

Envato Director of Performance Marketing

Epic Multiple Titles


EPN Consulting Limited CEO

EQ Investors Multiple Titles

Equation One Consultant

Equinox IS Ltd Director

Ergo Innovation Scout

Ergo/ MunichRe Innovation scouting manager

eSynergy Solutions Community Manager

Euro London Multiple Titles

Euro London Appointments Recruitment consultant


Eurovia UK Process & Improvement Director

Evercore Investment Banking Associate

Experian Multiple Titles

EY Multiple Titles

EY LLP Multiple Titles

EY-Parthenon Consultant


Facebook Partner Manager

FAI PATENTS International Patnet Prosecutor

Famiio CEO co-founder

Family Quilt Ltd founder

Fantastec Sports Technology Associate product manager

Fast Trak Consultant

favouritetable Director

FD Centre Finance Director

FDS Consultant

Feast It Business Development Manager

Feeliom CEO & Founder

Feral Horses head of growth

Festival du film merveilleux Multiple Titles

Fidio Director

FieldHouse Associates Multiple Titles

FilmDoo Multiple Titles

FiNC technologies CFO

Finceler8 Consultant

Findyuhflow Multiple Titles

Fintricity CEO

Fintricity CEO

Finverity LTD Chief Revenue Officer

fire.com Multiple Titles

First Capital Associate

First Data Product Manager

Fitby Founder

Fitby Agency Founder

Flachsconsulting Consultant

Flagship Consulting Multiple Titles

Flarebright Ltd Chief Commercial Officer

FLYRIGHT Multiple Titles

Fncrowd.com Founder


Ford Motor Company Senior Procurment Specialist

Foresight Investor

Fornax Associates Consultant

Founcy Limited Manager

Founders Factory Multiple Titles

Franklin Templeton Buiness Analyst

Franklin Templeton Investments Business Analyst

Freelance Multiple Titles

Freelance consultant Freelance consultant

Freelancer Multiple Titles

French Elm Consultant

French Embassy Digital Attachée

FrenchFounders Relationship Manager

FRESH Head of Startups

Front Yard Founder

Frontera Founder

FTI Director

Functionize Ltd Freelance developer

Funding London Portfolio manager

fundourselves.com business development associate

Fundsurfer Co founder

Fuse Founder & CEO


G&L Works Bvba CEO

Gameonology Lte Director

Garfield Smith - Technology & Data Lawyers Solicitor

Gebeya Business Development Associate

GEEK OF CHIC Executive Producer

Geekheads Ltd IT Consultant

Genera Commercial Director

General Assembly Marketing Director

General Counsel London Limited Managing Director

Genuine Gratitude Digital Designer

GFP Analyst

Gideon Clifton CEO

Gigride Non-executive Director

Ginza Co-founder

GKR Multiple Titles

Global Founders Capital Partner Investments

Global Processing Services Multiple Titles

Global Risk Partners Payroll advisor

Globallr Founder

Glownet Founder

GM&Co Founder

GMG Ventures Multiple Titles

GMG Ventures LP Investment Analyst

Golden Oak Projects Project Manager

Goldman Sachs Sales

Goldsmiths, University of London Student Enterprise & Skills Manager

Goldswans Founder & CEO

golfscape Multiple Titles

Government of Ontario Senior Commercial Officer

Graffiti Syndicate Investor

Grant Thornton UK LLP Associate Director

Grant Thornton UK LLp Growth Exe

GrantTree Multiple Titles

GrantTree Ltd Marketing Director

Grape Global Limited Director

Greenlight Founder

GreenSquid Solutions Director

Group Medianet Multiple Titles

GrowBizLeads MD

Grupo KYJ Multiple Titles

GS Exec director

GSMA Multiple Titles


GSUSA Business analyst

guardian grip ltd Digital Designer

Guixer & Partners managing partner

Haircrush Founder

Hambro Perks Managing Director

Hamilton Apps UK Sales Manager

Hamilton Leigh Sales Executive

Handshak3 Consultant

Handshak3 Consultant

Hanson Search Multiple Titles

Harbert European Growth Capital Associate


