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Why should I exhibit at TechDay?
TechDay will connect you with all of the resources your startup needs to continue growing and will put you directly in front of the perfect audience. The event will bring together tens of thousands of members of the tech community. Exhibitors can connect with:
Top Talent
Early Adopters

TechDay Success Stories
Companies that exhibit at TechDay range across all industries in every stage of funding and development. The event is particularly positioned to provide the most value to early stage startups. From some of the most successful companies in the world, to the newest companies operating in stealth mode, thousands choose TechDay to help them grow.
Here are some companies that have graduated from TechDay:
Current Exhibitors
TechDay easily provided my company with more connections in a few hours than we had made in months...
...It was a fantastic opportunity to meet people who are as passionate about innovation as we are. We were not only able to meet, but we got to pitch to some of the most relevant people in both our specific industry and the startup community as a whole.
- Ruvna
TechDay is one of our favorite events of the year! It draws a great crowd of tech enthusiasts... us an opportunity to showcase our powerful shared ride technology (what better way to get home from the event?) to potential members and prospective hires. It's a must for us, year after year.
- Via
Apart from the exposure, TechDay gave us the chance to get the validation we were hoping for...
...double our user base, and connect us with some great contacts that are developing into big partnerships. My calendar has been booked full with calls and meetings the past few weeks from contacts made at TechDay alone. This is the first day I haven't had back to back meetings. I lost count of all of the resumes we've received. Overall it was exactly what we needed.
- Dreamermade

TechDay attracts investors from all parts of the world in search of companies poised to revolutionize markets. We’ve hosted some of the largest venture firms in the world, as well as corporate venture funds, accelerators and hundreds of angel investors.
Together, TechDay’s investor community comprises a massive $230 billion in capital under management ready to be deployed. Our events facilitate meetings with investors and our team diligently works year-round to forge new relationships that deliver more value to our startups every day.
Since the event’s inception in 2012, our startups have repeatedly reported placement in their rounds from investors they’ve met at TechDay events - and our investors praise us for the massive increase in deal flow we’re able to provide.
Some of our previous investors include:

Meet the Press
TechDay hosts tons of press, from international publications to the newest niche blogs, all focused on identifying trends in new technology. Our exhibitors have been featured in hundreds of articles across outlets, generating significant visibility and heightened excitement for their products and services.
In 2015, we launched our Community page, which is exclusively centered around tangible insights and actionable pieces of advice for entrepreneurs. Our newsletter draws over 50,000 subscribers each week, and we accept submissions from our exhibitors subject to approval from our editoral board.
Some of our past publications include:

Early Adopters
When the doors open at TechDay, a wave of excitement is already in the air. To date, we’ve hosted over 125,000 attendees from 6 continents.
The sheer volume of attendees at TechDay guarantees that each of our startups and partners have the opportunity to reach mass market faster than otherwise possible.
Attendee block
Have you ever envisioned yourself
pitching on the main stage?
At TechDay, you can get your startup in front of investors, press and early adopters by presenting on our main stage. Beyond having a booth, adding an on-stage demo is a great opportunity to elevate your presence and put your startup in the spotlight. Before you go out on stage you can join us at a mentorship session where investors, mentors, and colleagues will provide you with feedback to help you perfect your pitch before the big day!

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