Voux (pronounced Voo)
Your next meetup just got very exciting!
Company Overview

Capture every moment and time-capsule it with Voux! Lots of features in this initial Android version--and as a reward for participating in the beta--it's all free!

How will you Voux? Create, Share, Join Your Favorite Places and Easily Meet up with Your Friends!

**FEATURED on the Discovery Channel's NewsWatch TV morning show (http://newswatchtv.com/2016/07/08/voux/) Digital.NYC and AlleyWatch. Keep your friends in the loop with Voux! Voux is an all-in-one app for your private meetups, life events, and travel points of interest. Voux combines real-time updates, location services and social connections to manage and coordinate all of your activities, events and travel with your family, friends and peers in a single place. Voux offers the following features to give you real-time information on an event, activity, or travel destination that you are either hosting or attending:

— Share pictures. For private spots, share where the pictures were taken, so you can easily recommend and share great places which your family and friends can easily get directions to.
— Initiate 1 on 1 chat (direct message) with your Voux connections and easily recommend places through your iPhone pictures, and Voux will provide directions when available.
— Enable Hands-Free location sharing to automatically post your current GPS location periodically and keep your selected friends in the loop on your travel.
— Create private and public spots for your events, activities, travel.
— Automatically share public spots you create, join and favorite to your friends through their their newsfeed.
— Get conveniently guided to your travel spot, activity, or event with Uber and maps integration to Apple, Google Maps and Waze from within Voux.
— Invite your friends and family to your event, activity and travel easily through your Voux connections, Contacts or Facebook friends. Only those you invite to an event can see where you are for private events.
— Get automatically checked in or checked out to the location of your event or activity you have joined.
— Set notifications to know when attendees arrive and leave from an event, travel destination, or activity.
— Send and receive secure group messages anytime and anywhere from within your spot.
— Share your spots and pictures for your events, activities, travel and adventures to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Small or large party, formal or informal gathering, impromptu or scheduled event, organized or unorganized sports (basketball, football, baseball, soccer, etc), domestic or international travel, make your events, activities and travel count more with Voux! Create your spots, invite your peeps, check in, and Voux!

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