Harper Gray Consultant

Harrt Engineering Limited Managing Director

Harvey John Senior Consultant

Hatchery Co-Founder

Hawthorn Advisors Ltd Managing Director

haysmacintyre Multiple Titles

HBS Angels of London Director

HeadBox UK Digital Marketing Manager

HeadBox Solutions LTD Head of Marketing

Health Foundry Interim General Manager

HEC Paris UK Office Associate

HedyNet PM

Heliotrope digital Director

Hello Future CEO

Hello Lamp Post Partnerships

Helm Innovation Ltd CEO and Co-Founder

Heptagon Capital Fund Manager

Herald HR Ltd Consulting HR Director

Herddle Multiple Titles

Hermes Yazilim Multiple Titles

Hex Key Founder & CEO

HH Global Chief Digital and Innovation Officer

HiBob Owner

Hiera Consulting Founder

HighCastle Vice President

Highlight Founder

Himalaya Labs Ltd MD

Hitachi Consulting Multiple Titles

Hitachiconsulting Director

HMRC Patent Box Lead

HODL ventures Partner

Hologram Software LTD Director

Honest Mobile Multiple Titles

Hootloot Co-Founder

Horizon PPM Founder

Horizon PPM Founder

Hostology Limited Founder / Director

Hotric Charity Shop Charity Shop Manager

HS. Talent Lead

Hsbc Product manager



Huawei Collaboration Director

HubbleHQ Business Development Associate

HUBX Multiple Titles

Huckletree Multiple Titles

Huge Thing Program Exectuive

Hult Founders Lab London Director

HYPER CRUNCH Multiple Titles

Hyperspots COO

HyperVisual Ltd Digital Engineering Consultant

I See Media Managing Director

i-LAPS Ltd Multiple Titles

i2i app Founder

Ibex Recruitment Founder

Ibex Recruitment Ltd Founder

IC Resources Multiple Titles

ICE Manager

ICFM Astana Deputy Director

Iconic Productions Marketing

IDA Digital Ltd Marketing Consultant

IE Business School Student

Ignition Financial Manager

Ignition Law Multiple Titles

IGOKO Entrepreneur

IHS Markit Technical Account Manager


Immense CCO

Immense Simulations Multiple Titles

IMMO Product manager

Impact Aerial Ltd Managing Director

Impellity Ltd Multiple Titles

Imperial Researcher

Imperial College MBA candidate

Imperial College Business School Multiple Titles

Imperial College Business School Employer Relations Manager

Imperial College London Multiple Titles

Incrementu CEO

Incube.space Founder

Independent Multiple Titles

Independent / freelancer Software developer

Independent Consultant Business Analyst

iNeedSocial.co.uk CEO

Infinity Trend Ltd Founder

InfinityID CEO

Informatics Ventures Programme Manager

Innonation Multiple Titles

Innonation Consultant

InnovateStealth CEO

Innovation Ideas Ltd Founder

Innovation4health Founder CEO

InnovationRCA head of incubation

inploi Multiple Titles

Institute of Directors- IoD99 Community coordinator

Insurenz Marketing Solutions Ltd Owner

Intellicharge CTO

InteriMarket Founder

InterSkan Director

Invest Northern Ireland Business Development Director

Investor Investor


Ipsos Global Head of Access

IRONIN sp. z o.o. sp. k. Business Development Manager

iScientia CTO

ISG Multiple Titles

Ishu Ceo

Ison Executive, growth and strategy

ISS UK Limited HSEQ Business Partner

IT engineering institution Network engineering

IT4DT London Limited Director

ITBS DMCC Chairman

ITOCHU Europe PLC Multiple Titles

itw Founder


Ivalua Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

ivestvc CEO

iwardrobes managing director

IXL Learning Digital Marketing Manager

Jack London Multiple Titles

Jellyfielder Studios Ltd Diector

Jenson Multiple Titles

JETRO Assistant Director

JETRO London Innovation specialist

JimboiUK Photographer

Jiva Materials Ltd Multiple Titles

JNA Project Engineer

Jobhawk CTO

JOBZ Founder

Johnson and Johnson Senior Analyst

Joining the Dots ScaleUps Network Founder

