Company Overview

Yecco is a fully digital cloud-based telehealth and telecare self-management platform for monitoring all aspects of a person’s past and real-time health status developed over the last 3.5 years. Our innovative products also allow environmental monitoring and home automation to enable full remote support for a person requiring home based care. Living alone at home for the frail, elderly or vulnerable is now possible in the knowledge that a combination of formal and informal care provision can be provisioned using Yecco on a 24x7 basis in terms of both their health, safety, general wellbeing and quality of life. Citizens can choose a fully managed subscription service through one of Yecco’s partners or can be supported by a family member using the Yecco free Apps available for smartphones tablets or via the web.

Yecco’s strategy also facilitates the reduction in routine medical appointments, provides tools to improve care coordination, and reduces the burden for carers or family members. It also provides real-time data to enable both proactive and predictive approaches to future care and support for a service user by health and care professionals.

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