Yummi Inc.
Ultimate food diary app to capture, relive, and discover everyday foodprints.
Company Overview

Yummi is an all-in-one food diary app that lets users capture, relive, and everyday food moments - whether it's eating out, having a relaxing drink, or cooking up a fabulous meal - simply chronicle your food journey with photos. No complicated inputs required. Food photos are uploaded into a post based on a meal event and are called "foodprints." As food photos are logged onto Yummi, users are leaving foodprints of where they eat on the app. The best part is anyone can find and access foodprints anytime, anywhere with just one tap, using our innovate geolocation and cuisine filtering. Imagine all your food adventures accessible from one place, at your fingertips. Never forget a meal again.

Users can also choose to follow friends and be followed. It's a great way to find food inspiration from the most trusted source, one another. Get ideas on new eats and learn different food cultures. No more burdening one another for suggestions and recommendations. And no need to bother with texting links and images back and forth. View everyone's food journey and have access to their foodprints when you want them the most, when you are nearby, with just one tap.

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Aug 21, 2017
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