JONEX Global Managing Director

Journey 2100 Founder


JP Morgan Multiple Titles

JPMorgan Head of CIB Digital POrtfolio Management and Governance

JSP Advisor


Juddle Limited Director

Judopay Multiple Titles

Jumpstart Multiple Titles

Just Group Plc Digital Cloud Architect

Kaleidoscope Investments Director

Kammoon CEO and Founder of Kammoon


Kandu ltd CRO

Kantar Millward Brwon Research Executive Intern

Karakuri Software Developer

Karizmatic Designer

Katalyst Director of Data & Partnerships

Katapult Accelerator Operations & Comms Manager

KCL software developer


KD Consultancy Ltd Google Suite SME

Kenko CEO

Keyo SVP Marketing

Keyvise Consulting Ltd. Senior Java Developer

Kier Associates Owner

Kiln Founder

King's Digital Lab Senior UI/UX Designer

Kingston Smith Business Development Executive

Kingston University London Automotive Artificial Intelligence

Kintell Limited CEO and CoFounder

kjm consulting consultant

Knowit Head of Growth

Knowledge Officer Entrepreneur In Residence

Knowledge Transfer Network Multiple Titles

Kontor Surveyor

KPMG Multiple Titles

Kreos Capital Vice President

KTN Knowledge Transfer Manager

Kx Ventures Kx Ventures

Kyte IT Ltd Director

L Student

L Marks Multiple Titles

Laika Network Director

Larkhill Multiple Titles

Last Mile Ventures Director

Launch22 Multiple Titles

Laundryheap Business Intelligence Manager

Law Firm Trainee Solicitor

Lazard Associate

LBS Multiple Titles

LeapCog Consulting Founder

Leavy Community UK Limited Multiple Titles

LEK Consulting Associate Consultant

Lemon Advisors UK Ltd. Founder & MD

Leonard Cheshire Commercial and retail officer

Lernidee Erlebnisreisen GmbH CDO

Lernidee Erlebnissreisen GmbH CDO

Level 5 Director

Level39 Multiple Titles

Level39 Ltd Multiple Titles

Levene Consulting Multiple Titles

Liberatii Ltd Multiple Titles

LiFE Venture Multiple Titles

Limitless Multiple Titles

Linc Sr Director

linden mobile ventures founder

Linuxing In London Multiple Titles

Linuxing IO IT Manager

Lionique Startup founder

Lionique London Limited CEO

Liontech Studios Ltd Developer

LMJ Recruitment Director

LMT Director

Loco2 Product Manager


London Borough of Hackney Councillor

London Business School Multiple Titles

London Business School Multiple Titles

London Business School (Previously Bain & Company) Student

London Business School / Mitsubishi Corporation Manager

London Business School | McKinsey & Co MBA Student

London Councils Head of Business and Enterprise

London School of Economics Student

London South Bank University Multiple Titles

London Southbank University Innovation Programme Manager

London Sport Head of Technology

Lost Roots Limited Director

Lotus Advisory Limited Director

Louie Christie Freelance web developer

LSBU Multiple Titles

LSE Management Undergraduate

LSEG Multiple Titles

Lucas & Co. Patent Attorney

LUMA-iD Ltd. Director

Luminoso Solutions Engineer

Luminous PR Founder

Lusiad MD

Luxoft Chief Digital Strategist


LYOS Director

M Science Business Do

Macquarie Multiple Titles

Mageena Entrepreneus

Magister Advisors Multiple Titles

Makers Head of Delivery

Making Waves BDM

Managed Mail Service Ltd Director

Manas AI Multiple Titles

Mande Software Consultancy Ltd CoFounder

Manustech Managing Partner

Map a Nurse Multiple Titles

Maple Syrup Media Ltd Director of Technology

Mariana Capital Analyst

Marily London Ltd Director

Marketing Town Chief of Staff

Marlin App Multiple Titles

MArnoldi Consulting LTD Data Scientist - Entrepreneur

Marrsk Product owner

Marshall Media Business Affairs LLP Multiple Titles

Marta Maria Marino ltd manager

Matchable Founder

MathLogic LTD Director

Mathys & Squire Trainee Patent Attorney

