We in Social Tech
Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs
Company Overview


Are you a female tech founder with a social purpose?

We in Social Tech is a London-based accelerator, created to support ambitious entrepreneurs like you, who are passionate about making a positive impact with your business.

We in Social Tech launched in October 2018, to help grow 60 women-led technology businesses with a social purpose within two years. The six month personalised programmes are designed to address the challenges that hold female social tech founders back from achieving their ambitions, and to help each business reach its full potential. It is FREE to participate in and, unlike many other accelerators, will not take any IP or equity in return. We in Social Tech is delivered by Nwes, the largest not-for-private-profit enterprise agency in the UK, in collaboration with founding partner Deutsche Bank, through its social enterprise programme Made for Good.

The programme has accelerated 40 businesses so far.

Apply to the third and final Open Call 3 by 17th November 2019.