Zingy Pet Inc.
We're a convenient on-demand dog walking service that, via an app, allows dog owners to promptly book a trusted dog walker when they're unavailable.
Company Overview

Zingy is a pet company comprised of team members who have been building world-class products and brands within the pet industry since 1991.

We are a fun and vibrant pet community that, through an app, allows pet owners to access a pool of trusted pet-care professionals.

What separates Zingy from the pack is the fully transparent, seamless and frictionless nature of the service. We enable real-time track and trace so pet owners know where their pet has been walked and, of course, we guarantee no pack or off-lead walking.

There is also a strict validation process which means each pet-care professional is put through a rigorous 6-point background check and in-person interview, while peer-to-peer reviews and star ratings ensure full transparency.

Further, all Zingy pet-care professionals are required to attend ongoing education and training programs at the dedicated Zingy Academy.

More than this, the Zingy service is covered by comprehensive liability insurance to ensure that pet owners can rest easy and trust the Zingy has their tail covered.