Mathys & Squire LLP Patent Attorney

Mathys and Squire LLP Marketing Executive

MatLogica Principal Consultant

Mattr Media Community Manager

Mavericks Entertainment Director

Max Louis Creative Ltd & Oleso Multiple Titles

Maxcourt Multiple Titles

Maxcourt Multiple Titles

maxus ltd Multiple Titles

MB Founder

McKinsey & Company Business Analyst

ME Multiple Titles

Mealz Founder and CEO

Medical Legal Reporting Limited Developer

Merchant Taylor Student

Mesh-Net Ltd MD

Met Police Multiple Titles

Metropolitan Police Service Multiple Titles

Mevoo Director

Mewelab Director

Michael Forni Agile Coach

MIcroMki Founder

Microsoft Project Manager

Midasvr Multiple Titles

Migacore Technologies CTO

Miller Heiman Group Account Lead

Mind The Ad Multiple Titles

Mind the Bridge Director of EU Operations

Mindpath Director

Minerva Schools at KGI Multiple Titles

MiniBar Ventures Multiple Titles

Minideed Software engineer

MIRACL Multiple Titles

Miroslav Lakosil Creative Services Art Director, Illustrator

miruminvest Multiple Titles

miruninvest Multiple Titles

Miss Multiple Titles

Miss. Business Development

Mitsubishi Corporation Manager

Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Senior Associate Director

MJL Consultants General Counsel/CEO

Mk Executive Trainer

MLabs Air CEO

Mobeus Multiple Titles

Mobeus Equity Partners Venture Capital

Mobeus Equity Partners Venture Capital

Mobiscus Ltd Director

Modi & Modi Ltd Director



Monde Consultancy Ltd

Monetate Lead Product Manager

Money Pot Founder

Moneymasternow Multiple Titles

Montrachet advisory Financial advisor

Montreal Associates Multiple Titles

Moonlight IQ Multiple Titles

Moonlight Media Account Executive

Mortimer Spinks Consultant

Moscow-London Business Travel CEO

MovieGlu CEO

Moxie HoF

Moxie HoF

MPM self employed

MR Multiple Titles

Mromaldini Consultant

Mrs. Business Development Manager

Ms Multiple Titles

MSU Multiple Titles

MUFG Systems Analyst

MUFG Bank Multiple Titles

Mulberry Consulting MD

Music Equity COO

Muslimbees Multiple Titles

My Airbuddy Multiple Titles

Mysite Services Ltd Multiple Titles

N/A Investor

Naaut Founder

Nabigeta CIO

NADs Smanager

NaMax Limited CEO

name9 Multi Cloud Solutions Architect

national grid partners venture associate

Natural Flow Consultancy Founder

Natwest Multiple Titles

Natwest Markets Application Support

Nauta Capital Investment Associate

Nav.Marketing Marketing Consultant

Navani Enterprise Director

NBCUniversal Multiple Titles

Nebula Technology Consultants Consultant

Nebula Technology Consultants Ltd Consultant

NEC Europe Assistant manager

NEC Europe Ltd GM Corporate strategy

NEC Europe Ltd. Multiple Titles

Nell Health Multiple Titles

neonical director

neonical Multiple Titles

NeoSound Multiple Titles

NeoSound Intelligence B.V. CEO

Netleadz Business Director

Nettoken CEO


Newa ble Senior Business Adviser

Newable Senior Innovation Adviser

Newable Ltd Multiple Titles

Newbridge School IT Technician

NewDay Head of QA

NHS Policy and research projects manager


Nine16 Multiple Titles

NiteLifeNav CEO/ Founder

Nitrous Multiple Titles

Noah Holdings Limited Senior Fund Accountant

NoN Software Limited Managing Director

none Multiple Titles

NotioNext Limited Embedded Product Development Consultant

Nottx Multiple Titles

NRI Europe Product Manager

NTT Data Director

NTT DATA UK Senior Technical Architect

NTUitive Director

Nucleus Ventures Senior Programme Manager

Nucoro Head of Partnerships

NUMA New York Multiple Titles

NVM Investor

NVM Private Equity Investment Associate

Nwes Multiple Titles

OAK'S LAB Multiple Titles

OBM Director

Oceanbridge Management Director

Octopus Chief of staff

Octopus Energy Future Technologies Evangelist

Octopus Group Multiple Titles

Octopus Ventures Investor

Ofgem Senior Manager, Innovation Link

Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners Associate Lawyer

Oliver Rothschild Corporate Advisors Chairman

OLX Commercial Lead

Omnis Software Ltd Sales Manager

OneDegree UX Designer

OneTech Director

Oneweb VP, Products

Ongea Creative Creative Technologist

Onlyborrow ltd CEO

Ontruck Global Head of Supply

Open Mic Research Managing Director

Optaysys Director

Optimity Founder

Orange Multiple Titles

Ordbit Founder

ORESA Executive Search Consultant

Osper CMO

Otravista Consulting LLP Co-founder and Partner

Outlandish Marketing

Outlandish Co-Operative Community Manager

Outward VC Multiple Titles

OweMe Multiple Titles

Own-Kind Ltd founder

Oxford Knight Multiple Titles

Oxford Knight Research Associate

Oxygen at Work Co-Founder & CEO

P Software Engineer

P5 Principal Architect

PA Housing Ltd. Digital Programme Manager

paal15 Marketing

Packetspace Ltd Owner

Paddy Power Manager

Page White & Farrer Technical Assistant

Page White and Farrer Multiple Titles

Palmer Multiple Titles

Pamoja CEO

Panasonic Multiple Titles

PANDORHEI Multiple Titles

PANDORHEI Multiple Titles

Pangea Multiple Titles

Paprika Group Multiple Titles

Parrot Regional Director, Northern Europe & MEAI

Party App Founder

Path59 Client Engagement Director

Pattern International Expansion

Paws.com Multiple Titles

Pay with Bolt Founder

PayFit Multiple Titles

PDT Sales Consultancy Consultant

Peasy Co Founder

Pemberton Capital Advisors Credit analyst


Per4mance Insight Ltd Founder

Personal Trader

Personify XP Multiple Titles


Peter Duley Interim Finance manager

PHD Media Digital Innovation Manager

Photocert Multiple Titles

Pionr Multiple Titles

PitchBook Senior Sales Representative

PitchBook Executive

PitchMe Head of Business Development

PJ Consultant

Placeholder Director

Plant Pot CEO

Playfair Capital Partner

Playfinder Business Development Executive

PMT Online Front-End Developer

Polish University Abroad Strategic Development Director

Pollenise CEO

Pollenise Multiple Titles

Poonyah Care Limited COO

Pop Up World Multiple Titles


Praesta Partners LLP Board Advisor

Premier Mobile Phones Ltd Director

Presidential Ideas Founder

Prime Board Solutions Founder


Private INvestor

PRMS Ltd Managing Director

PRMS Ltd Managing Director

Professional Advantage Head of Business Development

Progressive Acceleration Co-founder

Prospect Knight Do-founder

PS Designer

Puglet Digital Organic Marketing Consultant

Pulse Multiple Titles

Puml Multiple Titles

Puml Co-CEO

PunterDigital Limited CEO

Purposeful Group G8

Purposeful Products Founder

PushFar CEO & Co-Founder

Putnam Associates Senior Consultant

PwC Multiple Titles

Q5 Enterprises CEO

QDOOZ Content Curator

QEC Managing Partner

QMUL Multiple Titles

QRS Technology

Quantenergy Data scientist

Quantico Founder

Quantum Edge Founder

Quantum Leap AI CEO

Quantum Technical CEO

Quantus UK Director

Queen Mary Multiple Titles

Queen Mary University Senior Careers Consultant

Queen Mary University of London Multiple Titles

Queen Mary university of London Multiple Titles

Queen Mary, University of London Multiple Titles

Queen MaryUniversity of London University Lecturer

Quorso Multiple Titles

QVentures Associate

R R Manj Consultants Ltd Director

rabobank risk

Racepoint Global Senior Agency Marketing Manager

Raconteur Head of amp

Rainmaker Partner Founder & CEO

Rainmaker Partners Associate

Rainmaking Innovation/ StartupBootcamp Research Analyst

Rainmaking Insurtech Startup-corporate engagement Lead

RAMPD Founder

RANZCOG Finance Manager

Raspberry Dream Labs Founder

Raving Mad CEO

RDP Associates Multiple Titles

rds consultants Multiple Titles

RDS Consultants Ltd Partner

Reality Check VP Comms & Special Projects

Rebank CTO

REBEL Co-Founder

ReceiptWallet Multiple Titles

Recruit Holdings Co,. Ltd Manager

Recruit Year Multiple Titles

Red Bee media Multiple Titles

Red Fern Innovations Pte Ltd Director

Red Sift Multiple Titles

Redline Capital Associate

Redsand Business Development

Reed Exhibitions Marketing Manager

Reeds Product Specialist

Refinitiv Multiple Titles


RenterBuyer Ltd Founder

Repoptim Ltd Chief Data Scientist

Reputation Transfer Founder and CEO


RevdeBug Chief Revenue Officer

Rio Claro Managing Director

RISC Vision Limited Founder

Rise Global Development Director

Risers Net Co-founder

River Thames Events & Venue Consultancy Consultant

River Valley Technologies Director

RMC Technology & Consultancy LTD Project Director

ROC Logic Ltd Multiple Titles

Rochester PR Group Managing Director

Rocket Surgeon Multiple Titles

Rollopie Founder

Rooster Account Director

Rosehill Consulting Freelance consultant

Rosetta Director

Royal Society Entrepreneur In Residence at Loughborough University

RPD International Multiple Titles

RRD Multiple Titles

RSIDE LTD Director

RSM Assurance Senior Manager

RSM US Assurance Manager

Rucaray Business Development

Runway East Multiple Titles

Russell Tobin Associate Director

Russells Solicitor


SA consultancy Founder

SaaSea Founder

SaaStock Partnership

Salesforce Lead Solution Engineer

SALT Business Growth Consultancy Multiple Titles

Samsung Technology Partnerships

Samsung Technology Partnerships

Samsung SDS Open Innovation Manager

Sandersons Patent Attorney

Santander Multiple Titles

Satellite Applications Catapult Sustainable Finance Lead

sc associate

Scale up Academy Education Director


scanna msc limited managing director

Science and Technology Park of Crete Business Adviser

Scottish Development International Multiple Titles

Scrutton Bland Broker

Search Squared Head of Operations

Seed VC Founding Partner

Seedrs Multiple Titles

Seers Group LTD CEO

Seldon Commercial Director

Self employed Multiple Titles

Self-employed Freelance software, data, ml engineer

sell IT better Director

Sempai Multiple Titles

Sensing Feeling Product Manager

Seraphim Space Camp Programme Associate

Service ABC Mandarin VIP Host

SevenSix Agency Founder

Sharensplit Multiple Titles

ShareSpace Co-Founder

Sharp Manager

Sherbet Founder

Sheridans Multiple Titles

Shieldpay Co founder and CTO

Shiseido Assistant Brand Manager

Shotoku lead engineer

Sideview.app CEO

Sigma Software Multiple Titles

SigmaRoc plc Associate

Silverpeak Director

Simplex Services Chief Architect

SiyaTechVentures Director

skanska development manager

SKG Consulting Owner

SKG Consulting SAS Owner

SkillBoost Chief Executive Officer

SkillGaps founder

Sky Insight

Sky UK Engineering Analyst

Slaughter and May Strategy and Architecture Manager

Slipstream Head of Product

SmartAgile Software Ltd. Director

Smarty Software CMO

SMD Blockchain Engineer

Social Tech Trust Portfolio Manager


Softtron Director

Softwerx cyer sales consultant

Solaro Investments Ltd Director

soldo Multiple Titles

Solid Head of startups and scale ups

Solisinvest Managing Director

Soramitsu CTO

Southprime Ltd Director

Space and Lemon GmbH Innovation Researcher

SPARC-E Ltd Performance Consultant

SPENDEE CEO & Co Founder

Splunk Sales Engineer

Spoken Planet Content Strategist

spplitt Founder

SPRD Films Creative Director

Spritzmonkey Limited Consultant

Spy Principal

Start- Impact fund Team member

Startup Founder

Startups and Makers Consultant

Startups scaleups corporates Partner

StatusCake Multiple Titles

Sterling & Law Associates LLP Multiple Titles

Sterling Lawyers Ltd Multiple Titles

Stoneway BDM

Stora Enso Paper GmbH Vice President Technical Service

StorageOS Multiple Titles

Storyball CPO

Stratageeb Limited Multiple Titles

Strategic Allies Multiple Titles

Strategic Allies Ltd Multiple Titles

Strategy& Multiple Titles

Stratis Business Consultant

Street Smart Travel Co-founder

Strike UX Multiple Titles

Student Student

Studio Graphene Digital Marketing Strategist

Styliff Co-Founder

Sucseed Co-founder

SuperSeed ---

Supreme Factory Founder

Surreal Studios Founder

Suso Digital Digital Marketing Strategist

Svelte Hosting CIO

Swap Founder

SwiftSec Founder

Swithced on products Ltd director

SymbaSync Ltd CEO

t/a Grant IP IP Lawyer, European trade mark & design attorney

TA Partners Multiple Titles

Tackle Anything Entrepreneur

Tagipedia CEO

Takeoff Founder

Talent Clue Sales Manager

talent io Client Executive

Talent Point Multiple Titles

talent.io Multiple Titles

talent.io Multiple Titles

TalentSeek.io CEO

Tarik Guren Freelance Software Developer

TaxRelief.biz Director

Taylor Wessing Partner

Taylor Wessing LLP Senior BD Manager

TBC Consultant

TD Multiple Titles

TD Ameritrade Senior Analyst

Teacher Tapp CEO

Team Aretas Multiple Titles

TeamPlayerHR Founder- CEO

Tech tech Security assitant

Tech City Ventures Relationships Director

Tech Nation Content Editor

Tech world Manager

TechHub Event Coordinator

Techitalia Junior Marketing and Event Manager

Technoplat Ltd. Multiple Titles

techrelate Multiple Titles

techstack Recruitment Director

techUK Programme Manager - International Trade

Ten93 Life Science Specialist

Tenner CEO & Founder

Teragence Founder

TfL Electronics Engineer

TGD Sales Director

Thames Water Multiple Titles

The Accelerator Network Head of Accelerator Funding Network


The Bakery Lead Strategist

The Bakery London Strategist

The Bakery Worldwide Multiple Titles

The Bakery Worldwide Limited Corporate Innovation

The Communality Multiple Titles

The Computer Lab Multiple Titles

The Disruption House Chairman

The Familiar Multiple Titles

The Finance Group Limited Director

The Hub Company Business Development Manager

The Human Pattern CEO

The Ingenious Group Investment Analyst

The Job Auction Multiple Titles

The L Factor Ltd Consultant

The London Law Practice Business Immigration Solicitor

The National Gallery UX Designer

The NUEL Head of Market Insights

The Ralston Group Multiple Titles

The Society Company Founder

The Sourcing Hub Limited CEO

The Square CEO + Founder

The Sussex Innovation Centre CEO

The Work Crowd Co-Founder

Thin Guides Director

Think-it BD & Partnerships

Thinke Company Limited Consultant

ThinkPositive Data Analyst

Third Space Learning Operations Manager

Thomson Keene Director

Thought & Function Partnership Director

ThreatSpike Cyber Security Account Manager

Tickets for Good Founder

Tide Product Owner

Tilkee Head of Partnerships UK | US

Timeless Marketing Multiple Titles

Times Internet UK Ltd Director

TKM Managing Partner

TM photography Photographer

Tokyoesque Project coordinator

Tolaram Group Multiple Titles

TopTip CMO

Toyota motor corporation Assistant manager

TPI an ISG company Advisor

TPI, an ISG company advisor

Trachet Consulting Ltd CEO

Trade & Investment Queensland Business Development Manager

Trade Finance Market Director

Trademark Wizards Attorney


Transport for London Multiple Titles

Transport for London Commercial Innovation

TRAVA Travel CEO and Founder

TravelAi CEO Co-Founder

Trends Sight Ltd CEO

Trendy Stash MD

TribeFirst Multiple Titles

Trinity Digital GM

Trint Growth Analytics Manager

Triple Point Venture Capital

Triple scout CEO

Tristar Consultants Ltd. Director

Trom Junior Web Developer

Trustwave Director of Security Product Management

Truth ISC Multiple Titles

Tryatec Multiple Titles

Tuckers Lawyer

Tulli Product Manager

Turboo Albania Managing Director startup

Turner Enterprises CEO

Tusk-Flipacoin Productions Student-Entrepreneur

Tutti Multiple Titles

Twelf Founder


UBS Client Onboarding

UCC Technology Data Engineer

UCL Multiple Titles

ucreate Senior Product Manager

UFPFintech.com Multiple Titles

Uhuru Managing Director

UK Lebanon Tech Hub Senior Programme Manager

Ukrainian development HUB CEO

unite director

United SME Account Manager

United Nations Development Programme Consultant

Univ of Malta Educator

University Collaboration Manager

University College London Student

University of Auckland PhD Student

University of Bath Student

University of Essex Research Assistant

University of Kent Business Relationship Officer

University of Nottingham Multiple Titles

University of Southampton PhD student

University of Valencia Electrical/Electronics Engineer

University of Westminster Multiple Titles

UniZest Ltd Product Manager

Unnon CEO and co-founder

Unnon Ltd CEO and co-founder

UpClear ltd. Director EMEA

Urban Mobility Labs CEO

uReview Founder & CEO

US Tax & Financial Services Ltd Corporate Tax Manager

USA Student Advisors Founder & CEO

USI Consulting Software Developer

Vacuum Labs Business Consultant

Valkyrie Industries Multiple Titles

VanAmeyde Multiple Titles

Vannin Ventures Multiple Titles


Various insurance companies Freelance Consultant

Varsity Lancer Front End Developer

Vecotech Ltd Multiple Titles

Vegui Co-founder

Vendet Consulting CEO

vendi Multiple Titles

VenueScanner Multiple Titles

Verdantix Business Development Manager

Verduron Ltd IT Headhunter for London and Paris

Verto FX Multiple Titles

VertoFX Co-Founder

Vested Account Assistant

VG Machine Learning Engineer

Viable Systems - Research and Design System Designer / Analyst

Villiers high school teacher

Vinci BV Venture Capital Multiple Titles

Virgin Media / Liberty Global Director of Open Innovation

Virgin Money Partnerships Manager

Virtual Assets Entrepreneur

Vision3 Multiple Titles

Vodafone Group Multiple Titles

VOLO Group Founder

Warwick Wireless Software Developer

WarwickTECH Multiple Titles

We Swap Ltd CCO

Wealth Info Portal Ltd Co-Founder

Webroot Senior Product Manager - Cloud

WeFantastic Director

Wefarm Head of Data

Wenso Ltd Head of Marketing

Weswap Director

WeSwap.com CFO

WeWork Multiple Titles

WeWork Moor Place (Missive 7029) Associate director

Whatever Whenevr Solutions Director

WhiteHat Head of Marketing

William Hill Senior Campaign Planner

WIN Multiple Titles

Windsor swan VC

Winning by Design Consultant

Winton Ventures VP

WIP Multiple Titles

Wiser Multiple Titles

Wishu Co-founder&CEO

Witsy Director

Witsy.ai Co-Founder and CBO

Wndr CEO

Wobinnovation CEO

Wolfskill Ltd Owner

Wolt Marketing manager

WorktoJob Founder, CEO

Worldpay VP Finance

WorldQuant Data Strategy

Wow-How Studio Head of Branch

Wowboxme Director

www.naomirich.com Operations Consultant

Xeocom Limited Multiple Titles

Xogito Inc SVP Business Development EMEA

XSIBL Ltd Multiple Titles

Y.O.U underwear Founder and CEO

yellobox Founder

YELLOWBLUE Multiple Titles

Ying De Head of Marketing

Yobota Business Development

Your BattleGround Dot To Dot

YouTeam Head of Marketing

YouView TV Ltd Head of Platform Security

yulife Multiple Titles


Zaster CEO

Zenith advisor

Zick Systems Cofounder

Zientek-Global Director

Zinc Multiple Titles

zobi Founder

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